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This is the TDOONG’s waiting room for the 2019 Soribada Awards and prim NABONG is waiting here. Phew, I want to have something yummy. I want to eat spicy chewy noodles these days. NABONG’s Jin-X spicy chewy noodle song/ Jjol~ Jjin jjol jjol jjol Jjin jjol jjol jjol #Not_TDOONG_but_TWICE_mode #Business time I am not going to say anything. (Fresh fifth-year idol group who is still uncomfortable with camera) I feel like I have to do something ~ What do you want? Today, we came to the Soribada Awards for receiving an award and perform as well. (Awkward) (Awkward) There is the “blue carpet” ? although it is the same as the red carpet, it is called blue carpet. We are preparing for the blue carpet. Since it is called the blue carpet, it somewhat goes well with JYP. So we dress up pretty like this. Many company colleagues – juniors ? will perform as well. Well, you know how we would feel. We are highly elated! lol We are proud. Yes. It seems like our juniors came to receive awards. They lost a lot of weight. We should treat them. (Miss DAHYUN..!) Why? He he Well, No. 1. No. 2 No. 1… Jeez No. 2 No. 1 No. 1? No. 1? Energized TOFU is excited because she has made a decision. Cheer up for today! MOMORING is enjoying selfie time before walking on the blue carpet. Selfies for ONCE! (Shaking her head)(I don’t like it) Where are the TDOONGs calling to seriously? Won’t they think it is a prank call? They may think it is a prank call T.T Let’s sing, then! (Hey you, I fancy you=Hello, this is TWICE) This answer is JYP Entertainment Making a confirmation call to go to JYPBOB.twice This is fun lol After complications (?), heading to the company to eat! Good-bye, TZUYU We are heading out to eat JYPBOB. Shall we go to JYPBOB? (Unexpected BGM appears to prevent hot spoiler of TDOONGs) ※ Please guess what MOMO and CHAEYOUNG are talking about ※ /Please note that they actually talked to each other by reading lips (TwT) Hi They are the shoes that we will wear for the red carpet and performing on the stage Hmm, uh! Soribada Awards … letter ‘ㅅ’… Shoes… Uh… (embarrassed) There are only a few members in the waiting room because many members went out to eat Miss TZUYU? Yup? Why did you call me? They left this camera to me but I don’t know what to say First, it is 6 o’clock, not 6:30, no 5:36. Later at 6:30, we will have a live broadcast. Soribada Was it the red carpet? Blue carpet! We did the blue carpet like the red carpet … Just saying What award do you want to receive most, DAHYUN? I … Watching ONCE award? (cloying) Watching ONCE award ~? (To hide embarrassment) YO… We are waiting for dishes And TZUYU and I are going to receive an award tomorrow. TWICE will receive the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award for Korean Wave Stars. I really don’t know what to say. I know. I don’t know what to say when I am in front of a camera. Sleepy … Sleeping TZUYU My current status is I am very hungry So I am desperately waiting for the meal I will see you on the stage later. Bye, ONCE TWICE TV supports spoiler (prevention) of TDOONGs (TwT) (NABONG continues to sing to spoil) Can’t you just mute here? Mute me and put a caption saying “Spoiler! Alert! Can you do (that)? (as per NAYEON’s request) Spoiler! Alert! NABONG’s never-ending spo… ends here! I am wearing earrings. Can you see them? By the way, I have to press it until I hear a click sound. But I cannot make the sound no matter how hard I press it. So I am working hard to make the sound! But why doesn’t it work? Sister, I really don’t understandㅠㅠ Help me TT The end! The end! The end, end! The end! What should I do? Friendly sisters’ moment of boring sisters TOFU struggles hard (?) to make fun of the camera. TOFU shows off her pouch without noticing SANA behind of her lol We are going to stand by now. DAHYUN notices nothing/ We are very happy because many ONCE members have come today. DAHYUN knows nothing ^^♥ DAHYUN who knows nothing We will be back~ Just like that, DAHYUN did not know anything until the end ^^♥ Energized NAYEON is very excited before heading out to receive an award. DALLA DALLA (feat. different NAYEON) Going to receive an award>MOMORING’s selfie time 2 after receiving the award Hi~ Where are we? What time is it? What should we do now? We have done the red carpet before and received the award. We soon need to perform on the Soribada stage Which award did you receive? We received the Popularity Award! We will sing two songs today Today, we will not perform one after another. We will perform them separately. Now I need something to nibble on. I have been putting snacks into my mouth with TZUYU. But I am not satisfied. Yes (sullen TZUYU) Snacks do not fill us up I want to eat hot pot Warm stuff Kimchi-jji… no kimchi fried rice There was a lunch box but I did not eat it. Why? I just stopped myself, no reason. Did you hold yourself not to eat that and eat this? I know. I should not have done that lol You’re always like that, TZUYU You always try to endure then you end up eating snacks. What is your favorite snack recently? I don’t have one (firmly) TZUYU doesn’t eat snacks because of hunger/ It’s just… No, just because … just because … Because you’re bored? Just because … I eat when I am sad (?) TZUYU eats snacks sometimes when she is sad … My face looks really round Really? My face is more! TDOONGs received an award and showed a nice performance as well ♡_♡


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