TVJ Entertainment Report – July 22 2019

hello and welcome to this evening's edition of Ephraim I am day DRAM the highly anticipated Caribbean Airlines reggae Sunfest festival took place over the weekend at catherine hall in Montego Bay the festival in its 27th year delivered in providing top-class acts pulling a massive crowd to the venue the artista showed up and showed out during their performances night one known as dance o9 saw elephant man returning to the festival stage after seven year hiatus the energy God delivered hit after hit much to the delight of his fans the self-proclaimed the queen of stage a spice once again wowed with her entrance by rolling out of a major fated sound box singing her popular hit a romantic mood tonight is dancehall scene rain the supreme as her setup included jerk pan sweetie vendors and boom boxes before changing her outfits and of course first a set during her set to spice again dedicated a segment of bites cartel delivering a remix of a popular cartel song and praising the DJ for being the most influential in dancer you wanna pour from God ha I'm not switching no we're also down solonite were longer honorable agents ask Oh coffee could mean like a rupture chronic and of course other bands who delivered exceptional sets another highlight for the night was the much-anticipated appearance of former rivals beanie man and bounty killer performing assets together governor performed his set and surprised fans by bringing out a donor on stage yeah I mean I that's what 15 ago when I get the massacre from finished before me I see them practically after the Momofuku this year and what a great webinar means a bit of Dragon I pick up to the fund with a great and wonderful fight night one came to an end with the Jabulani after police pulled the plug on the show which seems to have been running over scheduler Motiti base six crew who was built to close the show unfortunately did not get to perform due to the shutdown which left fans disappointed that's it for this evening sedation of a prize I am Daedra and thank you for watching

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