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TurboTax Guide to the GRAMMYs Wrap Up – Grammy Awards 2011

It’s Grammy time and Young Hollywood has teamed up with
Turbo Tax to bring you the ultimate Grammy Guide. Let’s go talk to your favorite celebs
about the biggest night in music. Now Grammys. So, we’ve got the Grammmys coming out then. We’ve actually teamed up with Turbo Tax who’s the expert on guidance We’re creating kind of like the ultimate guide to the Grammys We’ve teamed up with Turbo Tax and we’re asking everyone questions. Now was there that one moment in your life that
was sort of that epiphany that guided you? Hey guys, Tatiana Diana here with Young Hollywood and Turbo Tax continuing our Grammy guide journey with Laroux. How are ya?
I’m good thank you. How are you? Hey happy Birthday. Hey Thank you. It’s also tax season. Have you done your taxes? Yes, my mom handles that. Shut up If you were to get some crazy tax
return like I’m talking ten million dollars If you got a crazy tax return, cause its tax time. A ridiculous tax return, what would you do with all your money? To be honest, I would just take care of my mom and make sure she’s cool cause I really don’t want her to ever worry about anything. What would you do with it? You know what. I’d go
to my church and I’d pay my tithe and I’d pay my taxes. Cause I don’t want nobody
botherin’ me when I start partyin’ really hard. And I want to get a Jaguar for myself. What would you do with the money? I would put it toward tuition for my kids college fund. There’s a new app by Turbo Tax called snap tax. We’re doing the Turbo Tax guide to the Grammys. You basically just take a picture of your W2 and then you upload it and then boom
your taxes are filed. Git er done. I was always influenced by what I love. I was influenced by Digital Underground. The humpty dance is a dance, do the hump. Who doesn’t love that song? Do the humpty hump. So I need your guidance here on who’s going to
win Best Album Of The Year. God that’s tough. Do I have to choose they’re all so good. Eminems got a good track record. Lady Gaga will probably win. As a personal choice, I would definitely pick Arcade Fire. There you go. If you were to pick like Best New Artist. I
find it tricky when I’m asked this question. It’s a tough year, but I just hope that Black Eyed
Peas win a couple. They’re having a good year. What are your predictions? I love all music. If you were to create the ultimate Grammy mash up. If you could see any two artists perform together on the Grammy stage. John Mayer is always good with anybody. On screen and off. Yes Moby and Lady Gaga Have you got the Bieber fever? Absolutely. Love you guys. You guys are amazing. Thank you for hangin’ on Young Hollywood. So Turbo Tax are experts on guidance. We partnered with Turbo Tax. We’ve teamed up with Turbo Tax Young Hollywood has teamed up with Turbo Tax Which is the Official Grammy Guide, who in your career has guided you guys throughout? Oh wow, a lot of people. Who’s helped you with your journey with music? Oh my gosh. Did you have someone during your career that kind of guided you along? Who’s guided you in your career? Just learned from situations that happened and try and
you know use it for the better. I mean, Stevie Wonders helped me in my journey. Support from everywhere. Is there any one moment that sort of guided you? Sort of that epiphany that guided you? It’s every moment and a lot of hard work. They kind of made it happen for all us. And I remember that was one of the
moments of my life that transformed me. It’s been a good year in music and I’m happy
to be involved any way that I can be. [music] Music’s like food, I mean why just listen to one type of food?


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