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TS Safety First App – Gagnant du Mase Awards

Transfo Services is a company specialized in the maintenance of transformers and associated devices We perform maintenance and renovation of transformer stations in workshops and on customer sites Safety has always been at the heart of our business We work on live installations, so safety is essential As we work in a petrochemical sector, we chose to be certified by MASE since 2009 Digitizing our system, allows us to avoid to always updating paper documents All our technicians are spread all over France Digitizing allows us to communicate very quickly with them. They can now report incidents very quickly, so we no longer send mails It was about simplify our system improve it, modernize it and offer a better prevention to our younger technicians We created Safety First to give an access to all documents as technical procedures, safety data sheets very easily We began on Friday night and on Monday morning we had developed the app The goal was to avoid coding and high expenses the annual subscription is about 500€ We immediately published the application and it was deployed to our technicians who directly adopted it We work on Customer sites to make installations or maintenance of transformer stations Sometimes we have to face to near miss incidents We used to report them on paper now we have Safety First application. So we fill in all the informations of near miss situations with photos taken directly in the application then it is reported directly to the QHSE department and to my manager.

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