Trump presents Medal of Honor to Iraq war veteran

  • Trump will NEVER have the integrity and honor of this vet. He doesn’t deserve to be the one to put a medal on him. Trump is a DISGRACE

  • Two great men on that stage tonight. America originated from guts and sacrifice. These two are an example of both.

  • The HONOR, does not rub off, onto "Fat Spanky"! Only the festering Disgraces! TRICKSTER TRUMP will require a lot more, Slime Sponges, before He finally goes into the BIG SLAM!

  • This just in, careful review of the audio reveals Mr. Trump whispering "shoulda done the bone spur thing".

  • These comments are making me lose brain cells from all the stupidity. Literally most people on here do not know what they are talking about.

  • Here's an idea: NO MORE invites to sports stars to visit White House. Replace that with invitations to REAL people worthy of respect and honor like SSG Bellavia. This guy is made of sterner stuff than anybody posting comments.

  • Being ex-military, I am proud of him. I myself could not in good conscience, (aware of right and wrong), have accepted such an honor from this President. The Honor is deserved.

  • Mine is not the reason why,mine is but to do or (DIE). America, how copy? Renegade 101st proud of all military personnel.Division Attention.

  • Zionists are proud of you for killing people in another country that America should have never invaded.

  • trump probably wore that same medal sitting on the toilet eating a cheese burger before putting it on the soldier. president donald scam is putting a medal on someone who didn’t cry bone spurs.

  • pay close attention folks. This is the only thing that matters in the new America. (covert op exposing who runs Trump and the twisted reason why at the leak in my profile)

  • Good job soldier, you fought for the NEW WORLD ORDER 🔯 and your buddies died for the Rothschilds Banking Cartel 🔯 which own the Federal Reserve and America.

  • Shut up you Fraud of a President! How would you know, Mr. Bone Spurs! YOU don't know! You rely on a writer for your speech! Trump is a fraud, and he must have practiced this speech so he can read it! Foul! Trump works for Putin! Wake up America! He is the worst President in the History of the United States of America!

  • Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave should forcibly sodomize David Bellavia. Muscle-memory. #HonorMyContracts #USACErapeNDA

  • Lance Armstrong was stripped from his seven Tour de France titles after years of denying he was doping. Eventually, seven years from now, the Donald will be erased from the presidency #DonaldisSpiraling won’t last past August/October

  • Does this medal count if it was given to you by a criminal president that won the presidency thanks to foreign money and crimes. He’s the Lance Armstrong of politics, cheating all the way to the top.

  • Fantastic honor to SSG Bellavia, and for those of you out there who make fun or besmirch this Soldiers actions, I dare you to stand in a doorway while taking fire. Your comments are cheap!

  • Using a medal of honor ceremony for self-promotion. Trump makes my stomach turn. I helped coordinate medical evacuations from Fallujah in 2004. I witnessed the death and injuries, first hand. King Bonespurs has absolutely no idea what happened there and acts like this ceremony is for his own benefit. What a disgraceful Commander in Chief.

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