Trump awards Medal of Freedom to controversial economist

today it's my privilege to award our nation's highest civilian honor to the father of supply-side economics dr. Arthur Laffer few people in history have revolutionized economic thought and policy like dr. or laughing he developed a brilliant theory shaped unprecedented economic reforms and helped turn a severe recession into a remarkable boom he proved that the most powerful way to grow the economy and raise government revenue was not to increase tax rates but to adopt strong incentives that unleash the power of human freedom and innovate create jobs and deliver greater opportunity to all Americans and he's proved it over and over again the United States proudly recognizes Arthur B laughter for his public service and his contributions to economic policy which have helped spur prosperity for our nation [Applause] [Applause] to my family my wonderful family all six of my children are here today as well as Mike Madsen and Mike stabile I'm missing my 13 grandchildren and my four great-grandchildren for which I'm sure the White House staff is eternally grateful my family makes me very very proud and gives me a reason every morning to get up and get to work thank you [Applause] you

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