Trump awards first-ever Medal of Honor to living Iraq vet

in November of 2004 after nearly a year of intense enemy combat rec David led his squad into battle to liberate the city of Fallujah in the dark of night shards of glass brick and plaster flew into the air wounding multiple soldiers the rounds of fire ripped holes into the wall separating the Americans from the terrorists that wall was ripped to shreds David knew they had to get out David thought that they had had it he lept into the torrent of bullets and fired back at the enemy without even thinking the insurgents he just took over bleeding and badly wounded David had single-handedly defeated the forces who had attacked his unit alone in the dark David killed four insurgents and seriously wounded the fifth saving his soldiers and facing down the enemies of civilization Staff Sergeant bellavia's bravery complete disregard for his own safety and unselfish and courageous actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service you [Applause]


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