True Maid Horror Story Animated

we used to have a maid from Indonesia and her name is wotty well one night it was probably around 2:00 a.m. everyone was sleeping suddenly my brother and I heard my maid weeping she was crying softly we thought she probably missed her family in Indonesia so we just ignored her and went back to sleep the next day at the same time around 2:00 a.m. she was weeping again this went on and on for three months and we told our parents about it and everyone had the same thought she probably missed her family back home one night at 9 p.m. my brothers and I were chilling in the living room my maid was in the kitchen washing dishes my dad was fixing the kitchen light and suddenly my dad saw a shadow running around in the storage room and my dad thought it was one of us playing around so my dad called out to my brother can you please get the light bulb from the drawer but no one answered then my dad shouted hey can someone help me out and get the light bulb for me and both of us ran towards my dad from the living room which is on the opposite side of the storage room my dad then got confused and asked us why we came from the living room and we got goose bumps and walked into the storage room we switched the lights on and saw that there was no one there however we saw the maid shaking she looked at us then started weeping again my dad asked who was that and why are you weeping my maid then explained that it was her guardian from Indonesia my dad asked her to call him out and he was going to call the police but my maid stated that it was not a human but a spirit that was summoned to protect her after that my dad brought us to a nearby hotel for the night and hired a spiritual hunter to chase the spirit away following that incident we no longer heard the maid weeping and she was sent back to Indonesia three days after the incident

  • Here in malaysia…if the demon were summoned to protect u..u cant do anything about it and u cant get rid of it..that's what my grandma told if i wasnt mistaken..

  • One time when I moved into my grandpa's house (since he passed away) and my brother used to take the dogs out for poop and pee and my younger and only sister decided to not have my brother be annoyed when my mom whistled up to him and said "Bark, bark dogs need to go out" and normally he would sigh loudly and say "Coming!" And when my sister whent to take the dogs out she came back in and my dad was on the porch like he was waiting for someone or something and then a guy looking all scruffy like, he parked his car in the driveway and looked at my dad and my dad said "Hey, get fuck out of here before your ass gets kicked!" And he went. I wonder what would have happened if he came when my sister was taking the dogs out…

  • I’m Arabic and a lot of Arabs have maids.
    Ours was from Uganda and she was really nice to me… she asked me to bring her chocolates and I would run around the manor hiding secret boxes of flowers and chocolates. ( I’m gay!! It wasn’t like I liked her in that way ) eventually I found out she was using me to get deliveries of something that was inside the chocolate.
    – now we live in a different house it’s much bigger and I film in the maids corridors and you can tell it’s disturbed because one maid hang herself there. The kitchen is the place where it’s scarier

  • uh hello from Indonesia. I have to admit that in here, there are a lot of creepy things like that.

    Some people have guardian- it can be good and it can be the bad one

  • Omg 😱😱😱😱😱 this was straight up scary ASF 💀😂😂😂 why was the spirit there besides besides protecting the maid from Indonesia

  • Wow! Snarled posted today, wansee entertainment two days ago, and thriller teller yesterday and stranger stories today as well.. This is perfect. I am sure they planned to do this together so that we don't get bored…. If that isn't the case, 'Illuminati confirmed'…😁

  • Whoahh shit great story man, iam from indonesia too. bali exactly🇲🇨🇲🇨

    thats true in here we are have spirit thats protect us, like guardian angels.

    but here the spirit is two sides, bad spirit and good spirit, bad spirit is to attack people like a voodoo and good spirit thats protect us from bad karma and lead us to a fortune

    I have them aswell if i wearing my necklace😇

  • Oh No. I'm Indonesian. really sorry to watched that. Sadly, some of them still playing around with spiritual things and believes that spirits could be their guardian. I must admit that stupid ancient old thinking should be erased.

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