Troubleshooting a Seeburg STD-2 Microlog Entertainer Jukebox Part One

what's going on guys – stubble oh dude and identity project it's a mid 70s cheaper entertainers you box 160 selections and I it doesn't work will it works I mean I can turn it on and I can manually trip it where the record start blowing the record or the phonograph starts going back and forth on the tour tour it I'm learning all this language and I can there's a lever on the on that mechanism you can flip in it'll stop selected 45 pull it in play it once it completes it it'll spit it back out and then it just goes back and forth and stops on to 77 every time if I turn it on and I trip it it'll go back and forth twice stop on to 77 so from what I've been reading and I bought Ron Rich's book troubleshooting they these they consider them digital jukebox is from the 70s that that I may have a read em read out problem with the digital control center and today I'm going to perform a test it's a d-cell battery test where that supposedly I'll be able to trip the the torrent to go and play each individual I'm tricking it to play each individual selection in a row which I'm hopeful about it really this is that way out of my expertise as far as electronics and stuff goes so it's a big learning experience but I'm hoping that there's lots of people out there that love these two boxes that have plenty experience with it that are willing to either do a video response to my videos that or they they can directly use operation to help me make my way through this process miss Chu clocks and getting it playing like so I'm going to open this bad boy up and then we're going to you to the digital control center and do the battery test you alright guys I've come a d-cell battery here it's a fresh one I'm gonna plug the jukebox in or a photograph is super good luck to you on the firm and we're going to do the d-cell battery test okay at this time ticking the d-cell battery I'm going to remove that's right here I'm going to take a battery push the positive up against the case on there supposed to be good drown plug it back in and make the selection nothing happens so I don't know what that that means but I guess when you do that and nothing happens the one you guys probably know so drop a comment down in the comment section and man if even better if you replied with a video response and help me make it through this thing take it easy peace out here's what my jukebox is doing I can hit the mixed art yeah I have what just happened here what does that mean that's the first time I'd ever did that see what happens when in place it stops okay usually on to 77 let's see what it's on to 77 every time that was weird you do this again to see let's see and it stops on magic 277 okay guys that's the first time that ever happened with it actually when I get this mech start switch that it played a record I don't know exactly what that means but basically has it all went down I did the d battery test on the digital control center and then I hit the Select switch the mix selects which any played number one scan twice and stopped sure there's a solution for that I don't know see if he helped me out man y'all take care and we'll be looking forward to response take it easy man okay I just hit the Mex start but and this is what my Jew box does every time hands back and forth twice and stops either on to 77 or 266 Oh

  • What is happening in this video, is when he triggers the scan start, the carriage is "seeking" a selection. The carriage will travel twice. If no selection is found it will automatically stop again at the home position. In your case 277. If you need any more help with the issue in the future, and Ron Rich isn't around, hit me up.

  • How is it going on your STD-2 unit?  I see you entered your video in February — have you received a solution to your problem?  Difficult to discover and diagnose your problem from a video but I would guess that you have a defective "one-shot board" in your upper control center.  I doubt that the problem is in the Tormat — and ALL Microlog Seeburgs are programmed to stop on 277 (or 177) – normal.  I do not do well with YouTube but you can feel free to contact me by eMail at [email protected] I am on Long Island and it is practically impossible to find a repair person in my vicinity at any cost.  Good Luck!

  • I got a chennal called cloudthetank that I use for my videos. I have jukebox videos that mite help you out.

  • hi i have the same problem with my jukebox too its the same model as yours but im in the uk and have no plans for mine, the guy i got it from seemed to think it was a fuse but thats not the case. im a mechanic so i will fix it in time. do you have wiring diagrams maybe i can help

  • hey dod, how,s your seeburg mission going, quick question, you say this machine is on freeplay, do you know how this machine has been put on free play, did they do that by removing the pricing card, [look at the black box up top, digital pricing unit, does it have like a card thing in it,] if there is one there remove it, but be WARNED, turn power off first, i usually unplug and remove the card the next day as it is possible to fritz your boxes very easily just by unplugging, plugging things in and out on this circuit, from memory kay pad is part of circuit too, i unplug anyway and leave till later,   cheers. ps, you have checked all the  fuses haven,t you   kelso

  • well spotted scott, double d, as you select first and second digit, the first and second digit lights should light up, [should make a kind of a click as you select each of the first two digits, then like a clunk as the third is pressed and mech takes off,  hahahahah] undo the couple of screws on the panel that holds the buttons and windows in place, fold the panel down [be carefull as panel is now free to fall into machine] and look at the back of the push button assembly, there should be two wires attached to the side to a pair of fingers[thats your trigger], if wires attatched, turn them around and try, although doubt thats your problem, pretty sure you need to check your -27volts[negative], think from memory it,s in your dcc around f3102 fuse, check your manual. cheers

  • hey double d, kelso here again, carma is such an odd animal, just after messaging you i was on ebay, was a cheapish std2 on there that i bid on, hope to win it, used to have a nice one, the consecutive chaser lights were red, looked really cool, great sound, sold it to a mate, miss that box, lots of luck [and often cursing] with your box. cheers.   kelso

  • DoubleODude, It appears you have no credits shown in the selection window. Click the manual credit switch located on the same panel as the scan switch. Once you establish credit, you should be able to select the 3 digits and the mech will start to scan. After you get the credits figured out, try the battery trick again. Read the manual so you have a good understanding of how everything operates, and be sure to clean the Detent Switch contacts – this is usually a problem area.

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