Trophy Talk | June 16th, 2019

what is going on guys Snickle here and today I have another trophy talk for you this is going to be for the week of June 16th 2019 and it's been quite a successful week I guess you could say um now I was thinking about doing this video earlier in the week and I think I might start doing these a little earlier in the week compared to you know how I'm doing them now but um we'll just have to wait and see you know I'm testing a few things and I'm still doing a few things that um I think are going to end up taking up some time earlier in the week so we'll have to just wait and see but I might start doing these again earlier in the week on Monday Tuesday's or Wednesday so you know it keep an eye out for those if you're into that kind of stuff my goal behind these videos was to always do these on like a Sunday and basically get it out on Monday but stuff started to happen started to play a lot of games and things of that sort so I'll just start off there so these might start coming out earlier in the week but uh I'll have the dish wait and see and it's gonna come down to really gaming and I'm gonna talk about that obviously in this video that's what the point of the video is so let's get started on this video so last week was pretty successful so on the 15th which was um Saturday last Saturday um I ended up a streaming drive Club and drive Club drive Club up bikes and I got both of those platinum and 100% so I will be having a video coming out for those for those games sometime within the next few days there'll be two separate videos I think someone asked me that question a while back on stream would you be doing those as one video would you be doing those as two videos um come you know combining them together as one big video I'm gonna be doing those as two separate videos just cuz they're two completely separate games and things of that sort so they're two completely different and separate games although you do need Drive club to play drive Club Lakes it's not a game like deformers or drawn to death where it's basically the same game and I'm just getting the Platinum again completely different games so expect a video for each one of those games up next a lot of time has gone into this game this week and that is uncharted 2 so I'll pull this up for you we did a we got a lot of progress done but we also had a few hiccups earlier in the week there was some server issues people weren't able to connect and it was really a pain in the ass because we were making very good progress we played about two nights and we got done basically all the metals and all we had was the winds left now obviously the winds take a while and it does suck because there are a lot of them you need 150 winds throughout three types of games but um we made a progress with everything else so as you can see here we got all the trophies done then we just need the 50 wins the 200 captured will come with the 50 objectives you can capture 200 gold things whatever in plunder the the statues the ladles or whatever they're called you need to capture five of them to win and you and if you do some math there 200 divided by five is 40 so you have to play of 40 matches um to get 200 captures so that'll be 40 wins out of the 50 so we'll just finish it up or maybe there's another mode that's faster I'm not sure but I'll probably just finish it up deathmatch an elimination they're pretty easy kills they're gonna suck but as we're doing deathmatch and elimination everyone will be working towards those and then the last one is afterlife now afterlife is for getting kills after you die it you know it's in the name um the good thing is that while we're doing plunder and doing our objective wins we're getting a lot of money a lot of money and there's actually a perk that you can get when you get to like level 43 or it's in the 40s and it's basically like a more tdum martyrdom I can't speak it's a perfect it's a perk where when you die it drops a grenade on death so and and you can win elimination very easily because what you can do is you can just go up and someone can kill you and then everyone on the other team just groups up around that person and then they all die after there they they died so we'll be getting the aftermaths while we're getting elimination wins so the goal right now I think is to get the objective game wins and the captured medals get that done and out of the way then after that we'll probably do elimination wins while getting the aftermath trophy and then last but not least we'll be working towards the 50 deathmatch wins with the 2500 kills so 2500 kills is going to take a lot of time I played a little bit of the game back in 2011 when I got it and out of all the Boosters and everything I'm up to I think 7 to 800 kills so about a quarter of the way through and win wise were probably about a quarter of the way through so it might actually work out unfortunately when you're doing the game modes the objective game modes those don't count towards the 2500 you have to get them in deathmatch or elimination so that that sucks a little bit but we've been making very good progress and as you can see by the trophies you know we're almost done we're almost done I wanted to be done by this weekend but with the hiccups with the server's and everything that we had earlier in the week it kind of really set us back so my goal is to be done by next weekend playing every single night and then hopefully we can just finish that up and then get right into uncharted 3 that's that's the goal there and I don't know too much about uncharted 3 but I know that those treasures are very luck based and they kind of suck up next we have chaotic now I talked about this game last week um I earned a trophy I ended up getting all the multiplayer done in chaotic this week so that's cool we got the 50 ranked battle wins so all the other stuff is single-player but I don't know when I'll actually play this game it's really bad and I really don't want to play it so chaotic is done I don't have to see this game anymore well I I do to get the platinum but the multiplayer is done that was pretty boring then up next we have watchdogs – I don't know if I played this last week I think I covered it that I started it but yeah I played through on stream did all of the human conditions um missions that I did the no compromise mission and then we did the wind stir with the showdown DLC so that gets that done that's 100% one of the hundred percents that I wanted to do got that out of the way very enjoyable I've set it on stream but I really dislike playing a game and then going back and playing it like forever or later just forgetting how to completely play the game especially when it comes to DLC because DLC is usually you know branching off of the the base game so you have to have some knowledge of the base game so I came back to watchdogs – I didn't even know what the hell I was doing I didn't know how to play it and as you can see I haven't played there or it took me two and a half years to get that hundred-percent so I haven't played the game in quite a while um they don't next we have doom doom has been I've been a of Kane doom it's been just quite a journey to say the least but I'm making progress and I'm getting through so you know um I am on like prestige 7 right now I think or 8 somewhere like there I have to get the prestige 10 to unlock the cyber demonic armor right here but other than that I've actually sat down and played for a few hours today or like an hour or so and I was getting the weapon kills the equipment kills the demon kills and the only thing that I'm actually missing to just be done other than leveling up is I have to get some kills with a demon macaco demon I have to get some kills with the specter demon with a multi kill with the Specter demon and then I need to earn a gold rating in the multiplayer so I might try to do those tonight and knock that out or sometime soon just try to do that and then the last thing would be getting that Siemer demonic armor which I should be able to get sometime this week and then I'll be done with the do multiplayer which will be nice the other thing that I am going to do in um doom other than the multiplayer is I'm gonna do anything snap map related so creating one um playing five and then completing the basic and advanced tutorial I don't know if there's anything else for snap map but I'm gonna do those as well just to get them out of the way and yeah that's about it for that I've been making very good progress like I said I just want to get this done before um do maternal comes out because I believe that game is gonna have some sort of online and I really just don't want to be in the same scenario where the new one comes out and then the old one is dead seems to be a common theme other than that we have the Grand Tour I've been playing this a little bit um a few days here and there I've been just trying to get through and do the rest of the wins that I need obviously not even close to being done with the wins so today I sat down and I finished up the the Jeremy Clarkson wins and then in conjunction with that I also got done a few um whatever power-ups got done whippy slippy I think and we got done lead balloon so the only other power-ups on the DLC the only other power-ups that I have to do because I got all the other trophies is the guy fawkes the elephant race and the nuisance call and high tea now luckily high tea high tea elephant race and guy fawkes i can do while i'm boosting or grinding for my wins with my other characters this nuisance call one I might have to pull some trickery and connect the second controller going to split screen and try to do it that way because you only get that powerup when people are in front of you and in the race that I'm doing the cars and never get in front of you they're always behind me so I might have to hook up a second controller have another have my second controller kind of a little bit ahead aware that all the pickups are and then just keep driving over the pickups and hopefully get the nuisance call that would be the the best bet there because you do only get that when you're behind someone so that kind of sucks and then other than that just to get this platinum and just be done with it all I have to do is all I have to do it's the biggest part of the game is get 50 wins with each character now I was using a method if anyone can confirm I would appreciate this now I was using a few methods to do the 50 wins so the first method that I was using that I started with and then I stopped and then I went back to was I would just go in I would start a race one race on like the season one track and then complete it and then go all the way back to the main menu and then rinse and repeat that right then for a little while I tried a method where when you set the races up you set it up for seven races and then you complete all seven and then you go back to the main menu and you set it up again then I went back to the one race at a time I don't know if the seven races the one where you can set it with seven actually counts um I want to say it does but at the same time I want to say it doesn't so I'm not a hundred percent sure if anyone's gotten the trophies I was talking to someone that got the trophies and he said he did the one by one method but I don't know if there's anyone that sat there did the seven method and actually got that done because you can do seven races in like ten minutes or so with load times so in order for you to get everything done it's gonna take approximately an hour when you're using the method of going back to the menu again it's gonna take approximately an hour probably a little bit more than that but it's doable to get it done but I'm just wondering if anyone has done this what they're what they would suggest right because I'm gonna you know I'll use the suggestion when I mean my platinum video about it for people but I'm just trying to figure out what's the best method because I've used both and I personally haven't really I don't know if there's a big difference because I don't know if the winds from the career account towards these 50 wins because when I was doing the seven races um or when I was setting it to seven races I did about thirty five races and I was like I swear I should've got it by now and then I stopped and then I went back today and I did maybe like five to ten more races and to the beginning it so you know and then prior to me doing the seven races I only did a few races because I thought I was close so I don't know if race is from the campaign count towards this fifty wins if it's strictly the all the this the split-screen or whatever it's called Oh I don't know if it's just that that counts where I'm not at 100% shirts it's a little bit confusing and if any again if anyone can shed some light upon that would greatly appreciate it but my goal for this is is if we're not boosting uncharted 2 or if we're not really boosting anything any Knights I kind of want to hop on here and see if I can at least try finish one a character at night I don't want to sit here and do like all of them in one night cuz it'll put me to sleep but I want to try to do at least one character or day or night and hopefully get it done and then on top of that while I'm getting the wins I'll hopefully get the power-ups if I can get these three other power-ups none which I do get in the race high tea elephant race and Guy Fawkes if I get once I get all three of those done and if I haven't gotten nuisance call which I haven't gotten then I'll just go farm nuisance call real quick get that done and then I'll be completely done with the dlc then all I have to do is just do those wins so that's pretty nice but I've been making progress on Grand Tour ever since I got done driveclub bikes which I kind of said to myself because driveclub Blake's was a big grind for trying to get max level with all bikes I was like the next thing that I'm gonna grind is Grand Tour cuz Grand Tour is literally grind D&I I don't need to play the game I don't need to play a career mode or anything or do any multiplayer or anything like that I strictly just have to grind out these wins so it sucks a little bit but it's not that bad but anyway that's what I've been playing this week oh I guess I've been playing something else but I can talk about it in the upcoming week because it more it more relates to that so what do I plan on playing in the upcoming week ah the main thing is gonna be uncharted 2 I'm gonna be playing this as much as possible as much as the game will allow us because the game is a little funky sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't sometimes you can join parties and play with your friends and sometimes you can't so it's a little weird the way it works sometimes but that's probably gonna be the main goal the main focus this week is going to be uncharted 2 other than that from my personal time other than doing uncharted 2 I'm gonna try to get doom done and just get that out of the way and then I think the next game that I want to work on that's DLC because I always wanted to to work on these Platinum's but not 100% which is a great feature that PSN profiles has a great feature the next game in this that I wanted to work on was a middle Earth's shadow of war because I already did the one DLC I just have to do the second one I played the one DLC when it came out and I didn't play the second one when it did so I want to do that another game that I want to focus on is Minecraft I want get that deal she done cuz I've heard it's not too bad and then other than that after I do middle-earth Idol I might do spin tires or horizon or Resident Evil I'm not 100% sure yet and then obviously once I'm done uncharted 2 will be hopping until in charge of 3 & 4 uncharted 3 were mainly going to be doing the PvP stuff first because I know the big grind in the game is the co-op collectible treasures or whatever they're called that's gonna be the focus but it's not gonna be the focus until we're done the PvP stuff just because I want to get that done and I might try to afk that we were playing uncharted 2 the other night and some guy was literally AF Kane trying to get some wins and plunder and he would just come in and he would just keep uh keep taunting us so I was like this is definitely some guy trying to afk some win so I might do that in uncharted 3 as well just to see if we can get some of that done but I'm not sweating that too much and then in this list some other stuff that I really would like to finish but it's gonna be on the super backburner is like destiny to I would love to get that done but there's that one trophy and destiny to that just it just rubs me the wrong way that that triumph seal trophy just rubs me such the wrong way they've already released Bungie has that there's going to be another big expansion coming out I'm assuming in September I haven't really looked at the dates but I've seen it it's a bit on the PlayStation Store been all over the place and knowing their release schedule it will be in September I'm assuming it's gonna have trophies I didn't think that they would just leave this game dead in the water once they got it from Activision but you know what it is so other than that you know completing the last wish raid I don't think that's too bad especially if you wait until the next DLC and then you just complete it I did that in Destiny one one of the expansions I didn't buy day one I didn't buy for a while and then I bought one of the expansions went back did the raid and it was pretty fun cuz that was higher level another thing is the forsaken exotic armors or weapon or weapons or armor I am so close to that I think I need two more pieces and I've stopped because I ran out of shards so I might start playing a little bit I don't want to say I'll start playing for fun again but I do kind of want to get on and do daily missions and things of that sort to get short because obviously the shards do help so I would like to uh to attempt to do that and then again the triumph steel I need to just wait because there's a triumph steel for collectibles and it's I just feel like it's worth doing that one but I know that what's gonna be a pain in the ass about that one is they're gonna have collectibles in the read and I know that's gonna be a pain in the ass because there's probably stuff in the raid that's like timed and you have to like get it and if you don't know where it is then you're screwed so you kind of like prepare for it so that sucks but I would love to get destiny to done just to have it done and then another game that I would love to get done which I know is just gonna go on the back burner for now is uncharted 4 that's obviously gonna go on the back burner until uncharted 2 & 3 is done and then we'll maybe move on for I still need a level up in coop or um in survival to get stuff so yeah I'm not really sweating that too much and then another one is Need for Speed Most Wanted which that just comes down to me just playing the game I have the DLCs I just need to play it and then some of them are online so I do need one other person just to like being a lobby with me online but I don't think they actually have to do anything they just have to be there but yeah all these games I do plan on getting the DLCs done I always planned on it with these games just because I hate having games done but the DLC not done it's one of my like things that I dislike so much another game on here uh the one that I didn't cover I'm don't know if I said anything about resin evil 7 but that's another one that I want to do um soon sasses creed Odyssey I was gonna say origins Assassin's Creed oughta see that has one of its additional feats missions coming out this week this every story has an ending that's coming up this week so only one more additional feat to be released and then a fate of Atlantis episode 3 who knows when that's coming out they put out the created the creator mission thing no trophies of course and then later in the fall or early fall I can't really remember the dates they said that they were putting out the tour like they did in origin so that might add trophies I'm hoping Odyssey gets over a hundred trophies but at the rate it's going with fate of Atlantis episode 3 and then the if the targets trophies it would need to have 11 trophies total and I know fate of Atlantis is gonna have 5i I think that it might end up with 99 which would be heartbreaking but it's it's sitting with the most trophies so I'm fine with that and then again playing this week other than uncharted 2 I do want to I think I said it I want to try to get doom done all the snap map stuff all the multiplayer get that done and then grind Grand Tour possibly if I have a little bit of time maybe play some prices right with cats the big thing is going to be uncharted 2 I just want to get uncharted 2 done we've been going at it for about a week and a half now and I know that doesn't seem like a lot of time but when we're on a schedule and we need to get this one done because we need to start uncharted 3 because of the server's going down in September it would be nice to get it done sooner rather than later another game which I'm going to talk about that I will play this week I'm if you guys are freshmen you probably should not have been playing in a lot or if you're in this or the discord server if you're not in the discord server you can join it there's a link down below but golf club too so what happened last weekend Golf Club – well I had been in talks with people for about a month now trying to get money because if you guys know anything about this game there's a trophy in this game for earning a net worth of a million dollars now if you do career modes and you try to maximize the amount of money you can get from these you can get around 3000 coins an hour now I know what you're thinking that is not a lot no it isn't 3000 coins an hour is garbage I remember I was doing the math for this before in order to get to a million if you did that method you would have to play for 300 hours 300 hours to get a million so I kind of took a step back and I was like I I tried that method for a little bit didn't really like it so I took a step back and I was like okay I'm going to figure out what's going on here so I got into contact with a few people that were going for the million a few people that got the million and they were like okay I've talked to you and someone else this other guy asked me for as well so I'm gonna give him half and you have so that happened so earlier this week or on Wednesday not really earlier but on Wednesday the guy that was giving us the money he messaged me and he said I've transferred all the money into the clubs that you've requested you're good to go and I was like you are a saint so we ended up getting four hundred and eighty eight thousand coins from him because he had used a few coins to upgrade his mic his career and and buy a few things says you have to do that for some trophies so he gave us the rest of the money that he had left over four hundred and eighty eight thousand and he had split that between our clubs so now we had almost half of what we needed so the goal was is that we there was five of us the goal was a 5-4 of us I don't know there's a few of us and the goal was that we were all gonna grind the rest of the money we were just gonna grind to the 100 or 150 thousand whatever you needed for the money and obviously when I heard this I was like I don't want to use the method I used before because if we're using that method if we're earning three thousand coins an hour it's still going to take me thirty hours of mindless Plame to get this done not afk this is just mindless plain this has nothing no way to afk so I was like there's no way that I'm doing that so I ended up messaging the guy that dead donated us the money and I was like listen man appreciate the money but how exactly are you did you grind your money because we're using the method and it's not really paying out as well as any of us thought it would so like what's your suggestion for grinding out money and he basically came back and he's like the best way to do it is you just make a dummy account and you just make dummy accounts on the PlayStation 4 and then you just play a few courses and you beat all the challenges and when you beat all the challenges you'll end up getting like almost 5000 core it might have only been it was like 4200 coins so we got 4,200 coins and he was like it can take you approximately to a create the count and do everything it would take approximately like 10 minutes or something and I was like so we've just gone from 3000 coins an hour to 4200 in ten minutes this is ridiculous so if you do the math here get he ended up saying that what he was earning was he was earning a hundred K every ten hours so he was earning 10 K an hour so it was probably I that doesn't seem too accurate you could probably aren't way more than that because at most for you to create an account get us get a throwaway email create an account log into the game do the challenges transfer all the money and logout and delete it and start over we're talking at max 15 minutes so 4200 every 15 minutes multiply that by four and then you know so on and so forth you guys are getting the point fifteen thousand an hour probably so you're getting looking at one hundred and fifty thousand in ten hours so I was like this is perfect we all need a hundred thousand one hundred hundred fifty thousand something around there so it's gonna take us approximately 10 hours of creating accounts doing these three courses over and over again donating all the money no big deal though I mean as long as we are giving the money so I started to do that I got about 20 to 25 thousand doing that method cuz I had already had some some alt accounts made from games like Killzone 2 and ModNation racers and things of that sort I already had multiple off the counts so I'm doing it and I'm like ah this sucks so I was on one day and I started to play the courses for fun because you have to do this trophy right here which is to complete 250 course challenges each course has a maximum of 15 challenges so you would have to do you know you can do the math there but you have to do like 10 to 20 courses of all the challenges to get it done and I'm obviously not gonna do all the challenges so it's gonna that's gonna take a little bit of time but that's literally just playing the game that's what that comes down to so I'm playing the game and as I'm playing the game there's a guy that that comes up because when you play ghosts of your friends show up that played a course so a ghost of one of my friends showed up and I was like I'm sitting there and I'm like I saw this guy months back he was playing this game every single day literally every day so I was like let me go check his trip he said go check his trophies he has every trophy but the million-dollar trophy and I was like what what are the odds what are the odds so I messaged him and I'm like hey man been playing golf club – I realized you played this game a while back just wonder you know how much money you have saved up like just curious and he was like oh yeah play by blah blah I have four hundred and forty thousand coins and I was like oh my I was like well I'm about to break some news to you I have four hundred and eighty-eight that 490 I have four hundred and ninety thousand coins on top of what we had already built up which we had between like all of us that have been playing we had around sixty thousand and then he had another friend that had like thirty to forty thousand so we had another hundred thousand between all of them so we ended up having plenty more than enough money so earlier in the week we ended up organizing some stuff we set up the clubs and we're in the process of now transferring money to people for them to get their 1 million dollar net worth so long story short we are going to get this million dollar trophy and we don't even really have to play the game we just have to log on whoever's in charge of setting the tournaments up has to set them up one person has to play it and then in it will be four days per person because the tournaments take two days to get done it's a one-day tournament but for some reason it takes two days it takes two days to get done and you can only have five tournaments going at a time and you can only earn a max of a hundred thousand per tournament so you can only earn five hundred thousand every two days that's the max you can earn so it takes four days for someone to get a million coins and then we're just gonna transfer it and then at the end of the day he's gonna take five hundred thousand we're gonna take five hundred thousand and then we'll divvy it out between our guys and then that's just gonna be that so with all of that being said Golf Club 2 should be done sooner rather than later for me personally I'm second on the list the guy that I contacted I put him as first because he had been playing the game for like way long and like he literally was playing this game for probably hundreds of hours so I was like you can get it first because I I've been friends with him for a while I don't you know talk to him everyday this isn't like some like my best friend no it's just some guy I've been friends with him like for a while on PlayStation we talk to each other we ask each other questions about games every once in a while so and I ain't got I'd seen him playing for a long time so I was like you can take it first and then I'm gonna take it second because I'm kind of lead our group and then our group is gonna get it and then his one friend is gonna get it and then we're gonna be done so that's that's that there's one other person that was with us and I'm gonna I'm gonna get in contact with him because if he wants to if he owns the game then now is gonna be his time to get the trophy but if he doesn't then it might just be a skip and we can give him the 500,000 but then it's on him to get the rest of it so I will have to wait and see I'll have to send him a message and see what he's about but once I get the million uh what's gonna happen is I'm not gonna be able to get the level 10 or dressed or dressed to the nines I was gonna say the dressing trivia I'm not gonna be able get the level 10 or the 99 pieces pieces of clothing and club parts and stuff until after we're done transferring all the money because like I said once we're done transfer all the money we're gonna give we're gonna divvy it back up the way it was he'll probably get 500,000 we'll get 500,000 and then we'll just split and go our own ways and then out of that 500,000 I'll just take you know we'll all divvy it up and we'll each get like 125,000 and then from there just use that money to upgrade your club buy all your stuff and then you'll be done but the other thing is since I said I've been playing the game for fun and doing the course challenges I have been earning some money to do that so with the money that I've been gaining from that I might just buy level 10 in career mode and then you know I've already started buying some clothing and stuff so that's gonna be that and then the last trophy to get is you have selected know which is to show Stan Lee so why am I saying Stan Lee show Lee how it's done and out that's gonna be my last trophy but yeah that's major progress in golf club to major progress and we actually have the money now for it so it's literally going to be amazing to get to game done um but that there's been a lot of coordination that's been going into that game in the previous week and there's gonna be a lot of coordination going into it in the next few weeks because for all of us to get it done there's a total of I think right now six of us so if it takes four days for all of us again it's gonna be like three a little over three weeks to get everything transferred around and that's not just that's literally everyone to get their trophy that's not to transfer the money out after that so it's gonna be a little annoying after but as long as one everyone gets a trophy then that's cool but yeah that's gonna be I'm not really gonna be playing the game probably too much this week but it's gonna be a lot of coordinating the events and everything so I'll probably hop on for a few minutes and then hop off it made more than a few minutes I'll hop on coordinate stuff and then hop off but yeah that's the goal this week is uncharted 2 doom Grand Tour grinding and then Golf Club to on when I need to be on for that other than that there are some games that I'm probably gonna start doing multiplayer for I know I said this a while back right and and I know people are gonna buckle what you change your mind like you change your underwear what is going on here it's not really that I changed my mind it's just like situations that I'm in and it's best to kind of do stuff other ways so I said like probably a week or two ago or even longer than this that I wanted to be done just doing multiplayer and I was gonna be like 90% single-player or some multiplayer here and there well I'm probably gonna go go back to doing multiplayer um a decent not a decent amount but like for some of my time doing some other games that I've just wanted to do for a while but I really haven't an had anyone to do them with I now have someone to do them with so I'm probably going to be doing multiplayer or some multiplayer again not like 100% you know multiplayer but the person I'm doing with we we do like more or less respect each other's time so you know if he's at work or I'm at work we know that we're each other at work and it's not like oh we're angry at each other why are you not online so you know there's there's some mutual respect there and I'm cool with that so I'll be doing some games you'll probably see some games if you guys like follow me or follow the games I play you might see some games pop up here and there that are kind of weird I almost put Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on my list last night because someone was going for the 8 player trophy and I was like oh I'm gonna get that but it turns out that um it's pretty easy to get so I didn't sweat about it but yeah there there might be some games here and there that you see pop on here that might be like huh but I do there there is a method to my madness to say the least so that's that and again I'm not like a hundred percent back on multiplayer but yeah there there are a few games that I want to do that I've wanted to do for a while that it's just like I just want to get them done and they're not on my list but I've just they've been in my mind and I wanted to see them so yeah that's gonna be that with with the multiplayer and I still you know I still want to play the games that I've said that I wanted to play it's it's weird cuz on stream I'm having some issues trying to decide what games I want to play on stream I don't really like to grind things on stream that's why I don't want to do the Grand Tour and just games are I have to sit there and grind so it's kind of it can be difficult to kind of decide what to play there are a few things on the ps3 that I want to go back to like WWE 2010 um Game of Thrones what else there's a few other things but those are like the big ones that I that I would like to get or go back to and and possibly do them on stream just cuz they're easier and I literally just have to play through them it's it's not like it's anything at crazy Leisure Suit Larry possibly so yeah I've been having some issues with that to say the least so if you guys want to suggest anything to play on stream let me know I do want to note that most of the stuff that I play on stream or a lot of the stuff 100% of stuff I play on stream is stuff that I don't want to make trophy guides and stuff for because I I said this like a week or two ago I want to go back into making sure if he guides more but there are certain games I don't want to make sure if he cuts for just because it's not worth it or I'm just so far in the game so you know I've been trying to kind of select what games I want to do on stream that I don't want to do guides for and I've been saving games and I want to do guides for to do them off stream so it's a it's a little bit of here or there but yep that's that but yeah I think that's everything this week it's been quite an eventful week it's gonna be pretty crazy until like September just because of all the online that's been going on so you know it is what it is I do want to make a note I'll let everybody you know about this now I am going to be going on vacation for two weeks in July one of the weeks is I leave next not this Saturday coming up well maybe it is this Saturday I leave soon um you know to go on vacation so I might what I might do is kind of do these videos and then on like right before I leave and then upload it a few days later I don't know we'll have to wait and see and then I'm going on another one later in July so I just want to make note I've never had this problem of like going on vacation while making these videos so I I just want to make note of that beforehand I'm not really sure how I'm gonna deal with it but there might be like a bigger gap between videos in July um and not much not much stuff may get done so they might be a little a little on the shorter side when I come back but um just again forewarning there for that but anyway yeah like I said that's gonna be the end of this video if you guys did enjoyed be sure to leave a like down in the comments below let me know what you guys have been playing I think for the most part all the new games for this year other than what's coming out in fall have really the games have already come out so if you guys are playing anything that's interesting or anything of that sort let me know just let me know what you've been playing in general I love to talk to everyone down in the comments about that stuff but like I said I hope you did enjoy the video if you did be sure to leave a like down into the description below you'll find links to all types of stuff my Twitter my twitch all my platinum trophy videos and Platinum's that I've gotten since I've started youtube so if you want to go check any of that stuff out I would greatly appreciate it you can find a link to this page that you're looking at right here so if you want to go check any of that stuff I would greatly appreciate it if you've made it this far and you haven't subscribed consider subscribing for more trophy content like this and I hope to see you all around sometime soon

  • I don't want to sound like a dick, but looking at your trophies and trophy cabinet, your biggest achievements were stuff connected to boosting and/or grind.

    Is there anything that makes you feel legitimately proud of yourself and isn't neither grind or online stuff?

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