heyit's in today i am going to talk about the trophy skin microderm amedy so ioud saw I saw this on Mary's Channel glitzy fritzy and she had cheered how much she loved it she shared it demoing everything and I was like I need that in my life so I actually contacted trophy skin and I said I would love to share this on my channel I would love to try it out test it see how it works on my skin and they said absolutely and they sent me one I don't get a lot of things sent to me by company so I'm really really really appreciative that but as always and I said to them I always give my honest opinion good or bad and they were fine with that I am going to just briefly talk about a little bit here then you're gonna see me demo it talk about a little bit more and then I'm gonna give you my final thoughts on everything where we get started please make sure you click that button below hit the subscribe button I share new videos every single week and I don't want you to miss out also click on that notification bell – it was so excited to get this so let me show you really quickly here you'll see it again in a minute but this is the machine right here and the attachment so what this does is it gently exfoliates your skin and the reason that I decided to try this is I use retin-a and I use assets I use a Susilo electic antic like colic acid as we age skin isn't as glowy and and all that as we age and our skin starts to look dull because we don't we have all that dry skin so we've got exfoliating it retin-a helps with that the reason that I use the assets is because after your the retin-a starts to exfoliate you're left with patchy flakey skin so to deal with some of that I used the chemical exfoliants now they do help and I'm going to continue to use them but I felt like I needed I still needed something I wasn't getting everything up so I decided to try this I was a little nervous about it I've never been one to like scratchy abrasive I don't I normally don't like scratchy abrasive exfoliators I just always thought that they were gonna rip my skin off and make it worse so I was nervous about using this but oh my gosh it's made a huge difference in my skin I just feel like it's looks so much better it really does I feel like it looks better I feel like my makeup goes on better it's amazing so I'm still using retin-a I'm still using my assets and I'm doing this now you don't need to do all that but that's just what works for me and I'm gonna continue doing that I don't think Mary cuz I like I said I heard about this robbery from glitzy fritzy I don't think she uses retin-a and I don't think she uses chemical exfoliator so I think this is mainly what she uses but I do all of that it did like is that that just works for me I'm not telling you have to do that that's what works for me there are several heads in here and I'm gonna give you a little tour of this – in a minute but I just want to briefly show this before I get on to the next video because I shared a demo of me doing this but you're gonna get three different attachments the first one is this one this is the diamond and this one is gonna buff away all the dead skin that's on your face now I get that's gonna skin under my eyes but you do not lose this there okay never ever ever ever ever use this there you'll see you'll see where to put you just use it on your forehead you can use it on your cheeks you can use it on your nose I use it above my lip you can use it on your chin I use it underneath my chin you can use it on your neck you can use it on your decollete you can even use it on the back your hands you can even use it on your feet okay but if you use it on your feet I would get another attachment because you don't want to use something on your feet on your face the other tip that I really like is called the extraction tip and that's in this one right here and by the way these just slip on and I'll show you in the next video so it just slips on like this you just go like that and it goes on so what this is for is for black kids and actually get some of the white heads off to that I get on my chin so you just put this on you turn you turn the machine on and the we'll just suck up all that which is gross I know but it works I love it it's better than squeezing because when you squeeze get scars and I have some scars on my chin from doing that the other attachment that I have not tried I'm gonna be honest with you I have not tried this one yet but this one is for Serbs and cream so you put this on you put your creams and your serves on and you just put this you just roll it right over your face and just helps to penetrate your creams and your terms into your face this one I have to use I'm just being honest with you as of this time that I'm filming this I haven't done it yet but I will be using that and then you get a little brush you get little filters replacements and the little band replacements – for for this part of your machine and again you're gonna see me repeat some of this in the next step but I just wanted to briefly go over it let's get in to the demo instead of doing a voiceover I just thought we would do it this way so I'm just gonna begin you and it me unplug it really quick do unit comes like this inside you have a mirror which I really like and then you've got your attachment here I have another attachment that will talk about my two of them so it's nice day up too because you can use this on your hands you can use it on your feet and if you use it on your feet especially I wouldn't want to use the same thing on my face even if you clean I think that's kind of gross so if I had if I was using too which I haven't done that on my feet but if I did what I would do is I would mark like an f4 foot or something like that so you know but it's nice to have these two attachments in Mary from glitzy Fritz a she has one of these as well that's where I found out about this she uses jewelry cleaner to clean her attachment so this comes off you take this off like this you just twist it off and they didn't clean it and before you use before you like when I'm finished using mine I always take the felt little filter out I take it out and I put a new one in for the next time so this is a new one so I'm just gonna put this on here so that's ready to go and then you get these little you get a whole bunch of those felt filters in there you get a little brush thing you get these little rubber things that I guess they must break after a while maybe when you're putting this on and I haven't had a change mine yet you get extra of those so you get this little brush here you get two attachments right here now this one is for blackheads so you attach to this you take this off take it up again you attach this on there and then you can use that for blackheads and then this is for serum so you can put your serums on and then you just go over like that and it just helps to penetrate your serums better I haven't I haven't tried that feature yet to be honest and tried that yet but I will I just really been curious about exfoliating so I'm gonna do this for you I'm gonna demonstrate what I do now when you first start out before I plug it in I'm just gonna share this you turned it on there's a power button here and then you have the start and stop and then this goes up and down and this will come on and let me see if I can do that if I can plug it in so I can show you what I'm talking about plug it into the back here then you've got your control buttons right here so this turns it on and you'll hear that and see where you can see the face there you can do an auto and I'll have it all set up so when you first start using it you can do it and I'll just it'll show you exactly where you're supposed to use what you were you supposed exfoliant it'll show you exactly on here to apply it there and a no he'll already have like the the pressure and the settings already in there if you don't want to do that then you can just go for here and you can just go ahead and you can increase it you can set the time that you want on it all of that I'm saying that I'm gonna tell you how I've been using it so I have been using this when I first used it I did the automatic because I didn't know what to do and I didn't expect so it was nice to see it visually and see how to do it now that I've been using it I don't use a time on it because this isn't the only way exfoliant my skin I use retin-a and I still use my chemical exfoliants so I use I've been using this 2 to 3 times a week I don't do it more than that you have to be careful you never want to over exfoliate your skin because that can make your skin more pili and drying as well but I feel like using this along with my retin-a along with my Chemical exfoliants I feel like using all this together do all this together I feel like has made a huge difference on my skin and I feel like I'm able to control a lot of the dryness now when I use my retin-a the days retin-a I do not use this so on the day use right now I do not use this machine but I will you know like so I use retin-a once a week I use it on Wednesday so on Friday I will use it and so like it's almost like every other day or so but it equal it goes equal though it took like three times a week then I use this one of the things the diagram was showing on here is when you do your forehead they show you going up like this I can't do that I don't know if I just have I don't have enough fat on my forehead or what or if it's too bony but I can't I can't it just doesn't glide over my forehead so I kind of go up like this and then I kind of go like that and I end up going across it's the only way you can do it so I hope that I'm not doing anything wrong when I do that that is the only way I can use it on my forehead as I have to do that and then when I get to my face because like I've the suction is so great now you can control the suction if you don't want a lot place or don't want a little bit more suction because what the suction does is it helps to stimulate blood flow in your face you're when you're done you're gonna you're gonna have a really red face but it's a good thing so when I get to my cheek I'll go like this I'll go across one thing you never ever want to do with this is you don't want to do it and stop you got to keep that thing going it feels like it's stick and keep pushing it because otherwise you're gonna have a red mark now the red marks in a good way so freak out or anything but it's from the suction so you don't want it you just want to keep moving keep moving now I haven't really done my chest that much I guess I I you know maybe they'll be next thing I don't know what this is by the way this has nothing to do with this I must have been scratching myself in the middle of the night but what I usually do is I just do it on my face and I do a little bit right here and that's all I've been doing right now I did it on my neck a little bit but I didn't like the way I felt it was like too rough for my neck so maybe I'll have to work up to that and I love by the way I love the mirror that's on here because it's magnified mirror so I can sit this on my vanity and I can look in the mirror and I can see what I'm doing I love this this is really really nice and it has changed my skin so much so even if you're using retinol you're for not using retin-a I really think this is beneficial to you I was always afraid to use something like this because I thought it would scratch up my face but actually like I said feel like my face is looking better like I feels better it looks better it's unbelievable I'm like because I was also worried about broken capillaries because I had heard about that but then I was reading that microdermabrasion is actually good for broken capillaries I don't know why but that's what I read so I'm just sharing what I've read I'm not an expert here just sharing my experience so let me get into let's get into the demo okay so I'm gonna turn it on and even then when you when you plug this in it's gonna look like it's on because as power and the red light will be on but you have to press it again so you see the green light so you just press it once so I'm just gonna go in and I'm going to go up to level I go like six or seven I'll go to I'll go to six if I hit that bump it up I will and then I'm gonna press Start and I always start out with my forehead and it doesn't hurt at all I don't know if this is gonna help my sebaceous hyperplasia I hope that it does see it's really hard to do it's really bumpy if I tried to do this it's uncomfortable and I don't know if it's because he me I'm doing it but it so I go like this and then sometimes I've got prospects I don't get as much of us suction when I do it on my forehead because my I just feel like my foreheads too bony I don't know there are some areas that I go over a little bit more especially where my box art and then I'll go here and I kind of push my skin all that I really don't have any crow's feet there but I do have sebaceous hyperplasia on the side there so that's why I like to get over here then I start from the bottom here on earth all and how I do all my Forge swipe turtle and or on the side now they're you watchin if you like to play not my nose I get really drawn inside here I kept on my left Amish car Oh chin and by the time you're done Oh your hand is gonna be really really tired so I am gonna take this off before I'm gonna go rinse my face off but I'm going to show you today it's not too bad some days I get more than other days I'm gonna show you see that so that's actually not bad usually I get a lot more than that but it gets either gives you an idea well I just wanted to give you my final thoughts after using this for a month now I love this machine really love this would HIGHLY highly recommend it so if you can't use retin-a but you feel like you need to exfoliate your skin because you have dry skin or you're mature women like I am I would definitely recommend this if you're using retin-a I would recommend it it's like I said I use retin-a I use acids and I still use this and I feel like it's it's it's beneficial I just feel like my skin looks better I feel like I'm getting more of a glow to my skin I think my skin looks more youthful um yeah I can't say enough good things about I just absolutely love with this machine so again I will leave a link below so you can check it out and is it thank you so much for joining me I really hope that you enjoyed this video I really hope that it was helpful and informative please make sure that you click the bum below subscribe share this video helps my channel out so much and I really really appreciate it and that is it guys thank you so much for joining me and I will see you real soon bye

  • I have one too!! Been a little hesitant since I too am using retin a….your video makes me feel more comfortable and confident….here we go!!!

  • Thank you for this video, I own one, but I'm really concerned bc the suction is so strong I can't slide the wand and I'm on automatic. What do you recommend?

  • Thank you for the video! I just got this and haven’t tried it just yet. Little children keep me super busy and then I pass out from exhaustion lol 😂 My 38th birthday is coming up and have always wanted one SO I bought myself an early birthday present 🎁 thanks again for the video, it’s really helpful watching a real person use the system and the results they get 😊

  • Thank You for the great video I have just learned about this machine and found your video I think I will be getting one Your skin looks fabulous I have yet to try any chemical peels, but that is a consideration as well

  • The slower you go the more effective it will be. Your skin looks fabulous. Keep up your routine. Its working for you!

  • Fantastic review and just in the video aspect of how you demonstrated how to use it…..great!! very beautiful lady……

  • Did you use the serum attachment yet? I have this product and that attachment really can't use it haven't figured it out at all!

  • Hi Annie…..I recently purchased this but haven’t started using it yet. A little nervous to get started.I don’t want to ruin my skin 🤔 I just watched Mary’s video and am now watching yours. Both great demonstrations 😍 I was a bit concerned at how red your face gets. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long.Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Dolores 🥰

  • Just wondering if you have any serum’s on your face before you start using or do you have just a dry face after washing thanks

  • Hi Ann. I have this MicrodermabrasionMD as well and I love the results that I am getting. Have you you purchased the small pencil like attachment that helps you get into say like the nose area and in those hard to reach areas? It works great. The small lines on your forehead or the corners of your mouth is where this works great. It doesn’t look like you have any wrinkles anywhere. But, I didn’t notice that you used this in your video and I have had my unit since October and thought I would share my help with you since you are new. I go from side to side on my forehead started in the middle. Then when I do the rest of my face I make sure I am going at an upward angle since gravity does take a toll on our skin. I try not to tug and pull too much. Then on my neck I put the machine on a 7 and go at an upward motion from the collarbone to the chin area. It feels rough at first but it isn’t hurting the skin because it is diamond microdermabrasion. That is how they described it to me. I’m not a pro nor do I know everything either. I’m learning just like you are. My skin looks so much better than it did. It feels like the natural oils have come back too like when I was in my twenties. I loved the sun when I was younger so that is what I am dealing with. I am 53 and have had no fillers or nothing because I can’t afford them. I would love to learn more about the other stuff you use on your face to help with fighting those wrinkles. I need all the help I can get. I’m normally not this long in my texting. I apologize for the length. Just had too much I needed to share this time with you. Loved your video. Thanks for the info. Please let me know about the other thing you used for your face and if you have to get it thru the doctor? Cynthia

  • Instead of jewelry cleaner (which can contain nasty chemicals), just use 70% Isopropyl alcohol which is easily available in grocery or drug stores and is very inexpensive. It's also probably 1/3 or less the price of jewelry cleaner and recommended to clean and sanitize derma rollers.

  • You are stunning and your skin is gorgeous! I just picked this system up and can’t wait until it arrives so I can start using it! Thank you for this review! Xo

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  • I have the same problem using this on my forehead I bought mine from qvc because I have huge pores so far no change in pore size I have been using for about 3 months 2 -3 times a week

  • Hi Anne…hope all is well and you are adapting well to this hot Humid Florida weather😊 are you still enjoying your Trophy skin? I just received the portable version..literally! I haven't tried it yet, so I'm kind of checking out some videos on using it…i'm hoping to be compliant with it lol…i get bored very easily 😃 will you be doing anymore updates for it? Thx 💟

  • I haven't finished the video yet but you have great looking skin. I would never believe that you were over 40. I want to buy my mom the items you use. Is there a holy grail product you know has made a huge difference?

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