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okay don't fight oh whatever you don't either strong man or very strong what a pretty fish what a gorgeous fish oops not long ago I decided to ditch the corporate grind to pursue my passions for travelling and the great outdoors so I sold everything moved into a trailer full time and now I'm fishing my way across the entire country there you go good job you're watching field trips with Robert field hey guys welcome to another episode of field trips so I left Delaware yesterday took the ferry from Lois over to Cape May New Jersey and now I'm staying here at Indian Rock RV park right here in the middle of New Jersey this is gonna be my home base for the next week while I'm here fishing but this place is absolutely gorgeous it is nice and quiet and peaceful I believe in my stuff out having felt even an inkling of worried that someone might mess with my stuff the staff here has been just incredibly nice and Nita and the other people that work here have just been amazing to me everyone that I've run into that state here is friendly I tend to attract some attention I don't know why really just a cool place noise I was think of New Jersey I think of like big city that's what I think of you know the strong accent big city what I've come to realize is that Central Jersey is nothing like that it is all woodlands and beautiful and really kind of like wild in a sense so really not what I expected it's gonna be cool going through the Northeast I've never been to any of these states this is my first time even like driving through New Jersey so I really have no preconceived notions of what to expect in these states so it's gonna be cool kind of checking them out and probably confirming 0 of my preconceived notions I'm sure all these states are much different than I think they are based on TV and movies but anyways down to business I am heading down close to Cape May to Stone Harbor New Jersey meeting up with a guy Dan Schaffer they call him insomniac or he calls himself insomniac I'm really not sure really not clear but what I do know is this guy gets on the fish everyone I've talked to is like insomniac you got to go fishing with insomniac it probably won't take you but you got to hit up insomniac try to go with them well sure know if I hit him up Dan Shafer he's gonna take me out hopefully get on some flounder or sheep head or striper or really as far as I'm concerned whatever is biting but cording to everyone else I'm in good hands so I'm gonna finish get my stuff loaded up and then hit the road alright guys just got here it is still in Harbor New Jersey meeting up with the man Dan Schaffer of insomniac guide service throwing ago for striped bass and sheep's head so join us where these striper typically hanging out we're gonna go in the marsh flats today we'll probably be pulling using the trolling motor sheep's head we're gonna hit up artificial structure so it's only funny like flats Marsh fishing I relate to redfish down on the Gulf Coast up here we're doing something real similar for striper or rock fish yeah everybody go get some gas get to it you're a legend bro everyone I talked to about fishing up here was like Dan Shaffer insomniac if he'll take you he's the man like everywhere do you vent you know I mean even dude yeah a little while but the kind of guys they tend to do they figure everything out yeah because they like them ability so if I'm doing something and no one knows how I'm doing it it's usually the kayak guys who will kind of either put the puzzle pieces together or they'll figure it out right right so if it's oh my dirty boat good man working though we're both sooo cleaning out these suspects we're gonna keep set first today and the reason that we're doing this today first thing is that in this hemisphere you have higher tides in the afternoons than you do in the mornings and then in the winter switches around so we just got to this bridge the first place we're gonna drop down see we can't get a few of these sheephead now if you saw my last video my last episode trying to catch sheephead did not go according to plan everyone caught multiple sheephead except for yours truly first video I've ever done where I just could not get it done got skunked but we're out here for redemption and Dan shapers got me feeling pretty confident about to change that change my sheephead luck today so you hide the hook in there huh to the bargain what kind of crabs are these invasive species that showed up to new jersey in 1971 invasive crabs for bait I like it so what we're doing then is that we're gonna drop down probably initially about seven feet okay and any kind of slack water we can find a little slack so if there's one sitting there it's gonna hit we don't need to let it sit for too long oh wow that was talking I believe so there's a mom no you take longer that's well that's a good sign yeah we're gonna do is gonna do between the two legs or four legs like dead center there's body hovering over the jig head so it's a nice compact feature animal and winning hell's a busy and hell's the entire thing yep all right good okay so do the same thing I did and this is a lot of looking around so it's like sure if we don't get one here in like three minutes and we we just go to some other little leaf that we can find so about seven feet yup okay that runs rolled out and loaded at the same time that way in case please shove your bail he picks it up you're already locked and loaded in position to set up just set the hook yes go down again so that's that's that's about a good weight time right there it's only half an ounce so we're oh dude your piece gone yeah oh dude so tough looks like subtle and clear in that yes we stuck it back in all right so lesson learned man no hesitation that we have t.i got a rip there's like someone looking up against this yeah they saw us food there it's so like now I know like I don't know oh yeah that did not take long at all is that second drop talk little talk nice take second drop you'll see their teeth up fun and they're in there for picking right yeah and that's and this is a small guy this guy right here is probably maybe one or two years old nice little camo pattern um yeah I could yeah I'd blend in perfectly these spines right here or mental lock in the Rex they sleep at night gotcha walk in the REC so sometimes our tails actually cut off by a shark huh I've caught them without tails because I'll just lock on the REC for the night that the Sharks and crews of Rex and rather pull them out so that is my first tag new species checked off the list I was a second drop right here on this piling doing exactly what he said the bite super quick you got it you got to rip it right away not a big one but killer man never have an exposure point so always just put right back where it was it doesn't if they're put on the other side yeah big thing with this is no exposed points to see people ring up things different ways I would think the opposite dude I learned this I learned this wreck fishing man we're all dropping down man and sleek I'm not getting hit so I'm like okay must have an expose one point reel back up yep so remember that remember those rule weird hits we're gonna do now is here to drop right okay so now you're not gonna pay me anymore you think that was a small talk oh yeah sure try dropping it down deeper yeah good go go go 15 feet down I'll tell you want to stop there we go oh you're on the iron oh it's not real big let's talk another one about the same size another tog second one about the same size as the first I mean it's just non-stop action like you drop the crab down there you're gonna get bitch is whether or not you're fast enough pull these guys up really cool finish if you saw my California sheephead episode these things have to be related they look very similar the only difference being the color California sheephead a bright red and black these also changed from female to male thank you yeah yeah so these things change sexes much like California sheephead despite being totally different ocean thousands of miles away very similar oh god this guy go to break those clothes backwards okay so we're gonna pick up so now the current scene changed reading so I'm back today and drop rate with asthma at rate in here so that's when the scene changes you know it's not like they're not they're just there it was how do they get it off their way there's one other you do see much that I hope exactly think they would just heal it on accident if nothing else like oh good eye good eye on that one that's tough escape artist an escape artist man this guy's much livelier than us becoming a boat the mornings there's like twenty on the deck silent Ellison permanent residue so what we're gonna do we're gonna do now drop it either with a small fish and get down so ones that maybe there we want to fish as close as we possibly can so you know we could we get tossed down you know an ounce jig heads but you want to go this bloody as possible again hey do you guys you see he sucked it out of the shell I gave you a Darth Vader video captain got a Darth Vader helmet I like struggle with like do I set it the second I throw it with your waiting your hips yeah I'm definitely not relaxed let's try I was in there's a lot of times you're dropping past them and they're following you down and that's when you get that immediate hit yeah you knew you did and you knew it before you did it alright let's drag it back on my currency again you totally got your crab yeah you got these fish man I got an overconfident after the the initial success cut a few fish real quick now they're besting me that you go left there you go okay Oh see he actually ran with ceedric we should drink that better fish better fish what do you think that is oh no it is definitely a better fish okay now he's out nice and easy welcome definitely a better fish striped bass incipit Leo go into the channel tog typically won't pull that much drag yes your ear again for a little bit then how much are out Big Easy looks pretty big yeah this is this is one fish where you're gonna play him for a little bit it's coming up now oh dude with the coin euro so monster dude y'all grown big down here man or up here illegible there you go dude killer fish Hillard I had underwater Oh on the net he said no sir see they're strong and reverse don't what a pretty fish what a gorgeous fish all right we're good we're good I can even tell at first if you had it or not such a strong fish man I've always said if I could like snapper almost like they're built like snapper by for my personal best sheep head right here you guys oh my gosh but I'm super chick dude bottom sweeper jigs get it done right now oh yeah this is definitely a double digit fishermen those pressures in the front too so yeah you loosen that drag one on those ponds like that man and they'll turn for you because if he stood if you if you stayed there and you and you battle him on those pilings yeah it's a weird hat trick to do this give him a little bit of line and they'll kind of work their way out you know and eventually do they follow the path of least resistance which is opposite to what you're doing right and they're gonna get on their sides and then plane with the current yeah and you got an out perfectly play dude this is for grabbing barnacles and shrimp and crabs off of these pilings I mean human-like teeth really really bizarre and you would not want to get your finger stuck in that yeah all right well that is Florida way my new personal best sheep head just incredible such a strong fight Dan here comes me through the whole thing I know I would have lost that fish without his his guidance what a blast dude I can't believe we got on that big all right that's incredible and he's still oh yeah that was sick no dude I mean I knew the bite was different than the talk like I could tell it was something different and I gave it at like a half second and he was kind of nibbling on it yeah yeah yeah that one I barely saw which I know is a good yeah cuz because if you're saying the hope before I saw it then I know that you're you know you're definitely on it right yeah so everyone I talk to you about fishing here in Jersey told me Dan Shaffer insomniac and guide service was the guy to go with living up to his reputation right now that's sick I can't believe the start to this day dude yeah crazy crazy I think we're good yeah man I'd call this a good thing a success all right so we got a couple taug got my first Shiva feast though she bed monster tides of change started slow down so we're gonna switch gears and go after some striped bass I said that the the winds not right the time is not right really nothing's right but we're gonna go give her a shot see we can't get on some of these bitch so tell you what I really had no idea what to expect here in Jersey but pulling on the flats definitely not in my wildest dreams that I think that's not to be fishing up here but that's exactly what we're doing today we're gonna be throwing Rapala Skinner Bucky's that scope is the money see we get on but usually that that sudden gush of water oh and there he is look at that third time he hit it dude third time he hit it I was like I'm out of room I'm out of room I'm gonna screw this up again


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