Trophy lands from Ethiopia for a two-day FIFA World Cup tour

  • when it is time to dance for guest samburus and maasais are remembered but if it is drought they are left on their own

  • Why can't NTV employee smart journalists? Or at least have journalists do some research before they report on any subject… He says most teams are from W Africa yet we have Egypt, Tunisia n Morocco from N. Africa and only 2teams from West Africa. Again he mentioned Cameroon which isn't even in the list…. He failed to get what he was asked, then he says, "take it back", how the hell did you get the job, report in English yet you don't understand what take it back means

  • That reporter is messed up
    Its either he doesn’t know what he is reporting or he is not listening to what he is saying.
    “The airplane entering the stadium”.??? & Cameroon participating in this year’s world cup??
    This is a disgrace!

  • Listening to this news reporter tells you how much they don't know. They give very shallow information since they never research

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