"Trophy" – Dark Storytelling Trap Beat | Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019 | Luxray #Instrumentals

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    Beat Tempo – 116 BPM.

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  • Yeah es war der 14 april 2001 ein junge würde geboren mit nem Augen schein
    Leute sahen ihn an er sei ein Geschenk
    Aber was die Zeit bringt und wie sie verrent
    Der junge merkte schon von klein an daheim
    Stimmt was nicht
    Ging er auf die Straße hörte er immer nur das ein Kiefer bricht
    Kleiner junge schöne Kindheit
    Großer junge jetzt ein Mann sein
    Mama war die wichtigste niemand anderen gab es für lhn
    Schon als Kind sah er wie ihre Träne lief
    Doch er wurde älter Ignoranz Arroganz
    Wurden seine Partner Leben auf der Autobahn
    Wo ist mein Sohn war immer die Frage
    Mama bin in 10 min da er war wie ne plage
    Egal was passiert ja die Mama vergab
    Der junge versprach alles wird gut Mama inshallah
    Doch die Sorge wuchs immer mehr
    Keine Chance jede tag war nur leer
    Denn sie war nicht da Mama inshallah
    Gehen ich den Weg des helal

  • i never got to live for it, so I guess i'll die for it, fuck it, after all I did for this, I bin forced to realize, something, i may not be, anybody important, but ima fight til I die, bcuz it aint worth it to forfit, I NEVER did this for fame, i never did this for fortune, I NEVER did this for materials, I never did it for trophys, I did it for you all taking ya shit like u know me, I sit eight here and do the same thing over and over, so how u gonna sit there and say u expose me, i think u need to take a look at things a lil bit closer, I'm giving you all what u think you want, after all this time, did i just wake up , one morning and decide uno what today i wanna fall off the top, if i was worried about u all id just turn the camera off, but it's the one that jump started it all, its the one who knows its there and pretends it's not, that I want, I dnt go no were by default, and as a result,

  • (0:17) Not seen, wish I could be noticed,
    I’m always in the picture,
    I’m just really outta focus,
    Sometimes life seems,
    To be hopeless,
    I know shits wrong,
    just can’t find no diagnosis,

    Always left behind,
    Pushed aside,
    Only way u see me is to force our worlds to collide,

    I say “hey”
    You say “oh.. hi?”
    Then “sorry gotta go let’s hang sometime…”
    I saw it as a half win,
    Turned out it was a lie.
    Guess I’m just not that “mr perfect” kinda guy,
    Got Low self esteem,
    Going nearly unseen,
    Alone and moping,
    Now I feel like I’m hopeless,
    In my own reality hoping..


    Low self esteem,
    Going unseen,
    Alone and moping,
    Now I feel like I’m hopeless,
    In my own reality hoping..

    (0:53) New me,
    Years past, feeling great,
    Good mood,good vibes,
    No hate,

    Getting big now,
    Soon it’s LR to the FM,
    That’s who I be,
    Never stall on a freestyle or fail a beat,
    Started Gettin more ass than a toilet seat.

    (Just off the top of my head😂 add on to it if u want lol)

  • One day I went to the store
    Cause a nigga was so so bored
    Saw my uncle and he looking yummy
    Wondering how his nut feel on my tummy
    I turned around he grabbed on my booty
    Store owner said y’all niggas fruity
    Told my uncle I want him to do me
    So we knock him out and suck on his tooly
    Rape a nigga call it a three some
    Like 69 boy we some dum dum
    Uncle pull my pee pee out
    And then slurp it with his mouth
    You already know I nut on his face
    Then I got shot in the cock
    By the po po
    Cause a lame nigga snitched on the low low
    My dick fell off
    I seen it and I scoff
    I began to cry
    And soon later a young nigga died

  • Want to thank you for provide the community with these beats. This one like so many others is just excellent. So thank you. ❤️

  • Life

    Babe we can't do this no more
    Take this shit to the back door

    We thought love was forever
    But my nightmares are forever

    I remember my girlfriend
    Now had to tell my friends
    Never knew we could end

    Preview of my song my life

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