Trophy Booty?

oh that was us so once again I've cam Bob and we're from Wisconsin high rated luckily you're like in our blobs here so cuz otherwise if you don't like it we're wasting our time no we're wasting your time job well we got a big topic today we do not begin it's a skin be sore one it can be it could be good big topic picked so the question is when you go to car events car shows bike shows do you go just for a one reason but is that the reason why you go to car Vince is it for the trophies or is it just going to just meet people and have a good time yeah now you have all kinds of things do you go for the – plaque there's a lot of people love – plaques well and there's a reason for that I mean this this tells that you participated inside and about I don't see these too often anymore no no it's true you know I've got boxes these days but what I like about them is that it shows that I came and I participated didn't win anything and just showed up because we know a lot of car shows are a benefit right so we came and participated so this one here remember this one yes I do thank you just a clue we did the Justice League of car clubs in 2009 so if you came to straight away we brought all the car clubs together that's right and big Justice League oh you also look at besides the trophy they give away plaques all right cool plaques yeah is that another reason why you go to get a plaque or the cooler plaques like those – yeah or maybe you go for the beer was actually an award that it was actually the caber way it was a special calm you know commemorative bottle of beer you can see right there see the meltdown appeared on drugs it was really kind of cool so so you know again or you go for like this guy the big trains big we're very proud of this the road Devils gave us the task this is the trophy that they gave us because we won the award for best guys at a car show yeah and this is cool because you know what this is this is made of all these different trophies you put it all together in one big trophy for us we have that to us well you know or or do you go for just a traditional trophy that's traditional that's just kind of a gaudy tradition well yeah but that's kind of a traditional trophy that's what they gave wait for many many it isn't just a trophy now they went to the bigger ones or they went into the plaques yeah now the one that I think is kind of cool when you go to an event yeah which I really think is kind of neat is when you go for the oh I say homemade trophies homemade now take a look at that it's all out of wood yeah it was all made by this club they have two gentlemen that actually make these trophies yeah and every year our bure eaters are breeders great drummer everything on there so you know again a lot of us go to carve ends because we want to go in the car events we want to meet with people a lot of us go to car events because we just want to win a trophy we kind of stayed it's not all about the trophy you know it's not all about the car it is about the people that are there right and we think it's important now when you do go to these car events we think it's very important to that if you are getting the trophy or you are getting a an award be thankful if your friend next year didn't get a trophy and he gets all upset or she gets all upset hey come on it's just yeah yeah a piece of metal or a piece of plastic it's no use getting upset with anybody and a lot of these shows that have these trophies the judging is done by either the community right while running the show and they okay so they're not performing system and professional you know like good guys has and all those types of guys or not build a really big car and then go to probably a Pebble Beach or something like that yeah that makes sense exactly a lot of the judges are just people that were asked to come in they really love cars every day and they've been given maybe some criteria right maybe there's some points to it they they're given a lot of information so they go around and they do the best they can that's right and so we we understand that and you can't get upset if you don't win the trophy we've had people come and say well I spend ninety thousand dollars in this car and this piece of over here got a trophy and I didn't well okay I I don't know how to answer that you know you still got a gorgeous car for ninety thousand yeah this person over here probably got the trophy because they worked on it themselves or whatever they did they might have been a story behind I didn't that's other thing a lot of judges are persuaded by this story right you know you and I this is one thing the only time that you and I will do it now I mean we've done some judging you right wanna do it is the young gonna work yes we are out a trophy to the young gun award along with an automotive credit card or cash card that they can use so you and I it's 29 and younger and we go walk around we talk to the kids if they don't know anything about the car if they just bought the car car and they don't do anything with the car no okay it's it's still cool that they're part of the they're part of the hobby but again like you admitted a story it could be the young gun or the young child or guy or girl that's wrenched on the car maybe got it from their father is driven the car has done all kinds of things that's what we're looking at right yeah you said young girl I go to the was it Mazomanie yeah yes yes Ford Anglia yeah car and she loved and there were a lot of great cars there from young guns that were there as well but she wanted this car when she was fourteen fourteen yeah yeah yes she got the car worked on it's just pictures of her tearing it apart reaching out to parts people in England where we shouldnt get our hands on it and it was a cute everything she did in the car except the other thing she didn't do was the paint work or the paint work otherwise she did everything else earlier yeah I always remember the story in that one something it only went so fast was my granddaughter we call it a purse car but anyways we said to her gosh you know highway you can't go very fast because that's okay he said well would you want to go a little faster and she said no when you go slow the people get a longer time to look look at her so we gave her them exactly now we know that there's other young guns that were there that worked in their car and stuff but it is really the story and we want to keep them motivated to do that but trophies under themselves you know we'd like to hear from you yeah about your viewpoints on trophies and winning trophies is that that important now our good friend Jimmy shine which we got with many times kind of taught us also to when you go on you're picking a car for a trophy and it's good that you brought up about you know the people that do the judging are everyday people they have certain criterias but as Jimmy would say what catches your eye right again it can be the five hundred thousand dollar car that's over here or it could be the maybe seventy thousand dollar bill here or the $30,000 built here but the thirty thousand dollar bill caught your eye something bought the car cuatrana the way it's at the stance the paint job you know something about that he said then maybe that's why you're picking that vehicle and that's what judges have to do too it's kind of what they like well there's judging all the Corvettes rights okay there's criteria but when you're doing hot rods or a large class you know you're gonna get different makes and models that all coal mixed especially the street rod category between certain years there could be a look everything in there so what do you go for and so yeah we've done you know we've done no shows or mayors and Chiefs of Police at diffic cars and they said they've come up to us they said well I know a little bit about cars but what do I pick and we would tell what you like you know pick the vehicle you like you know what would you like to drive home from here I you know I think the most fun at being at some of the car vans where you can't get it set with anybody for judges is when you have children picking the vehicles yes right because it's the children that just yeah they might just like the color of it they might just like the way it looks now something about it and they need the trophies and they made the trophies you and I were on the boy scouts out there Mukwonago pick both our cars yeah and you know I got this hubcap Bonneville hubcap with this with their logo on it and all that kind of stuff on so if they made it themselves in fact you and I actually have talked to the Boy Scouts on making trophies yes right exactly big of a few years ago quite a few years ago telling them how to pick cars as well now Hegarty has a great program for them they do yes they do they go through and they get experts to come in and talk to them about what to look for in cars but you know what I get it if they're offering trophies I get that you're saying well you know should we have a better system or shouldn't they do a better job giving those trophies out sure I get that but the majority of the people judging they're doing the best they can that's right so don't get upset with this some of these shows are ninety nine hundred to a thousand cars and you got to go through and pick someone out for you know all day difficult I looked at a lot of events that we go to that almost everybody there is a winner yeah I mean they all got great cars there's not any car there that's that's bad but as you have stated don't get upset with the judges they are everyday people they're picking your vehicle because they were asked to be a judge yeah it's kind of the old saying when if you were in the service don't let them learn your name don't step forward and don't volunteer for anything well that's sometimes happens these carbon does I need a volunteer I'll do it what do you want it got to be a judge oh you know I remember I think way many many years ago they asked you to judge because I was I stayed back and I worked the music this is going way back I think to the right the cat won it was a rescue cat thing right right right yeah oh yeah and I'm up on this hill yeah son sweating down there going through all these sheets and all I said on the microphone was could somebody give this man a beer okay I had more trunks open up that or the other thing that we've asked yeah your your car could win a trophy if there's a dollar bill underneath the windshield wiper or on the front seat we've had a lot of money and then we usually give it to a fundraiser that we're doing to some people with five dollars but they all know it's their doing for money and give it away but you know it's it's just a time to get together and if you get a trophy that's cool if you don't okay I want to say I I'm going to put this out here too we know a particular car show that they buy extra trophies for those people that come up afterwards and start really yelling and bitching that they didn't get a trophy didn't get a trophy and I'm seeing people get very violent yes person is it that is so he goes out buys two or three extras and he says here take one exactly that's sad when that happens that you got to get that violent about it my get up your Pebble Beach I get it right this is a judged concours type thing or even like a muscle car thing where they're judging particular categories you're up against I get that but now most part these church festivals and these little shows with the ones that I like the best if you're gonna get upset about is the trophy is gonna be dollars you know why didn't I win that because I wanted money and you know that's you've thought of some events where there is cash that's not giving away – yeah so again you got to remember be careful on that but the ones that I'm impressed by are when the young guns younger people get the awards yeah you're speaking of the cat award when we did that many years ago we actually picked a young kid for his car when the show was all over we were kinda like in a little bit of a valley by a resort when the car show was all over we were up at the resort eating when we looked down there and here was the kids car just sitting in the field by itself we thought something happened and what happened was he called all of his relatives to come down that day they all came down there met him there at the car at the car so it was all over and he stood there by the car with his relatives getting pictures because he was so happy wrapping that he won an award everybody so it's pretty cool yes it is important to get trophies but then again it isn't important sometimes you get trophies just go for the fun of it meet your friends have a good time enjoy it be respectful and again the people that are running the event the organizers be thankful for them because they're putting on this car event otherwise you wouldn't have any place to go either no and some of the biggest car shows around don't have trophies exactly you're right supposed to have unity the often and there's no pressure whatsoever right but we get it we understand it but you know if it happens it happens some it's it's a human judging and humans are many faults yes and also a lot of times the judging criteria said they're giving it just the day of show there you go go by car exactly oh okay gotta do that exactly so anyways that's a little take on arrow fees so you know either go I guess we like this one because the car club took all their extra trolleys put it together yeah and they gave it to us in honor of our radio show and a lot of the support that we give that particular group as well as all the way to car clubs because that's what we're about yeah and you and I were very humbled by that they were not funny so we love all the car clubs that are out there we love all the car people that although we have a great time with all of you and again just be respectful if you're coming to any of these events and enjoy it so over the wheels I hate to say this but these two guys are ready to say we're gone thanks again once again for you know get you out there look at this they can stand on their head so again thanks for watching our blah blah thank you and tune in for our next one we'll be talking about we don't know yet I'm not sure maybe resumes every week we come o recipes resumes Oh

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