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Trip to Bhangarh Full Movie | Latest Hindi Horror Movie | Bollywood Horror Thriller Movie

Hey! If you will not meet me,
how will the story go ahead my dear? I am not the care-taker
of this college. ..but I am the care-taker
of this canteen.. My name is M.S! What are you thinking,
M.S. Dhoni? No! Where does he belong,
and where do I? My name is M.S. Hola. That stands for Mehnat
(handwork)Singh Hola. Now you must be wondering, why my name is so different,
Mehnat(handwork) Singh Gola. Come on, let me
tell you the reason for it. The actual reason is, whatever position I am at this
moment is because of my handwork. That is the reason I named
myself as Mehnat Singh. The reason behind the
title Hola is.. Hola! I still remember the 1st
day of my college. The festival of Holi. Everybody was enjoying,
singing and dancing.. ..and also wishing as today is
Happy Holi. Happy Holi. At the same time somebody asked me,
Hola please give me some color. I thought seeing
to my innocent face. He is addressing me as Bhola
(innocent), give me some color. But he didn’t say Bhola. He said Hola. And as he said, every nearby
started saying it to me. Hola pass me the chair,
Hola give me some sweets. After that day, Holi splashed
this titled me the name.. ..and I became
Mehnat Singh Hola ever after. Okay, can I ask you something?
– Yes. If you were here on Lohari
instead of Holi then? So what I would have been
titled as Lau… You surely know it, what will
be the meaning you Brut fellow. I will slap you hard. Today’s generation always
think about double meanings. Literate though illiterate. By the way, if it was Lohari day
then it would be my.. I am telling you the truth. Then nobody would have said,
Mama’s good boy, is a bad boy. Everyone would have said,
Mama’s.. Anyways, today I will not spoil my mood. As today is Principal Mr.
Anurag Johar’s retirement day, and its a reunion day. And today all the old buddies
will be here. By the way, in the college there were
many gangs. But, this gang was special. The best friendship gang. They passed out 2 years back. Not in this batch. But yes, they were
king-hearted guys. Let me introduce
them to you all. Come on. They 5 are the team members. He is Javay! Beloved
name as Jaddu by buddies. Now you have reached? I wanted to..
– Yes, I know. You are here to click photographs?
– Yes. Your eyes. They are so lovely. Your hair. Your nails.. ..are prestigious. I mean to say, you are tremendous
from top to bottom. I am here only for my pictures.. ..and I will be thankful
if you do it sooner. Yes, please tell me which
type of pictures you want? We click pictures for birthday,
tonsure.. ..marriage, divorce,
break-up, friendship.. ..and even we also.. photos
for Facebook profile. No, I just want of marriage. You want for marriage,
please come have a seat. Your perfume smells good. From where did you buy? He was the first, now four
more members are there, very cunning and very bunker. And yes, the biggest bunker amidst all,
was our Aashu the great. I can’t understand that, you work so hard but why
can’t you achieve the targets? Do you know, at your age, I had made the
records in achieving the targets. Sir, it is been said that we never achieve the
things in our life very easily.. ..or say it in another words, we always want to achieve those
targets which are not so easy. Mr. Philosopher what are you saying?
Talk in sales language. I can only understand
the language of profit. Sir, I am just trying to
understand you that.. Leave it, tell me how many
Sachin Tendulkar are there in India? One.
– How many Rajinikanth are there? One.
– How many James Bond are there? One, but what’s the connection
of these with the sales? Yes sir, connection is there. See there is only one
Sachin Tendulkar… Rajinikanth is one. James Bond is also one. So even you are also one. Yes, Mr. Diwakar Balachandran. No one can compare you. You are SKB. SKB? “Sales Ke Bond”(Bond of Sales). Bond. Sir, James Bond like espionage. Likewise you are Sales Bond. Sales Bond?
– Yes, sir. That’s why people like me
find it hard to achieve the targets, and people like
you creates a record. Sir, that’s why I have decided
that you will guide me. Because you are my
Dhritarashtra(King of Hastinapur). Dhritarashtra? Hey! He was blind. Dronacharya? You are master Dronacharya. And I am your Ekalavya
(Dronacharya’ student) Aashu. Student? You should have said this first. Listen, you know
Sharma & Sharma sons ? – Yes. You go there. They have
an assignment for the sales. I will add that
sales in your account. Expert in buttering,
unskilled in work. Now I’ll introduce
you to the third, whose name was Golu, very tubby, very plump from head to toe. Innocent by face and
rascal by mind. Means? Hey! See.. ti ti ti.. Hey! Let’s integrate our
musical tunes. Then it be one musical tune. Manner less. Huh! Look at her she is
saying manner less. Oh! Baby, kiss my ass! Dad’s business,
and Golu is useless. If he wishes, goes to office
or else doesn’t matter. Oh! Yes. Same as this carrot
in between the radish, as same as there was a bad girl
in between the bad boys. I mean there was a girl. Kavya. Smart, clever and even healthy. And she was the only girl
who could be worst to anyone. Exactly like a.. Spicy chilly! Hey, big brother. Brother, this is a ladies seat. Please vacant it, I need to sit. Hello madam, my father didn’t come to your house, then how is that I am your brother? Look at her, Listen you rascal, when my father went to
your house, you were born. Now getup before I slap you again, go and stand in that corner. It is said girls either have
brains or beauty. But, Kavya was beauty with brains. This madam, would use her beauty
and brain very efficiently. Yes, by he way,
four of them were.. ..king hearted people. And yes, there was one more person,
prince of their heart. Hey! Canteen’s Gajani! Hold this. See, because of you,
didn’t bother to see the time. You are so,
come, now lets go for the party. Where we will meet five of them,
come on. From the day I have joined
the channel, its a headache. It would be better if I was
working as a government employee. Are you gone mad
government employee? If you work as a government employee
then your social life is finished. I know..
– I will give you an idea. You become a Facebook member. Do you know?
Our college’s lady sweeper till principal,
all are there.. What nonsense I don’t believe.
– He is right. Even today you all have
your own secrets, isn’t it? Chiru, Chiru..
– How are you village boy? I am fine.. Hey! Now he is no more a village boy. Now he shifted to the city. And I have also heard
he got married. Wonderful! I got married. Now I am a married man. Congratulations buddy. We want a party.
– Yes. Hey! Does any goat throw
a party for his permissible? Chiru, listen I was thinking.. ..after your marriage,
and for the 1st night, how did you start
a conversation with her? Hey! Listen, should we do the real
work or just chit chat? You get married then you will come
to know, who chits, and who chats. Ali, look there. Golu’s ex.. Look Golu, look. Who is that Y with the ex? Seems to be known. Buddy. He is Mangu. Yes. – Of course, its him.
– It’s him. Mangu.. he is the same guy
was a writer in the college days. Bloody you all used to
play so much prank on him. The country’s.. – Mangu my brother,
if you wish to grow larger in life.. ..then write something that
the whole world reads it.. Then what should I write?
– Take this. For reference,
I have got two books for you. If you read this you will be
the star within a night. Look there, you will become a star. Why so?
Whats so special about the book? It’s called the best of aunts, Savita aunt! Write such a story for once. What rubbish! Did he become a writer? Yes he did, and he is writing
a film for a production house. Really! Mangesh! – Mangesh.
– Jai. He is a village boy too. He is not yet habitual
to receive respect. He should be called this way. Mangu!
Mangu, come here Mangu.. Excuse me. Very nice. – Come Mangu.
– Come, Mr. Mangesh. Here’s the whole
set of rascal’s gang. Yes, here is the group of rascals. Leader was missing.
Now, you came. Don’t be so serious about it. Chiru was saying
you are writing a film, is it? Yes, that’s right. With your love and
my mother’s blessing.. ..I’m writing a film
for Rock and Roll films. Okay, what’s the
story of your film? I mean the title,
or its just a.. Yes, of course it is. Actually my film
is a reality based story. The tentative title is
“Trip to Bhangarh” Bhangar?
– What is Bhangarh? Is this place next to your native? Hey fatso, don’t
you know about Bhangarh? Bhangarh? Bhangarh?
No? No! What man? What kind of Indians are you? Don’t you know such
a famous place in your own country. What’s so special about the famous
place Bhangarh which we have no idea? Alright, I will tell you. Bhangarh is fort in Rajasthan. And it is supposed to be
the most haunted place of Asia. Haunted?
– Yes. The most haunted place. It’s the Den of the ghosts. Not only this, it’s said that.. ..anybody can go there
in the day time. But, if anybody goes there
in the night can’t be alive. What? Why are you freaking Golu out? There is no such place.. Hey man!
– Nonsense. Mangu, did you watch
Bal Gopal Verma’s any movie? Why are you talking like this? I knew it, you rascals
will never believe me. Alright! Okay, ask your Google God. Bhangarh is real or not, you’ll get to know. Hey, Facebook player,
search for it. Let’s see what Bhangarh is.
– Go on. Let me see.
– Now, it will be clear. Let’s search for Bhangarh. Bhangarh.
-Bhangarh. Google. Hey buddies,
what are you all doing here? In the presence of the lord. Jai, you too? The thing is.. Can’t you see.. ..Mr. Mangu is narrating
his written film story to us. And we are listing to it. Mangu, keep your
story with yourself. When your movie releases,
we will watch your movie. Lets party guys. Okay guys, lets go. Yes of course, Jai will go. If Jai is Tiger, then Prachi is.. ..goddess Durga,
we praise the goddess. Jai lets go. Lets go guys. Come on. Come on, get up. Chiru.
Are you not coming? No, actually I met Mangu after
a long time, so I will be with him. And I am also interested in listening
about the Bhangarh place, so.. I will join you later, alright? Come, lets go.
– Okay, but do come. Bye. You all go ahead,
we both will join you. And brother, how are you? I am good. Have you ever understood,
what’s their problem? Nothing, they are the same. Have it.
And how’s life, tell me? So.. My friends are waiting. I know. Okay then, bye.
– Bye. Okay, listen. Go home on time. Okay.
– Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Love you.
– Love you. Take care. Guys, this life sucks. I think this life will be over
in just earning money. No, I mean.. should be something
like that, life should be fun. And we should get money
without any effort. You want money without any effort?
– Yes. With lots of fun?
– Yes. Idea. We will go to CP with a red scarf. Hey Golu.
Golu, listen for a minute. How will she have fun? Someone else will have fun. No matter knife cuts the melon
or the melon falls on the knife. However it is at the end
the melon is cut. Hey, there should be
more drinks. I want to drink more.
– Yes. Hey, Jai. We are discussing such an important
topic and you busy in your phone. In the mobile. You are intoxicant
of alcohol? Guys, do you all remember
the Bhangarh story? I am watching the same. Buddy, check it. Hey, bloody scoundrel. Really the place is
true as he said. What are you saying?
– Really? Come on, open it. Battery is dead.
– Sad. Hey, don’t worry. Have you forgotten our old place? It is the first time.. ..we are in his room and
are watching something good. Or else we always watched
blue films. Hello, what?
– What? O My God! BKB? Indian Archaic Inquiry Bhangarh. Warning Notice! Entering into the
Bhangarh before sunrise.. ..and after sunset
is strictly prohibited. The Government’s notice board
itself is warning about it. Wow!
– It’s so strange. We never knew anything
about such a place. There are many such places in India
which we are unaware of. Guys, my next week’s prime news
story is ready, see whats next? Is that Aamir Khan?
– Aamri Khan. I see. Aamir Khan is also in
the news of Bhangarh. Now we all will go. I think, I have read
some news on this. I will just check.
– Okay, go on. He is Aamir. If he didn’t do anything
then too he will be in the news. Hey, who recognizes you,
we three? I told you, look here.
– What? Is Aamir Khan scare to go
to Bhangarh? Awesome buddy. We meet after a long time. We have to go for a trip,
and what is better then this. Trip to Bhangarh. Guys, I don’t know anything
about the research. But this will be a adventure,
and this we really need. Exactly!
– It’s to be life tension free life . Tension free? It’s like dancing and singing in
front of Anaconda, come on kiss me. Guys if you want, let’s go to Agra. Manali, Shimla,
why this Bhangarh buddy? Hey!
– He is right. Which Agra and which Manali? Are you coming with us for
a Honeymoon trip? Agra and Manali? Golu, just think. A place where, we have no idea
what is going to happen? We even don’t know whether
we will return alive from there. It will be
an ultimate adventure dude. By the way Golu,
some day we all are going to die. So, we will die adventurously. You all are infused.. I can’t join you all, sorry.
– Please buddy. Come on be brave,
we all are there with you. Come, say yes or
I will slap you now. No buddy, I am not a fool.
Can’t you see its so risky. I can’t go there, I am sorry. Look boss, we all go together.
– Yes. Now tell me are you coming
or should we take you forcefully? Say yes. Say it.
– Yes. But we will return before sunset. Yes. By the way, I want to celebrate
my honeymoon before I die. We will not give you to death. Okay, add my name
in the martyr list. Okay, so we have decided
then let’s fix the date. It’s written that this place is
next to Alwar, right? – Right. So let’s assume, this is Alwar,
and this one, Delhi. So, it’ll be around 3 to three and a
half hour journey in-between, right? Isn’t this road too bumpy? Yes, road is too bumpy.
Let’s get on the flat road. – No! We can go for a one day trip. We will leave early and
return by evening. Sounds good.
– Yeah! Let’s plan, today it’s Sunday. Form tomorrow, we all will be
busy back in our jobs, right? Let’s fix it for next Sunday. I will make a mini video
in my camera. You go and switch on the light.
– Okay. Hi, I am Jai and I am going
along with my 4 friends.. ..Jaadu, Ashu, Kavya and Golu.. the Asia’s most
haunted place Bhangarh. We will keep you posting. Yes, we will keep you posting. Bye. What is this? Why didn’t you
inform me before deciding? All this just happened
all of a sudden. I never knew that
the place is so interesting. Interesting?
What is so interesting about it? Do you know
where you are going? – It’s the ghost’s den.
– Yes. How did you even thought of.. accompany you to
such a dangerous place? There is no such danger,
just listen, don’t misunderstand. Look, I learned about it. It’s only dangerous during night.. and we will be returning
before night. And I will feel nice,
if you come along. Along with you?
Are you gone mad? Not just that I won’t come,
I will not let you go either. Your friends have gone crazy.
You have swear on my death, if you love me,
you won’t go there. If you still leave,
our relation will end here. Why are you so furious?
Sit down. Baby, I will cancel the trip
to Bhangarh for you. My sweet boy. You are clumsy.
You are looking so shabby. Actually I didn’t want to go,
but my friends, you know. They said if you won’t come
we will take you forcefully. Then what will I say? Good that you stopped me.
You’re so sweet. I told you. Yes.
– Just leave your friends. Of course, I will not
let this happen again. Sure? What’s happening, son? I am watching final destination.
Come, join me. No, you carry on. Buddy, Sunday there
is a function at aunty’s place. These un-occasional clothes
will not go with the function. Go for shopping. Papa, I am not free on Sunday. Why? Are you hoisting
the flag at Lal Qila? Papa we are going at a place
where people don’t return alive. From where people
don’t return alive? I will show you the place
where people don’t return. – Papa. I will show you the place where
people don’t return. – Papa. Papa. You keep watching
these types of movies. Switch it off. Sorry papa, I was just joking papa.. I was just saying it, nothing
serious. There is no such place. By the way, papa.. I was just checking
your bravery papa. You have a very strong hand papa. Sorry papa, sorry.
Please give a smile papa. What’s up? Don’t ask, buddy. Before match starts
3 wickets are down. Means? Means if Jai comes, Prachi
will end up the relation with him. If this fatso comes his
father will kick his ass. And Ashu is attending his
annual meeting on this Sunday. This means, total plan is canceled. So, is there a way out? Move, move please. Darn! Guys, if there is no other
option, then create an option. What do you mean? This means Sunday’s plan is
canceled, there is no other way. So, we will go on Tuesday
instead of Sunday. And we all will bunk on that day. Nobody will tell anybody
before or after going. We will enjoy the trip and
have fun.. ..and by chance if we discover
anything it will be a news. Then who will ask us, why,
when and where did you go? What do you guys think? What say? No? Okay! Now it’s confirm, we are going. Now it’s confirm, we are going. Now it’s confirm, we are going. Now it’s confirm, we are going.
Now it’s confirm, we are going. Guys, wait for a minute.
Just a second. What happened?
What happened? Hello Prachi.
– We praise the goddess! Yes, Jai.
– Listen, be free on Sunday. Okay, we will go for
a good animated movie. Yes, I love you my baby. We are going. We are going. We are going. Passion is in the air.
– Passion is in the air. Should I take a turn?
– Take a left. Take a turn. Come on, let’s go.
– Come on. Hello sir, greetings. Greetings.
– Greetings. Welcome. Do we get anything here?
– Greetings sir. Come on, Golu. Welcome. Please be seated. At your service, sir. Do have tea? Yes, of course. Biscuits too.
– Yes I will get it for you. Look, a double engine bike. Where?
It’s a single engine one. There is nothing good
about you, see. One engine is at the bottom
and one is on the backside. That’s the reason
it’s running in a speed. Okay, tell me. What do you guys know
about Bhangarh? You forget it, you tell me. I hope it’s a beautiful place. Where I can click good pictures. It’s a haunted place, there
will be ghost and what else. Your guessed right. But there is not
a ghost but a witch. Shut up! You witch! Her name was Queen Ratnawati. Ratnawati? Nice name! This story is about
the king Madhav Singh who was the king of Bhangarh
in the 1500 century. He got married to
Queen Rani Ratnawati. It is said that, Ratnawati was
the most beautiful lady on earth. She was not only famous in Bhangarh
but also in other nearby states. And as she was so beautiful, once
there came a shaman to meet her. When the shaman saw Ratnawati, he was in love with her
at the first sight. The shaman thought, this beautiful queen.. shouldn’t be with the king,
but she should be with him. From the same day to
achieve queen Ratnawati.. ..shaman started
with his black magic. Queen Ratnawati came to know
about the shaman’s black magic. She decided to punish shaman and
to make it a lesson for others.. ..she announced to hang
shaman in the assembly. As shaman was about to die, he cursed
the queen Ratnawati and Bhangarh. Hey, queen Ratnawati. You didn’t understand my feelings. After my death,
you will feel for love. you will not get the king’s
love nor your peoples. And the people of Bhangarh, who are watching my death, as I die, they all will also die. All will be ruined.
Whole of Bhangarh will be destroyed. This is my curse on you. A curse! I order to hang him to death. After ritual’s death, the neighboring state
attacked on them. And they all were killed. In olden days, if the king dies the queen would set herself to fire
or drown herself, she did the same. It is been said till date, queen Ratnawati and shaman
are there as spirit in the fort. It is also been said, during nights, on some special noted days like,
Tuesday, full moon and new moon, on Saturdays, this fort turns into
the same 1500 century. And if any person by mistake,
from this century is present there. then the person won’t be alive. My dear, its not too late. There are good places around. We will enjoy and return. Let’s do it. Nothing will affect you, Golu. Ghosts doesn’t have so bad choice.. I am scared and you are
busy with your Facebook. Look, I am friendly with
a new Bengali girl on Facebook. Shamita Banerjee. Giving her photography tips. Is she single?
– No engaged. A little effort
then she is all mine. It means you are constructing your
building on someone else’s plot. Very nice. Tell me one thing? How these engaged girls
get interested in a boy like you? Look dear, Its very simple. If you want to divert
a single girl, you need to prove yourself
better than all other boys, right? At the same time, if you want
to divert an engaged girl, you just have to be better
than one. Yuck! Does that sound good?
Seriously? As one is not allowing, so
he is trying somewhere else. Yes. One more thing. In every fort there is an
archeology office. And this fort doesn’t
have an archeology office. What is the reason? If I guess, they too must
be scared of the ghost. Guys, I want to go
to the washroom. Are you coming? Come on, Golu. I will take you to
the washroom. Hey Ashu, you too go along,
help Golu to go for the washroom. Golu, wait. I am coming. Now there will be
a flood in the fields. I know.. Guys if there is positive energy,
then there is also a negative energy. You are right. And these energies are always
moving around us. Might be the energy must be
listening to our talks right now. Yes, I am listening. Come on, let’s go
or else we will be late. Yes, lets go.
Else Golu will have a nap. Hey Golu, come on. Lets go?
Hey Golu. Guys check the address. A moment. Do one thing,
take a left from here. Take it inside. Buddy, I don’t understand
the girls language. What are they trying to say? For example,
take it inside from front. Take it from back. Take it from right.
Take it from left. Take it from..
or do one thing, take it any how. Hey, you rascal. OMG! Shut up and don’t try
your jokes on me. Or else I will hit you so hard, and your
mother will petty on you for your baby. Scoundrel! Forget it.
Why this Kolavari Di? Where he gave,
she took it by crook. ‘Why this Kolavari Kolavari Di.’ Guys, ASI’s office. Come, let’s go in. Indian Archaic Inquiry Office. Hey, this is the same board
we saw on the internet. Hello. Anyone here?
– Hello. Hello. Anyone there?
– Hello. Nobody. Why are you fighting? Hello. No one is here. – What’s the matter? Why are you
making so much of noise? We wanted
some information from you. Tell me what is the query? We have heard that Bhangarh
is a haunted place. Can you give us some
authentic information about it? It has been 5 years at my service. Neither I have seen any ghost, nor
I have heard any stories about it. These are all rumors, and there are ghosts here. If it isn’t true then, like others
why don’t you have your office in the Bhangarh fort? Madam it’s a straight answer. No officer is ready to
be on duty in the fort. Sir, if there is no ghost.. ..then why are they scared? Answer my question. You people always go to the jungle
or wild life to watch the Lion. Do you always meet the Lion?
– No. That doesn’t mean
Lion is not there. As the same way,
if I don’t find any ghost.. ..that doesn’t mean there
is no ghost. This place is not wrong.. the same time it is
not correct too. Remember my words after sunset.. ..your own shadow will
also not accompany you. Thank you, sir.
Thank you. Thank you, sir.
– Welcome. Come.
– Come. This fellow was looking more like
Shahrukh Khan instead of ASI officer. God bless you. Hey, the gate is open. I want only two things. One is Ratnawati and another is the
story, then my life is set boss. Bloody, you are not able
to handle Prachi, and you want Ratnawati. Very true, she is no
lesser then Ratnawati. As we enter the fort here is
the Lord Hanuman’s temple. Yet we haven’t seen any human
being here, let’s see further. What a view! And finally we are
here in Bhangarh fort. Hey, Ratnawati and the ritual please
forgive us as we are here for a story. Shut up, buddy. Still haven’t felt
any negative energy. In the night this place
turns into a market. And this fort, return’s
back to the 1500th century. Just felt as if someone
was following us. Come on. We have reached Bhangarh where
there is this stick. – Bhangarh. Where we are going
to meet Ratnawati? And now we are moving
towards the fort. -Guys. That is the shaman’s den. Wow! Shaman used to sit there. And he would see
Ratnawati from his place. He must be a dead lover,
I am telling you. Stop it, buddy.
Stop joking around. It’s too much now. – Hey!
you are scared every moment. Relax,
nothing will go wrong. See now we have found
the fort, we will return. The main fort is there. Fort is about to come. Alright the fort is here,
but the door is here. Welcome, enter the door. My beloved! Wow!
– My beloved! If you are there then
this world. What you will sing
the complete song? The world is so beautiful.
– Tuneless fellows. – Tune buddy. – If you are there
then this world is more beautiful. – I am sorry. – If you are there
then this world is more beautiful. Tell me one thing. If the beloved is one
we can sing this song. But if the beloved are many
then which song should it be. It’s simple. My beloved’s.. My beloved’s.. Hey, don’t give dirty expression. it’s just the plural word,
don’t you know English? – Darn! And by the way,
he is suppose to take every girls. What?
– What? I mean pictures. Yes, photographs.
– Yes, photographs. He is talking so vulgar Kavya. He doesn’t know that
still I am a virgin. Enough! There are dozen in pocket
and still you are a virgin? You won’t get it.
– That can’t happen. They won’t get it.
– It’s okay. Kavya you alone understands me.
– My dear. It’s beautiful, man! The beauty is still to come.. Amazing!
Let’s go in. Come on. I want to sing a song on
Ratnawati. Please, go on. ‘They were crazy about Tuesday nights,
she was the queen of centuries.’ He is turning romantic. Come on, show up Ms. Ratnawati. This part of the palace is
where Ratnawati stayed. Go upstairs and see. Wait, where are you walking?
It’s too dark here. Aren’t you scared? I am not scared, we need a brave
heart to be a journalist my brother. I need to go everywhere,
it’s a tough job. It’s empty here. Hey, did you find anything? Hello, anybody here? Ashu, can you see anything? No. What is this Ratnawati? Won’t you offer a tea? Your fans have come from far away. I am feeling very scared. Please don’t make fun of Ratnawati. Hey guys, does anybody
having network? I’m trying for long. It’s not happening.
Let me try that side. There is nothing, lets go.
– Come on. Golu, listen. ‘Someone is anonymous.’
– Careful man. ‘and someone else is the culprit.’
– It’s too dark here. ‘Who knows who is here.’ Ratnawati! Is anyone here? Too much now.
Let’s leave from here. Yes, there is nothing here. Ratnawati! show us the auspicious sight. My darling, where are you?
– Come out! Kavya.
– Kavya. Kavya.
Kavya. Kavya.
Kavya. Where has she gone? Kavya.
Kavya. Kavya.
Kavya. Get up, Kavya. Get up..
– Kavya. Kavya. You wanted to be in the news,
see now you are in the news. Now the news will be, there were 5
more killed in the Bhangarh fort. This is not the right time
to mess up, someone get water. I told you not to call Ratnawati. But no, you called me coward!
Now she is here, we all will die. Will you shut up? Kavya.
– Kavya. Sorry. Look at your expression,
you all are such a cowards. He is like.. Hey, I’m fine.
I was just testing you all. You were showing off,
what now? Bloody witch. Listen, let’s move out from here.
There is nothing as such. I roamed enough for network,
Mangu and internet made us fools. Let’s go now. Get up.
What are you looking at me? Come on. I think there is no witch here. If we stay over night,
I may get some story. But Golu is nervous,
I missed it. Jaadu, did you get anything?
– No buddy. What is this Ratnawati? We came as guests, but you
didn’t host us nor showed up. Actually! But Ratnawati,
you have an open invitation from us. Welcome anytime,
in-fact you can come along with us. We will be a good host for you. We will tell you
what really is hosting. If not tea or coffee but we will
serve you vodka. – Well said. You are most welcome to Delhi.
– See you! Bye.
– Bye. Come on my Golu,
I will give you ice candy. Come on.
– There nothing here. You are a mind blowing actor.
– Why? You deserves an Oscar.
– She will only get witch roles. Shut up. Acting is not required
for cowards like you. Want to bet? There is Ratnawati
or shaman inside the blanket. I am not a coward. I will see, what is behind
the blanket now. Go on. Golu, careful. Golu, be careful. Golu, no Golu. Golu, be careful. Golu. No, Golu. Golu. Are you okay? I’m not sure about the ghosts,
but humans are dangerous here. Some mad man, come on.
Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go.
Come on. Was he a human being? No, he was a ghost.
– Leave me. Should I call him? Have you all seen the movie,
“Final Destination”? Yes.
– Yes, we have seen. I haven’t, but why are
you recalling it now? Like us, five friends go for a trip
in Final Destination movie. They survive the trip.
But then, later they gets killed. So? We all were making
fun of Ratnawati. Kavya invited her too. What if she really enters our life? Or what if she kills us? Please don’t laugh, I am serious. Are you with us or are you
doing publicity for the ghost? Exactly! – Jai, stop the jeep
and ask him to get off. What’s the matter? What’s the matter?
– Jai? Jai! Come on, let’s go.
There is nothing here. You coward! You fatso! Golu, come on.
Golu. Come, get in the jeep. There is nothing around
we just played prank on you. Come on sit.. Your wife will leave you
for the first night.. You are bunking around. It doesn’t disturb your work? Don’t take tension. People set assistant under,
I have appointed Manager upon me. He works for me. You make the manager work? Why will he work for you? Teach us something. It’s simple, there are two ways
to earn money by your body. Don’t think rubbish. Previously people would earn
through physical activity. Now people earn with their brains. And so the thing is my
manager is such a big fool. If I just praise him a little
he just goes crazy. He is such a nut doesn’t come
to know that I am making fool of him. I call him sales bond.
– Bond? In college days we would make
some boys work like donkeys. We used to name them bond. So that we both are happy. Hey, where is the dustbin? Okay, I am sales bond.
Thank you Mr. Ashu. for giving me so many titles. This is my manners,
that I’m not slapping you. Please send me your resignation,
immediately. I am really sorry sir. Do you want me to send
your termination? Jai, I want talk to you. Give me two minutes. I want to talk to you
write now. Prachi. How come are you here? What’s the matter you are here
all of a sudden? I’m working. Prachi. – I warn you
if you call me again.. Prachi is no more for you. Why are you crying?
– Jai, please. Don’t create a drama. I told you not to go
to Bhangarh. But you did go. There is no value for you if I die?
– It is.. Sorry Jai, we are not made for
each other. – Prachi, listen. -It was a sudden plan, and
Kavya said.. – Kavya, Kavya, Kavya.. She ruined my whole life,
now go ask her for love. Go enjoy with her. At least listen to me once. I don’t want to hear anything.
Don’t even utter a word.. I will kill myself,
this relation is over. Relax, what’s the
need of so much tension? Pain will stay for a day,
it will go away tomorrow. Fix your mood, especially you Jai.
Like a heartbroken hero. If Prachi is angry we will
think over it, and make her up. Looking at his situation,
I will tell you a joke. One day one grocer goes for a
morning walk with his dog. At the same time a
man passes by says, Brother, your dog looks like a lion. So the grocer reply,
Brother, yes it’s the lion.. but the day he fell in love
he seems to be like a dog. I am not saying
that you are a dog. I was just kidding. What’s the joke in it? What?
– You think everything is a joke? Jai, I was just joking.
– Shut up! Just trying to lighten up.
– Shut up! Enough! Do you think you are
too smart that you say anything? Look I was just joking.
– This is life, not a joke. Do you know,
you are responsible for my breakup? Hey, did we cancel
the trip to Bhangarh? You only planned it again. You have no idea
what I am going through. You will get to know
once you fall in love. Jai, listen. Why are you putting
the blame solely on her? Are you a kid?
You left on your decision. You wanted to
be the real journalist. Is that her fault that
you couldn’t find any story? You will definitely be on her side. Why only her, you would take any
girl’s side in she was in her place. You are such a dead lover. If there is a paper written girl,
you’ll be on the paper’s side not us. You bloody fatso.
– Jaadu. Guys, what are you doing?
– Get out! Just a minute. Tell me in these 5 years of friendship,
I ever cut off your call due to a girl? What are you doing Jaadu? He just keeps blaming me
in some or the other’s names All are scared why are
you over reacting? I am not over reacting. He was wrong,
I’m just answering to it. Right things are right,
and wrong ones wrong. Yet if you didn’t get it,
then hell with your friendship. What are you staring at?
There’s the exit door, leave. Golu, quiet.
– Golu. Even I don’t want to
see your face again. Golu, what are you guys up-to? Are you dumb?
Are you out of your brain? Come, let’s go and stop him. Come on, Golu please come. Come on. Jaadu. Jaadu.
Jaadu. Are you guys waiting
to welcome me? What’s the matter?
Any problem? Problems are there always.
Anyway, what are you doing here? Yes, Jaadu asked me to
get reunion’s DVD. He invited me to Golu’s place,
so I came, and he left. Don’t utter a word
about the reunion. If we wouldn’t go to the
reunion party, we wouldn’t have
known about Bhangarh. And this mess
wouldn’t have happened. Bangarh? The same one
from Mangu’s story? Yes, that jinx place Bhangarh. From the day we went there,
we all are out of brains. Just a minute,
when did you go to Bhangarh? What do you all know
about Mangu’s story? You didn’t even listen. Then, how come Bhangarh? We thought his story is fake. But when we goggled it,
it was interesting. So we left. But nothing went wrong there. From the day we returned,
we all are disturbed. Darn! I can’t believe this.
– Now whats wrong with you? Tell me.. You all 5 went there?
– Yes. 4 boys and 1 girl?
-Yes. And before going there
did you all made a video? What are you trying to say?
– No. I mean.. Tell me one more thing. After returning,
later 10 to 12 days, did anything bad
happen with anyone? I lost my job. He had a breakup.
But, how do you know about it? What are you trying to say?
Make it clear. Don’t freak us. Remember Mangu at the reunion,
and he said he is writing a film. So?
– So.. So..
– So? You all didn’t listen to his
story, but I did. What ever is happening with
you all is same as Mangu’s story. He is talking rubbish.
– I telling you the truth. I swear, I remember Mangu’s
each and every word. And what all is happening with
you, is same in the story. 5 friends, decide to go to
Bhangarh without informing anyone. They all were unaware.. about the negative power
attracting them towards it. They set off to go there, but.. ..they make their video before going,
and capture themselves in the camera. They don’t find any
ghosts there. So they assume there is no
ghosts in this world. But after 12 days from returning, their life starts changing. They have no idea.. but the Ratnawati,
queen of Bhangarh.. she follows them in their life. As a consequence,
one of them losses the job. Someone has a breakup. They have a fight between them. And yes, one causes an
accident and gets a fracture. What rubbish are you talking? He is talking rubbish.
His starting word itself is wrong. Did we go on a new moon night?
– Which date did we go? Just a second,
19th Tuesday. 19th? According to Hindi calendar
it can be new moon night. He is right,
it was the new moon night. What? Fine,
but it can be a coincidence too. Accordingly someone will get
a fracture, but we are all fine? You were talking about
a bone fracture. Everything is fine?
– I am just telling you. Hello.. What? Darn!
– What’s the matter? Yes, we are coming.
– What happened? Guys Jaadu met with an accident
and possibly he has a fracture. Darn! What was further in
Mangu’s story? Come on, speak up. I don’t know what was further, Mangu
said he is still writing the climax. I told you this is happening same
as the movie Final Destination. We all will die, nobody will
survive, all will die.. Golu, you be calm.
– Get lost. Golu.
– You said no need to inform anyone. Golu.
– I didn’t even inform my parents. Golu.
– Not I will die. Golu.
– Get lost. Why are you fighting like a kid?
– Because I am a kid. Jaadu met with an accident. Come on guys. – Get lost,
I don’t want anybody in my house. Yes, we are going.
– Leave. Come on.
– Let’s go guys. I have been alone for so many years,
I can live without you all, just go. I just went blank. I felt as if someone pulled
my bike from behind. I was helpless. Doesn’t matter.
Thank god, you are not too injured. I never knew. It will be a mess. What the.. I don’t think
Mangu is still using this number. What’s happening?
– It’s switched off for long time. We just have one way to go. Let’s get Mangu’s address
from college, and find him. Yes buddy, lets go. Yes, lets go.
Come on. It’s Golu’s father. Hello uncle.
– Listen, be here in 15 minutes. Is that clear, Jai? Yes uncle.
– I want to speak about Bhangarh. Yes, alright. Golu told everything
to uncle and aunty. Come on, he is calling. This atmosphere is pure now. We will not be harmed
by any negative vibes. Let’s talk now. Is my son okay? Don’t worry,
your son will be safe. If he does what I say. So, you were the ones
who went to Bhangarh? What do you know
about Bhangarh? The Shaman, Ratnawati,
Madhav Singh, or.. that if anybody stays behind
there is not alive next day, isn’t it? Bhangarh is the fort of black magic. How is it possible? Whatever
is written in the story.. ..will happen in their real life? Yes, it is possible. I will tell you. The boy who wrote the story is been
haunted by Bhangarh black magic.. At the party night.. As you all said.. you joked about the place and
the person’s belonging to the place. So automatically, you
became part of the story. You were thinking, you all
were planning trip to Bhangarh. Actually it was the power which
was attracting you all towards it. What nonsense there is no
black magic as such. Tomorrow we will meet Mangu
and sort this out.. Everything will be fine. And we all don’t believe in
this stupidity, so please.. We are going. – I can
understand your behaviour. It is because of your age. You may not get it now. Anyways, you will have to
surrender before me, to find the solution for the
problems about to happen in your life. Madam, calm down. We will not
surrender or come down to anybody. Son, you were not suppose to
go to Bhangarh either. But you did, right? Like that,
you will definitely come to me. Madam, we told you we
don’t believe all this. Jai please drop me home.
– Yes, come on. Uncle if you think
it is for our good will.. Then please carry on, but sorry
we cannot accompany it.. Sorry, come on Kavya. When the death is near, one
behaves or acts with deluded mind. I will always pray to God to protect
you, and wish you don’t need my help. But unfortunately it happens
what is in one’s destiny. Are you coming? Jai, you can leave.
I will be with Golu. Jaadu?
– Yes, I am coming. Now tell us what to do. Exactly after a day,
on Tuesday night.. We will do pooja and pray
for the dead one’s soul.. which will reduce the
negative effects on your son. Tuesday night you will
get rid off all problems. You have to give an application
for the same.. mentioning why you want
Mangesh’s details. Then the application will be sent
for approval to the principal. As he approves,
you will get the details. Anything else? – Thank you sir,
I will hand over the application. Guys I am not able to
understand anything. If we write application today, then too
principal will approve it by tomorrow.. Any we will get the details only
by the day after tomorrow. Unable to understand, what
to do? – A moment guys. There is no need of application.
– Means? Look there, that’s Hola. Go. Sorted. I will get it in the lunch
break from the store. All the admission
forms are in the store. You just tell me
admission was in which year? It’s year 2010.
– Okay. Okay, then will meet you after lunch.
– After lunch? Jai brother..
Mehnat Singh is here. I am telling you, please.
Try to understand. I am requesting you.
– Convenience him. I am giving you complete
guarantee.. Jai is coming, cut off the call.
– I will talk to you later, bye. What happened?
– He said after lunch. Lets see. Buddy, I not able to
understand anything. And why is this all
happening to us? We all friends are fighting
with each other. Not even ready to
even look at each other. I can’t believe I broke up
with Prachi? We were so good in
our older days. If I was angry, couldn’t you
even come up and convenience me? But you said it, if I will try to speak
to you, you will attempt suicide. I am sorry, Jaadu and Kavya
told me everything. Sorry. Sorry Jai, I love you. Thank you guys, I missed you.
– I love you. Thank you, Jaadu. Don’t hug,
new principal is very strict. ..if he sees all this
will set a new tension. Buddy today I will also hug you. Hugging later, 1st take
Mangu’s address.. Hola this is Jaipur’s address? Yes, he belongs to Jaipur. So the address is, and the party
invitation was sent at the same.. Must be, so was his story
based on Rajasthan. In fact, we should catch
him at Jaipur. So why are we waiting,
we will move quickly. – Yes. Guys, I will come along
with you all. Now you all will not face the
problem alone. – Is it so easy? By the way your Dad doesn’t
allow you to go beyond Delhi. It’s one day’s work,
Kavya and myself will do it. Till then you take care
of Jaadu, alright? – Alright. Bye, love you. Take care.
– Bye. Kavya come here.
– Jai, listen. Don’t only get the script,
get Mangu too. Jai, you have a good time,
one left, one is along. – No buddy. What are you thinking?
– Nothing. Thinking something. Come, lets go.
– Come. I think it’s this one.
Come, lets go. Jai you go ahead,
I want to make an urgent call. Are you sure, we came long way,
let’s check once. – Yes, you go. Okay, I will find out. Whom do you want to meet? Anybody home? Granny, someone is here to meet.
Granny, someone is here to meet. Yes?
– Hello aunty. Hello. – Aunty my name is Jai,
and I am Mangesh’s friend. Can you please call Mangesh,
I want to talk to him. Son, Mangesh has gone
to Delhi. There was some college party,
still hasn’t returned back. Aunty his phone is out of reach. While working on his script
he keeps his phone aside. When he gets free,
he will call you back. Yes Chiru, tell me? – Where are
you guys? I got Mangesh address. I am at Mangu’s place.
So you all are at Kirti town? Kirti town, what for?
We are at Jaipur. Forget it, what did Mangu say? Mangu is not here since
reunion party. Don’t take tension, I know
where he stays at Kirti town. I will go and catch him
right now. It’s fine, what ever information
you get, update me. – Alright, bye. Aunty I think he is still in Delhi.. I get the information
I will let you know. What happened?
– I didn’t find Mangu here. What? – Chiru called,
he said might be he is in Delhi. So Jai you go to Delhi.
– We are going to Delhi? Jai, I am not coming along with you. Do a favour you drop me
to airport, and you go further. Airport where are you going? I will tell you as I’m back.
Please, let’s go. Alright, its fine. Yes, Ashu tell me.
-Where are you? I am at Jaipur airport.
– What are you doing there? I came to drop Kavya, I don’t
know what going on in her mind. What is going on?
what is the scene over there? She didn’t tell me anything,
I will tell you as I am back. I called to inform you, I am going with
Golu’s family to do pooja at the wharf. Wharf?
Do you think this will work? I just wanted to inform you, bye.
– Okay, I will meet you later. Yes Chiru, tell me.
Did you find Mangu? I didn’t find Mangu,
but I found his script. Tell me what is
there in the script? It’s written one friend
organizes for a special pooja.. get rid of these problems. At the same time some old enemy takes
advantage of this pooja and kill him.. Darn, this means
Golu’s life is in danger. – Papa. Golu wants to go to toilet.
Can he? Yes, but only
at the west direction. Wait, West is this side. You wait. Peel this and distribute
it between everyone. Bring your hands forward. Where should I do it? How come you are here? After this pooja,
Golu will be alright? – Yes. Aunty where is Golu?
– Why? What’s the matter son?
– Aunty your phone is not reachable. Golu’s life is in danger,
please tell me where is Golu? What? He has gone to toilet. No. Golu.
– Golu. Golu.
– Golu. Golu. My son, Golu. Golu. Golu. Golu.
– Golu. Golu, Ashu give me
your hand, come. He is not there.
– Not there even? Where is he?
– Golu. Golu.
– Golu. Help. – Uncle the sound
is coming from that side. Golu. You bloody,
we need to cure you now. Jai, are you mad. We will
surrender him to the police. Police will take him.
– Let’s do it now. Leave me. You were trying to be innocent, now
we understand what was your plan. Leave him. Take him away. Are you okay? I just took his blanket,
he followed up to here.. But why is he after Golu’s life. He have to answer to all. How are you son?
– Are you okay? Thank you. Thank you, Jaadu. Jai, Golu’s life is in danger – He is the
same person who was trying to kill him. Who is he? Do you have any idea
what is going around here? Where is Golu?
– Golu is there. I don’t understand
why is he trying to kill Golu? Why is he trying to do it?
– I don’t know who he is? I don’t know,
Maybe, Golu know him. Golu.
– Golu. Golu. God!
– Golu. You were behind all this? Get him. Shut up! You thought you will fraud
us and we will not be get to know? When you said you got Mangu’s
address, when we were in Jaipur.. That time I was not sure about
finding Mangu or his script.. But I was unable to understand
what to do. Then I recalled,
he said it in the party.. Mangu said he is writing film for
Rock and Roll production, that’s it. He went to Delhi,
and I took a flight to Mumbai. I went to their office,
checked the script.. and you won’t believe it guys,
the script was totally different.. It is true that Mangu was writing
a script for them on Bhangarh. But not a feature, or a fiction,
it was just a documentary. I was so shocked, I tried call you,
but I missed my phone in this mess. I went to police station for help. It was a different story there. He was prisoner twice.
– What? He has been arrested on
assaulted charges. You have assaulted
your 2 neighbours? He is mentally sick, called ASPD. ASPD? – Yes,
Anti Social Personality Disorder. Gets very angry, can’t control his anger,
can harm or kill anybody for the same. But why did he wanted to kill me? Speak up.
– Speak up. Chiru.
– Go behind. Go behind, I will kill her. I will kill her,
I will kill her. I wanted to kill you all,
you all think too smart of yourself. Chiru, she will get hurt. What was my fault,
that I was a villager? You all would make fun of
people who ever came from village. There are professors of your age. Couldn’t you ask your father
to admit you early in the college? Will you have a banana?
Take it. Dumb! Kavya I will not go for the movie.
– I will slap you, come on. It’s a boring movie.
– It’s a good movie. Your movies are never good.
– Myself and Jai will go. Okay, we will go with Ashu.
– Here comes Kavya’s lover. Here comes Mr. Chiru.
– Kavya are you going for a movie? Yes.
– Can I come along? All right uncle, you will also go? Do you have money?
– Yes I have. Hey. What is this?
What are you doing? I don’t know.
– Hey, liar. No. No sir.
– Come on, get out. Come out.
– Please sir. It came from somewhere else. Please sir. I will have
to waste a year, please sir. You all wasted my year. Later I forgot everything,
I didn’t wanted to hurt anybody. But then too you all were
the same after so long years. Do you all remember
the reunion party? We are not marrying, because
dogs didn’t marry. Ask me why? Why? Because they
already have a dogs life. That means you are
saying Chiru is a dog? When did I say he is barking. The Superman is in the sky
and doberman is on the ground.. I thought of adding
poison in your drinks. But I couldn’t do anything,
nothing. Jaadu, your Facebook status.. Shaumitra Banerjee do you
remember her? I made her Facebook ID. I came to Bhangarh. He told me right,
you are going to Bhangarh. And made a video before
going there. So I hired a killer. Your jeep got punctured, you didn’t
find any ghost there, I saw all that. I will kill her.
– No, Chiru. I was trying to kill you all,
but you were lucky. Then I saw
Bhangarh is in your mind. Then I remembered
Mangu’s story. I made a plan out of Bhangarh. I only sent a photograph
to your girlfriend. What will you do, rascal? Sit! I did your breakup. You had manager
as your boss, right Ashu? Did you learn a lesson,
bloody dog. When I was with you all,
I only broke his hand. I made your accident.
– Hey, move back. What was my fault tell me?
Tell me Kavya? What was Mangu’s fault? They will have to pay for
your death. I will take the revenge. What did he do? Do you know why did he die? He sacrificed his life. Sacrificed his life? That all your fault,
Your eyes are evil. Mangu sacrificed his life. Mangu died because of you all.. Tell me, what was his fault?
You all will not survive. Brother, please wait.
– I will kill her. Chiru, listen to us. Hit him hard. Leave him. Guys, leave him. He will die. Leave him, he is sick. He is sick, he needs help.
Sir, please take him away. Take him away. Get lost. Kavya, are you okay? Golu.
– Are you okay my son? Golu, my son.
Children, are you all fine? Are you okay?
– Yes. Let’s go.
Thank god. Did you see
you all are safe. Yes madam, we are safe.
But how will you be safe? Do you still want the pooja
or want to go to Bhangarh? Mad girl, you are still unaware. You are safe
because of the pooja I did. Are you listening?
– Hey madam. Find for another place,
they all are aware of the fact. And your special Tuesday is over.
– What do you mean? Anyways, you are a good actor.
– See.. Why don’t you try for a Bhojpuri
movie, you will get a role there. Making fun of me?
I curse you all. Hello madam, take your
garlic along with you. Fraud girl. You all will die one by one. You did enough! Don’t joke on me.
I will not leave you all. Tuesday night is over.. Tuesday night is over.. Because of you all, I had to die.. I will not leave anyone of you. Hey..


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