TRiM Video – NHS Wales Awards

okay so trim is a program adopted by the washerman service that allows us to identify when members of the operational team are fairly particular traumatic incident and allows trim practitioners and operational managers the opportunity to take staff away from that environment and do an initial assessment determine whether there's been any traumatic uptick from the operational staff member who's being faced with a difficult incident the aim of the program essentially is point identify operational members staff that have been faced with a particular risk and in doing so we can put safeguards in place to support that staff member to prevent them from going on to suffering with any further traumatic impact I like to trim because they get into contact with you on a friendly level it's not formal and it's peer support so I feel that they know where I'm coming from I like the fact that it's a support network and somebody came to me after being referred and somebody was willing to help me and I didn't have to go looking for it really yes absolutely because probably trim plan coming in we were getting a lot of staff that would expose to quite a high number of traumatic incidents that historically we didn't have a formal process to identify well this is there's no is allow operational managers to to speak to individuals with there is a nationally identified model that we can now use which is a standardized approach to all traumatic incidents yes I seen quite a significant difference made by trend I think it gives all of us the opportunity to have a chat about some of the traumatic instance that we go to and what I would say is really important to recognize the trim is not a counselling service but it is something that we offer that can identify when people are really struggling and for what I seen you know sometimes people go to traumatic incidents will take things home with them will not talk about the incident really with some of the families some of the friends but when you talk to your own colleagues who understand perhaps what they've been through and what they are going through it makes it a little bit easier I think when the strongest points for trim is the fact that is tailored towards operational paramedics operational technicians and ucs staff which identifies what those what those potential triggers are it is quite a unique role in the respect that we are frequently exposed to these incidents unlike any other service and I think what it allows us to do is take individual away from that and then do that initial trim assessment and then it allows us operational managers to make better decisions around the well field of that individual objects and killings are the chief executive fact the Welsh ambulance services NHS Trust and as someone who's worked in the ambulance sector for over two decades now in operational frontline and in leadership positions across those 20-plus years I know only too well the difficult job that our frontline clinicians and our control room staff have each and every day they respond to patients requests for assistance in emergency situations often in hostile circumstances and do a great job on behalf of our communities each and every day for us as the NHS and particularly the ambulance service the circumstances in the situations that our staff face are often stressful traumatic difficult and challenging for them and it's important that we have well-being and support mechanisms in place as a model employer to support them in the circumstances that they find themselves the trim program introduced here at the Welsh ambulance service last year is one such mechanism to support our people using trained practitioners in the workplace available 24/7 to provide support to our people when they need it most we can't help the public if we can't help and look after our self and on that basis I recommend the trim program to those assessing the application thank you

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