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hello there welcome to today's episode of China in my name is Nancy instrument and I am excited to take you on a ride today of course it is training brought to you by ESL on this show we discuss all training topics or concerns you and bring you everything and everyone that is training which is exactly what I'm going to do right after this break please stay open guys I'll be right back welcome back guys today's topic of the day is breaking into the minor in music industry as an artist in the diet for not the Nigerian music industry this is big enough for any artist to explore and show what and all they have to offer one can say for one that it is easy for musical artists who started a musical carrier in the country and basically no or they do about music in Nigeria and have firmly been given an opportunity whatsoever to show the talent and so breaking into the industry won't be that difficult as such we only mind the fact that they know the industry so well and so they know what is needed what can we say the same for musical artists who started their musical carriers outside Nigeria and Sao I decided so you know come back through you know Nyjah wouldn't I drag him to go into new their carriers as musical artists is it that easy to break into the industry for them going to well that although music is the same yet it differs as regards the country the sound the style to genre in most cases is always the same and so it may be quite difficult for them to adopt the sound they had started to roll with and build a new fan base for themselves it is only important to listen to one musical artist who has been able to break into the mine during music industry and Judis space for himself despite his musical background outside this country Nigeria today on trend and I have with me on my hot seat no other but mr. chakra drama Lola eyelash probably known as there was something I'm good how are you I'm good I'm good it's so good to have you on the show today are you doing hi is Billy sound good okay good I'm okay I'm very well very well when I said watch itself it can also help you segment which is about what you're wearing and increasing hello what am I wearing on I'm when a retro Jordans I for one um running pants from Zara okay um so bomber Jackie I know what it is I just picked it up on my watch and it's really I think that's what kind of style like you like jackets and like yeah like they're like an apartment or but that's what that's good what inspired hasn't asked you the hair oh my hair was growing too long and I just wanted to do something with it okay I did it it was it intentionally Pro Longwear you just woke up on money on your hair whether it goes on yells to be beat orange they were growing how can going and going and one day I decided to braid it okay and this recipe wedding play this is your style this is like yeah yeah why is that good why do I wear this exactly that's exactly why I really love it yeah but is what I wanted so usually effective really some smaller there what are you nuts on asking no actually were a lot of different sounds okay what is will be putting it like it is usually okay well alright you want it off the show I have tried got anybody I'll take it okay that's talked about you and your music when did you start music professionally when did I start music um I started music at a really young age I know it's a cliche thing ever already say that I think I was about eight years old at the time I used to hang around my uncles and they were songwriters and you know I just picked it up from then you know and as I grew up my passion for music just grew stronger and stronger okay now you came back to the country from Canada right right how easy would be food breaking into the music industry yeah um to be honest it wasn't easy okay um first off when I was coming here I was really excited about the industry and excited about moving back and because I feel like there's a lot better that I could contribute to the Nigerian music scene okay um get in here you know I got here with culture shock hmm um so I realized there's a whole lot of norms and customs that make the industry work here mmm as opposed to what I was thinking in my head okay so I had to jostle new stuff here okay I'm sorry I did you have to adjust the world war retreat what were you already used to so I came here with the impression that for you to be successful as an artist all you really need to tell it okay you know what I'm an and then I'm getting here I realized that um more than it is about talent you already like relationships and Finance was also you know something and so the Challenger was I didn't come here with like like that to be here in my account you know to push push the music and also came here as an introvert okay what I mean so I wasn't really out there you know making relationships and stuff I was just focusing on the music and then so I realized that a lot of a lot of a lot of media person else and a lot of people in general are said to get me misconstrued okay what a man and so that was a huge challenge for me and then I started to feel alienated at a certain time and so I just have to adjust so a lot of a lot of that you know and I had to pick between I'm conforming to the norms here okay or just embracing Who I am and and you know making it work what did you pick um I think I could be a bit of both okay you know we're here right now okay yeah so do you regret any anything what serve any decision you've taken so far especially neither when you leave these Canada for Nigeria um I moved here 2015 okay so far so good yeah it's been good man any regrets do you want to go back no regrets okay so all the time you were feeling an every minute video said and you know wondering where you stood in the industry what was going through your mind when you thinking at some point to give up and like go back and you know continue like there yeah there's a lot of times that I you know sort of out giving out there's a lot of times that I read it because I actually pause school to school and hold no way what's a Nigeria to focus on music and a lot of times I just feel like you I think I'll just go back to Canada and focus on school and just be like a regular boy but I mean but the passion you know something that always drove me and you know just make me continue okay great great what did you necessarily have to change your sound oh oh O'Leary was out yes Oh Miko speaking like you said it you had to I don't think I'd change my sound too be honest I think I'm like I'm capable of of doing so many different stuff being doing there's so many different sounds I'm a very best artist so it was it was easy for me you know Cawood a you know blend into whatever was happening at the time but even though I I switched up the style a little bit okay it has a bit of of who I am an artist are you signed on right now your son yeah how did I have to check to see how did it happen okay so you know I think it was it was 2013 okay um we visited Nigeria to promote a song called yeah mercy okay and one thing led to another you know I met em I and then he heard my music and he was just really really impressed and he's like yo I think he could be big out here and like the following day we had a meeting with alderman curry okay and so so I wrapped for outdoor I think I wrapped and singin he was just blown away by you know my versatility and he's like yo I think we should have him board around and eight months after they sent me a contract and that's not chocolate city camera amazing so a day like encourage you to actually will move back because 2013 16 clearly yeah oh yes so everything that I was in school you know and the music wasn't so I got trying to 2014 actually okay and the music wasn't doing as well as I wanted to and that's what informed you know me moving moving back and really concentrating and cocaine okay I may be but you talked about being a rapper how do you you know manage we know Rafa and also a singer because you have an incredible voice by the way thank you for you yes how do I manage a mom it just happens is very natural to me um if I hear a rap beat it goes right here a be where I have to sing on you know I do it so no really at a school okay we're talking about shrinking miss about Li which is you one of my best singles I mean that's not like so you I told you listen Ella is my jam any day any time tell us what inspired it's a little bit about music about that what is Gardella it was about a girl that I was and I was dealing with when I was I think I was 17 years old at the time okay and we were like and I was really young and just falling in love all over the place and using arms so it was a situation that that I was dealing with like I I really like this girl and she wanted us to take things slow and sort of ended up you know breaking my heart no I mean I just thought it was a moment that it would be nice to share with the fans and I just put on a song three years later and you know there we go they wanted to do the same kind of schooling well fall in love the weight of it does not actually mean by that okay well why us today I didn't love it I Renkin Gloria LD edges of the not really nobody loved anything came out to be exactly right great what advice do you have for up-and-coming authors especially in this country in this country needs to be need to be a hospital man nothing good comes easy a lot of times you know you feel like giving up it's a lot of second I correspond to you apples in the in the industry interesting a lot of people will make it difficult for you a just got to keep at it and keep on going and be playful okay you know what I'm in how about those trying to come back and like you know find your food to the industry try to come back man um make sure you have steady be learning our County have it all planned out man don't just come out here thinking that it will work because you're from from anywhere anything like it would even make you harder feet because we feel like you know one of them so you got to come out here have it all planned out and be strong hmm okay should you get krills as well so yeah and get the group to what you expect from you guys so so yeah it goes right what are you working on what am i working on um just more singles when I have a lot of music okay you know just sitting there my archive so look out for more singles and I was planning like a university tour well really across the country on so you look off of that as well I mean with the Guardian just connect with the fans in physical level amazing I'm sorry for weak you know close the interview session I usually really talk about your family accepting my rallies your music yeah did he accept this especially when he's either in school and come back to Nigeria today along with that yeah my father was actually really skeptical about it because he wanted me to finish first and get my diploma before from Carmel to Nigeria on my mom didn't mind it my mom was actually she used to sing back in a day I heard oh issue it she was really supportive about it but my dad you know along the line you started to support me be like studio money sometimes okay and you know I'll keep all that stuff you know even my they both pray for me too I think that's one of the things that was brought me this far okay so what I mean over time you know they got really supportive mmhmm yeah and now you've accepted you just know yes this is a full-on – yeah through it to a great extent they have but my dad my dad yeah mmmm but I'm hoping to go back – really okay so you completed remasters yeah have the sole credit demotes finish amazing if I do the vessel doesn't look so good you know yeah wonder yes yeah yeah well I want okay so anyway I mean West Reddy's way to add water pretty important so via dude okay thank you for sharing thank you very much I have you hot dog oh that's a short break right now but you guys are going to enjoy the video of the day we will be right back next Oh Mackenzie oh you're here yeah I'll be in a minute dear akiza Emanuela how are you I'm fine pastor just a bookie yes fast oh you're looking good and thank you sir brother come what kind of loading for you pass oh I'm an importer I I bought goose both since last August nobody has ever come to buy my booze black gooses I don't know what is happening it must be the work of the enemies the Bible say – I gotta pass along a Gege s not the Lord the mon-sol is katha yes pastor do you pillow tight pastor I play or might write the Bible says those who believe in the Lord they shall be established but if you believe in the Prophet you suppose my son I'm going to give you an assignment you remember you money the Bible that Deborah Liza a cup of oil and she received overflew as you do listen I'm going to tell you now you will receive overflow you're going to give me one of your booze I will consume it I can't image people stuck on video goose amen in fact but you give me two of your booze one are the author how come you want as I keep looking at it suppose a poor Jimmy o who's Amen pastor it and also to play it real – good educated yes one for the past or one or the other before someone wrong wrong one immediately but today I bring in it my son I love your sweeping the Bible seems everyone believed gold I don't get that one import I just met your face shall make way for you in Jesus name Amen pastor if this works out I'll give five millander ah my son as I continue agree with myself Oh Jim you lose their golden coins in your boots my family off a rope Oh Jimmy o booze everybody was that well give me your boots in Jesus name I don't remember sandal I'm good Oh Jimmy What nonsense ah oh yeah we degrees apart abilities editors party I have the goose already Wow so pick me Amano feed you also to make way for you in Jesus name Amen but with my song what kind of goose you sell my important for barrier I mean I import this a NASCAR schedule sooner the original research welcome back guys I hope you enjoyed the video of the day for just joining us you're welcome back to trendy and brought to you by Airtel I still have died skills with me she doing trend in yes and it's been so much fun we'll be talking right yes yeah it so much fun yes about kind of it turn off in it right now about have more fondo right but is yeah we're already well this is our first fire segment cuz I will give you successive off roughly you want me to your answer a couple questions let's get to know you better okay alright time starts now happy Earth Day on the day I perform miracle at Babcock University and everybody sign along okay very dish a blonde okra okay favorite automobile then what inspires you women okay so what's your would you classify your type of music I make music um I make all around music I don't have a specific genre okay how many times we eat in a day depends sometimes once from it varies from one to three times okay what is your most precious possession my girls your grilled you had a daughter yes what was your childhood nickname oh I never had a okay no no okay why not you drink Gary every night to go yeah okay LC yes okay what do you do the chill that is a chill um I just watch TV you hang with the boys family sounds good nowadays a lot of the most chilled classes or wherever like we literally it's like what haven't we felt like we're having an interview with this was good chapter I'm sure you passed 60 seconds which is nice fine it's fine alrighty thank you for sharing right now we're going to move on to the tribe where you give a clue meaning doesn't social media applications in science but you possibly well yeah okay are you ready fit is I am ready okay and you'll read one team you oh right s okay Sigma Q sed he logs a lot of the girls I raised question of the day okay okay fYI for your information for your information tbh to be honest right why Jerry well Yolo you only live once oh wow TVP throwback Thursday last one up nvm nvm boy I could see the answers on the back of your head you're me to name so show me Dada you what she saw you watching we don't want us really cool if you came prepared yeah I like that I like everything like that well that's a most of the social media applications we have to be on the show today let us want a shell freak and when we get back you know he's going to reduce unless you call it job on them we'll be right back hey guys welcome back to training but to you guys out this isn't a sitcom as part of the show where guys will be reading some nasty comments you know and responding to them hopefully yes I'm going to be the series you're pleased to read and reacts with each of them the best way you can okay here you go NASA comments anonymous thrash just speak to making good music and forget about this noise us out expected more from you my first spell CR a sh trash and I'll bury I mean I make good music and I just sound is no bad music is it it's not I love nature I love Nigerian music I love a life well forget about Nigeria yeah yeah whatever yeah yeah oh man a much methinks why is the be almost the exact same as mafiosos corner song the sound is so the same including the brakes and music you can do better than these guys I don't know what to say to that you know it's about machinery oh really yeah I mean I mean I don't know I'm not worried about this guy machinery was actually a big song and was one of the songs that got me out there and maybe we should I know this evening so okay yeah it's cool let's go um Stanley is e rubbish song Ella how this all right Stanley oh wow this one is to dare to enforce down into Sadie's please can guys fine sounds address and then go out there with my goons now see and I'm a little out there yeah the producer missing my purse that is he will run before I got to judge me okay okay okay I'm not in the view though listen yeah I don't worry about that working for you okay cool next one James Oh Laurie I don't get this your haircut style the this Conroe isn't easy please I mean I like it don't you every year every girl of my hair so I don't know what this person is talking I mean your inspiration is usually girls you guys can see somewhere right and I like my hair too so it doesn't matter okay yes good well I love your confidence I must say thank you yeah I mean it was rotten to do you play yeah when I came out from Canada not saying anything yes what am I so good to have you on is such a great sport I hope you had fun yeah had a lot of fun amazing alright would you come back yeah sure yeah and I hope you just like yeah yeah come on any tablet you better come back oh yeah Ellen extra alcohol Joey said to eat Oh silly me under snow umbrella my my my my my oh you did and I'm doing a one time see Li bye guys alright guys enjoyed it stop by but I will be right back top 5 male wealthiest hip hop artists 2016 at number 5 is Drake his net worth is sixty million dollars at number four is Birdman his net worth is 110 million dollars sittin as number three is jay-z his net worth is six hundred and ten million dollars at number two is dr. Dre his net worth is seven hundred and ten million dollars finally at the number one sports is Diddy his net worth is seven hundred and fifty million dollars hey guys welcome back it is time to really say goodbye thank you so very much for tuning in thank you so much for sticking with me as always I hope you had a great show today I hope you got to learn one or two things from my guest today guys of course I'm sure you did I'm definitely miss you guys but until I see you next time to not forget to join a conversation to us on Twitter hit TV and on Instagram and official hit eating you can follow me on Instagram if you wish at Nancy assume it official and you can also watch it online as a beautiful feature hit TV TV until I see your pretty faces next time cannot forget that I love you but God loves you more ciao


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