Trackstarr on Producing 'Walking Trophy', 'So Saucy', Trabass + His Beef w/ Naro

there are people Timon are here Larry of course we have a special guest but before we get to that after big of our sponsors interviews brought to you by Ares boutique located at 111 bhima lines road kingston 20 our special guest in the building right now could be classified as a super producer gold selling school all right gold two things I don't have some an Billboard chart charting producer behind the works of humanik son area who'd celebrity walking jobs mm-hmm it's hits but about Chuck star people in the building aka Capitol know if I'm still good vibes up yes you know I mean you brought came through which is right yeah what does that testing I don't know why no one brings us things say you know thanks for coming through yo man so let's just get into it like so you've you've worked with Dovie and good celebrity saucy with camera icon are you doing great works with chaos or frame here and I see you working with genius on Cacique so great people but an even troubles can I see I can't see you until the kidneys I inspiration that working with cuz you're based overseas right right so how do you bring the vibe the dancehall feel invited to your song while being based overseas I don't know how to Sparty a lot so I just kind of you know vibes whatever isn't me um when people leave me my music is just a natural thing so using this I want symlink we have that kind of not everybody but I have that kind of working mr. rude people so using me the mineral to kind of help to bring know the best part wise our virus was because if you know what these tools are mainly the songs that I try to put out songs that have give people happy feel more sexy yeah well you know well you even even were her to like even even the new sauna we're gonna put on even judge on all the songs like I try to steer it more under kind of vibe gives me yeah Kirk's I wanted no prior use on women sex lives but car that my artists people still slowly its of comedy forget to include American in India as well you think you get your recognition you deserve especially locally I don't see my people really know you as much your cause I'm not in Jamaica so that's that's that's accepted for by me like understand that and I get it you know me no no course with that I feel like after actually come here put in my work to get that recognition if I really want to get it that will get me because it's like a winner I was Sean Paul and Shaggy now you were sad about when I got Sean put on international artists and they never really get that recognition in them country and if you notice like a pattern you get me um that that's acceptable I feel because you know it's more like the world big oh dear but it's always you always want to be accepted by a home and unhinged so I see artists like him our icon from overseas come here and do their own work so so I see the importance of it and then I took a page out of that book and see you know like a star vice cop artisanal Mako so be knowing our unknowns did somebody are did the chronic loyal to be honest that was viable you know and then I just did styler G and Java Lonnie Batman party that was a vibe Suzumiya I'm supposed to our session with SHANY coming up – good so you know blimey I work I like working with upcoming talents that's poppin mmm you get me cuz that made more sense yeah um Mar was like new cuz it's just me like it's always a great feeling to work in the Vybz Kartel avada yeah isn't me but to work with new talent that's buzzing you can mesh that energy balance note isn't because you work with our artists them already stock and do whatever you can go to them and be like you know I mean not everybody's you're right because it's probably fair to say before you do work with somebody's artists them and the the songs that you produce we never really know about them right like good celebrity we don't know about that hardly be best friend yeah yeah I mean from 2015 I'm working with her I'm 2015 my work with kemar from my do touch EP which I was linked on away a feel like first day diet I saw one of them no songs you know I'm actually write and produce a lot you get me like so people will know the work but they don't know the work but then okay I Benton man it's obvious right and hence so I started working with the logo and the I ain't playing with you get me well no that's watch it so I started brand anymore ya know people blast so even if they don't know who that no just make sense and you know it's kind of tying together cuz you know like people don't like you get hype for the money so I guess I guess you know doing all these accomplishments selling gold doing this one billboard chart that don't mean not if you don't have a hyper only thing to so but that's not even appoint appoint the energy your own to get that really to make fit to balance on cuz you have money and nobody don't know how you get this money it's like what he does so you'd have to just balance what that makes sense send them so okay know what we look at Russia and you say well Russian of this one this and this and this I can see why he got that you got me I'm just to clarify it you make your to beat me after reading them and prepare production yeah you just did producing cuz that's the question attacks I guess earlier but I guess no is how do you incorporate cuz you so it's not really our what we know dance out to me and I guess I saw you say enjoy working with upcoming talents because you're able to be something new and creative and work with the zone in a new way do you think that's it appeals to a wider audience your zone versus what we know to be quote unquote that's all yeah national of course but that's just by us by fusing like a group Jamia Go Go c'mon I wanna prep monogramming mana and migrated I was like 15 16 whatever so I almost leave half and half my life in Jamaica half in America that's just natural for this style to be fused where you know I have that route but I still have a essence of American feel cars are going after even white pop clubs weird I'm a pop everything's on Mali everything I know I'm free I watch energy you know I mean from college days and then they go somebody young cannon party and you say oh my lord oh well goat man naturally you were just gonna fuse that energy with dancer cause that's what you grew up on mmm you get me so it's not like it's a thing we're makea blabber be honest with you I was a rapper first before I was like 12 13 yeah me remember dogs like rap you know Jamaican you know I mean so I use a child become a mom always lived here so I used to travel back and forth so nice out the accent luck quick Musa me so I just wanted him things ever say was like you I bet the the way how I fuse the music is just it just happen you can really is no really weird kind of this I cared in a better put it away is imagine I show you account I can't really carry anybody like if my really first try Billa dancehall a hardcore beat mmm not really study if I do that okay because that's not me like these new kids are coming up behavior like him turn on other producers I'm coming up is them really probably con the way ho the Internet is our own on the internet and we heard the music fuse some of them probably really can make a hardcore dancer because when a group with just here in Ghana we hear in others Andre of so by nature could be influenced by it yes he me so I know a lot you know school dancehall artist now with that wave but I just um of understands and adopt that listen at a new way of our how things is going none is just a lot of fuse in what's going on so make it palatable to the ears so do you consider yourself to be a like dancehall producer or dance our few John like hold you categories music really I don't know cuz I mean I don't I don't think I just what I was put international upon it I don't I don't want to be boxed in like a genre because then it becomes sticky cosmic pop music you know Michael and me was the click on the Latin song Gogol it gave me like return the top boom boom with with shaggy and Carol GMR the sequence is imme like nobody never played us I'm gonna Jamaica probably never gives any but Latin America and I think because I know checkout stream the stream is like at 50 million on here Spotify is like 13 million like it move over there you know all organic but it's like who's gonna you're not gonna plate up first of all me if I didn't produce it I'm not playing that music in my way not doing it if I didn't produce it I probably wouldn't be playing it in my car I probably even have come across that song because I'm British you never come across it so you tapping to that mainframe off trying to like appeal to the Latin markets cuz he has you see it worried me well again when I go out I'll observe I drink I know you drink I know things yeah I just drinking observe because you go to your my man yeah yeah this look now no money I'll you drink and observe something like a bit so what a margin I'm sorry yep so it wasn't a situation like you created it and then you you you got like shaggy and nineties or was it no no this that arm so it's funny that song was supposed to be sequence marches already so kemar and die die and that's how I was doing it cuz that's one that's why I must name is still on a song elcapitan Wyndham it was supposed I was working on an EP like dj khaled so I was gonna be like El Capitan a feature in these artists I'm working with all right Kim are never get her own to do it so we did whatever yeah with that die die management at the time didn't want her to do a song with sequence because them never know of him she was under African Lee but at the time this image so it was like um you know anything wanted to do that which are cool back so sequence was on the course so we said I bet we I hit up Julian because I use the same stuff name you wanted to manage and at the time you know Julian arm yeah we don't we know what you're gonna do so homeboy yeah so I you know Julian and I was like you know something miss body him say oh no pictures or dun-da-da-da I'm swapping was like nah it was more like I whatever so the legit had the full song so my start started and pretty much sequence finishes so we pretty much had a full song done already um but send it out and then he got Tosh Alexander to sing over died I part right and then then he got you wanted Sean Paul Sean Paul wanted so much percentage or some and so you know I think I'm sorry about man link of soggy so whatever soggy say he recognized cuz I am are you know under shaggy yeah I'm label or whatever all my time I had a song with camera called oh gosh so he recognized that I'm playing with you from angel like I did not come on a dog this young one matzah dream da da da da whatever so he did that then he pitched it to a big label which is on the universal land Musa me so from there it was like you know what we love this song so much it's gonna be at the top of year for a-list release that was last year so we need a song ease up we go we want or artists to sing you know so in the liquid OSH the song yeah but I'm liquid touch alright and met the girl sing it over in a la clé de first an honor that and do it and tell the song and put her future knows but well it expose your details like how whatever school sometimes I give to you so we did that I know you know I mean different is the marketing campaign because I wanted to ask you about hood celebrity because that song really took off it seemed like in New York really slowly got on to it because everybody said no that's on your books from 1900 long it seemed like you know should we slow to the up K so how is it like promoting our song fail especially in being being where you are and doing down some music and then you look for it to pop yeah yeah we are first and then here wall control first that song got popping probably is a hit song one it had a catchy thing where Wars movie phrase monarda finish those cars I'm by the way no sir I've be very bored or something well there's no merit are would have any friendly no not leavin you first are you so um the walking trophy um with that song Carnaby was her best friend at the time so one Scarlett posted it yeah I remember that's right after boy can that be gone yeah because it was now Roxanna mind you hardly be been always posting her shit mmm using me but it never catch on like this and it's funny because the label like her label which was well-nigh label her management was one at the time wasn't the hundred with the song at the time they wanted this to change I wanted this to change the one at this you know how that's a politics of it because everybody want a piece of the problem so all right everyone like for them in-house producer that's hence but yeah you get me so record em off the bread yeah chef for the month he's car he was car to be his manager in time he manager oh so shocked I bet we're gonna go on this trip like six weeks straight some money yeah my radio do so that what already wants car to be posted it no are you Jersey it's not really like an anthem you get me sales already yes it's more like off the RIP is like not tear each other down I hear nobody talk about being a walking chauffeur a talk about a trophy Wow welcome nicely do this you had Kevin Hart to girl and his ex-wife I mean coming time and as a Kevin are that dude so both him they had had Heidi worked girl one of his video mom's falsely yeah Adam some other celebrity someone she posted all the American celebrities are already gravitated through within like three four weeks they get me so it became instantly became a song popping the whole tri-state New York Jersey Connecticut Florida I need just created a wave probably tell I call people like you're not walking jovially Sunday after no so you know it came here probably like six months later mmm you get me it kind of gelled in and in the summer I know he was like yeah oh damn funny latina dance our songs yeah you gave me a coon Emilio you couldn't go anywhere in America and I'm turning around I'm not hung across over yeah just was after repeat automatically in the top you get me say boss from foreign um that was like before that nobody ended that since from my cranium yeah boom Dana had so saucy knossos Kasabian came our week champion us I'm gonna find first mmm I remember no I win you know we had to release in an online Thursday nice Platinum kids them Thursday night and then we started camping it every night for like the next 3-4 weeks kamar will make dingdong lere lera made him a fool but that's when did my brother DJ mother link connect our dingdong and camera her and also the song a shot better than you know on call him up on stage and Armas or get a vibe just see Mickey Mouse a watch a monopoly with this oh no Meah Meah go complete right think did make from this ax – yeah big my dog why my man what a mother mine said we're not know jump enid homework you're saying why he welcome to Jamaican why I had that idea or thought because when my my impression about camera for the finish say no to work and network and build relationships not everybody know how to do that you get me so because I don't know I'm like your dog you're gonna go there off the RIP is more like yeah spend money mmm NASA thought mine you come to Jamaica to get your song played you have to spend money from plus him don't present himself when presenting observer Rach so off the RIP is more like REM have got spend money but knowing those songs but I received it was more like because it probably wasn't much so much of our floss and sang Martha feel-good song and then the dance is them run with it right so don't work violet okay get me on the campaign in this work you know appreciate Tel Aviv know a little double celebrity and as me say the song cross over so the beef is that we never included in our just all we know this song is just too big for this no that's impossible understand this and this is the thing work this come back to them find how much I tell you we hope people have that perception dog number car will leave a firm but not Jamaican mmm no you know what it is and insane or them a lot of people think that she was born raised in America next thing the murders are pressure of the American energy to actually look like a female rapper of the ministry I don't know if you are of the she look like she's did not see a pilot on them nobody knows nobody come here December them never know what's a lot of people know that she did you see me one of our kind so believe one good year so what there's no way you have a produce Alice yeah that arm artist list and we say you said if you did when blocks asked you you say your wealth yellow Jimmy again put the short if it did that list when part animal did actually part animal yeah right you know whenever that song became that popular you would have because you can relate more to Charlie cause oblivious Association I get it so you get measure so I understand that but we still it kind of been we had so many try and incorporate as much people as possible like be like so we try to incorporate as many people but you know the thing is cut even people are complaining about though because I quite a car that's that you correctly did the following yourself make sure include avocado wasn't included here before and then both had the same I mean we're walking trophic gondola I can't tell you it's like July sauces on the list no no no no no watch us no not just know are you going to eat this liver are you going to intrude no of course why that song is Joe eggs are not big big like wall controls right now watch you're not the level of how big toasters is on that level how bigger I knock I didn't wasn't a movie get older yeah like there's no question about it even things as you probably even surpass the least know anything about it in a well but that's no that's how actually because I'm just showing you I think I did the proximity thing that he's a foreigner that's the way most people probably need even considered as a dancer song because people are like yeah but that some people probably take it as overseas song like at Orleans you know that's what people was comparing it to like at Orleans when he hung up so yeah I'm gonna make your dog why I caught a bun my French and my girlie you wouldn't necessarily put it against other dancer songs in things yeah but do you think that's actually no for you as a I especially if you work with said Jamie called American B's artist like it so it's such a disconnect there with always been it always been now but you know what it is unlike you know this is somewhere Russian gentleman say don't leave watch out system doesn't work it out it sank really hate them because our artist for boss already Cowboys you mm-hmm and after one thing from you tell me that twenty sounds like prayer like twenty twelve I'm in a no imply that we know one to one of my artists a London Izumi and Conchata Amancio that there are no parties no where could New Year artist month and got you wanna say watch channel easy and Capri them was me really is a mob cartel and conscience them but at them really grown me for me knighting were the way I'd suppose some recommends I don't leave what your artist them and from that we stopped wearable voice and artists at Jamaica are no whales mmm with us work with new Italian artists not really willing to work about trying to connect with us I do because I'm a home mom I'm here like what twelve months in a year I'm here probably like four or five months author with on average okay yeah you get me I'm always here back and forth so of course I do my admin yeah there's not like feeling appreciated from home get me at the end of the day um it's just a matter of I know Naugle I know it's a little bit more and that's you know big up to the work of course what because Camargo in on the streets and energy does kind of trickle over to me you guys got to corporate songs no to very much you don't get at all right yeah yeah toward them did this much never plan what you work you get money from that [Laughter] but it wasn't even born the money with dr. bonnez it was more on the promotion mmm that's not running and promotion on that end of the day you know he's very marketable say work yeah Jimmy so we're code so easier aim to be like to be known as a certified Danza I decided to gene your son sly robbed me like is that your aim like what yeah no I mean right no need Russian money yeah so so you know work morning yes identity no no identity if you pre know you're pretty pretty level site it's like I can just even big all that stuff but yeah for have two things is here Nikolai ocean of the image with the producer if that makes sense right what was important but if you want to become our brand our brand producer look at all the brand hip-hop producers Swizz Beatz Pharrell Timbaland you can put a face Khaled Khaled you can put a face to what's going on P Diddy you can put a face to them so I realize that even if when I'm watching us right now wouldn't probably be talking it's perfect for your creativity being an artist but guess what I know it's something that I can suppress for too long because it forward out to here in front of fireworks of course people don't know but but it's do it just cause you're on it yeah I'm saying the chorus on the fireworks but I'm not gonna put it on say it on yeah I'm not yeah whatever a lotta songs I'll still put my vocals on and not put my name on it because whatever I'm a stupid artist I'm not me I probably would be one of the dopest with hmm now turn to the truth but you're not gonna get me perform the song ya know Makiki ma if I just wanna get a song no because I'm still gonna use it see the Hawks the monster of the brand I'm like brand I'm playing right Annie's just a brand to go in here so it's more like I'm trying to sit the best way to put it out oh it's just a brand to take to my next level so it's not so you don't look at me just as a producer living me as a whole and that's what I bring up like the artist while I was bringing this stuff is that bringing up the face to it so you need to be able to identify a sound and a brand to become a star producer so is your goal to work with people like cardi B on sale started me and celebrity and a friend no more I know that cuz I really follow him like how do you how are you know balance that can you work with Scotty B or is good celebrity about issue at law no cuz she's wearing / – she's children everything yeah she'll be like you know whatever track you the first thing is gonna be like attract get money hmm cuz yeah she's nicer is she trying to meet her connection out here like if she wants she wants anymore music I feel like that's missing it yeah you know what she she she she did but I still I feel like she don't think she got love from walking off in Jamaica as much well is because she didn't come down here like Kim I remember this is a girl and you be people people always tend to forget no I work with so much girls so much and you you know girls moody on modes especially ever work with Amazon artists blog like dear mood swing on them energy to didn't belong okay track and this is is a is a headache for her calm water and do that she's not wearing that too thick yeah she's not how much good how much girl you know how much girl you know Go in Anna Street every single night I'm female you're not going to get her come night dinner the streets a promo tomorrow yo meal Mon I don't know scared shit someplace I kept mine go by himself hour with one person I'm not going no like a dog oh you end up over your sub religion like all right bro know you get me so so you offer really have our work ethic that's up there so I couldn't even got put that pressure on a female for even want to go to that you know you know in a place that they left when you're like 1212 even is not like a family so ever do and then it'll look crazy come on tier P but I realize and he a common Jimmy ago you spend money when ever had by far if I first of all when I'm in America I don't peer to go in no party one too when mem freedom goat we get complimentary buckles if one extra stuff we are pock Lamberth you get me when you come Jamaica first of all you have an entourage that I don't know how you have entourage yeah for PF entourage and stuff that you don't know how you end up good anybody John Dee you eating good yeah Malhar seen a camera yeah everyone we're gonna you know walking short for boss let me make my name I fix things money can't you if it was that's all right we are it to me like bro it turns a person shooter you go put herself down Tommy here what do people care for a social media Chuck star music to OnStar car I'm extra sometimes isn't my sound private dating yeah I'm stuck titties I don't know I'm gonna be here for like a month my shit is private so user but a lot of stalkers and people don't want to have that they'll ever watch my life I never been before go someplace some artists never to work one after one Madonna for sure I used to tell my daddy used to tell me more Mejias them too often


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