Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri Storms Lagos with NBA Trophy

reigning NBA champions Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri will arrive Nigeria from the United States next week for some of his developmental basketball projects the I points of his visits will be the presentation of the prestigious NBA trophy won by the Raptors at the just-concluded South flight American professional basketball season so the Nigerian media in one of his recent visit to Nigeria it was guest of hot spot flagship program and commented on some aching issues related to Nigerian basketball I asked that question if we bring the NBA here where do we play where do we play a game you know like where do we and because they want to they know what the market in Nigeria is they know the love of the game they know that the talent is here is a lot of talent everything except that we go to the National Stadium I'm sorry to say boy it's an eye so it's the same exact stadium that was when I was 18 years old leaving is the same thing and we can there is some way somehow if we could transform that place into some way that encourages sports and where the facilities close that place down I've been saying it closed it down for two years get the Chinese or get somebody to come and remodel it and do it put restaurants in there put the great swimming pool soccer fields and make it somewhere that position where it is is the strike is the best possible position in in this state how can we not see that you know like how can we not be visionaries and see that that place there should be bigger than anything that is where people should go play sports and you walk into a beautiful facility some day somehow one leader is going to figure it out and we're going to get that done we'll keep pushing it and see how it goes in a related development the Nigerian female basketball team the tigress has been drawn in Group B of the FIBA remains after basket 2019 competition in a draws on Monday in the Senegalese capital city of Dakar Nigeria who are the defending champ are drawn against Cameroon and Mali in the group stage the competition is set tip of an Augustine and the newly launched AHA arena located in the outskirts of the capital you

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