Tori Broke Her Pelvis Chasing $50 and a plastic trophy. Was it worth it? Why Do I Still Race Though?

  • Remember people, Harley has many, many years experience cycling on the roads, and his cycling advice is totally legitimate where it could save your life. Some noobs get on a roadbike and go flatout down steep hills. They are unfamiliar with the speeds, cannot judge corners correctly, they don't pay attention to vehicles and pedestrians, and this is all due to their lack of experience. A message to all noob cyclists: respect the roads and take your time when cycling. You only get one life, so don't be in such a hurry to lose it out on the roads!

  • Cycling is a better form of exercise than running IF and ONLY IF you do not wreck your bike. If you wreck, you may as well go back to running with the knee pain and stiff feet and stiff heals and the shin splints and the sore back/shoulders, etc……..

    I have wrecked the bike at 4 mph. It can happen so quickly, in the face of the simplest obstacle, even if you have faced the same one 100 times. One time I was on a back trail, going slow, so easy and beautiful, then a dog came out of nowhere and ran up on me, I panicked, going only 8 mph or something I stood up, leaned away, and barely hit the front brake instead of the back, and went over the handlebars. Going slow, having fun, dog out of nowhere, on my ass, my leg bleeding from raking the petal.

    Another time I went around a corner I had taken every morning for days and days. But it rained the night before. There were a few fall leaves on the pavement where I left the park for the road. I come around as fast as I can get away with, like I had done day after day, and WHAM, lose the back wheel and skid on my knee and side for 20 feet. Why? This morning there was rain water underneath those leaves, making it like ice.

    It is tempting, but racing is a madman's game. I stay away. Lately I am back to slow easy running and do not ride as much.

    I wish Tori the fastest rehab and love.

  • You gave good advice. Too bad she did not listen. Not worth it. Racing is dangerous as hell. Unfortunate.

  • It started with her drinking again. Even if you aren’t drinking daily, alcohol will really affect your judgment for 3-7 days after a night of drinking in my experience.

  • Donna PT lady that helped me when I herniated my disc she told me you can always make money up but not ur health 👌🏽 I took that advice

  • I love cycling when I go down hill I’m always feathering my brakes I don’t really trust it considering how ppl drive. When I go on my sunrise ride I take one sis gel pack 75 mg caffeine

  • Being an adult is about weighing options and sometimes taking risks. Tori took a risk it didn't work and got badly wrecked. Speedy recovery to Tori and all those broken riders out there!

  • Caffeine-containing beverage consumption has been reported to be associated with reduced bone mass and increased fracture risk in some, but not most, observational studies. … The negative effect of caffeine on calcium absorption is small enough to be fully offset by as little as 1-2 tablespoons of milk.

  • Like all of us, she will learn as she get older and determine what's safe, worth it or not. Life is a learning experience with just about everything. Good luck Tori.

  • /// my early crashes made me the person iam now…aware and a lot smarter. You can’t learn from unxsperience.

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