Top Twerker: Cardi B, J.Lo or Lizzo? | Nightly Pop | E! News

we love us some twerking here on nightly pop cardi B JLo and Liz O are by far the best but Lindsay's been dropping it since 2005 she did something at the AMAs that haunts us to this day she's like a bear you know when bears have itches on their butts the rub I'm really more concerned like less concerned about the drop then like Stevie Nicks letting her sing her song yeah I just I'm confused but the lack of rhythm is almost just shockingly I just feel like she should be arrested it offends you yeah this is a misdemeanor to you that's rhythm but this hers is just so awkward it looks like people get hurt you know I just I just want help for her because it hasn't improved them as we've seen you know a lot of things have gotten have gotten worse you know it's crazy in her mind everything's going hey okay in 20 years okay so then who is the best twerker between cardi J Lo and Liz oh that's our options options oh I am gonna go with Liz Oh as well I'm going with Lissa – yeah we all agree [Applause] want more nightly pop you know what to do yeah just send us your nudes no don't do that just subscribe to our news YouTube channel for highlights and bonus content will have a new upload every Monday night so you can catch up on everything yeah and just to be clear are they sending nudes or not I wasn't following oh god


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