hey what's going on guys can see clashing today we're actually gonna be going through the deck I've been using to get to where I am now seventy one hundred pretty much 70 98 with the expo furnace flyable bait bobs it's kind of a weird deck so what we're gonna do today is I'm gonna go through two replays and because I'm pretty high I'm just gonna play one game at the end of the video live hopefully we can get a dub that would be so nice getting over that 70 100 but guys there's some crazy games we've had so this man right here he is a God with lavaloon as you can see he's been to seventy three hundred guys seventy three hundred if we check the leaderboard right now that is super high with his signature lavaloon deck and we actually managed to pull through with a win there and I thought the defense was super clean so that that at the time it would it be definitely like well into the top 100 so let's go into that replay to start off the video like dude this replay was perfect defense textbook how you want to handle lavaloon generally with expert I would say and especially with this deck so this deck is kind of interesting it's got two small smells but it also has like a lot of fireball bait and a lot of lightning value if you know what I mean like it's hard to know where to place your troops so as soon as you see the tombstone I'm like okay well it's probably lava hound right so I go for a bar bound as soon as he goes hound I'm like ah why did cyclist noble first which was kind of unfortunate timing so I'm like okay I need to get this expert down souza Mon 10 even the skeletons are there I'm not going away I'm not gonna give him more time and he actually missed like he plays it a second too late his Barb's which is not really a big deal because obviously can see he just SATs here so we go with the musky knowing that he's gonna be low on Alexa and if he goes for a fireball he that means he can't afford a balloon and if he goes for a mega minion that means like it can also afford fireball and balloon so I go for a good furnace there to actually counter the barbs I score him to distract the mega medium musky tickets so much value there and we go for a really clean snowball and that's gonna be such a clean defense on that first one we had to really you have to really think about it on the first defense so he does have balloon in him let's see what he does here we have a musketeer and fly Spears and look he has nothing in hand to tank that was like wow we're gonna get a ton of damage from that so he tanks both fires Birds and the musketeer he had thing better to play them we got a really good Baba hitting both the Skelly's and taking out the troops Odin this guy he does a smart move here so he goes lava hand the opposite lane cuz I have to take this tower one thing is no big spelling mistake so I have to go Expo and look he just completely ignores it he's like I if I take his on the tower he can't Expo in the same Lane so I'll be a huge loose arm like old car that was really good play as you can see look he's awkward elixir with the lava hound on the field but look at this defense guys so we play this so well so he goes with that we go with the furnace and look our value that is value that is it actually doesn't kill the two minions but we go with a musky in the middle then we know he can't afford fireball because he went with the minions and we were a musketeer in the opposite lane and we pulled the balloon to both towers and barely kills it and just getting so much fire out of his must out of our musky then he goes for cheeky zap I knew that was coming because he had zap and why wouldn't he and so remember a nice cone that we prevent all damage guys we were down so much we were down like 9 Lex or something there but I was just textbook playing the furnace in the position I played it snowballing it like kind of the last second before it hits the building towards the middle of the base of both towers can hit it and getting that musky down in the middle so we go for a mega minute and then a snowball so we could win the fight there I mean I could set up for defense but it's really risky because if he if he if he breaks through something happens I can't take his towel so I'm trying to get all the damage I can but so we do this time we he has more legs obviously someone likes us what we do is we do the same thing we actually give him a bit of farm value here but he goes for barbs and he goes for Megami v op ops for that cuz if he didn't if he went for the fireball then we could play mega minion after and snowball so pretty safe defense here and then we go for another musketeer kind of splitting up our troops we don't think it viable value actually go for a Bob out as well guys and that is gonna be a clean W right there against one of the like one of the best lavaloon players in the game I'd say obviously be 270 300 of the season is crazy high and let's get into our second match which was against oh my god it was against such a hard counter guys you might have seen it it's like a weird off meta giant rage which rocket deck dude like oh my god this man has been 270 100 as well 70 126 with this crazy off meta deck and this obviously with giant hand rocket versus Expo is gonna be really tricky but it's such a crazy game like you will see guys it's so crazy so with this starting hand right I have no idea what he's playing he gives me that like I don't know how to do that I don't know how to do it i doing it with one hand it's kind of weird so I'm gonna circle a snowball probably all ice column in the back okay I think I've got yeah I smell in the back because same Lane as the log it's two for two so I'm thinking maybe graveyard or lavaloon lava lava clone or something when you play Sisko me on the bridge that aggressive so I mean I just Noble I know I bar bow and we go musketeer to match his which and also I think we would have gone must here anyway I'm through feeling pretty safe because we have barbs like I'm happy to cycle a musketeer in the back even if it means he hasn't played a card yet so we're playing it safe playing make me he actually goes like that so I go through a sneaky barbarians knowing that if he goes with giant he probably won't be able to afford anything else he actually goes for an interesting raid yeah and look at the witch guys which just keeps popping out those skeletons I actually was surprised how well this worked out for him but yeah anyway so I played the barbarians and Bob Brown knowing that he probably doesn't have viable and even if he does and he may not be able to afford it quick enough and I think that Bob's will have done the DPS by the time it it comes through anyway and the musketeer would still be on line one HP so here I'm like oh my god scar me and then he Rockets of like oh my god dude and then he PM's us but we are actually up a bit of Alexa as you can see here we have the snowball in hand he gives us the world plate I think he's throwing a bit of shade because he knows he can easily beat us in this matchup so let's see what we do so just setting up the furnace we know now his spell we know we were not afraid of a Bible or a poison or something he gives us the Wow I don't know why he's just chucking out a bit of a bit of shade so he's gonna start drying the back so we know his spell right so we can play musky right in the back I mean may as well play in the corner in case he has rocket lightning or something I mean either way though he can still hit all three of the Lightning I don't know it's just playing it in this corner is better I guess and now that I know what his spell is and he's used his rocket I'm happy to go barbs and I'm musketeer actually locks onto his musketeer and look at our barbs guys they're gonna do so much damage to this giant we were I was actually playing this match on stream i was so hyped when i want it so we're gonna actually kind of push knowing he doesn't have why don't think he would have had enough for rocket or didn't have it in cycle so we're gonna get quite a bit of damage here he is gonna end up rocket him to look at our lexer advantage now so we're starting the furnace the furnace build up he goes with a musketeer he has to go one of them actually jumps was still up a ton of lexan so I know he doesn't have Rockets so I can play musketeer safely in the back and then I'm gonna get probably a nice calm in front of this just to tank the musketeer his musketeer and I know his Rockets not back inside so I actually get free expo knowing he has giant because I know I had Barb's in hand so I can kill that and I don't think okay so he actually loves and now he's got rocket in cycle but I think I still know I don't go with Barb's because I know he's got rocket in cycle so I tried I guess I try and kill it and we go for ass level really good snowball here I tried to kill it without my Bob's so I don't give him too much rocket value and we actually kind of let that guy this was unfortunate the muscular aged look on the main menu so here I'm trying to like basically out out out I don't know get out cycle is giant or get it all you get it down before you can afford it and actually locks on dude like even with the witch there it locks on so I'm doing everything my power to keep that alive x4 1 HP chapter trip but you have to remember we don't have a big spell so even though we get his tower that low it's not it's not over it's not it's like we need another expert and with rocket and giant that is so difficult so how do we do it so he set up a furnace he goes with musketeer he knows he can put things in the back so we have no big spell we go must get here they're a bit higher this time expecting a tank to come in front but actually doesn't he places a bit safe he goes giant minion called the other Lane I'm like okay no games gonna play Barb's and just go for a slave or an Omega me I'm not taking any risks I can't afford to take a risk probably didn't need the mega minion maybe would have been able to afford expo now which would be good but either way i know he doesn't have giant in hand if he goes rocket we still get a bit of chip damage so i choose to go for the expo and interestingly he doesn't go for anything but he goes for the scar me so he actually goes for his arm giant here which was unfortunate because we went Musketeers I didn't expect him to go giant and so we're gonna get no damage once again you can see how this is a problem like I'm freaky on my okay this is the game for 7100 I like pretty much two trophies off like we need to get this one we're all right maybe I can slow ball cycle um so I start to realize okay we don't have much time left we have to kind of get some snowball cycling going so he starts doing this which is kind of annoying for us and then spanning all those troops to that and we have to slow alright look at this guys we have to snow we don't have a choice so we go for the snowball there and his which is actually on our furnace but which gets taken care of pretty ile easily and well okay ixi the way expert knowing he has giant and rocket in hand just because I'm desperate to get something going desperate to play make him play as giant just so that I can kill it and get back to another Expo but we actually are able to kill the giant with a lot of HP left and I Expo and we go for a cheeky snowball here push the witch forward I'm pretty confident gonna lock on here and then he goes with the scar me after that dies and look at this I have nothing in had and my Expo gets shredded I was so close to connecting I was like oh my god there's one minute left he's spamming all this stuff quite low and Alexa I have to play a furnace here which is not too bad actually because we set up a furnace and is in our base but yeah 240 damage left on his town so I'm like okay I think I can snowball cycle so I go for the first snowball on the musketeer here I believe yep pushing it into the fire spirit sort of jumps and he knows he's realizing okay I need to make sure he doesn't do this to me so he basically goes for his whole pushy Eiger barbs on the bridge I had plenty of support in my base I'm alright that's another snowball that's another square but I'm just so scared of that mini ball though and he starts spamming everything into the rage of my okay I've got ice calm unfortunately that iscope kills the musketeer he's getting really desperate here and he goes for a musketeer and at the 1817 look at snowballs still on hand he's saying who all playing on my honour can I even cycle to it in time and there we go in the last 10 seconds guys we actually barely get the tower down and snowball does 81 you can't get much closer than that guys oh my god that was crazy and now probably gonna go for a live match guys oh I hope we don't lose it so open the silver chest yeah I really hope that we don't lose that would suck but anyway I mean it'll still be a good video in my opinion so I'll be back when we find a match all right that took a long time to find a match for actually finally in a match against Aragorn alright come on let's not lose right so I have a high school um I have the barbell on hand let's see what is he gonna do I probably just cycle a barber off he doesn't make a play let's see alright so he's not gonna make a play oh he's actually gonna start the game with a lot of hands so we're gonna try and replicate what we did in the replay cuz we have no expert in the stunning hand though which is unfortunate so we can hear for a furnace so we want to figure out he's got clone if he's got lava hound loon or if he's got lava miner so let's go with musketeer over here spaced out so he doesn't get a spell value and he's gonna go for a balloon right so I'm gonna go for ice calm and then I'm gonna go I'm a mega menu then ice calm and let's go for yeah let's go for a snowball we I think we need it just to keep clear all that out and play it safe rather than sorry and all right so resetting here he probably has to deal with the musketeer so I might go with an expo on the right lane after he deals with it just – all right so my curse same Lane now yeah I think I'm gonna go same link so I've got more damage and we'll see what he answers it with so he did just use his so he's gonna go with that so he does have quite an annoying response all right so I suppose gonna get no damage that is unfortunate there hmm so probably should have played it a bit more passive now that he knows we've got X bar surprise factors kind of gone and he can safely lava hound which is unfortunate so I will actually get two swipes which will be really handy for us but he is gonna go with a lava hound probably in the opposite lane as well let's see where is he gonna go hound opposite lane like I thought so we're gonna play a furnace here once again this is the optimal placement and we're just gonna relax for a minute so we can expect the balloon in fact I think the balloon might come even in the opposite lane just because I don't have my mega minion in hand so let's see is he gonna plays with no he's gonna play in the same lane so we're gonna get for a musketeer and we're actually gonna go for a he's probably gonna go for his zap on that as well yep so he is gonna go for a zap pretty good for a mega minion and that's actually gonna we're gonna go for a furnace just oh I was hoping that first attracted food I was check I was thinking me mega menu would actually help out there well we're gonna have to go with an expo now let's see so is he gonna go with his Barb's so he's gonna go with let's go for a bob barrel and he's gonna get for 500k so we're gonna go first slip we're gonna get some chip damage here and he will have to tank a lot of damage for that muskie Isaac he actually went for a la I love how he might have to get for a balloon here though he's gonna go for that and he doesn't have many options in hand now he might do it for the tower trade yes he's gonna go for the tower trade we're gonna try and not let that happen let's go for okay let's go for muskie boys and maybe we can flush off it's good for not okay we can't stop it guys that is so unfortunate lost second tower taken all right so okay so he's gonna lob around the base we're gonna pull this to the king and then we're gonna good for it muskie down here just gonna play it safe and we're doing it for a snowball now that's gonna be value he's gonna get some good fireball value so he's probably gonna go for his Bob's now but he did use his fireball so let's see if we can get our barbs on his barbs no he's not gonna play as Bob's so let's see now I'm expecting his barbs there they are so let's go for this as soon as we can let's go for a snowball and we actually oh my god Bob's are on the tower guys and what yes let's go we actually got the dub I did not think we were gonna win oh my god guys we actually won I cannot believe it I'm super happy right now that's gonna put us above 70 100 open the silver chest and three hundred and fourth in the world I'm super happy with that that's a screenshot anyway guys it's probably a shorter video but it's a pretty good one I'm really happy we won I'm really good replays from the stream last night it was crazy I'm not gonna be streaming tonight but if you enjoy please leave a like if you're new make sure to subscribe and I'll see you tomorrow every day I upload took a few days off I'm sorry for that but I'm loving YouTube at the moment we're taking over almost a 10k I'll see you tomorrow peace threes


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