hey guys what's going on is Asher coming at you today in clash Royale today we're gonna talk about meta decks more specifically the top five win percentage meta decks inside clash Royale from 3,500 to 7,000 trophies we're about 90 percent of my audience is you know and if you're above 7,000 I'm sure these decks will work out just well for you as well and of course if you're below 3,500 you can give them a try and maybe make some tweaks as you see fit so this is the last five days of data so super up-to-date for you guys and these are gonna be Ark types you're very very familiar with but just a little bit of like what is the hottest version right now what's the most accessible version of golem of bait of lavaloon etc so here's the decks as always all five decks will be linked in the description on all my videos including this one okay and don't worry if you're sick of meta decks we have two really interesting and crazy off meta decks coming to you guys in the next week that I'm working on recording and editing right now so stay tuned for that golem is the number one deck in the world right now win percentage-wise in that latter range in that trophy threshold and it's golem Dark Prince which is interesting usually it was golem Prince for a while with lightning this is golem Dark Prince with the lumberjack and the lightning and the NATO are the two spells the number two deck right now is this deck has been around for a while now maybe a couple months and it's the lava hound in barbarians with the fireball minions mega minion and then deck number three is Pekka bridge BAM with the RAM rider guys and the lightning kind of the newer version of the old-school Pekka bridge BAM which I covered on the channel with royal ghosts that one with carpi aka Sultan a few days ago and then number four is going to be bait log bait surprisingly to me I knew it was popular didn't know the wind rates were that high and this is an interesting version it has the dark goblin it has the prince and the rascals you don't usually see Prince and Rascals and dark goblin all together usually just you know at two of the three anyway number five is going to be on the oldie and baddie it's the UH it's the Royal giant deck royal giant a whiz and furnace with the lightning spell so uh a few lightning decks or at least two lightning decks lightnings definitely back in the meta that should help you guys out grabbing difficulties with wizard in which especially in that kind of four thousand five thousand hell range of ladder so I'm gonna go ahead and hop into the arena guys alright guys here we go into the arena with the golem deck started things out with against now I'll give him a good level give me Inferno tower so I thought about doing like bringing on pros for each one of these these matches but I thought it'd be more fun to kind of cover the strategy basics because we're not gonna have a lot of time to really get oh my god get into all of the details on these decks right away he starts out with the golem in the back we go ahead and respond with a opposite lane push we might even get no then we're gonna get the tower down but we gonna get a lot of damage you only use the mini Pekka okay we are getting at the tower Dyna stand corrected so okay not too bad right okay now it's bad let's see I'm gonna activate with this King this King tower with this golem that is and I take a lot of damage with the to the Prince there but this guy that's really why you don't start out with a golem in the back right I mean able to just gonna respond to the bar barrel with a barbed barrel here and I don't think the mega mate okay it's gonna get one hit no big deal alright so I'm I'm really happy with where we stand right now with this deck again you really don't want to be playing a lot of golems early on but at this point I have the elixir lead and I have the tower lead so I am comfortable playing at golem here because I would essentially just sacrifice that right Tower if you want to pressure me with you know Prince's that prince at the bridge or something like that so we're just gonna be going going golem into golem if I can speak and he's gonna prince in the back so we're gonna put some DPS down to start chopping up this golem we're still playing in single ixr time which is just ridiculous right so we don't need to do anything we're just gonna play a mega meeting over here to help out with that mini Pekka might need to okay don't even need to bar barrel here that was my bad essentially just wasted elixir there with a bar barrel but it's okay and put a little pressure on him here you know he zaps I think he's low elixir man I'm gonna go in hot normally I wouldn't do be doing this but again this guy's is playing so aggressively this is how you can punish somebody who plays too aggressively just having and I'm not counting elixir obviously I just have kind of an idea of of what I have in terms of or holland recipes being in you know in comparison to me so I'm okay with it right so here I could have given them this tower but I decided not to play a little bit of light defense you know I I don't like – one thing I'm always cognizant – up – is that okay so he takes my tower it's okay so I still have one tower lead here so I'm just gonna cycle to a lumberjack guard this tower you're getting a little bit of damage onto the King tower but not much honestly I kind of almost blew this at the end it got a little sloppy there I should have just given him that left tower in hindsight and not been so darn aggressive he does come down with a lightning we would have had either way there but give him a good game on the thing with this deck is do not play it how my opponent played his golem deck right nothing against him ah but you really want to be slow playing the golem a lot of golem players won't even play in this meta won't even play a golem especially with all the inferno tower going around when you're running golem lightning oftentimes you'll just need that lightning whether it's a witch or a wizard or whatever that you're facing on the opposite side of the arena you're gonna need that lightning in a lot of cases and to be able to execute a goal of lightning push plus your support troops it's really gonna need to be in double extra time so normally you're not gonna be playing a lot of golems unless the circumstances are odd like that match in single elixir time so here we go alright so here we go in with lava hound guys against I am so good luck I am NOT a great lava hound player but I know the basics I've had enough lava home pros years and years of bottom and now the legend and soon-to-be another lava hound video with motos and Lewis coming to a channel pretty soon so I've had enough people on that I should be better than I am I'm actually you know he splits archers who's playing balloon cycle or he's playing Expo and okay now he's playing wizard so who knows what this dude is playing him so we'll see we're gonna wait until that wizard turns around obviously okay barbarians would do a good job there and again we don't have to no rush here on our end make sure we get that wizard down and we will and this is gonna be very hard for him to stop here which is a good spell I'm not actually gonna fireball those up try to get a couple hits with that mega minion okay so it could have been it could have been better but we'll take it right he went really really aggressive to start things out too so he's playing hog hog lumberjack nado so it's probably executioner to know he has wizard instead of executioner okay trying to get a sense for what deck I'm going against here it's tough right alright gonna play meetings over here I don't know what he's up to okay he's gonna wizard so we're just gonna try to get that mega I was gonna try to sneak that mega minute in and we do eventually takes us a while when like a new rainbow deck it reminds me of it's not the deck it had Inferno tower instead of dragon excuse me and stuff like that but it's kind of reminiscent she doesn't have anything ground in hand right now but still gotta be careful but only eight seconds or so remaining here in single extra time I'm gonna go ahead and take the chance I do have the tombstone if he plays oh hecka okay global tombs down also going to wait till they lock on wait wait wait wait wait these apps there we go all right so that should take care of that I think it's gonna hog though so we need to make a minion here I'm gonna send in a late balloon see what he does he has NATO but he's not gonna bill to stop this push I don't think I'm gonna zap first no he's gonna need outlast second here zap and then okay tower down sweet I don't want a fireball unless I had to because for obvious reasons you know lava hound again I'm gonna stay aggressive here with this deck right they'll get some damage but now he's using so much elixir here that he's not gonna build even if he had gotten that tower down which he he wasn't going to he wasn't gonna stop this push either because I have fireball in zap in hand you know so good game let's go to the next step guys alright so now it's time for the Pekka deck guys so here we go into the arena we have the PEC I like this Pekka deck a lot I can't really decide which I like better between this one and the the previous one that the old-school Royal ghost version I think I like this one a little bit better so we're gonna against this guy Swiss from apropos Swiss all-stars so we're gonna go ahead and start out with just kind of the Bennet is such a powerful defensive card so we want to save her I don't like starting out with cycling a bandit and this is one of those decks again that you don't want to really want to Sara Lee make the first move but just for the sake of the video I think I will make one this guy's a big fan of the emotes I'm just gonna go ahead and bar barrel here and see what he does you go ahead me plays some minions so we're gonna go same lane with the baby Dee and see what he does so obviously way too early to tell what he's playing about we'll plant apply a little bit of pressure here with a bit Oh perfect perfect perfect so we'll take that all day every day and baby Dee will clean up that lumberjack as well I don't know baby do you might even get a hit no too many skeletons but we'll go ahead and eat Wiz that I think will get two hits maybe because the rage but it is what it is I think we do have maybe like a 1 elixir lead maybe make that up ray looks relieved so he's playing lumberjack hog alright it's the deck of the day lumberjack hog lumberjack so strong though so it's not super surprising I do have a little bit of an extra lead so it doesn't have lumberjack in cycle I don't think so I'm gonna go in and then force him to fireball log which is great again +1 elixir for me and I think it's safe to play a peck in the back here he does have leather Jack and hog in the cycle but I have bandit if I need to buy it a little bit of time and it's not like he's gotta hit the opposite lane because I have such a big ol extra lead at this point so sooty does which in the back perfect so this time we got a baby D here wait to see what he does okay I'm gonna lightning yes Oh get it get it oh man what a lightning snowball bar barrel bandit dude he just over committed the overcommitted SGG that's GG man you can't like he just went so aggressive there man and yeah that's basically that one uh this is a deck a tempo deck right this is uh more so than a lot of decks I've played before right it's a deck that you need to you really need to let the game come to you and I know that sounds like so cliche and stupid but it's true right you really need to okay I played was gonna minion horde there or minions rather but looks like is he gonna let's just take this but yeah it's one of those decks that you do sometimes you play passively sometimes you play it aggressively you know but it really just depends on how your opponent is playing usually I end up playing more passively we're not super high in trophies right now what are we at right now we're at sixty eighty two so you know a lot of my opponents so far have been uh you know pretty aggressive so but with that deck you don't you would not normally play a peck in the back for example unless you had a pretty big elixir advantage or you know he didn't have lumberjack and hog in hand but in that situation I thought that I had like a two or three elixir advantage so I thought it was a safe play and it's kind of recognizing those situations when you play a deck like that and letting the game kind of come to you I wouldn't be lightning using my lightning in single extra time against like a a musketeer or a dark goblin or something like three or four elixir I would wait till double extra time to use my lightning against those but against a five elixir troops which is the which perfect or wizard perfect to use in the single elixir time all right deck number four here is going to be the bait deck so let's go ahead and see how we do here I forgot to open my crown chest but no big deal and good luck brutal beasts all right from the Egyptian hackers all right so give me Inferno tower make sure you give me a good luck charm so obviously you have quite a few bait cards in this deck goblin gang princess dark goblin goblin barrel and rascals he has Megaman in so he could be royal giant could be a beatdown back would be just a minor deck I don't play a high dark goblin here and make sure okay he can't you know target both of my troop I'm okay time to go opposite lane with a prince here put some serious pressure and caused him to do something right he's gonna zap but I'm gonna get so much damage of that dark goblin so he probably has triple spell he has minor triple spell so because of that I don't know if he has barb barrel but I'm gonna try to bait it out before I use my rascals on defense here right and I'm gonna let that princess go and I'm gonna log make sure that Prince does not get a chart okay so yes log I can play my goblin gang in the back though that's fine I'll take care of the prince with the tower and the boy rascals so that was a great start for us there great start and it all came off of the prince opposite lane with the dark Goblin dark goblin does so much damage when unchecked guys it's just crazy and now I have a rocket I don't really want to use my rocket against that left tower uh I'm just gonna Prince right away and also dark goblin again he doesn't have login cycle mouth so that Giants not gonna get to the tower I force a miner out of him that's no big deal as well I'm gonna play a princess over here you will get a couple hits with this mini mega minion but not the end of the world right I'm not gonna go ahead and Goblin barrel just yet because I want to see he's gonna have to respond to the princess probably with okay is gonna use a fireball so now I will goblin barrel I'll get the log out of cycle that way I can defend with my rascals so logs out of cycle there and I'm just gonna chill for a sec because I'm not exactly sure what the elixir stands okay we're gonna go in the goblin gang here and he's gonna prop he's gonna zap up so he is still playing a little bit of defense here we're gonna prints we're gonna log to push this prints back and we're gonna play it princess in the back here gonna play a game first this time he has two Giants on the board I'm gonna get another Prince down gonna get another log down and again here you can see I'm not playing my rascals making him force force him to commit first with spells then I'll play my rascals right so he does have log in cycle is probably gonna use it here didn't catch that but I will get the princess to get the tower down that's good and yes fireball in hand so we're gonna get pretty aggressive kind of Juke here also gonna send in a okay so that Juke was great because it made him decide where does he want to use his log and he used it on the dart the dark goblin and all the other troops coming down the lane so that frees us up to use the prince plus the Goblin barrel combo so strong look at players like King Turk look at players like Morten look at like any great bait KK any great bait player who comes on the channel they do that a lot right apply a lot of pressure with a prince at the bridge and then surgical goblin like there's a lot of bait players who do this then Gotham barrel and you force the opponent with the juke barrel to decide do I want to use my log against the Goblin barrel do I want to use it against the dark off on the Prince put some in a very awkward situation then really need a they really need more than one answer more than one spell answer like log and fireball or a couple different troops so let's go ahead you know what I was gonna show a TV reality play but let's just go ahead and just play that you hope you guys don't mind this is tibi rail anyway I'm gonna play in the Royal giant see if we can go ahead and end with a perfect video here with no losses we'll see I'm gonna lose probably gonna be with the RG here and again this is a little bit of a heavier deck so you're gonna want to play this one pretty pretty passively a little bit slow in the lumberjack but on the old you know old players we have a very long delay I'm actually gonna go in with a a baby Dee here and I'm not gonna like that just be way too aggressive he's playing two point six obviously and the name of the game here is I'm not going to be doing much damage in a single elixir time but what we're gonna try to do is really capitalize on on double extra time obviously with this deck right so he's probably just gonna go ahead and I'm gonna play the furnace but you probably is gonna fireball it but it's okay I have lumberjack back in hand again one minute down one to go before we can start playing some RG and again just kind of cycling here if he doesn't respond here which is not gonna response I'm actually gonna go ahead and play pretty aggressively normally I wouldn't do this but I didn't realize I had this big of an elixir advantage at least I'm you know buying time for myself at this point I don't get any hits but it's okay we're not really expecting to do any damage honestly and single extra time are you ready for the hog rider it doesn't come so we're just gonna reload with another furnace 20 seconds remaining probably won't hog into this let's see do you make contact with okay so this time I'm gonna lightning on offense no I'm not he doesn't do anything so I'm not gonna do anything early with the mega minion shame on me gonna cause musketeer to get one hit I'm gonna play Rose ayat in the back see what he does here and again I have my lumberjack ready our bear will come down get that ice spirit oh okay so I have lightning ready it's gonna be for the cannon and the musketeer gonna play opposite lane he was not gonna lightning here cuz he didn't give me the I like to really try to save lightning for crime that was my bad that caught look in there took the musketeer hit to the face did get one tempting but I don't think I can really afford to over commit in that situation so I won't fire barrel it's interesting that he's not fire balling here my furnaces right reloads with another musketeer good I want to protect my furnace here he's gonna fireball this situation I'm gonna row Jayant here and baby dragon gonna do that there to have a Ridge up real giant it's gonna get one hit two hits two hits I'll take it ABG's gonna finish that off now we're gonna start trying to predict his hogs play a very high e Wiz where's the fireball not on my tower it's good but we really want to be using the lumberjack the road shine wid the rage so he's cycling it's gonna pull furnace same Lane this time but you won't get a hit ok now we're looking pretty good it's gonna be lumberjack in the back I'll let him go it's gonna lightning that now we're gonna grow a giant raised up real giant he's gonna cannon get a mega meeting for the cannon oh we got it we got it Gigi's so hey we pulled it off good game not too shabby didn't expect to go undefeated in the bid but hey you know we'll take it right those are the top five ladder decks guys I'm available complexity if you want to sign me on mortals anybody out there team liquid looking for another player I know you guys have pretty stacked rosters for that I have I'm just gonna name all that all the teams in CRL I'm joking obviously again I haven't really trouble pushed that that high this season but I hope you guys got a feel for all the decks at least who talked a little bit about them as we've played them let me know if the future you would prefer Pro gameplay at the top of ladder and me kind of analyzing these one specific matches when we do these multi deck videos or if you like it when I just pick these decks up and play myself again all the deck links will be in the description below thanks a lot just a trail comm and of course – Bren Chang my youtube partner check out his information in the description below thank you for watching and as always take care guys

  • great video man, its nice to see you play bc you´re closer to us in trophy range and you always analyze pro plays, so this works better for meta

  • I always enjoy pro gameplay and tips, but seeing you play is extremely helpful because you're an excellent play-by-play analyzer even while you play. You also understand the mistakes most of us are familiar with making and point out how to avoid them and you teach a lot of the little subtleties that you can play for months and not pick up. Always a fan of your content, and like the way you've formatted recent vids. Thanks for what you bring to Clash and YouTube!

  • I like how u put an effort into beeing nice to your opponents , very nice role modeling, much appreciated and keep it up!

  • Ok so i actually pushed arena 11 from arena 8 with basically golem beatdown deck (night witch, poison ,baby d ,log/zap, m minion, valk, elixir collector, scalmy as flex) and actually when you get to 2x elixir and you get the snowball rolling you OBLIDERATE. Its the snowball mechanic : as it rolls, it gets bigger and bigger. So golem beatdown is a 80-ish % win rate on 8-11 arenas for sure. Hope i helped someone <3

    Btw im free to play so dont worry im lvl 8 in arena 11 xD

  • I like watching you play bro. Even after the pro plays. But gives us a chance to see if there are mistakes or what not to do if it dont go well. Good video ash much appreciated man

  • Shame to see the electro dragon not doing great, its one of my favourite cards love its mechanics, but I think it does need just a very slight buff maybe a bit more health or a bit faster attack speed but nothing major and I think it could rise a lot in popularity

  • i never liked mortar but i kinda liked bait. i saw mortar bait at lapokati and other players and thought hmmm i should try that. then i destroyed everyone in the arena and got to master 1 with level 10-11 cards. i love mortar now

  • Ladder needs change for ftp like me and others to reach 7k easy win many reward and after 7k legend players who wins star points lol clash of clans have easy rush and max troops easier

  • 47 matches, 47 3 crowns, not 1 loss…. meet the strongest ladder pushing deck in the world….

    My deck: Golem, Miner, Barbarian barrel, Night Witch, Zap, Spear goblins, Baby Dragon, Minions.

    Fast cycle deck other than golem, huge defense capabilities and the ability to build massive pushes without needing double elixir. Try it and see how far you get😉

  • Hi ash how are i hope u answear me
    Well i feel like i didnt lost i batlle for a long time my question is if theres anything i can do to know my winning streak

  • I tend to never push and until 60s as golem user I found knight witch golem push but it also plays as a bridge spam

  • Ok I’m not fully ftp but I’ve spent 10$. In cr I’m a golem deck user at 5k trophies now and my golem is. Almost maxed lvl12 barb barrel. Lvl 11 I never use meta popularity decks because I tend to have lower cards so my recommend guys do wars stay above 2.6k and u will have some maxed epic in no time will be slower but it’s worth it

  • I’m F2P and stuck at about 3400 trophies. All my cards are very under leveled and my legendary cards are Sparky, Ice Wiz, Ramrider, inferno dragon. Any deck suggestions?

  • *i wrote this comment, decided not to hit submit, then jumped into a match and played against the exact lavaloon deck from this video…*:

    These copy pasta meta decks make the game so stale and boring. You run into the same decks OVER and OVER again.

    This is why I disagree with Supercell’s new strategy with balance updates, where they only touch 2–3 cards per update every couple months. Honestly, the fact that you can predict exactly what deck they’re playing based off their first card drop is pretty sad. The big buffs to cards like witch and dark prince were cool because they force people to rethink decks. They should be making more frequent drastic changes.

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