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hey you know what sucks Sonic the Hedgehog excellent is it good no okay it's a big piece of garbage I don't give a fuck about racing I don't give a fuck about the cartoon that shit was trash when you realize all the things you love for awful this game sucks I'm serious Sonic is just another personality created by knuckles although the reason is they all want to have sex a big the cat let's get something straight right now sonic is awesome are you kidding me man I've loved this little blue back my entire life and no matter how old I get I don't see myself stopping anytime soon regardless it's certainly been a while hasn't it for those of you who are new here hi my name is Brian many years ago identic ated this YouTube channel discussing my favourite series of video games Sonic the Hedgehog I've always enjoyed looking further into the presentation elements that make this character still appealing especially when it comes to modern Sonic we've talked about characters stories music and more ever since the series of videos began over half a decade ago however as time has gone by it's become clear that this wouldn't last forever things certainly do change for everything and everyone and that honestly couldn't be any truer for myself ever since I was last around on here for any consistent period of time I graduated from college and got a job worth my ass off in pursuit of a better job moving out of my parents house became a published illustrator quit my job who sees an offer for a new job and somewhere along the line finally achieved my dream of starting a career in the animation industry my identity as a professional artist has been solidified and my life has gone far beyond what it once was but even throughout all that this silly blue mascot character has been an integral part of the journey Sonic was a part of the demo reel that helped me snag that first animation job Sonic was the topic of nearly every persuasive discussion that trained me to grasp my skills and critical thinking and creative writing and Sonic was always a common interest that when introduced me to some of my closest friends both near me and all across the country remember this classic fan project right here yeah the guy who made it is currently my roommate small world huh even though Sonic has constantly seen as a brand that divides its audience and tends to push people apart I've come to see him as a character that brings people together under a common love for all things way past cool needless to say I'm feeling pretty positive about Sonic at the moment so I think it's about time I share some of that positivity and express my love for him in the most conclusive way I can ever since the beginning of my online presence I've received endless requests to get serious about what I believe the all-time best games in the Sonic series I guess it really is about time I did that huh this has actually been a difficult topic for me as my name focus has always been to highlight the presentation aspects that make sonic Smith oh so exception to name simply talking about the technical merits of the games themselves honestly seems a bit out of character for me at this point so here's the deal if we're actually going to do this list we're gonna do it my way I'm gonna do my best to explain why the following games aren't just good products but also how they contribute to the big picture how do these games showcase the best of what Sonic's cast of characters universe storyline music and aesthetic have to offer let's find out these are the sonic games that I believe represents this amazing character better than all the rest the games that trigger my nostalgia above all notes and of course the games that are simply the most fun to play these games are the reason I love Sonic to begin with and I'm happy to finally share my list with you all this is nerd word entertainments top 10 bits Sonic the Hedgehog games there is no way I can make a countdown of my favourite Sonic games and not include the one that started it all for me though not the first Sonic game I've played Sonic Heroes is the first game in the series I ever owned for myself I was one of those kids who got an Xbox in the early 2000s and wasn't allowed to play Halo so my pickings were pretty slim I couldn't get my hands on that one Sonic game with a cool pumpkin Hill level I played a few months back and lord knows I could only play so many movie tie-in games thankfully Sonic Heroes was there for me I think enough in early 2004 and I spent pretty much the entire year playing it in my spare time this game was great for me because it formally introduced when you have modern Sonic's entire cast of characters I found myself loving every single one of them and except for big the cat work who know though the teamwork mechanic was super stimulating for my eight-year-old mind and a level of detail and color in these levels was mind-blowing Sonic Heroes I believe is the best example of a 3d Sonic game with the charm and aesthetics of Sonic's earlier games from the 1990s that to me is its best quality not enough games go this extra mile to consolidate the series art style so you can imagine Susy has employed games like Sonic runners and team Sonic racing these are the kind of games that have the potential to unify the fandom and I can only hope this series can keep doing this in the near future on the subject of Heroes the game itself is still pretty fun but it just doesn't hold up nearly as well these days the controls are slippery the repeated playthroughs with the other teams newer London and the potential for puzzle solving is squandered by the game's insistence on automatically switching the play into the proper character yes 3d Sonic games have always had problems with automation still regardless of Sonic Heroes is false I appreciate the impact it had on me back then it provided me with everything I needed to know to become a Sonic fan and that's all I could ever ask you know what man forget all of you Sonic Colors is really good are we really about to pretend this game isn't one of the most structurally sound totally consistent and beautifully visualized Sonic games out there at the time of its release it was the first main series Sonic game to feature a solo campaign and Sonic with one central gameplay style since Sonic 3d blast this game knew exactly what it wanted to be at all times and at that time I think that's what Sonic needed the new wisp power-ups were a great inclusion and the gameplay always delivered without any hiccups one major issue is the overabundance of sterilized 2d sections and I understand the frustration the game's story and dialogue also detract heavily from the experience when some of the most unpleasantly cynical and detached cutscenes the series has ever add aside from these two hurdles however color stood still showcased tons of Sonic's personality in its level athletics and especially its music this is one of the best Sonic soundtracks and I won't hear from anyone who tries to convince me otherwise the levels and colors also do something that practically no other Sonic game has consistently done since the Genesis games they capitalize on a common theme of nature versus industry they combine the colorful natural landscapes with harsh mechanical interference especially in the case of planet winds the central idea for this game's story is fantastic and I think the game would have been even higher on this list if the cutscenes weren't so awful all things considered Collins is a humble yet effective platforming experience and may not be perfect when I see it as an excellent gateway hasanat but just about everyone can enjoy arguably the sonic game that changed the course of the series forever Sonic Rush is a handheld adventure that exists for one simple reason to send the player on an adrenaline fuelled thrill ride the game's newly introduced boost mechanic allows fans to blast through stages and focus more on quick reflexes and precise inputs instead of momentum building and exploration I got a Nintendo vs for this game and I was not disappointed this was the fastest Sonic game of its time and of course it introduced one of the series best characters Sonic's fiery rival blaze the cat she alone is the primary reason for most of the fandoms continued love with his game and understandably so I'm of the mindset that every female Sonic character has something great to offer but blaze his position as a counter for kisana himself has allowed her to be the most empowering of them all sonic rushes impact on the series can still be felt to this day and the boost features made its way into the grand majority of Sonic's console releases for better or worse well they going more into that later but as it stands here sonic rush just maybe pimps his most ambitious sonic game to game oh yeah the soundtrack is good too I guess the sonic advance games all of them yep I'm cheating with this placement but who cares this is my list and I will put as many games on one spot as I please your goons in all seriousness every single entry in the handheld Sonic Advance trilogy complement each other and familiy Utley and I hold them all an equally high regard the first sonic advance feels like the most logical and satisfying step going from Sonic's of original games on the Genesis that we've ever had yes even more so than the actual Sonic 4 that came out many years later see this game refreshes Sonic's visual style with UT weapon was fantastic art direction while also providing the same solid momentum based gameplay the original series was famous for it even adds an ambitious new playable character with Amy Rose with nothing but screen crunch and some question of a level design homing attack the first sonic advance is the perfect blend of classic and modern sonic sense of as you can now tell that's all I can ever want my love for 2d sonic gameplay is rivaled only by my preference for modern Sonic's presentation characters and design elements this all carries over into advance – which is the most fast-paced and exciting game in the lineup and with advance three which has the most charm and personality of any handheld Sonic game Sonic Tails knuckles Amy and cream this move right here is the perfect cast of playable characters for a Sonic game they each have their own distinct personalities both inside and out and each member of the group has their own special chemistry with the others the dynamic relationship they share is represented perfectly in advance these tag-team gameplay as well as in this image from the games end credits one of my favorite shots in the entire series I need more of this Sega this right here is why I love modern sonic so much my most desired Sonic game right now is one that we finalized in Sonic advances style classic 2d gameplay with the current aesthetic and its wonderful cast of friends and foes oh shit I completely forgot about Sonic battle yo remember this game imagined on Sonic fighting game for handheld that's like the sweetest thing ever and it came out the same ear at Sonic Advance 3 I kid you not this game is one of the best stories in Sonic history and it's amazing to see so many more characters like shadow and Rouge interpreted into Sonic and Vance's style look at this artwork look at this artwork oh my god this game is too cool you know what put Sonic battle on the list – hell yeah you know I guess I just can't escape my love for this game no matter how many times I try to dissociate myself with Sonic Unleashed it's endless charm still wins me over every time half the game consists of the single most hilariously bad idea in series history Sonic the werehog and the other has its own issues when slippery controls an unforgiving level design even so sonic unleashed was still a breath of fresh air after the abysmally misguided sonic hannover to regain even if it really was mainly due to its production values Sonic Unleashed is a game on a massive scale and it does everything in its power to let you know that the graphics the music the storytelling the user interface everything in this game was made with the intention of providing the most cinematic and breathtaking Sonic game ever made and yes that's exactly what it is Sonic Unleashed is a grand adventure from beginning to end and even with some of the clunky gameplay considered it always feels like one the modern sonic community has been demanding another game like this for years and rightfully so it seems like Sonic Team put a lot of faith into this story and its ambition is unmatched like anything else they've ever made the presentation elements truly are what give this game it's infinity even so the gameplay moans hold merit as well Sonic's pain time stages were amazing at the time of the game's release there was something brand new for the 3d games in 2008 and the sheer spectacle they provided is still unmatched Sonic's werehog transformation is still the most hideous pile of Finland whose names I've ever had but his combat centered style does occasionally have its moments of fun I think it's safe to say that Sonic Unleashed is the three husana game that represents today's generation of fans and maybe it's time for another game they evoked the same spectacular feeling than it provided all those years ago justplease sonic team when designing the gameplay mechanics control yourselves and maintain at least some level of focus but thank you you almost had something fantastic with this one and I think it's kind of a miracle that this game still made my list anyway really goes to show how far personal bias and nostalgia can go here I may not be a young teenager anymore but you know man what can I say this game still charms the hell out of me oh yeah we're getting into the thick of it here ever since this channel began I think Lane and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is one of my favorite games of all time that statement is still as true as ever and of every Sonic game that currently exists Sonic 2 is the one that I neaten the most times it's one of those games that I can just easily pick up but once I'm done so I can not put it down until I finish it this game right here is where Sonic got his identity it refined every idea put in place might be very first original Sonic game and allowed the IP to live up to his potential amounts of both exploration and speed this is without question the fastest game in Sonic's original lineup it's the kind of videogame thrill ride that still manages to have some real substance to it their hidden secrets everywhere and players who master the game's controls will have fun finding new things while keeping up the pace this leads to a lair and experience that blends every element the series is now famous for of course let's not forget the introduction of tales the cafe and the proper amount of chaos implements Sonic to expand upon the series war in ways that are still being referenced in Sonic's recent games slap on some seriously cool multiplayer and you've got one of the best games in Sega's libraries in the modern gaming community where seemingly everything is being put under a microscope I can gladly say that Sonic 2 has not changed that dank I'll probably never stop whipping out my Genesis Lanikai collection or even my phone to play it well I do believe the Sonic Advance trilogy is an amazing follow-up to the original series it turns out that Sonic's best 2d game of the millennium wouldn't be released until way later you already know what's going on Sonic mania is among the most recent Sonic games at the time of this video and it is a glorious return to form for classic 2d sign not only is the gameplay nearly perfect but even Naoto Oshima's original design for the character is back in full force in a new adventure that looks and sounds like it came straight out of the 90s for better and worse Sonic mania comes to us not from Sonic Team or Kim's but from experienced developers and artists from all across Sonic's online community yeah that's right sonic mania essentially is an officially endorsed fan a passion project developed with love by Christian white hand Simon Tom Lee and pakoda waste games it's hard to believe just how much this game glow Sonic's other recent 2tn fries out of the water what can I say mania has the best level design past special stages best boss fights and best audio-visual experience in the entire classic Sonic series or maybe even in any 2d sonic game ever made it's fantastic now I gave this game a rather harsh review when it first released and that was mostly due to one crippling flaw recycled content earlier development hannahb sonic team Kakashi Asuka required that the majority of sonic manias levels be designed after previous locations from the series if you ask me this is only to the game's detriment as the rare instances of original content in the game are so good that they make the player wanting more what we're left with is a hodgepodge of content that's certainly well made at all times but only truly spectacular in short bursts that said when Sonic mania is unprecedented financial success I only hope that tax man's next project is an entirely original new Sonic game that can evoke a childlike feeling of wonder and joy in a way that Sonic mania only fleetly showcased maybe with some advanced style graphics hmm whenever the case this is still amazing stuff and the addition of obscure classic characters and new modes and the Sonic mania + expansion is much appreciated – Sonic mania is the greatest breath of fresh and we've had since the neck skin it will be talking about on this list and I can only hope that Sonic's current reputation doesn't go downhill so lunch then we desperately need another one of these anytime soon I'd rather see a consistently good level of quality if you catch my drift so yeah Sonic mania good game could be better but it's really good it's number 4 on the list what what do you want I like it more than Sonic 2 apparently all right just get off my back please in this day and age Sonic is notorious for his fandom the community is loud intense opinionated and free vamps please sonic team themselves admittedly do have to hold a great deal to blame for this the Sonic is not only one of the longest-running game series out there but also one of the most inconsistent it's a series that's simply incapable of pleasing everyone and that's why when a game like Sonic Generations comes around so you make the fandom under one roof you know that despite everything we're all gonna be just fine yes slightly better than mania guys I know you're gonna hate me for this one Sonic Generations there's not only a wonderful authentic celebration of the entire franchise's history but it's one of the best 3d Sonic games period this is the game that perfected the very same style of gameplay first scene and Unleashed with tons of attention placed on platforming exploration and quick reflexes Sonic's 3 he levels and the closest we've ever been to a 3d version of Sonic's – he essentials speaking of 2d the game also features the shocking return of Sonic's younger self sporting an update of his original design by now to Oshima well not nearly as fine-tuned as his Genesis and mania counterparts classic Sonic is a treat to play as in this game and his team work with his older self modern sonic a lot for an experience that genuinely ties the entire sonic series together this right here guys this is the thing I love seeing in contemporary Sonic games the whole series has been all over the place in terms of design aesthetics narrative and tone but something about Sonic Generations implementation of reimagined locations along with the inclusion of all of Sonic's friends and foes just creates a sense of genuine unity and harmony only from us Sonic's life yes I complain with mania doesn't but when Sonic Generations rehashes levels it's fucking awesome go ahead soon the way this game handles its amalgamation of content is honestly so profound and heartfelt for me personally because as I mentioned with the advanced series I enjoy seeing Sonic as a naturally progressing character Generations brings both of the series major subcultures together in a game that feels like it really is for everyone and it actually succeeds at that need I mention all the nuanced and subtle references in the game's visuals and of course the passion project that is this game soundtrack it seems like everyone who's ever had their hand in Sonic music has made some contribution here and it truly is a beautiful thing and finally thanks to the dedicated community Sonic Generations is the most customized Sonic game there's ever been with endless amounts of fan made mods that keep the fun lasting forever the game almost seems like it has a secondary function of being the Sonic engine where creative artists and designers can showcase their skills through an official sonic product Sonic Generations is a celebration done right I don't sense a hint of elitism here it's the game that homogenizes the entire series and makes it feel like one complete whole rather than the series of disjointed standalone ideas then it's often accused of being now with that said am i pissed that classic sonic ever made a return to modern sonic games after this yes I still learn because 50 shows that Sonic teen has kind of missed the point of how special it was to have Sonic showing herself in this particular experience it's the context of why he's here that made him such a brilliant inclusion this time and including multiple versions of Sonic in subsequent products after this just frustrates me to no end but even then Sonic Generations does serve as a constant reminder that despite everything Sonic Team can still make incredible games that do nothing but justice to the character it's why I still have faith in the series today if I'm being honest this is always the most obligatory an infinitely awkward section of most countdowns for Sonic games one reason is that you're gonna see an on or near the top of every list no matter what and the other is it's one game or two originally released that's two separate cartridges that you need to be physically attached sonic 3 and K is the longest heaviest and arguably the best gained in Sonic's original run from the 90s I put this and Sonic 2 on equally high pedestals most of the time but for the sake of this list I gotta get extra props than Sonic 3 sheer amount of content not only does this game have over 12 stones three playable characters and endless amounts of Secrets but also the quality of the game's level design just might be better than any of its predecessors and even any of the other games that were following these levels are massive and to this day I haven't discovered everything there is to see in them they emphasize the exploration element that makes these early games so deceptively Eve while still keeping the brisk pace this especially applies to levels like Hydra sauna zone which remains to this day my favorite water level in any video game this game's aesthetics and music are also as fleshed out as they possibly could a bit on the Genesis hardware with a layered fresh soundtrack and colorfully complex world and environments adding on to this I believe sonic 3 and K has one of the best stories of the entire series it's simple yet effectively told there's always something new to keep the player moving forward and uncovering the mystery behind and scheme the introduction of knuckles as a character can't he understand an either he was among Sonic's first rivals and I feel that if his original character traits were maintained today he'd still be the best there's honestly not much else than I can say about sonic 3 & k that hasn't already been said it's the most acclaimed Sonic game ever and it seems to dominate most people's lists that it's an unspoken rule or something with that said do I consider this game over ladies well maybe a little bit but I honestly can't blame anyone who would consider this to be the best Sonic game in the series it's just that you know it isn't quite my favorite now well I think it might seem obvious what's coming up next let's keep things suspenseful for just a bit longer for now here are some honorable mentions from a few Sonic games that didn't quite make the kind but still deserve some love and attention Sonic runners for having the most and the best fan service of any Sonic game Sonic CD for having my overall favorite aesthetic of Sonic's original 90s career the original Sonic 4 kicking off this character's legacy TVN with Sonic the Finers for his huge cast of characters with tons of personality and charm and finally Sonic R for having one of the best and most underrated soundtracks in series history now onto the top of the list taken away DJ Davis Oh hey guys Brian here going off the confer just a second consider this the epilogue of this video as you can probably infer now I made the decision to split top and Sonic games into two separate videos in which the initial ones sort of segues into another video that I've wanted to Nate for many years now I'll get a little bit more into detail about that later but first I wanted to do something kind of interesting and fun that I've considered doing for quite some time now and that's looking back on previous countdowns that I've done as this is actually most likely my final sonic countdown and I think what better way to end this part of the video often by addressing some concerns issues and even mistakes in my opinion and I found in my previous top tens after so many years of doing this on YouTube and also just expressing the way I feel about these games on Twitter and other outlets and such thoughts and perspectives can certainly change over time so let's have some fun for a few minutes Amy Rose is my current number one favorite sonic character shadow is now below Eggman and Rouge knuckles is probably number two now and cream the rabbit needs to be on the list in some capacity I'm not sure where how tails is finale from Sonic Adventure managed to beat out in Kansas death scene is beyond me how in the world that I missed that the first time likewise how the hell then I put green hill zone from Sonic 1 instead of lead storm from Sonic Rush Rouge the VATS theme song fly in the freedom must make that list in some way shape or form and in cosmic eternity it must be like number four three now I think if I can affirm make that list again that song is just too good and I was a fool for not noticing that earlier everything from Sonic art deserves at least an honorable mention to that game soundtrack is a masterpiece and don't let anyone tell you differently Sonic CDs intro scene got pretty unfairly treated on both the moments and intros list because I was pretty inconsistent with my rule set but come on you all know how fucking great man in truly you don't need me to tell you I don't think I would change too much about my motifs and messages video but I probably would have found a better way to segue into my final message of sin video then the in the manic element of shadow the hedgehog on game that I hate to no end so yeah I know that list would have had a different number one or just a different way of me framing my description at number one I don't know I just shout on the Hedgehog is such a dumb game to end a video like that on especially since I can almost oh that video had my favorite closing thoughts out of all of them I know you guys kind of enjoy the wrap ups than I do that's kind of a thing that I become somewhat known for and I'm I'm proud of that I understand so I think I could have handled that one a bit and finally one last thing when it comes to intros sonic mania its intros and trailers combined are hands-down the new top of that list my extension sonic mania adventures and team sonic racing overdrive are some of the greatest things to happen to Sonic in years god bless you Tyson has an aerial cart right you are my actual heroes am I missing anything oh yeah I think we should have one last little round of fun here I think it's about time I gave you some updated thoughts on sonic team's most recent game at least at the time of this recording my opinion on sonic forces has changed pretty considerably since my initial review and honestly I kind of just want to fuck with the people who didn't watch the whole video and just skip to the end to see what lands the number one spot so sonic force is a style of her substance the video game and even then it's style is lacking everything about sonic force is all the way down to its defining features feels completely phone-in and over sanitized it's the exact opposite of the kind of game Sonic oh six or Sonic cocoon turned out to be in which nothing feels broken or unfinished but the high level of ambition simply wasn't there anything in with it doesn't help that sonic team had to rebuild a former employees graphics engine from scratch before an actual game could be made modern Sonic's levels are the culmination of negative stereotypes toward boost gameplay classic Sonic is just fucked in the custom hero is the second most tacked on thing in the whole game the music while fine as some of them Tonya's weakest work the graphics don't stack up to other Hedgehog engine games the new villain is the dictionary definition of wasted potential and I feel really bad for whoever was unlucky enough to end up paying two dollars for this game's absolutely abysmal Super Sonic feels forces is a somewhat enjoyable walking simulator for the initial viewing of its admittedly well made cutscenes but it's nothing special and it's stagnant mediocrity is so frustrating I'm tempted to say that I think sonic lost world is a better game than this generations unleashed and even colors are indication that this is not Sonic Team trying their best I can give them points for having a little bit more self awareness of the demands of their audience but that doesn't stop this from being the most patronizing Sonic game ever made I can only hope sonic team learns from it and I think that's everything I'll go further into detail about Sonic team themselves and my perspective on 3d Sonic in general when we get to the next video as you can probably tell it's going to be massive and quite possibly the climactic end game to everything I'm done so far all of my sonic videos up to this point have pretty much been leaning up to this looking back now I'm glad that I got the chance to make all of these videos where I could express my opinions and I'm thrilled that I finally got to make this particular highly demanded countdown this is the one you were asking for and this was the one that I knew had to be the last one that sent though and it's not quite over yet I see no better way of concluding this countdown of my top 10 favorite Sonic games than with a detailed review of my two favorite Sonic games of all time I hope you've enjoyed everything up to now and I'll see you all on the other side this has been Brian from nerd word entertainment and I'll catch you guys later

  • Brian: "Let's get it straight right now – Sonic is AWESOME!"
    Instant Like =D
    Edit after watching the whole video: where can I put the second Like?

  • Is it true ? After so long, you are finally back. I really missed these videos and the positivity you share. Already liked after the first minute dont make me regret it
    Oh and happy late birthday Sonic !

  • Bro! I'm glad your back! I missed your top 10's! And congratulation to getting your dream job as an animator!

  • For me my #1 will be Sonic Battle. I hate the gameplay but the story and writing are above anything that's come before and after it. I don't really feel like going into detail here but I have multiple times before. I love Sonic Battle though.

  • It's amazing how after so much time has passed since you were active here, well, as Shadow said in Sonic Heroes, "Some things never change."

  • My ranking of the series has always been subject to changing but here it goes for now.

    1 – Sonic Adventure 2.
    2 – Sonic Generations.
    3 – Sonic 3 and K.
    4 – Sonic Heroes.
    5 – Sonic Mania.
    6 – Sonic 2.
    7 – Sonic Adventure.
    8 – Sonic Rush Adventure.
    9 – Sonic CD.
    10 – Sonic Colours.

    HM – Sonic Unleashed (both versions), Sonic 1, Sonic Rush, Sonic Colours DS and Shadow the Hedgehog (its a guilty pleasure for me). I can't mention any of the Advance games as I have yet to play them.

  • Yo your next video is way past hype-worthy. In all seriousness this is the kind of video that puts into voice my thoughts on the franchise at it's peak: More than just a franchise, the video game equivalent of life and its ups and downs. Sonic was and still is an experience to love, cry, and learn from.

  • Nice return man. Great to see another countdown from you. I honestly can't disagree with what's on the list. All of these games would probably make it as well. The only thing I can disagree with is the placement of a few titles.

    My favorite games are tied with Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Generations. These in my opinion are the best games of their respected era and are games I can pick up any time and have a blast playing them and I'm really glad they made it in the top 3.

    It was also nice to see some positivity for Colors after the massive hate it receives nowadays by fans. The story and 2d sections didn't really bother me that much honestly and I think aquarium park is my favorite water level ever.

  • It's great to see you come back to YouTube, man.

    And hey! Happy to see my Top 3 Sonic Games made the list(even if they are in much lower positions, but hey, different strokes for different folks)!

  • I appreciated that quick analysis of Forces, but we can hopefully at least see it as a sendoff to every previous era before moving onto something new and progressive. It just went through Development Hell.

  • 10. My issue with this game is that, in the context of the time, it ditched a working formula that resonated with the fans, myself included, and tried to appeal to non-fans with no physics and barely any relevance to what came before. Sonic Team did that because they weren't sure if the first multi-platform Sonic game would appeal to anyone other than the SEGA fans, so it kind of started the first inconsistency in the 3D part of the franchise.

    9. Y'know, I don't know WHY I kinda hated this game at one point. Though it does suffer the same kind of filler as the other two boost games. I just think the Color powers could have been done a little better.

    8. I need to give this a shot one day.

    7. Geek Critique's video trilogy on these games is great.

    6. Yep… I don't blame ya. The last time the series had a good story, to be honest.

    5. Good ol' Sonic 2. The second one I tried on Mega Collection Plus. Geek Critique's video on this game is PERFECT. Keep pursuing that dream, Josh.

    4. Definitely would put this in my S-ranks. Let's hope Sonic Team takes the right lessons from its success.

    3. I dunno if it fully appeals to everyone at once, but it does its job just fine, anyway. I just wish the Boost Formula wasn't as stiff in its ground control.

    2. Aw, so close! Still my favorite game of all time, and is everything a 3D Sonic game should be.

    1. To be continued…

  • "…could only play so many movie tie-in games."
    What, you never found Harry Potter 1 for the Xbox? That was awesome! And the music was phenomenal!

  • Sonic unleashed was also on the Wii and PS2….and I played the Wii version and still to this day it's my favorite Sonic game

  • we have basically the same opinions

    My favorite Recent modern sonic game: Generations

    Favorite classic game: Mania

    Favorite 2d modern game: Rush

    Favorite older modern sonic game: Adventure

  • You are finally back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also good for you for going through some major moments positively in life while also enjoying the blue blur. Also this was a very enjoyable video and I hope you stick around the channel for other videos every once and a while. You are great so dont forget that!

  • God DAMN did I miss you and your opinions Brian!
    TBH, I feel like my faith in Sonic Team to make a good game has been diminishing somewhat.
    I guess it’s because your positive point of view towards Sonic has been avoided from me as of late.
    Granted there’s still some people I hang out with who have faith like Evan from Tails Channel, EmuEmi, Twip and many others, but I just didn’t have there point of views.
    I felt like Sonic (especially after the movie) was gonna become the biggest laughing stock in the entire gaming industry next to the likes of Bubsy.
    But…I dunno, when I watch your stuff about how and why you like Sonic, it gives me a warm feeling that even in Golden turds such as Sonic 06 there’s stuff that you can appreciate and enjoy.
    And with the announcement of Sonic’s 30th anniversary game, I have a feeling that maybe Sonic Team can come together and make something that a lot of people can enjoy. Because they’ve done it before, more times than the opposite.
    So thank you for reminding me of that!

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