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let's get something straight right now Sonic is awesome I've loved this little blue guy for as long as I can remember in fact this month marks the tenth anniversary of when I first became a Sonic fan I've been playing the Hedgehog's game since December of 2003 when my cousin introduced me to Sonic Adventure 2 the rest is history Sonic is not only responsible for some of my greatest childhood memories but his colorful cast of characters continues to inspire me to this day as I delve into the world of filmmaking and animation I'm gonna put these guys to good use in my upcoming fan projects because to me Sonic's friends are just as important as the blue hedgehog himself who's been keeping all the attention for himself in his more recent games I don't mind that too much because he's Sonic but what's a name character without some supporting characters to back him up the new writers for the game seem to do a great job with character interactions but all they've really been working with so far are Sonic Tails and dr. Eggman imagine how cool the stories would be with more furry dudes and dudettes to keep things interesting unfortunately over the years Sonic's friends have gotten a lot of mixed reception among critics and hardcore fans but I'm one of the rare guys out there who really gets a kick out of these guys Sonic's friends and rivals don't get nearly enough love these days so today I'm gonna be counting down the ones I like the most if I find a character underrated potentially great for future stories or just playing cool he or she will probably be on this list this is nerd word entertainments top 10 best Sonic characters now here's the catch Sonic the Hedgehog himself will not be on this list if he were he'd be the obvious choice for number one I'll acknowledge right now that Sonic is my favorite character from his own series then use this list isn't about him like I said he already gets all the love and attention I will be talking about him in this video but he won't be getting his own spot on the list that just doesn't seem fair to me so yeah the number one character on this list will be someone other than Sonic so be prepared for that with all that out of the way let's get started Metal Sonic is a pretty simple character but an effective one created by dr. Eggman Metal Sonic is exactly what his name says he is he's a robot Sonic and was created for the sole purpose of beating the blue hedgehog at his own game he made his first appearance in Sonic CD it was pretty much just a lifeless drone but my first experience with the blue robot was through his appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog anime in which he was programmed with a copy of Sonic's actual life data this not only managed to give metal the same speed and agility as Sonic but even the same snarky attitude this version of Metal Sonic seems to be the one that carried over into Sonic Heroes I know these two things aren't connected but come on it's hard not to draw parallels middle sonic has always been an intimidating villain and it's good to see such a consistently great rival character in this series only reason he's barely on the list is because outside of the anime and heroes he's pretty much what he was in Sidi a drone and not much of a character but at this point I'm ok with that with heroes he's had somewhat of a complete character arc at this point so he has had his time to shine here's a quick riddle for you what do you get when you make Sonic trunks and Tetsuo until the kinetic Hedgehog from the future that's who your filly goose silver the Hedgehog is one of the more polarizing characters in the sonic franchise and gee I wonder why it really does bite that silver made his debut in such an infamous game especially one with an ending that pretty much wiped him out of the series continuity I'm not even joking silver was literally erased from existence and the very same game introduced him or at least he would have been but for some reason he's still in some of the spin-off games and he's even in Sonic Generations a main series game this makes no sense through the executives or whoever wants over to stick around her don't think in addition to this we've never gotten a chance to play a silver in a way that's actually fun not to mention all that trouble that he caused this early on in Sonic oh 6 this guy has everything going against him but that's not Silver's fault at Sonic oh 6 is well what are you gonna do at this point I guess there be nothing to do to prove that silver could be the next great new character in the Sonic series but then something happened starting off is an absolute joke of a character who is forgotten in an instant silver managed to make his triumphant return as the absolute best boss fight in Sonic Generations now this made me interested in this guy now I actually want to play as him again I mean imagine of Sonic character who could do all of this in regular gameplay I don't think silver can really do much for the stories at this point but I think you make a great playable avatar if done right everything I hated about him before has been forgiven and now I think silver is awesome but still how the heck is he still here there are tons of Sonic characters who get hated by critics and fanboys and such but is there really anybody out there who hates the chaotix this three-man Detective Agency has always been full of win no matter what game they appear in these guys are absolutely hilarious and yes I am putting all three members of the team on one spot on this list there's no way I'm choosing between them because one they almost always stick together as a single unit and two it's impossible to pick my favorite out of the three they're all just so great because of how unique they are I know it seems like SPO is the obvious choice but I have just as many reasons for loving vector and Charmy vector is the big goofy strong leader of the group while Charmy is the annoying little kid whose interactions with vector are priceless sure Sonic to mingle with a bunch of mental movie people and of course SPO is a ninja who throws ninja blades need I say anything more there's so much diversity among this group of three characters yet they all go together so well might I also point out that these are some of the most creatively designed characters in the Sonic series out of all these three characters none of them are mammals I always thought that was pretty cool unlike silver I don't really care about play use these guys so much as I want to see them in another story they're detectives and any story involving some kind of mystery is always a little bit more interesting just don't let them sing [Applause] number seven I'm gonna make this perfectly clear right now anyone who can punch that Chaos Emeralds out of supersonic deserves a spot on this list oh yeah the good ol icky doughnut himself knuckles talk about a fan-favorite character when I was a kid playing with my friends at recess we would always wall play as Sonic characters and my friends would always fight over who not to be knuckles can you blame them back in the day nuts was the coolest guy around he's the main thing we all remember from Sonic 3 and his cheesy rap songs have been a guilty pleasure of a generation cold-shoulder my cycle unfolded that's why I stay alone I was born by myself I don't need a pot that get it all just like sonic Knuckles is a character I find likeable because of his simplicity he's a primary color and he performs basically like Sonic only he's stronger that and he could break the laws of physics in at least two ways knuckles is one of the rare sonic characters who can hold his own without any help from the main hero all of these things are what make him cool and he sure would have been higher on this list if it weren't for the way he's been treated in the newer games and in the Sonic X anime he used to be a cool and strong loner but now he's just a short-tempered idiot who often gets shoved to the side in favor of the now very overpowered Sonic I just don't like Knuckles that much anymore but he's still on the list because of how great he used to be what did that he just punches the daggone chaos and was awesome number 6 I love seeing girl characters who wear every bit as cool as the male heroes blaze the cat bits this concept to a tee blaze is a princess from another dimension yet she has somehow gotten involved with Sonic more than three times now I'd say her backstory is even more confusing than silvers because it was retcon and then retcon again even though it is strange to see her hanging around Sonic and Friends when it makes no sense it still always a great time blaze is one of the best character avatars the series has ever seen blaze has been playable in three of the four games she's appeared in and she stole the show every time she is essentially a female Sonic and that's just fantastic and of itself it's all she really needs to be in order to satisfy me but she even goes the extra mile in being an all-around good character I love her design she has cool mannerisms and she even has the power she's also actually one of the deeper characters in the series with her introverted personality and all and she even had a full character arc in Sonic Rush and even with all that said what matters most to me is that she is the only rival that sounding has ever had that's a girl if you ask me she should be a staple in the series and appear in every game possible as a playable avatars he's been with Sonic since the beginning and he made his debut in one of my favorite video games of all time number 5 is tails the Fox whoever is Sega had the idea blew an extra tail to a thoughts and call it a sonic character was either drunk out of his mind or just an absolute genius maybe both tails has been Sonic's best friend and sidekick since Sonic 2 and he's been a fun and charming alternative to the Hedgehog in almost every game since and at least until the 2000 tails was at his best in Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure or he was pretty much superior to Sonic because of his flying ability and melee attacks just like knuckles tails isn't as cool as he used to be but in my opinion he has aged a lot better despite not being playable in a while he's still relevant to the story of most of the games he took a major nosedive in the 2000 those dark days are over and I'm finally starting to love him again sure he is just a techno geek sidekick nowadays but the current writers and voice actress have managed to keep tails cool by giving him really fun interactions with Sonic I absolutely love tails in the cutscenes for Sonic lost world and I hope his dialogue stays this witty in future games guys just make employable again and I am all good you're all gonna hate me for this one I know putting rouge the bat higher than both Tails and Knuckles is a pretty ballsy thing to do but i'm doing it cuz i can this is my list but seriously though i'm gonna say right now that rouge the bat is in my opinion the most underrated character in Sonic the Hedgehog rouge the bat is a voluptuous secret agent of G UN a military organization introduced in Sonic Adventure 2 she pretty much has all the same cool abilities as knuckles but only with a bit more style instead of punching her way through baddies she's her feet just like the chaotix Rouge is a character I like because of how she spices up any story she's in she's sassy so she manages to be both cool and funny especially in her interactions with other characters whether it be flirting with knuckles doing spy stuff with shadow or playfully bantering with tails I always get a laugh out of whatever this busty that does or says she's also another character that I've grown to love because of how well she was handled in Sonic Generations she was responsible for some of the most memorable missions in the game whether they be frustrating or just plain hilarious that and her current voice actress is simply phenomenal fine oh you over there you here by yourself handsome she brings out all of the feistiness and sexiness out of the character in a way that her previous actresses never could just like in tails's case the new voice portrayal of rouge is a huge part of why I like her so much nowadays come on guys whoever makes these kinds of decisions please just put Rouge in the next Sonic game and make her part of the story I don't care if her boobies make some people uncomfortable just do it and I think they're pretty nice myself when you have a blue hedgehog with red shoes and cool hairs your main character it's only logical for his arch-nemesis to be of that human scientist who wears primary colors I mean come on it makes so much sense dr. Eggman is one of my favorite villains of all time he's one of the greatest things to come out of this series but nothing is there's a good villain no despite some of his schemes and inventions actually being pretty damn good I was never able to take this mustachioed scientist seriously he's just such a silly villain I can't help but love him he's supposed to have a crazy high IQ but it really is hard to figure out just how smart this dude really is one minute he creates something awesome like Metal Sonic or the death egg and the next he's fighting evil in a robotic slotting machine Eggman is so all over the place and I guess that's a part of what makes him so entertaining he's unpredictable and I love that in a villain also if there is anyone who has benefited from the new writers and voiced cats for the series it's this guy I've had my fair share of issues with the other characters when it comes to this new overly light-hearted tone the series is taken recently but for Eggman it just works and of course egg man's voice portrayal by Mike Paul it allows for what is simply the best of voice work in the series and is only made better by his cleverly written interactions with Sonic and Tails and Sonic Colors generation and lost world he is the best character in all of the recent games as of now with no other character not even Sonic himself delivering nearly as memorable dialogue or as many iconic moments dr. Eggman especially as he is now is the perfect nemesis for Sonic offering the perfect combo of both silly and intimidate keep doing what you're doing guys Eggman has been absolutely perfected and I have no complaints or suggestions just make sure that orbot and cubot stick around as well because they only add to the shenanigans he brings number two I don't care what you tell me Amy Rose is one of the most brilliant characters this series has ever seen I'm not joking first appearing in Sonic CD Amy is the love interest character of the series with a twist she's not Sonic's love interest per se but rather it's the other way around amy is crazy about Sonic and does whatever she can to either get his attention or just chase him down she even considers herself to be his girlfriend although Sonic has shown next to no interest in that kind of relationship Amy isn't Sonny's girlfriend Amy is the original Sonic fan girl there are tons of people like this in the real world today whether it be in terms of Sonic or something else and to see one that actually exists within this series just brings a smile to my face amy is the most unconventional love interest character I've ever seen and that's where I think she's so ingenious aside from that she's an exaggeration of the stereotypical teenage girl and that she's hyperactive and over emotional I always love seeing female characters that act like this most people may see it as annoying and despise Amy as a result but that's the joke come on Amy is supposed to be annoying oh and her special ability totally awesome she pulls are John and Carol out of her panties okay I'd expect nothing less from her amy was at her best in Sonic X or more specifically the English dub / Sonic X where she was voiced by Lisa or Keys better known as the voice of Leno from Slayers or Keys was the best thing to come out of the four kids group even better than Mike Pollock as dr. Eggman in my opinion these folks will show me where Sonic's being held when he sees me coming his heart will start pounding faster than my hammer no it's me Chris we have to rescue something right away Amy unfortunately just like most of the other characters Amy's previous voice has been replaced with one nets inferior to say the least everyone else has already made the Minnie Mouse comparison so I'm not even gonna make a joke about that it's just bad in addition to her new voice actress amy has been horribly underwhelming as a character in recent games it was great to see her in sonic lost world but she didn't do anything and I found that that is such a missed opportunity here's to hoping that amy gets the attention she deserves in future games and in the upcoming cartoon alright guys 9 characters down and one more to go but first let's do a quick recap number 10 metal sonic number 9 silver number 8 the chaotix number 7 knuckles number 6 blaze the cat number 5 tails number 4 rouge the bat number 3 dr. Eggman number 2 Amy Rose you all know who it is before this is over I'll show you the true power of chaos control Sonic's greatest rival of all time Shadow the Hedgehog guys I really wanted to put Amy at the top of the list I really did I did not want to put shadow on top because I didn't want this list to come off as too predictable or generic and I didn't want to look like too much of a fanboy but you know what call me what I am shadow is my boy he always has been and I'm never gonna give him second place to someone else no matter how many times I think I need to I've loved shadow far too long and far too much could do something like that to him he's staying far up at the top of this list and that's just how it has to be I love shadow so much he was the first Sonic character I ever laid eyes on other than Sonic himself of course when I first saw his famous introductory cutscene in Sonic Adventure 2 I knew this guy was gonna be an awesome villain now I love seeing dark doppelgangers and rivals for the main characters but Shadow is special because he takes it the extra mile he is his own independent being with his own story to tell in fact from a personality standpoint he's probably the deepest character in the series I wouldn't usually expect something like this from doppelganger characters but hey I guess that's just part of what makes shadows so great and despite being so different from Sonic on the inside the whole rival aspect of shadow still totally works because of what he's got going on on the outside he looks like Sonic and he has all of Sonic's trademark abilities and more shadow is a very layered character because he has both a counterpart to Sonic and his own separate individual shadow was a big part of why I loved Sonic Adventure 2 so much whether it be playing as him in radical highway and sky rail his epic final showdown with Sonic or even his ultimate sacrifice in the end of the game shadow was responsible for every single iconic moment in one of my favorite Sonic games and of course you gotta love his Kaos powers at first shadow was intended to be a one-shot character which has made obvious by his death but because of shadows popularity he was brought back in Sonic Heroes he would then become a mainstay in several games even getting his own game that further explained his origins and the reason why he was still alive ironically Shadow the Hedgehog a game that gave us the absolute worst of what this character had to offer and nearly destroyed his reputation completely in a stupid and unnecessary story an unlikable emo gothic gun-toting shadow and aliens aliens this game made me lose all faith in the character but there turned out to be a glimmer of hope for him in Sonic oh six yes the game that ruined everything that was cool about Sonic and his friends actually managed to get shadow right in that game he was rewritten into the story as a secret agent of ji-eun just like rude and honestly I think that's a good role for him he was also pretty much the straight man for a change kind of like he was in Sonic Heroes when I'm basically saying here is I found shadow to be cool and pleasant more times than not and one horrible gain is not going to stop me from loving this character especially after that one time where he was especially great I still see shadow as the best rival character in this series complete with the same incredible speed of Sonic a unique design and color scheme crazy awesome superpowers and when his developmental moments are good they're really good he has had his weak points but no matter what I will always see shadow as the coolest of all of a sonic characters in fact I'd even say he's tied when Sonic himself as my personal favorites unfortunately Sonic oh six turned out to be that last nail in the coffin for just about every single one of the modern Sonic characters since then we haven't really been seeing much of them other than their appearances in Sonic Generations there is just a certain group of characters that Sega seems to be showing no interest in bringing back in future stories and unfortunately shadow falls under this category this is a shame because I think that he could be a huge hit if they brought him back shadow is a character that still shows so much potential in my opinion and I think that if the writers did enough of their homework and tried hard enough they could make him great again only question is how exactly are they gonna do that well my first suggestion is just don't overdo him shadows character arc is officially over yet it's more than Homer so now I'd love them to focus on making him a great supporting character again he doesn't have to be center of the story he's already had his chance to do that give shadow a slightly more upbeat attitude so that he can fit in a little bit better with these other characters and this more cartoonish universe that we've been seeing as of late besides he has no reason to mope around anymore let's shall be a little bit more fun while still letting him keep his original character traits of being determined in fierce I'm not asking for him to be a goofball like Sonic just a tone down straight man version of the same thing have you seen shadow in the Archie comics he's actually a pretty cool guy I would love to see that shadow in the games and with that said let's add Oh keep his job as a GU n agent and have him get involved in mysteries with Rouge and maybe the chaotix and of course I'd love to see a return of the bitter rivalry between shadow and sonic I want to see shadow go closer there selmak as a friend and Ally while still being in a constant state of competition with him kind of like what happened with Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z oh and please get Johnny Yong Bosch or someone else to do the voice I can only stand so many limes like get this Sonic in terms of gameplay that simple just make shadow a clone of Sonic but trade one of Sonic's usual abilities for shadows chaos powers and you're all good so yeah when I basically been trying to say all this time is shadow can still be relevant in the Sonic universe not only in story but also in gameplay there was once a time when shadow was one of the most popular characters in the Sonic series and I'm truly believe that if Sega were to bring him back into the mainstream he can once again be just that you and there you have it folks my top 10 favorite sonic characters I hope you all enjoyed it I sure had a fun time making it finding clips and editing this video together brought back a huge nostalgia rush for me but one last thing before I go allow me a minute to talk about Sonic himself and my stance on him as a character in today's world it seems to me that Sonic is always changing depending on the current era and the voice actor playing drum and Sonic was a happy-go-lucky teenager who wasn't afraid to show his serious side when he really needed to this is the sonic I always loved the most Griffen Sonic aka anime Sonic or the hedgehog who was more serious didn't speak nearly as much and usually let his actions speak for him fast forward to now and we have Smith sonic who almost feels like a new take on drum and sonic only now his attitude has been exaggerated through the roof sonic is now a massive smart-aleck and even a big jerk sometimes I found things to love about every version of Sonic that we've had over the years but the one that we have now is one that I think shows the most potential however this potential can go in one of two ways depending on how the riders handle them from here Sonic's personality has become much more pronounced in order to give the character a new sense of comic effect this can either be his greatest strength or his most fatal flaw as evidenced by his last few games Sonic annoyed the crap out of me in colors and was somewhat tolerable in the cutscenes for generations Smith and the new writers are getting the hang of this character but they can't be afraid to take inspiration from the past and show Sonic in a more serious light I don't want sonnet to be a borderline 2-dimensional snarky overpowered goofball who never has a bad day like he's shaping up to be Sonic's personality and emotions are what set him apart from all the other platforming greats all of those other guys bore me to tears and I feel as though Sonic is turning out the same way throughout this video I've made several points about how once great characters have been handled poorly in the past few years but when I see it happening to the blue blur I know something seriously wrong but like I said this sonic shows potential to be amazing and thankfully he is getting better the recently released sonic lost world featured the same overconfident Hedgehog from the last two games but also contains some more serious movements that show off Sonic's more emotional side it's not much but it is there the cutscenes in this game have finally given me a glimmer of hope for the future now all I think sonic needs is more moments like this a little bit of cooldown time every now and then and more characters to interact with I think these changes can not only make smyth sonic better but also bring out the best of what drum and Sonic and Grippit sonic had to offer giving us the perfect mashup of all the things that it made sonic a cool character over the years thus resulting in a near-perfect sonic the new guys behind the stories for the games still have a ways to go but I'm starting to see the possibility for Sonic to once again become the same Hedgehog I know and love well maybe even something better don't let me down Sega sonic game the story riders the voice actors especially you Roger Craig Smith I know you all can work together to put together a new Sonic game that not only satisfies me as I play it but also while I sit back to enjoy the cartoony shenanigans of my favorite characters between levels I have always seen Sonic as one of the most brilliant characters and all the kids entertainment because you could do so much with him in addition to the creative design his best games have brought us sonic has the potential to excel in the realms of action comedy thrills and drama the men and women behind his new outings are still trying to get their bearings on where to take the famous blue hedgehog from here but hey I've been a rabid sonic fanboy for 10 years now so until the day that happens and even after that I'll stick with him through the highs and the lows like I always have besides I have faith in no matter what Sonic's gonna be around for a very long time and I can't wait to see where he goes next

  • 19:55 that's stupid shadow has different shoes his quills curve upwards he has bracelets on him hes black and red he sounds so different

  • My favourites are:


    I hope the female characters are left out of the movie, they will become a laughing stock like sonic will become

  • Silver luckily got a role in sonic forces putting up a fight against infinite. I luckily never played sonic 06 and even then he is not a problem despite its horrible boss fights in sonic 06 and its infamous one liner. Besides that he's a great character and has a amazing fight in generations.

  • Yeah shadow the hedgehog is my favorite character in the sonic franchise and to me he is the batman of sonic but uses guns sometimes

  • Shadow is my absolute favorite character in the entire series of Sonic. I just bought a plush Shadow yesterday.

  • Here's my top 10:
    10: Shade the Echidna. She's a warrior from many years ago and she has made a stable connection with the heroes. I really feel for her.
    9: Marine the Raccoon. Yeah that's right. I said Marine! She's a bit clumsy sometimes, but she's only seven years old. She'll get better. Plus her dialogue is adorable. I love attempting to do voice impressions of her.
    8: Miles 'Tails' Prower. He is such a dear little fox and very intelligent. I wish he could be higher, but sadly, Forces kinda messed him up.
    7: Cream the Rabbit. The cutest character in the entire series. Yes, she can't do much in combat, but her softhearted and pure kindness just wins me over.
    6: Tikal the Echinda: Her gentle side and wisedom just draw you in. And her backstory is so tragic…
    5: Knuckles the Echinda. He's a bit of a loner, but under his tough exterior, he has a caring side. And he values Sonic and Tails as brothers. I'm proud of him in Forces.
    4: Blaze the Cat. She reminds me of myself: introverted, liking alone time but standing by her friends and beliefs no matter what.
    3: Shadow the Hedgehog: I love his backstory, I love how he's the straight man to the other characters, he is funny without him trying to be. Shadow is cool.
    2: Silver the Hedgehog: Silver is my cinnamon roll and nothing anyone says will change that. He tries so hard for a better future and when he's off the clock, he is a sweetie.
    1: Rouge the Bat: Weather it's flirting with Knuckles, showing a softer side to Shadow or just being free spirited with Sonic, Rouge is just awesome. Her best development was Sonic Heroes. She went from being selfish and only thinking about jewelry to being a team leader and keeping Shadow and Omega in line. I just love how far she's come.

  • My Top Favorite Sonic Characters
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog
    2. Knuckles the Echidna
    3. Chip/Light Gaia
    4. Tom Wachowski
    5. Cream the Rabbit
    6. Mephiles the Dark

  • My Top Ten Sonic Characters are:


  • I used to despise amy with every fiber of my being and I still do to some extent, but in the sonic boom cartoon she's actually tolerable. she can hold her own against eggman's robots and she doesn't whine and hopelessly chase sonic

  • Silver and Rouge, heck even Omega, are characters I think deserve to be more fleshed out. Silver got hos own comic series I believe. But Rouge deserves more time in the spotlight as well.
    Shadow is waaaaay overrated in my opinion.

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