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Top 10 Scary Truths Behind Disney Movies

A lot of work goes into making a movie, especially
an animated one. From concept, to writing, to the years of animation and eventual movie
release, a lot can happen. Hello everybody, I’m Abbey and I’m coming
at you with this top 10 video to share with you 10 scary truths behind some of your favourite
Disney movies. Number 10 – The Rescuers and the number
13 So, to ease into all of the scary truths,
we are exploring a true fear one of the main characters from The Rescuers has. Main mouse
Bernard has a fear of the number 13. The number thirteen is commonly associated
with bad luck in western culture. When you go to a hotel, many don’t have a thirteenth
floor because they don’t want to associate with bad luck. Bernard’s fear is next level
though, making it enough to be a phobia. Tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a to be exact.
Written account of the fear of the number thirteen dates back only to the late 1800s,
but became common enough by 1911 that it got the name tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a by
combining the Greek word for thirteen with phobia which means “fear of”.
All in all, our boy Bernard from the Rescuers has some strong feelings about the number
13. Do you have strong feelings about any numbers too? I have another truth about the Rescuers and
this next one was a bit of a scandal, so grab some tea sis. Number 9 – The Rescuers hidden photo
Although the film came out in 1977 and was out on laserdisc and VHS since 1992, no issue
was found until 1999. The issue was with an “objectionable background image” about
38 minutes into the movie. This image was of a topless woman that was in two frames
of the movie, when Bianca and Bernanrd fly in a sardine box on the back of Orville through
the city. An important thing to note is that the framerate for Disney movies is between
24 and 60 frames PER SECOND. So, only being visible for two frames means that the image
was only visible for a twelfth of a second. That’s 0.083 seconds.
So, who broke the news about this if you could only find it by freeze framing at the right
moment? Disney did. That’s right. They made a public statement about it, saying it must
have been inserted in post-production, and that they were recalling 3.4 million copies
of the movie. That’s a lot of VHS tapes. Number 8 – Disney and Recycling animations
This truth has been going around for a bit but I wanted to include it because there’s
a bit of misinformation buzzing around it as well.
If you look at a lot of the hand-drawn animated Disney movies, there can be some overlap in
how some sequences turn out. There’s a movement in Robin Hood that looks an awful lot like
some in AristoCats, and the dance scene in Beauty and the Beast looks the same as the
one in Sleeping Beauty. This led to a lot of outlets saying that the animators were
recycling animation for either time or money reasons, but that wasn’t always the case.
In 2015 on his website “Geek Dad”, Jim MacQuarrie asked former animators on those
movies what had happened in these situations. Animator Floyd Norman said it was because
of director Wolfgang “Woolie” Reitherman. According to Norman, Reitherman liked to “play
it safe and only use stuff he knew would work” which led to similar animation over many of
the movies he directed. Also, Gary Tousdale, co-director of Beauty
and the Beast, said time was the reason for the dance scene making you see double. As
the cut for time, Reitherman had already made it so that using previous sequences was alright,
so Tousdale said they resized and repositioned the Sleeping Beauty animation and then cleaned
up the characters. This information was shocking to me, so I
had to share it. And, okay, I know it’s not the spookiest, but the next few make up
for that. Number 7 – Finding Nemo and other Lost Fish
In the movie, Nemo escapes the dentist down the toilet, believing that all drains lead
to the ocean. This idea had influence. Children began flushing their fish down the toilet,
believing this was true. The LA Times wrote about this and also what really happens to
the fish when flushed. Because, no, they don’t go to the ocean.
First of all, most flushed fish die from trauma or shock from hitting fresh water. If a fish
survives the swirling journey, they still won’t make it to open waters. They would
end up in a sewage system where the bacteria, chemicals, and gases would poison or drown
the fish. But if your fish was super strong somehow, they still wouldn’t make it because
the only thing that makes it to open water is water. The fish would be taken out as a
solid at a water treatment plant. So don’t flush your fish. Number 6 – Princess and the Frog
Two months after its release in 2010, an article came out in Metro that said that young Disney
fans had fallen ill after kissing frogs like in the movie. This article was citing a salmonella
outbreak in the states, but it wasn’t known for certain that it was because of kissing
frogs, so it’s likely that this story was spun.
That being said there’s truth in one part of it: kissing frogs can give you salmonella.
Amphibians are well known to carry salmonella and can give humans the infection salmonellosis
from contact with them. It’s advised young children don’t mirror the princess in having
a frog of their own because of their weakened immune systems. Now let’s jump from frogs back to fish.
Or, half-fish that is. Number 5 – The Little Mermaid song that
was almost cut We all know, regardless of how much you liked
it, that The Little Mermaid is a classic. The thing is, it could have been released
without its iconic song “Part of Your World”. THAT’S TERRIFYING.
In a Polygon interview with Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, she said that in early test
screenings the song didn’t perform well. The four minute song wasn’t doing well with
its target audience: kids. The Disney chairman at the time Jeffery Katzenberg noticed kids
were getting restless and distracted during the song, even throwing popcorn around, and
wanted to axe the song. What saved this beautiful song was the song’s
lyricist, Howard Ashman, who apparently said, “If this song goes I go.” And to that
I’ve got to say – thank you, Howard Ashman, for an Anthem. Number 4 – Sleeping Beauty truth
Now, the little mermaid came out in 1989, 30 years after the last princess movie: Sleeping
beauty. Why? Well sleeping beauty wasn’t the only sleeping thing with this movie. The
movie originally bombed. Called a sleeper movie because of it’s delayed
profits, and possibly because it put theatregoers to sleep, the movie originally only made 5.3
million dollars. If you are looking at me like – Abbey, what
about inflation? Just stop there kiddo. It cost six million dollars to make the movie,
so it originally came out as a loss. Now though, it’s nearly ten times the original five
million with a lifetime gross of 51.6 million dollars.
So, if you ever showcase something and it’s not getting stellar reviews, don’t sweat
it. People barely remember the truth that it bombed, so don’t get too worked up about
your personal failures. Number 3 – Tangled’s pricey truth
Adjusted for inflation, Sleeping Beauty we just talked about cost a little over $53 million
with today’s valuation. That pales in comparison with Tangled.
Tangled is the most expensive animated movie Disney has ever made. It’s also the most
expensive animated movie of all time. It’s my favourite Disney movie though, so it’s
worth it. The studio spent an estimated $260 million dollars back in 2010 to made Tangled.
Ranker adjusted this against 2019 inflation to and say it would be equivalent to $320
million today. That’s more than the Titanic! Why was it so expensive? Some people think
it’s because there was storyboarding and writing dating back to 2000, ten years before
the movie’s release, but there are no sure answers out there right now. The good news
is Disney more than doubled their profit with a gross of over 590 million dollars. And talking about profitable… Number 2 – Frozen Names are References
Frozens original title was going to be The Snow Queen, which is also the name of the
work that the movie was based on. Snedronningen, AKA The Snow Queen, was written by Hans Christian
Andersen. When you think of that name, countless childhood stories may come into you head,
but listen to it again. Hans Christian Andersen. Now listen to four main characters in Frozen.
Hans. Kristoff. Anna. Sven. Hans-Kristoff-Anna-Sven.
Hans Christian Andersen! The four names were confirmed on the Frozen
IMDB to be a reference to the author. On another note, what’s another thing characters
Kristoff, Anna, and Sven have in common? No mothers, which brings us to: Number 1 – No mother characters
You may have noticed how a lot of Disney characters don’t have mothers. This could be because
many Disney tales are based on old fairytales where they too, there, didn’t have mothers
– or either parent. But this also could have been for other reasons and Disney producer
Don Hahn gave two more in an interview with Glamour.
The first reason Hahn said there wouldn’t be any parents is because of plot. Most Disney
movies are about growing up and accepting responsibility and a quick way of doing that
is losing your parents, or one parent. An example he used was of Belle. She only had
her father, and then her father was taken away, and she had to step up.
The second explanation for no mother was because of Walt Disney’s past. Walt’s mother died
tragically in a house that Walt bought for his parent’s. A Carbon monoxide leak from
the furnace hospitalized his father and led to his mother’s death. Walt Disney was traumatized
and felt personally responsible. From there, Hahn says that’s why Walt steered away from
mother characters in future films. OUTRO Now, I know that last one was sad, but it’s
important to know that it wasn’t Walt’s fault, and regardless of the tragedy that
happened, he has and continues to impact many lives with his stories of growth.
Now that you’ve heard some of the truths behind those stories, what do you think?
Did you have a favourite or one that stuck out to you? Which ones caught you off guard? If you know of other scary truths let me know
in the comments below and while you’re down there toss me a like and hit subscribe for
more MostAmazingTop10 videos Once again, I’m Abbey, and thanks for watching.
Stick around and watch a playlist too!


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