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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories in Movies

ever find yourself watching a movie and wondering what the filmmakers are really trying to say welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 mind-blowing fan theories in film for this list we’re looking at the most outrageous unproven theories or popular ideas that fans have come up with about their favorite movies just give me one more chance to prove it mr. Grady that’s all I ask number 10 Willy Wonka is a killer Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory down the rushing blender go hunting this theory suggests that the celebrated candy maker snapped years ago and is actually a serial killer I don’t understand that the children are disappearing like rabbits well we still have each other those golden tickets seal the kids doom as they gain access to a factory Wonka has staged to pick off his victims one by one in various ways she was a bad egg where’s she go where all the other bad eggs go down the garbage chute almost a carving chute would it lead to to the furnace how else do you explain the fact that there are only a specific number of seats on its ferry or that his Oompa Loompas are always ready with a death song you know exactly who’s to blame and if you want to go more extreme there are even some who think Wonka’s using his childish targets as the source material for his chocolate bars you see nobody ever goes here nobody ever comes out number nine Doc Brown is suicidal Back to the Future experiment this is a big one lady for my life dr. M Adele Brown is depressed he’s never had a successful experiment hey he makes a half-assed attempt to get himself killed by double-crossing terrorists but finally the scientist decides to end it once and for all after one final effort so one night in 1985 he meets his friend Marty McFly and reveals his newest project a time machine built from a DeLorean the way I see it if you’re going to build a time machine into a car why not do with some style Doc Brown’s steps in front of the car and waits for the end only it doesn’t hit him it has disappeared into the future doc has finally accomplished something and this restores his will to live then come the libyans number 8 Sandy’s dying dream Greece [Music] [Applause] [Music] while singing summer nights Danny boasts about sandy some fans believe that this line is evidence that sandy did drown and grease is just a dream she had before meeting her death I’ve just had the best hour of my life and now I have to go away however there are a few holes in this theory tell me about it instead why would Sandy’s final dream include a shop class a beauty school dropout and a teenage pregnancy on the other hand the end of the movie sees sandy seemingly being flown into the clouds via a red convertible is this a metaphor for heaven you decide Danny is this the end of course not it’s calling the beginning number seven Kubrick faked the moon landing The Shining the faking of the moon landing is a conspiracy theory in and of itself but ever since this adaptation of the Stephen King novel came out there have been many who believe the historical event has a Hollywood connection okay I understand these theorists believe Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landing and boldly showed it off in the shining that is quite a story the proof first little Danny wears a knitted shirt of an Apollo 11 spaceship then there’s Kubrick’s decision to change the room from 2:17 the number in the book to 237 which some fans have linked to the 237,000 miles between the earth and the moon [Music] the Devils in the details here’s Johnny number six roses imaginary friend Titanic I felt like I was standing at a great precipice with no one to pull me back no one who cared or even notice was rose so depressed at the thought of marrying Cal that she literally dreamed up her perfect man otherwise known as Jack Dawson [Music] true they did meet just as roses about to hurl herself off the ship you’re crazy that’s what everybody says but with all due respect miss I’m not the one hanging off the back of the ship here and after their encounter her confidence is suddenly loads higher still if Jack was only a figment of roses imagination wouldn’t that dinner scene be a million times more awkward a real man makes his own luck she tried awesome hmm and you find that sort of rootless existence appealing do you well yes ma’am I do and if there was no jack then who was behind that new drawing of rose take a look at this drawing that we found just today a piece of paper that’s been underwater for eighty-four years number five what’s in the briefcase pulp fiction we have Vincent here we have the million-dollar question of pulp fiction lands at our halfway point I thought so the contents of the briefcase keep on changing the most popular guess is that Marsellus Wallace’s soul is in there a big day after all legend has it that when you make a deal with the devil he removes your soul from the back of your head right where Wallace has that band-aid not to mention the fact that the briefcases combination is 666 yep the mark of the beast so I think yes mm-hmm it’s beautiful goddamn it what is Bueller Bueller number 4 Ferris who Ferris Bueller’s Day Off this is ridiculous ok I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go with I’ll go how can three kids spend a high-profile day on the town on a school day and not get caught Oh Sloan there sorry along now I guess that’s my dad either Ferris is just that good or he’s the product of Cameron’s daydreams Cameron this is my ninth sick day if I get caught I won’t graduate I’m not doing this for me I’m doing it for you as a quiet and depressed high schooler it’s not that far-fetched to think that Cameron would create an alter ego who’s cool fearless and can do the things he’d never do in real life databar could you so I’m gonna make this short and sweet Cameron even brushes Ferriss off after realizing he doesn’t need him anymore to take a stand near the film’s end I’ll take it no I’ll take it no no you don’t want this much heat I want it if I didn’t want it I wouldn’t let you take the car out this morning my major take the car this morning I could have stopped you it is possible to stop mr. Ferris Bueller you know number 3 Jessie’s owner Toy Story 2 big deal Let Go I’m sure precious Andi is dying to play with a one-armed cowboy doll why Jessie you know he wouldn’t last an hour on the streets in his condition all of our hearts broke when we learned Jessie’s backstory about being a once love doll that was outgrown and given away by her owner Emily you never forget kids like Emily or Andi but do you forget you but what if Jessie’s owner was actually Andy’s mom oh you are such a big girl do you think she’s ready to drive the car yet since Andy’s mother’s first name is never given and Jesse and woody are from a playset that existed when she was a girl Andy’s mom could very well be Emily well if the boot fits just take a look at Andy’s cowboy hat which looks suspiciously like Jesse’s and not his favorite toy woody hey it makes more sense than the parallels fans are drawing between the Toy Story franchise and The Walking Dead but maybe that’s just us number two the code name the James Bond franchise do you know a overcomplicates long bond James Bond since 1962 several different actors have stepped into the role of bond without a single recast joke being made good this gave birth to the theory that James Bond is actually a code name and not the super spies real identity what’s so funny event well thanks it’s very 50 name nitpickers have pointed out that he did keep the Bond name when he went rogue but how else would you explain a man who hasn’t aged in 52 years but ahead of you be enjoying death double-oh-seven reporting for duty it’s not like he’s a Time Lord hmm actually I don’t do put a stop leave the things you don’t need now quick before we uncover our top pick let’s take a look at some honorable mentions superheroes in me the lamp and then you shall have your reward [Music] behave yourself r2 for going to get us into trouble number one the Pixar theory the Pixar universe oh that’s gonna be like a billion trade for us to get back to my house in a nutshell the Pixar theory is the idea that all of the studio’s films are interconnected and that the characters essentially live within the same universe starting with Toy Story and ending with monsters University each movie is one part of a single bigger story I don’t understand due to the easter eggs cameos and references Pixar puts in all their movies fans have gone so far as to build a complex timeline incorporating each production and showing the origins of magic in the 14th and 15th centuries how animals and objects can talk well white master is good at art what the world would be like 2,000 years into the future and much more by accident or by design the Pixar theory is a brilliant one that you should check out meeting adjourned do you agree with our list which film fan Theory made your head spin for more interesting top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams you

  • I love the James Bond theory, which I first encountered on the Cracked website. Then I saw that Allan Moore supported it in "League of Extraordinary Men Vol. 3: Century," so it just has to be true.

  • Maybe, Sandy was all of those things, she got pregnant, she dropped out of school ect. that would explain the dream, even though I think it's a b.s. theory.

  • The Pulp Fiction soul theory makes no sense at all.
    Pumpkin asks Vinc if "this is what I think it is". Which means that it is something that Pumpkin is able recognize. Let me ask you this, how does a soul look like? Whatever you say, is this something that is clearly identifyable? I mean, if it's, say, a pulsating orb of light, how would Pumpkin know? Has he seen one before?

    Next, Pumpkin says "IT'S beautiful", which implies that it is a single item. There are some who talk about diamonds, but several diamonds would be addressed as "they are beautiful". A single gemstone would work in that manner, though. Would make sense in the respect that Pumpkin recognizes it and has to ask – if this was an item that was recently stolen and thus big in the news, he would recognize it, but ask since he realized that owning the item would be much trouble.

    The other thing is Vinc's reaction when opening it in the flat. I'm not sure if a gemstone would hold there. Vinc is quite a problem here to find something that fits. The character seems to be oblivious to artistic beauty, and to be pretty much focused on hedonism and a sort of machismo. Also, he knows what is in the box in advance and still falls into awe.

    There is the holy grail thing that I read in the comments, and that one is a way bigger fit. It would explain the radiance we see. It might be enough to even put Vinc in awe. Pumpkin could recognize it as what it is since there are not many cups shining in holy light, and "it's beautiful" would fit nicely. Of course the grail could be interchanged here for other recognizable holy items, and it might also be that the world of the movie contains some information we don't know (like there being a recent report on the feather of an angel that Pumpkin saw, which then was stolen). Such an item that we as audience do not know would go in hand with the fact that the bible of that world contains a passage we don't know.

    Can we drop the divinity of the item? Will be hard. We'd most likely then assume that the radiance is only a dramatic effect and actually not there, which is a bad headstart. The requirement to put Vinc in awe is another big problem here.

    One thing I totally ignored so far is the motivation of the guys who stole it from Marsellus. That one is hard to explain.
    I think there is a good chance that they themself have no idea what it is.
    If it is a divine item, then what would be their motivation? Sell it? Dangerous, and how, to whom? Protect it from Marsellus since they want to do good? Then why not directly give it to the police?
    One possiblity is that they were goons of Marsellus and heard that the briefcase is valuable, without knowing what it is. Maybe they thought it was cocaine, for example. For some reasons, they had a need to hit some cash pretty fast and so they simply took it.

    Another aspect is Jules. Jules thinks that he got a message from god to stop being a criminal. But if it is a divine item, then why did he stop at that? If he succumbs to a fit of faith, then wouldn't he want to secure that item from Marsellus?

    And then, there is Marsellus. If the item was his soul or a divine thing, why is he not with Vinc and Jules? Or at least in the floor of the house or outside? I mean, if the most valuable thing you can think of is to be retrieved for you, wouldn't you be extremely anxious to get it? Instead of doing something as comparatively petty as trying to talk a boxer into throwing a fight.

  • Ok that Titanic theory was so stupid & bad with many holes, even Mojo admitted it; so why the hell did they even add it to the list? Amateur film theory if you ask me.

  • There's a weird conspiracy going around that the shining was actually a horror movie meant to be scary and not a comedy. Strange considering Nicholson's ridiculous performance.

  • 10:30 "Since 1962, several different actors have stepped into the role of Bond without a single recast joke being made"… well, what about when George Lazenby, the first replacement Bond, said "This never happened to the other fellow" in On Her Majesty's Secret Service?

  • Actually the James Bond theory has merit as Ian Flemming said he used the most common name in England for the character. Apparently in the late 50s, early 60s, James Bond was as common In England as John Smith is in America.

  • The problem with the silly wonka theory is that if you read the book, at the end Charlie sees the kids as they are in the glass elevator so none of them die

  • Actually they did make one recast joke on the old Bond movie "On her Majesty's secret service". Showing it's new agents talking over the codename.

  • Wait, no Bond alternate actor jokes? Look in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Lazenby (breaking the fourth wall) "This never happened to the other fellow!"

  • Spelling Totoro wrong in the honourable mentions, even WHEN THE MOVIE TITLE IS SPELLED CORRECTLY RIGHT BELOW IT!
    Someone in the editing room should be fired.

  • who knows whats in the briefcase not even terentino knows. it could be the portal to heaven or a portrait of god or some shit

  • You literraly just make a video almost the same as this one :)) Now that's running out idea :))

  • Someone told me what if in the Matrix that real world is still part of a dream to control human according to the animatrix the machines can always put a human back to sleep if awoken so why not Neo. It gives the humans hope which is an essential key to living.

  • Here's one. A millionaire nut-case goes around dressed as Batman and literally pays everyone around him to be a villain or ward in his own weird world.

  • Rose killed Jack in Titanic, she could have let him on the door, there was room for 2 also he wasn't dead in the water when she pushes him into the Sea, just unconscious! So i am saying Murder definitely !!!

  • I hate that totoro theory. The evidence I've heard is the sandal in the pond, but satsuke blatantly says the sandal isn't mae's. So not dead. U want a fuct up ghibli movie watch grave of the fireflies, u don't need to make up a theory.

  • The distance between the moon and the earth varies between 195800 Nautical miles, or 362600 km. and 405600 km or 218900 nautical miles.
    Since space flight is flight and done in a 'ship' distance is in either km. or in NM. Not in land miles..
    Even then, 237000 is then only an aproximate median in land miles… which space flight does not use….

  • Sandy is ten times prettier than the girls who wear ten pounds of make up these days. Looks like face paint. Probably burns and itches too. Ladies, take it off and just wear a little eye liner and whatever. Your face shines with all that crap

  • 2:07 "WHY THE HECK AM I GETTING MAJOR RICK AND MORTY VIBES?!?!?!?!?!?!!?????!!!!!!!?!?!!?"

    ( but in a good way and not realy the theory that much )

  • Stormtroopers are REBELLION Fighters.
    That's why they miss the hit on purpose and save them when they get captured as if they show they did it unintentionally. ADD MORE PEOPLE. It'll be fun. About Finn? And they always find about the weak spot in Death Star and what not.

  • Bond isn't a codename.
    3 different actor's show emotion to his deceased wife Tracy Bond and even his parents are named as Bond in skyfall.

  • Murder She Wrote: Jessica Fletcher is a serial killer with a talent for framing others for her crimes, even gaslighting the accused to believe they’re guilty.

  • I liked the one in honorable mentions about Stan Lee. Makes sense about all of the Marvel movies. And now he's a Uatu Watchers of his fans up there 😇

  • 666 isn't the Mark of the Best! The Mark of the beast is the 616! That 666 thing was a Misstranslation! By the way: Emily isn't Andys Mom! Because Emily and Andys Mom have differencing Hair Colors! Emilys Hair are Red and the Hair of Andys Mom are Middle Blonde! And the Form From Andys Hat looks different on Jessies Hat! Jedsies Hat and Andys hat have just the Same Color! Not more and not less!

  • There is nothing at all wrong with a crazy middle aged inventor telling a high school boy to meet him in a mall parking lot at 1:00 am with a camera.

  • My theory on Titanic is that Jack was a real street rat and targeted Rose because she looked vulnerable. He really did steal the diamond. Think about it, the story is told by Rose so how would she really know that what's his face really tried to frame Jack. Lol stupid bitch.

  • What about the Harry Potter theory where all along it was him imagining it when he was locked in his cupboard.

  • Or Dr is actually marry mcfly from even further in the future. Why else would a old man be friends with a random teenage kid.. Hhhm mind blown

  • The back to the future theory doesn’t make sense !
    Why would Doc Brown build a time machine out of a car and design it to activate at 88 miles per hour, and place the car at the precise location to go back to the future right before it hits him if he wanted to kill himself ?

  • There’s a recast joke in the bond films. George Lazenby looks into the camera and says. “This never happened to the other guy.” Dudes do your research’s

  • What about "the graduate"? There's a theory that Dustin Hoffmans charakter Benjamin Braddock is actually the half-brother of Katherine Ross character "Elaine Robinson". This theory turns the whole movie upside down.

  • The glowing case is a reference to a classic film noir movie "kiss me deadly" from 1955.this should be well known.

  • Please don't do any drug,ever.If you think any of the stuff you prattield on about was worth taking up anyones times..fuckoff your mildly paranoid, see doctor

  • 11. E.T is a Jedi and the bicycle flys because of the Force

    sounds pretty Legit since there are 3 E.T looking guys in that Senat-room
    (i think in Episode 1) and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are close friends

  • list's name mind-blowing fan theories but 2001 : a space odissey not even on the list. haha this is a joke list

  • So remember the scene in inglorious bastards were Landa interrogated shoshana but she was under Emmanuelle he knew she was shoshana

  • You state since 62' there's never been a recast joke. However, 6 min 53 seconds into On Her Majestys Secret Service. George Lazenby states, "This never happened to the other fellow."

  • Here is my theory for Back to the future. Doc wasn't wearing a bullet proof vest and actually died when he got shot by the terrorists and his time machine working were just the chemicals realesing into his brain causing him to have a dream where him and Marty go into the future.

  • I have one, that I will probably be shouted at for mentioning. You know how it often gets complained about in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, how Indiana Jones survived a nuclear bomb by hiding in a lead-lined fridge and how that would only guard you from the radiation and not the blast itself…

    …Given how God is real in that film series, insofar as Indy had to believe hard enough in God to cross that chasm in The Last Crusade, how do we not know Indy survived because God owed him one for beating the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark and for stopping the cult in Temple of Doom because 'Thou shalt not worship false idols' and so on?

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