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Top 10 Grammy Performances 2019 Ranked By Adults | The 10s (React)

– (FBE) So as you probably know,
the 2019 Grammys just happened recently.
– Yes. – (FBE) So we’re gonna
show you 10 performances from the show
and you are gonna tell us what you think and where
they rank in your heart. – Great. Oh, my god.
I didn’t watch the Grammys. – This is great because
this is the first year I haven’t watched the Grammys. – I’m really judgy,
so I think it’ll be a bit easier, but I might get torn
just based off of a couple of performances. – (FBE) Billboard put out
a list of their rankings of the best performances,
so we’re using their top seven to make up this list,
and then the final three have been voted on by our members.
– Okay. All right. Cool, cool, cool. – (FBE) You ready for this?
– I am. Let’s me be the judge of the rankings. – ♪ Havana, ooh-na-na ♪ – Oh! I didn’t even knew
Camila performed. – Automatically, this
gets top spot for me because this is my song. – ♪ …East Atlanta, na-na-na ♪ – It’s a nice production.
Nice little set. – I like the house. That’s cool. – The production value of the Grammys
is always so great with the stages. – ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – She’s jammin’. Lady in red! Yes. – Camila Cabello is
really killing it this year. – Is that Ricky Martin?
(laughing) No way! Oh, my gosh! – ♪ (singing in Spanish) ♪
– Aah! I love J Balvin. – ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – ♪ Say yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – ♪ Say yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Say, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – Mmm! This was a performance. I’m sorry. I’m just reliving
all these moments I had and everyone’s like be quiet!
It’s the Grammys. We’re trying to watch. – I’m gonna put that right
in the middle, like five. – Seven. – Three right now. – I’m not really a fan
of Camila Cabello, but the performance is really good,
so I might put her at an eight. – ♪ (Cardi B rapping) ♪ – I love her! – Oh, okay. I heard a lot
about the Cardi performance. – (audience cheering) – (Cardi B) Welcome to the Grammys! – This is the intro.
“Welcome to the Grammys.” Or wasn’t that the intro? She just said “welcome to the Grammys”
in the middle of the perf– (laughing) – ♪ I was born to flex (yes) ♪ ♪ Diamonds on my neck ♪ ♪ I like boardin’ jets… ♪
– Okay, she looks good! She just had a baby! – Is she really playing the piano? I don’t hear any piano
in this music at all. – How much piano is actually being
used in this song, though? – It was so visually pleasing for me. – I love this song. I just didn’t think it was
appropriate for the Grammys. (laughing) Oh, my god! – ♪ Get a little bag
and take it to the store ♪ ♪ Get a little cash ♪ ♪ Shake it real fast
and get a little more ♪ – That’s pretty dope.
That’s pretty dope. The outfits are really on point. You know, it’s Cardi B,
so she’s always gotta add that Cardi B flare. – I’ll put at number six. – 10. – Three. – Three. She didn’t really wow me
as much as I thought she would. I was definitely surprised,
but she coulda gave me all little bit more. – ♪ You hold tight to your umbrella ♪ ♪ Well, darlin’… ♪
– Aww, Kacey Musgraves. – This was the same night? – ♪ That there’s always
been a rainbow… ♪ – I don’t know where I was
when this was on then. – ♪ …over your head ♪ – I love these toned-down
performances. – So it’s just dressed down, classy. It’s just about the music. It doesn’t have to be about
all this glitz and glamor stuff. – It’s so hard to see the first two
that I saw and then see this. – ♪ So tie up the boat, take off your coat ♪ ♪ And take a look around ♪ – She’s got such a beautiful voice! Oh, my gosh. – ♪ ‘Cause the skies
have finally opened ♪ – This kind of performance shows
that you don’t need the super grandeur kind of thing. Instead, it’s okay to have something
just focus on the artist itself. – She’s so good. There’s something vulnerable
about you and a piano. I’m gonna put it at number one.
She’s my favorite. – For the Grammys,
it was a tad bit boring. A 10. – I’m gonna do seven. – A seven. – I put Kasey at number nine,
but she’s gonna move to a ten unless I see something
really horrible next. – ♪ What if nothing… ♪
– I love her so much. – Oh, she’s incredible. – ♪ Oh, I’m caught
between your love and a… ♪ – That’s pretty cool, a clear guitar. – I don’t know. I’m not feeling it. – ♪ Oh, I wish there was a right way ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – Cool, go off. – She has vocals, dude. – ♪ …in a hard place ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – I love this! – ♪ (choir vocalizing) ♪ – ♪ I’m caught between your love… ♪ – That choir– oh!
I’ve got chills. – This is such a nice middle
of their production because there’s
extra elements going on here, but the focus is on H.E.R. – Four. – Number five. – Eight. Her voice
didn’t necessarily grab me and it wasn’t more exciting
than Cardi B. – ♪ You get discouraged,
don’t you girl ♪ – This is more my music. – ♪ And it’s your brother’s world… ♪ – Should I know this person? – I’ve never listened
to Brandi Carlile’s stuff. – ♪ You gotta dance
with the devil on a river ♪ ♪ To beat… ♪
– So, you know, this one I could use some
more glitz and glamour, and something.
I’m just bored. – The whole simplistic performance,
it makes you really focus on what’s going on musically
and it’s like… it’s nice. – ♪ To call you weak
and then displace you ♪ ♪ After carrying your baby
on your back across the desert ♪ – This is good.
I appreciate the sparkles. – I am so biased because
I am personally not a fan of county music.
I’m gonna put Brandi Carlile at number 10. – Number seven. – Boring! Putting that at number nine. – I’d like to give her the 10,
but I already put Kacey there, so let’s put Brandi at nine. – ♪ That’s just the way
you make me feel ♪ – (gasping) Oh, Janelle Monáe! – There’s nothing that she can do
that isn’t just impressive. – Mm-hmm. I like this already. – Oh, look at that moonwalk! – (laughing) Now this
is a performance. – (audience cheering) – They look like storm troopers. – I– she’s getting it!
I love it. – See, now this is a performance. – ♪ Black girl magic,
y’all can’t stand it ♪ – Whaaaaat? (laughing) Yes! – ♪ (singing continues) ♪ Let the vagina have a monologue! – [Bleep] yeah! – ♪ That’s just the way that I feel ♪ ♪ Good God! ♪ ♪ I can’t help it ♪ – All right, I’m having
second thoughts about my ranking right now. – God! She can’t do anything wrong.
I’m in love with her. – That does take me back to a Prince,
Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson type performance,
which I absolutely loved. – I’ll put that at number two. – A six. – She’s going number one. The vajayjay always wins. – ♪ There go all my defenses ♪
– Oh, Kacey’s back. Oh! Is this the one with
Miley and Dolly Parton and stuff? – Katy Perry? – ♪ You messin’ with my mind
and fillin’ up my senses ♪ – ♪ Here you come again ♪ ♪ Lookin’ better… ♪ – See, Dolly, she
just came out by herself. Dolly does everything. – She can still sing.
Like, that’s the cool part. – ♪ Joleen… ♪
– (gasping) (singing along)
♪ Joleen, Joleen, Joleen ♪ (sighing) – You all remember
when Dolly Parton played Hannah Montana’s aunt?
Good stuff, huh? – ♪ Your beauty is beyond compare ♪ ♪ With flaming locks of auburn hair ♪ ♪ Ivory skin… ♪
– Damn, Miley looks good. – I love Miley so much. And then Dolly Parton
is like… it’s Dolly. – [Bleep]! Now Monáe’s
maybe not a number one. – I love Dolly Parton. She’s so iconic!
I love Dolly Parton. – Dolly’s a true performer. She outshined all three
of them put together. I’m gonna have to go with the six. – I’ll put that at number eight. – Nine. – Number seven. – Five. – I’m building from the bottom up
because I’m like, I’m hoping these
are gonna get better. – (FBE) Here are the ones
we spoke about earlier that our members voted on.
– Oh, okay. – ♪ (vocalizing)
– I messed up already, so any place is. – ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ – I love her but I don’t like
her new music. – ♪ (holding one note) ♪ – (singing along)
♪ I’m off the deep end ♪ She’s such a performer! – ♪ I’ll never meet the ground ♪ – Her outfit almost has
a KISS vibe to it, with the platforms and everything. – ♪ …the surface ♪ ♪ Where they can’t hurt us ♪ ♪ We’re far from the shallow now ♪ – Wow, that wasn’t long enough. – She’s such an amazing performer
and she’s an an amazing vocalist. Like, just artist in general.
This is tough! – I only saw a little bit of that,
but imagine watching the whole thing. Now, that is great entertainment.
Gaga at number one, bruh. – Five. – I’d give her the number six spot. – Eight. – Two. Oh, god, I only have
nine and ten left. – ♪ I’m trying to find
a way to chill… ♪ – Oh, that’s right! Shawn Mendes
and Miley Cyrus performed. I forgot about this. – Wow, Miley really came out
for the Grammys. – ♪ …are caving in ♪ ♪ Sometimes I feel like giving… ♪ – The emotions that I feel
when Shawn Mendes sings are not okay. – ♪ It isn’t in my blood ♪ – Ooh, they’ve got a string section? Ooh, that was
nice harmonies right there. – ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ – Wow! Okay.
Well, I messed up. – Yeah, it was a nice,
classy performance. – It’s so funny because
I’ve always just imagined him as a kid, you know,
and to see this super tall man out there, rocking it,
that was good. – Four. – I guess I have to put him at nine. – Number two. – That’s my baby.
He gets number two. – I’m gonna have to put it seven. I’m realizing now that I’m
in a little bit of a predicament, where there’s so many good artists
that I don’t know how I’m possibly gonna
end up rearranging this. – ♪ Call me in the morning… ♪
– Oh, Post. – Ooh, I really like this song. – ♪ I’m here… ♪
– Aah, I love Post Malone! – I really have grown
to love Post Malone. – ♪ Now she acting out of pocket ♪ ♪ Tryna grab up on my… ♪ – That’s a lot of fog. – ♪ (singing continues) ♪ – Okay, like, this is good. I’m definitely not denying his talent,
but I also just don’t listen to Post Malone. – (singing along) ♪ …poppin’ pillies ♪ ♪ Man, I feel just like a rock star ♪ – ♪ Dark necessities… ♪ – Oh, he’s jamming out
with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? – I don’t know how I feel about this. – All right. Very versatile artist. – He makes good music.
I just don’t like this. – Oh, that’s such a good song! GOSH DANG IT! You guys have made this so difficult. – Apparently, that’s gonna be a ten. Clearly, that is not a ten
and I messed up here. – Two for now, but that’s changing. – (FBE) Now that you’ve
watched through all of these, we’re gonna give you a chance
to make changes in case you ended up liking some
more than you thought at first. – Yeah.
– (FBE) Let us know when you’re locked.
– Okay. – I am gonna put
Camila Cabello at number one because that’s what she deserves! – [Bleep]! Okay. Honestly, I’m gonna
have to erase all of these. – I’m swapping Camila and H.E.R. My top four are not gonna change. – (FBE) So now that
your final answers are locked, can you walk us through your picks?
– Okay, sure. So I put “Havana” at number one
because not only is Camila very gorgeous
and that song was amazing, I do feel like you
definitely want to go all out, and she did that, so that’s
exactly what I expect from the Grammys. – I feel like every Grammys’ moment
should have something that solidifies it
and everyone remembers it for, and I guess maybe this year
it was remember the 2019’s Grammys, Gaga? Gaga. – I’ll probably second guess myself
for the next few days, but Kacey Musgraves at number one. She’s one of my all-time favorites
and that vulnerable performance. Janelle Monáe,
a throwback to my childhood, and just such
a talented, talented artist. – Kasey Musgrave, just classy. It was kinda like that wild factor
that Lady Gaga had a year ago or two years ago when
she was just in all white. Cardi B, not crazy about it. The spectacle was nice, I guess,
but kinda stripped down her song. Camila, she sold the Grammys
for me, hands down. Every other performance
was just like a– but it wasn’t Camila,
and that was the whole night. H.E.R. because, gosh,
there is just something so good about her voice
where it’s just like aaah. I mean, I wish there was
more to the performance itself, but because of who she was musically,
I was like, you know, you’re up there for me. – One is Janelle
because she was hot to trot without being nasty. Two, Cardi B. She just looked really great.
A little nasty, a lot nasty. – I feel like five up were solid.
Five down is where it starts to get kind of iffy because
they’re really good and really talented, too. – The Grammy performances
didn’t really change my opinion of the artist itself. Like, I still tended to rank
my top artists based off of who I already liked,
and then their Grammy performances just kind of reinforced
my opinions of them, but people like Post Malone
or Camila Cabello, I’m still am not really all
that interested in them. – (FBE) And finally, how
did these Grammy performances stack up to past
Grammy performances for you? – It felt kind of
a little lackluster overall. There wasn’t anything
that really blew me away. – It wasn’t the worst
Grammys I’ve seen, and it wasn’t the best,
so it’s probably down the middle. – It was so theatrical and I was like
this is literally what 2018 was in general.
There was so much, so for them to get on
that Grammy stage and do it, it was like, you guys
are really trying come for some of these past Grammys
and I see you and I appreciate it. – Thanks for watching us
rank Grammy performances on the React channel. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – What did you think of the Grammys? Let us know in the comments. – Bye! – Hey, I’m Katie,
a React channel producer. Thank you so much, you guys,
for watching this episode. We are in the comments,
replying to you within the first 30 minutes of every episode,
so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell and check mark
so you know when we’re there. Bye!


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