Tom Holland Packs On the PDA With Someone Who's NOT Zendaya

alert alert apparently Tom Holland is seeing someone that isn't zendaya this is heart date in general you know while rumors have swirled for a while that the Spider Man far from home stars are an item they have both shot down the gossip why was it important to Billy hey guys come on it's like my best friend of course you know we expected it I mean it comes with the territory further proof Tom was spotted laughing being touchy-feely and holding hands with a mystery woman while at the Black Eyed Peas concert in London's Hyde Park on Monday the two rocked matching black t-shirts and black pants while they waited to get drinks and appeared to be way closer than just friends just look at her hand on his butt and while Tom and zendaya may not be a couple they are still totally cute friends when et caught up with the co-stars in June to talk about their Marple flick the former Disney star called out the 23 year old the way only besties can with all of you how much you did in this film we got behind-the-scenes footage of you and I mean you're running and pull swinging and jumping and all the stunts but then you're getting kind of your butt kicked the water coming to you slamming into doors I mean what is that like and you went into it like okay I'm gonna do this absolutely I mean when you get given an opportunity like this you'd be a bit of an idiot if you didn't go for it you know and for me when it comes to doing the stunts I've always been quite an athletic person and I've always loved gymnastics so quite an athletic person and this mystery blonde isn't the only one with the hots for Tom it's just so nice to be able to put a smile on their face Jake admit it on daytime TV that he thought is sexiest event I've seen that of all time was you and we correct and for we came to the conclusion that the reason he said Chris Hemsworth was a sympathy vote which obviously Chris Hemsworth's incredibly ugly shown so he's just trying to make Chris feel a bit better about himself why he said that I would love you to vote well I would sexiest Avenger I'm not gonna


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