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Tom Arnold Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey it’s Shira Lazar coming to you backstage at the Grammys
brought to you by Turbo Tax with Tom Arnold. Turbo Tax, love it, seriously love it. That’s what we like to hear. Yeah. Thanks for the support. You look great. You look wonderful. You do too
and you’re wearing your music t-shirts. Yes, so I got a, what is this? Fleetwood Mac. I went to a concert in this very
place, Staples Center,Fleetwood Mac. The whole band was back together. They weren’t fighting and I took
a bunch of guys. You know Dax Shepard? He’s on the show Parenthood and Michael Rosenbaum. Anyway, I took them and I said, guys you can
go to a concert and have sober fun. You don’t have to get wasted. Watch me; I’m having
sober fun at the Fleetwood Mac concert. Just then some gang banger threw a beer on me and it was on. I had beer head to toe. So when I went back stage to say hello I smelled like I was having unsober fun and I made an ass out
of myself because I should have said; okay you threw a beer on me, take a step back. Time out time. There’s no need to fight
brother. Instead it was, it’s on. Where was the Zen? It was right over here. Right over here. Where’s the Zen is right. Fortunately the security guy recognized me. Saved my life. Saved my life. So are you having fun here at the Grammys? Are
you bumping into artists, musicians, Yeah, I know. That inspire you Tom? They all inspire me. You know, it’s the people like you that really
inspire me that get up, Appreciate it. every day for Turbo Tax and do what they’ve got to do for Westwood One, which is right down the street from us. What time do you wake up in the mornings? I wake up really early. I know, that’s why I say, what time do you wake up in the morning? Today seven, that’s not that bad. That’s normal. That’s not that bad.
What’s the earliest you have to wake up? We all wake up different times. Five AM. I did not go to sleep between 1986 and 1989. I did not sleep at all. Why not? Good fun. Not sober fun, but good fun. Alright, let’s talk about your show on CMT. Yes, it’s called “My Big Redneck Wedding “. In
case you haven’t seen it, it’s an elegant show. We take people, like the people I married last year, myself I married them, had lived
together four months in a car. You find a woman that will live with you
in a car for four months you grab a hold of her and never let go. These people love each other and that’s why
I do it. These are real rednecks? Yes they’re real rednecks and a redneck is anyone
ten miles outside of a major city. You know, you got a little redneck in you. Thanks Would ya like some? Just kidding, hello but everybody, we all do .and I’ll tell you what, they have a lot
of fun with just a little and that’s what everybody in Americas doin’ these days anyways. So, they appreciate it too. We put this wedding on
for them and they’ll do anything. It’s a lot of fun and we don’t mock them.
I mean, how could I mock anybody, right? No, you’re a sweet guy. No for real, I could but I I wouldn’t anyway. I could but even if I
wanted to be cool, which I do I couldn’t because I’m not aloud in. What’s that guy doing? He’s dancing. He’s saying two. And you have also a book. Yeah.. Losing five pounds? “How I Lost Five Pounds in Six
Years” is the name of my autobiography. A really great self-help book. I’m updating it as
we speak. I swear I am. You know, I ended that one happily married. I
am happily married again, but to another person whose picture is not in the book. So, you gotta update the book. That’s how it goes. So tell
us how you lose five pounds every few years. No, that’s how I lost one hundred and twenty
pounds. It’s an old joke. I just lost one hundred twenty pounds, her name was Heidi. But seriously folks. [drum roll] Anyway, okay last question. Who has guided you through your career? Oh I thought you were on my show. Who has
guided me? I have been very lucky. I have had mentors from my first wife to,
you know, people on the street, the people I look forward to, Prince. Prince, wow. Prince has guided me, yeah. You and Prince, you’re like this. Yeah well, he was from Minneapolis and
I lived there and he puts on an act when he goes out cause he’s really a funny little
guy. You know what I mean? Yeah He’s actually hilarious. So he saves who he is
for when he’s home and when he’s out there he’s Prince or a sign or a number sign or something. Anyway, it’s awesome to be with you. Turbo Tax, check it out, tax times comin’ up. Not just for you,
for me too and my friend. Yes Check it out. Tom, thank you. Free taxes, free taxes Goodbye. Turbo Tax. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you step by step to the maximum refund you deserve.


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