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Tips for Hiring After or Post Prom Entertainment for your High School Event

Well folks the school years already
begun and there’s probably one thing that you’re not wanting to think about
quite yet and that is the END of the school year or sometime in the spring
but today I want to talk to you briefly about some tips for your after or post
prom event. But I do want to talk to you today not so much about the planning in
general but specifically about the entertainment aspect of the after a
post-prom event–hiring professional entertainment quality entertainment for
your upcoming post or after prom. Now the very first thing I want to say about
planning a poster after prom event is you want to do it NOW! I know it’s only
September and you’re thinking why do I need to worry about something taking
place in the spring? For a number of reasons–one you want to start raising
money for the event now because before you know it and will get here it’s like
everything else. And two, a lot of professional entertainers–or the best
ones anyway–do book way out. I myself books as far out as eight months when it
comes to these type of events sometimes I have and I’m almost fully booked even
before the school year begins because people start contacting me that far in
advance. First thing tip number one start working
on it now if you haven’t done so already If you really have no idea what you want
to do for after or post prom entertainment most of you will go right
to the Internet, like everything else, and you’ll do a search but my number one tip
is to do a specific search for after prom or post prom entertainment. Why? Most
of the professionals that actually specialize in this form of entertainment
or who have a lot of experience in it will optimize their websites and their
blogs for those specific search terms. You’ll even find blog pages or web pages
dedicated to the exact type of stuff that they offer for post prom
entertainment and it makes it easier to do a lot of shopping for different types
of entertainers that you’re going to find that wind up in those search
results. Actually do a search for after or post prom entertainment and see what
pops up especially in your local area. Another thing you want to look for is
performers with specifically with experience dealing and entertaining at
high school after proms. You have a lot of great
and talented performers out there that would be more than happy to come to your
event but if they don’t understand the dynamics of the event, the ages of the
kids, if the humor isn’t appropriate or age-appropriate, the thing could turn
out to be a flop–no matter how good the entertainer may be otherwise. So you
really want those professional entertainers that have dedicated their
their hearts and minds and time to specifically entertaining high school
aged students. Another thing I want to tell you about is the magic number three.
THREE. What’s that for? Get three quotes. Even if you’re looking for a
specific type of entertainment try to find at least three different people or
companies that provide that same sort of entertainment. That’s pretty much the
same way in any business and as entertainers we often know that when
we’re bidding that we’re not the only ones bidding. I don’t recommend even if
you think highly and someone’s got great reviews and all that of just going with
the first person that you find as easy as that is to do or the first one that
gets back with you. Some will delay in getting back with you. That tells you a
little bit about them. If they are slow to respond but we’ll get it to that in
another portion of the video but the magic number is three get three quotes.
Do not go with the cheapest performer! So you’ve got three quotes, you decide
you’ve decided on some things if you are accepting their bids strictly on budget,
I’m telling you you’re probably in for a failure. I know everyone wants to be the
one says we saved a lot of money but in most cases of saving a lot of money it
proved to be disastrous for the type of entertainer that you hire. But it’s worth
the extra money to pay a little bit extra for an entertainer that you know
is going to deliver a top-notch entertainment for your kids special
event. Let me ask you this–before before you think the low budget low price is
the way to go, what price do you put on a headache? Another thing you want to consider very closely in dealing with hiring
entertainment for your After Prom event is the booking process. Is the performer
or the entertainer’s or the company’s booking process simple and easy to
manage? Those that are difficult and very procedural and full of a lot of
different steps that you have to go back and forth on generally means that the
performer or the company can be difficult to deal with also so and that
goes both ways I’ve found the same thing with clients. Clients who are difficult
in the booking process for me which I myself make extremely simple two or
three steps and we’re done and the event is booked also we’re problematic with
the rest of the event they don’t give me the stuff I need in my rider, they don’t
provide they renege on things that they promised me they would have and when
they were there are things of that nature so something to think about. Is
the contract simple and easy to understand or is it really involved
written by lawyers in in details that we don’t understand or is it something
simple that applies specifically to your event and it’s something that doesn’t
really put you at risk. Is it easy to understand? And above all is there a
money-back guarantee? Is there a cancellation policy of some kind?
Something that guarantees a refund in the event something goes wrong like the
performer sick injured or killed–God forbid–or that’s weather permitting
usually in the spring that’s not a problem but you know Mother Nature has a
way of canceling things sometimes. So again think about the booking process is
the performer’s booking process simple? If you find yourself in the middle of it
and it’s difficult it’s okay to walk away. A good performer will have a
booking process that’s simple and easy and headache-free. A sign of a true
professional is that they will have a rider that they will make available to
you. Now what is a rider? We’re talking R-I-D-E-R. A rider is a document that
outlines all of the details of things they need to make your event
extra-special and it’s important to pay close attention to the details of these
event of these riders because they’re there for a reason if it says they need
three folding chairs for example three metal folding chairs don’t just decide
to get them plastic ones or just three chairs that don’t fold there’s a reason
they say three metal folding chairs. If it requires a certain type of sound
system he needs two handheld wireless microphones then that’s what you need to
provide if these problems are these are things that are problematic these are
things that you may want to avoid hiring that entertainer for if their rider
doesn’t is too difficult to accommodate so it’s just something to keep in mind
something to think about I’ll make sure that you can accommodate all of the
details of that rider. Another another thing you want to keep in mind is how
easy or difficult is it going to be for this performer to setup and takedown for
your event? Very important because what you might find sometimes is you have a
very inexpensive or cheap performer who has an elaborate and detailed setup that
is very difficult to manage very difficult to accommodate and sometimes
you’ll have a very expensive performer who gives you a virtually no headache he
comes in completely or she comes in completely self-contained and requires
nothing on your part so again it’s just something to think about when you’re
considering cost versus overall cost of the headache. Another thing to consider
is the is the facility that you’re going to be having the after or post-prom
event in. Is it going to be conducive to the type of entertainment that you’re
hiring? It may not be what works for a band doesn’t necessarily work well for a
hypnotist or a magician or Mentalist and so it’s just something to think about
I’ve had – especially if your school has a rather large attendance at their after
prom I have one scheduled for next year that is for students 700 students and
they are not holding it in their high school they’re actually holding it in a
civic center which is a good alternative place that most high schools do their
post or after proms so it’s just something to think about is the
gymnasium going to be great for the band or is the sound gonna reverberate too
much? Is your DJ gonna be able to set up and get in and out easily? Just things
like that so is the facility conducive so that is a really strong factor in
determining the type of entertainment that you should be hiring for your event.
And above all else even if you followed all of these tips to the letter and you
everything seems like it’s making sense and is adding up I want to say this
trust your instincts if for some reason you don’t think that the performer may
be for your After Prom a post-prom event
for whatever reason why if it’s just a vibe that you get from the person or a
way that you’ve dealt with them or something–trust your instincts and
don’t hire that person or trust your instincts–if your instinct says hire this one
even though things don’t seem to add up because some may not have all of their
ducks in line as the saying goes they may be an actually perfect fit for your
event again these are just some guidelines to help you have a wonderful
prom or post prom or after prom but again in the end you want to make sure
to trust your instincts because those are the things that you have to live with
long after the event is over well folks hopefully you’ve enjoyed that there’s
just some simple tips when two things to think about that I want you to put to
use and after prom or post prom is a very important night for these young men
and women and you always want to make it the absolute best it can be
it takes a little bit of planning and a little bit of forethought if I didn’t
cover everything that you needed to know or you have some questions please leave
them in the comments below we will be more than happy to answer them but either
way hope you have a wonderful school year and we’ll see you next month

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