Tina Knowles “Annoying” Beyoncé Is a Whole Mood | E! News

Stevan all the knowing the hell out of Beyonce is a mood for mothers and daughters everywhere and a rare behind-the-scenes with me moment Tina's seemed cutting yawn stays locked in a hilariously personal video shared by Beyonce's hair stylist Neil Farina and the clip Tina does her impression of Neil MP wasn't loving Tina who also shared then deleted the vid captured her post I was trimming my babies here today and I'm mocking me getting on her nerves being really annoying meanwhile Neil tagged Beyonce and Tina and wrote what we what wig yes yes all natural let them know say what black girl's got hair while their banter was entertaining fans also love seeing Tina on trimming duty there's just something about seeing black mothers still doing the hair of their daughters that makes me emotional one fan commented this is beautiful Tina has shared other mother-daughter moments on Instagram too like this hilarious Face Swap video of queen bee's face morphed with her mom's my baby Beyonce sent me this Tina said at the time it's really cool her face and my face together her voice coming out of my mouth or maybe it's breakups or restin so much more


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