Tiger Oscar Fish Care – Food, Facts, & Behavior

  • I have 3 Oscars rn 2 albino I got as a pair and 1 red Oscar and i got them as guppies had them in a 5 gallon and just switched them to a 20 gallon their each about 3 inches long and I don't have anything other than gravel and a hut the smallest albino stays inside the hut and the red Oscar and the bigger albino r always swimming around against the tank now but only going up and down in ones spot b4 they would just sit still and be calm and swim but now what? They have a bigger environment and ill be going bigger but I feel like somthing is missing or wrong…..tbh I'm the genre or how to tell the gender

  • I have 2 Red Oscars in a 60 gallon tank They act like dogs begging for treats when I feed them and they always come to the top of the tank when I walk by. I had 3 African Cichlids growing up with them but it didn’t work so have Oscar’s with their own kind

  • When my Oscar reached maturity, I could see a small pointy protuberance in its anal region. I assume it’s a male because of this. His fins are long and pointy, and he has nice rich coloration and patterning on his flanks. But when he reached maturity a few weeks ago, he acted very strange for one and a half weeks. He spent most of the day lying on his side, looking dead and motionless for hours. I thought he was sick and dying. I checked the water conditions, and everything was normal. No ammonia or nitrites, and a low nitrate level. I changed the tank water as usual anyways. Other than this strange behavior, he didn’t have any wounds or obvious disease on him. At night, he would rise and swim normally, and eat in his normal manner. When he ate, he ate fine, which was a good sign. But come morning he would lie on his side again. He wasn’t bloated or constipated either. When I put my finger in front of him, he would open his mouth wide and flare his gills in an aggressive manner. This odd behavior lasted for almost two weeks. After this, he seemed to snap out of it and is now 100 percent normal. I wonder if this strange behavior was the result of him maturing sexually? Maybe he was venting his sexual aggression in a weird way? Has anyone else encountered such weird Oscar behavior?

  • So we had a tiger oscar (Bob) for about 4-5 years in a 55gallon tank, by himself. The tank was so dirty with purple algea and very hard to clean. We got a catfish (Bill) (about 7 inches at time) we introduced the two fish with much caution. Bob and Bill would like stare at each other for the first week. They went on to grow bigger, Bob was 3 lbs when he died at age 8 and we still have Bill who is over a foot long and now lives with koi fish.

  • I have a Oscar in a 5 gal!He’s almost 10 inches now. But I’m about to upgrade to a 7.5 gal so it will be ok.Im about to put some tetras in there.Also I have no filter but I do 90% a day so he’s ok.

  • I have my Oscar in 10 gallon bowl and I feed him hot dogs and fried chicken and he's doing just fine. Stop hating. You don't need a big tank if you don't want them to grow big and they can get all their nutritional needs from human junk food anyway so you can just feed them left overs. That's why they're so easy to care for.

  • I have had a school of XLarge Tiger Barbs with my 16 in Oscar in a 90 Gallon….He did not bother them…they actually harassed him! Had to move them to another tank…..

  • Oscars can have tank buddies, If you choose wisely. As a matter of fact they become very depressed when loosing a tank buddy. A 55 gallon is not near big enough for a pair. Personally I would want more than that for one after maturity. And as far as “easy keepers” they produce mass amounts of waste and ammonia levels are high so for beginners the tank can be a challenge. Just my opinion!

  • Use to have two of those Oscar Fish, along with hammer head catfish and it harass them everyday. I lave a medium size tank and they grown pretty fast in the tank, a have them adopted by a friend of mine because they are really hard on other fish

  • I once had 4 Oscars full grown in a 55 gallon Aquarium with no problem I did have very strong filteration and keeping the filters clean was a weekly chore as far as aquarium decoration I added iron ore rocks .

  • If you have one fish in one tank and it get ick could I treat it in that tank or would I still have to get another one

  • Awhile back i got goldfish feeders and 5 of them he didnt eat and now they've gotten too big to eat and my oscar doesnt mess with them. Seems happier since they moved in.

  • I know this video is old but I just bought two baby red tiger oscars and I have both of them in a 75gal aquarium thats 4 feet wide and 18 inches deep so it should be fine for them to easily turn around when they are full grown. My question is since they were from the same tank where i bought them, will they have problems with being aggressive with eachother or will 4 feet wide and 18 inches deep be enough tank for them to stay apart if they do get aggressive? I have a 125gal that I am getting ready to rebuild but I wanted it to be a catfish tank. I have heard that a lot of oscars really arent mean but have more of a puppy like attitude. I dont know but they were so pretty so I had to get them both.

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