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Thrive at Work | Curtinnovation Awards 2019

Research shows that people
thrive when work is meaningful, productive and healthy.
And when the workforce thrives, the benefits flow through
the entire organization. But, the opposite is also true. Annually, mental health issues cost the
Australian economy an estimated $11-billion dollars through absenteeism, compensation costs and lost productivity. Suggesting that current approaches to
workplace well-being are falling short. This is the challenge that Curtin’s
Future of Work Institute is addressing through its Thrive
at Work initiative. Bringing together world-class research,
the best management tools, resources and strategic thinking
to enable people and Organizations to do just that – thrive. This framework is designed to guide
organisations through an increasingly complex, challenging and dynamic business landscape. Thrive at Work, uniquely, focuses on prevention; Transforming the nature of work,
rather than trying to fix individuals impacted by current work practices. From a purpose-built web presence, to collaborations and consultancy services, the framework is being used to guide
strategic thinking by groups and organizations ranging from resource giant Rio Tinto mining construction
company BGC, the Australian Tax Office to small regional enterprises. ensuring there remain agile, innovative, and successful well into the future.

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