This has never happened…. Why Don't We Concert | Oscar Guerra

you guys like my show what's up guys welcome back to my channel today guys we're gonna be doing some a little bit more different blogs sup guys we'll move on to the bug it's me ostrich EE it rhymes I got you okay things we're gonna keep that for sure but we are going to the wide don't avoid concert today in Costa Mesa really excited to actually go because I've never acted into the concert so you know I got to go out there and support the homies so let's go so this is currently going on I'm not showing up to this place without a braid is all I'm saying I'm sorry that I'm in a car bouncing on the freeway like let me repave the road if I would have threw up on myself now hey now I know I could take down the road what's up YouTube I'm taking over copywriting oh yeah what did you say so why don't you have tickets in our hands after like an hour and a half of actually driving out so tired inside you slept in the car the entire time Chris [Applause] today is a really big day for me I recently I accomplished like what about most wildest dreams I just signed to Atlantic Records how much about the executive plays bro okay preferably bigger than this one I already hate it all right but uh you getting your coffee okay I bought them to get it cut it's all about the form uh-huh a little bit of a dunk you know not too much not too little maybe mm-hmm hold on Wow you're honestly up to something I think that's me bro Wow we are executive plays Wow [Applause] [Applause] whether you know what about a lot we tie I do it we get won't you do it okay why not to have it a lot of time you're the one my life is crazy all right if we tie me yeah what up – okay we go one two three – lets go no I don't know my way you don't need one come on top of the controller : come on the whole thing yeah do that this point right that's right that's right let me I like ninety seeds in it I'm still trying to you know you're very pretty Crawford what do you think of the show was it great hey I got Optimus Prime hi guys so that's gonna be the end of today's video vlog hope you guys enjoyed it honestly I had a blast the guys killed it wish them nothing but the best of luck in the tour if you guys have a chance make sure to go check them out honestly it's it's a it's a crazy show guys so do it make sure to LIKE subscribe do all that thing and so next time


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