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This Harvard Student Body Campaign Rap Video Got Kerry Washington’s Seal Of Approval

– Let me ask you all, what crazy thing did you do to win student
council when you were younger? Cause did you give out candy? Did you make promises you couldn’t keep? Maybe? That’s what they all did
at my school, they lied. But that’s cool, I’m obsessed though, with a video of two
student body candidates sharing big ideas for their school and this isn’t just any school. We’re talking about Harvard University so, check ’em out. ♪ Ah, it’s James and Ify ♪ ♪ they do it so spiffy ♪ ♪ They got the campus super litty; ♪ ♪ so smart and so witty. ♪ ♪ If there ever was a problem, ♪ ♪ you know these two are gettin’ busy ♪ ♪ It’s Ify and James. ♪ ♪ Better recognize the name, ♪ ♪ the most inclusive campaign. ♪ ♪ You cannot beat the diversity, ♪ ♪ the campus will not be the same. ♪ – All right Harvard! All right, that was amazing! That viral video was
produced by James, Ify and other Harvard students. Here to tell us about
their winning campaign are James and Ify. All right, stand up for us ya’ll! (applause) So, James and Ify, ya’ll are groundbreakers, is right, right? – Yes, yes, so I’ve
been on student council for the past three years. James has been on for the past two, and we are the first
President, Vice-President who are minority students so – [Kelly] Wow! (applause) So how did the video come together? Who was like, “I got a real fresh idea.” – So, yeah, I mean, so
when we set out to do this, we’re both creatives, music
artists, and we were like we’ve gotta do something different. Something that no one’s expecting when they think of student
government and so – – You did it! – Yeah, right, right
and so we came together. A bunch of our friends were
already part of a group that I co founded actually, called 21CC So the whole scene was
assembled, and we were like we have a singer, we have a rapper, we have a saxophone
player, we have, you know – – You got Kenny G in there, all right! Yeah! – Everyone was right there
and we said, you know, let’s put this together
and see what we can do. – Oh my god, it’s really
cool, and your video caught the eye of a lot of famous people. I mean, were you kind of shocked by that? – For sure, I mean, my
brother posted it on Twitter. He only had 200 followers
so we didn’t really think it would have that wide of a reach but then Dwyane Wade re-tweeted it. Kerry Washington who
is my favorite actress, Olivia Pope, the Olivia Pope – Yeah, right – And just the general
reception was amazing. I think it speaks volumes
to what our message was that you don’t have to look a certain way or act a certain way
in order to be able to engage in politics. You don’t have to fit the mold but you can come and
change the space, right? And then also just our
message of diversity and inclusion. It’s one thing to slap a
bunch of faces on a poster and say diversity, but it’s another thing to make people feel included. – [Kelly] Amen! I mean, there’s a reason why James and I did not speak or sing or rap or anything in that video, it was about
extending our platform so that we could collaborate with others and lift everyone’s voice. – Yeah! Okay! It’s a really cool innovative way to not only get elected, but like you said, make everybody feel included and a part of it, and that’s
what we should be about. That’s what humanity should be about. So thank you so much for
setting an example for us. – [Ify] Thank you! – Thank you so much


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