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have you ever dreamed of getting a makeover who hasn't this is face alright hi my name is charisma was recently diagnosed with lupus it's been a challenge but I've been working really hard to overcome it I know that how you look on the outside can make a big difference on how you feel on the inside my style is pretty much athleisure everyday I love Emily Ratajkowski style she's confident and strong and chic and I love that thank you glam squad I'm really excited for this makeover awesome now what's the game plan I'm gonna give her a blunt cut clip in extension and we're gonna sleek her out what about makeup so for makeup I'm gonna give her dewy skin fresh pink cheeks and a flesh tone very little water for me I'm gonna grow something elegant and shape that address the letõs together you guys are gonna be at a lunch yeah salad love what gonna face forward you excited I love your t-shirt by the way yes do you have I have four excuse me four well so M Radha her style is so chic so sultry and she loves to grab attention with her look let's get right into it this little green number thank it's perfect okay I get it let's call this look turtle love if you're looking for fall colors in your wardrobe Boras green does the trick it's warm and cozy especially in an in I'm calling this look I got a nude attitude a new dress says it all you can either accessorize in the color palette or simply pair it with the strap you stiletto and walk out the door I'm calling this look your biggest fan II stylize your look by belting a quilted bag around your waist a bold print you can add spice to any outfit just keep the print in the same color story yes girl serving up Street style swag I love this look okay well we have three amazing strong looks and I'm gonna send you up to char and get your hair done get your fanny pack up on out of here Danny so I'm really excited today because we're gonna be channeling our inner in Radha and she has this really dope lob so we're gonna transform your Bob into that it's some sultry inches and some clipping all right girl here are your inches and this is gonna help us transition from your Bob into that log we're gonna start at your nape and just get the clip in all right so now that we're at the top we're gonna start to angle the clip-ins towards your face all right girl these clippings are in now it's time to style to help with blending I'm gonna use this razor basically soften the ends of your bob so it blends perfectly with your clippings girl girl are gonna fly and I think you'll be in ready girl you are giving me model vibes with this sleek hair so you go ahead and get your model stance ready and I'm gonna sashay away I'm so excited we are gonna give you an M Radha iconic look she's known for her fresh dewy skin pink cheeks and a soft flesh tone berry lip let's be that face your brows are gorgeous girl but we're gonna go ahead and just fill it and next for foundation we're gonna go ahead and do a light layer and we're gonna just dab it and even out the redness in your skin tone so next is the fun part with the skin I'm gonna go ahead and take liquid highlighter and strategically place it on the highest points of your face all right go so for the M Raja signature Instagram smokey man snatched your eye you want to take a bronzy color and go ahead and just run that across the lid with a fluffy brush so next we're gonna go ahead and line the eyes and smudge this out we're gonna go ahead and take the blush and Pat it on the cheeks girl I think you are ready for some lashes and lips are you ready all right we're just gonna go ahead and apply a whisper dashes honey and you want to get it as close to the lash line to make it look real last but not least we're gonna go ahead and lie and lips with a natural very flesh tone pencil fill it in with lipstick and finish it off with some gloss are you am ready to see our look well before we do let's get into some wardrobe all right charisma you ready to see her look yeah let's reveal in three two you look like a model girl hottie buddy buddy buddy girl that's not obvi I want my surprise but you know walk this way let's go and now a Hollywood glowers watches don't buzz it shoot yeah girl you have some charisma right oh wow ski work serve look at that face look at those shining LA blended to perfection oh my gosh that Keisha Patrick whose office is this I don't know but I just followed the food mmm Emily who now that's a makeover hey fabulous it's Patrick Starr here from space forward subscribe to e news to catch new episodes of face forward every Tuesday and stay up-to-date on all of your favorite pop culture news click the button I know you want to


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