theHunter: Call of the Wild – Trophy Lodge Spring Creek Manor Trailer

  • The lion looks good I just hope they graphically overhaul the mane in a future update to make it look much better

  • Im on PS4 and i bought the trophy lodge and i try to go to the trophy lodge but its telling me i dont have the DLC but i bought the DLC…and i closed my app and restarted my ps4 but it keeps telling me that i need to purchase the trophy lodge but i already did. Pls help me ASAP 😭

  • ❗️ ❗️ ❗️ @Expansive Worlds
    & Avalanche Studios PLS READ THIS AND SET UP TO THE GAME PLS ❗️ ❗️ ❗️ 
    Please fix the damn game it's so horny I'm addicted to it but the bugs and bugs like random crashes make the game so broken that it's not just bug fixes for the new updates or DLC's meant for the whole damn game I ask for that you do that at last completely I see with every day a lot more your false or floating in the air grasslands and discover more elongated textures rivers that should not be so in these places usually you just have to lie down in the grass to see these mistakes I know it's a lot of work but after 2 years time it's the 2 standard maps that you can already get as a free DLC's and the main map to beautify or fix I'm a gamer who loves perfect games the game is perfect in terms of graphics KI but and the little ones but also very large occurring in the air hovering grass departments are very annoying, especially for someone who Detailed landscapes like.

  • They sure love to lavish attention and detail on this game.Too bad they treat the original like crap and its still stuck in graphic quality hell.

  • Have you guys fixed the problem where this doesn't show up on xbox , it won't let me get to any hunting lodges

  • Perfect game, congratulations to everyone of the EXPANSIVE WORLDS, but it is missing a more advanced version with a DLC with a horse in case the character prefers the horse than the quadricycle, and another DLC with dogs of all races and sizes, to to help the hunter in the breeding of the prey or even to be able to slaughter the prey themselves, after at least twelve hours of prey hunting, breeds of dogs such as beagles, foxhounds, Argentine bulldogs and many other breeds do not be injurious, the player can customize the color of the horse and the dogs, which I believe a five dogs is already enough in the accompaniment of the hunter in the game. watch this video ( ( and answer me if the possibility of EXPANSIVE WORLDS make these two DLC'S more improved than I quoted! ??? XBOX ONE.

  • I'm very excited for the DLC. I can't wait to see how some people are going to display their trophies.

    I think an albino room would be neat.

    What about you?

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