The Zombieland 2: Double Tap Trailer Is Here! | SJU

  • Random question: Why don't they have Kevin Conroy play Thomas Wayne?
    Not only would it be a badass cameo, but it leaves room for him to play an older, Flashpoint Batman.
    Conroy's in good shape in this video, I 100% believe that he could bulk up like J.k Simmons.

  • Regarding the "making art vs. making a living" topic in the second half, I have to recommend the indie film "Having Fun Up There" directed by Frankie Frain, written by Geoff Tarulli. It is absolutely amazing and delves into art vs. selling out from an unsuccessful musician's point of view when he meets a young aspiring musician.

  • Its amazing how fast time marches on. When broadcast tv was still a thing, I used to watch Batman Beyond at 5pm every day, then Seventh Heaven right after. Its comforting to know that Jessica Biel is still hot.

  • I haven't seen Batman Beyond, but just based on what was said in this episode, what about Jacob Elordi from Euphoria as Terry?

  • One of my favorite parts of Zombieland was the limit cast. It was 4 people coming together and being isolated. All the cameos scare me. Like I'm fine with wordbuilding and expansion, but I hope it doesnt take away from the main cast.

  • Dan, I'm sorry. I love you…..but that Shaun of the Dead bit will never get old to me. Every movie could do it…….and I'd love it……..EVERY MOVIE!

  • I would prefer a batman beyond movie to regular batman it has more stories to tell that we havent really seen yet

  • "Lala Land with Zombies" came out last year. It's called "Anna and the Apocalypse" and it's also a Christmas movie and it's great and better than Lala Land.

  • You guys forget that Emma Stone was, basically, a newcomer when she did the first Zombieland…it was before even Easy A…she was probably contractually obligated to do this, guessing that she basically had no choice but to do this…I hope not, because this looks fun

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