The Worst Olympic Race | 1500 meters, 4 disqualified athletes, and only one medal awarded

whether it's winter or summer the Olympic Games give athletes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for greatness they work endless hours to reach their athletic peak performing on the world stage for sport and country but in 2012 a headline event became such a laughingstock so comically tainted by controversy that we may never see such thoroughly dirty competition ever again at the games this is the worst Olympic race London Stadium London England the women's 15-hundred meter final at the Summer Olympic Games August 10th the year of our Lord 2012 a particularly terrific year for women in the Olympics as it's the first year that all participating countries send women to the games including Saudi Arabia Qatar and Brunei also we have women's boxing for the first time yes anyway these are your finalists face is running the 15-hundred an always tough middle distance event that requires speed endurance and strategy and these athletes have all of that well and some of them a little bit extra but you know what it's the summer of 2012 and carly Rae Jepsen's call me maybe is spending an extra long time at number one sheriff joe arpaio is extra positive that president obama's long-form birth certificate is fraudulent no doubt about it and Lance Armstrong becomes the highest profile athlete to be banned from Olympic sports for an extra long amount of time life for doping did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes you can see where we're going here after just over four minutes the race is over the results are in Turkey's as leaky wrapped akin takes home the gold silver goes to turkey's Gamzee balut with bahrain's maryam use of Jamal earning bronze but spoiler alert most of these results won't stand and you'll soon find out why this has been called the dirtiest race in history let's zoom out and start towards the back eight the 9th place a pair of local Brits lure awaitin and Lisa doe Brisky who in a nice bit of foreshadowing will both air their suspicions about the cleanliness of their competitors which brings us to Ekaterina cosets Chaya Russia former hurdler an 800-meter competitor she tests positive almost two years later to the day in 2014 during a month that saw transformers age of extinction dominate the box office and don't worry here's even more transforming up a little from there Natalia carava Belarus busted for doping two years after the race in September of 2014 with results from 2010 on including this one disqualified completely oh and speaking of disappointment after two years Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married right then in 2014 only to divorce a couple years later up a little bit more and like Brangelina also disappearing fifth place ABBA our Ogawa of ethiopia four years later she too is suspended for doping but that penalty is rescinded shortly after because of a lack of proof over the timing fourth place tatiana thomas ova russia who ran in 2004 took silver miss 2008 as part of a doping ban but runs a good race in london clean as of this recording bronze medal maryam yusuf jamal the first Bahraini to win an Olympic medal ever and wait she did it clean this is an enormous deal for jamal bahrain track and field and for the olympics but with hindsight it is actually incredibly infuriating because silver and gold the turkish duo of Gamzee pollutant as lee kooky wrapped akin both eventually test positive and are stripped of their medals for doping balut test positive in 2016 and has her previous results wiped out after him gets caught a few months after the race in 2013 and then again a couple years later which gets her a lifetime ban in September 2017 for repeated offenses leaving her with plenty of time to binge on the newly released season three of narcos on Netflix we had no idea there they all are and all of their asterisk glory tainted by an unquenchable thirst for scientific help running point nine three miles so yes on the world's biggest stage and a Games defined by a big win for equality the women eventually showed that it didn't just have to be the men gaining infamy for track and field doping we got an overwhelmingly dirty field a full-on doping party to taint everyone insanely hard work to get to London and the world's belief an impressive middle distance running so remember this Olympic fans you might learn about tearjerker backstories you might see terrific performances but 2012 taught us one thing unless you're a curling fan trust no one done if you're watching this it means I'm dead oh sorry subscribe to SB Nation comment below tell us what worse do you want to see thanks for watching

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  • I find it funny how the brits said it was rigged, probably they knew before the start! XD (this is not a hate, it’s just a thought, please don’t flame me)…

  • Stupid question: how were these women proven to be doping years after the race was over? Did the testing committee have preserved urine samples from the race? If not, how could they prove that they were doping during the time of the race? I get the impression that the women tested positive for doping at some arbitrary future point and then they had their results retroactively rescinded. If thats the case, how could they prove that they were on PEDs during the race? Someone please explain!

  • One of these days, you should cover the "Dan Vs. Dave" phenomenon of 1992, and how it eventually flamed out.

  • everybody (including the video creator) should take a look to 30 for 30 "race of the century" documentary before blaming this race as "the worst Olympic race"

  • Are we all just going to forget the 1976 Olympics?  Geoffrey Butler cheated by taking a taxi to the finish line!  He was the shame of a nation!!!!!

  • The worst modern college football game. My alma mater losing to Auburn 3-2

    In a mountain of low points offensively in the Croom era, that was the peak low point

    Auburn kicked a field goal and then held our guy in the end zone. which resulted in a safety

    5 points. Auburn responsible for every one of them

    The Worst

  • The 1998 Seoul men's 100m final is arguably worse. The winner, Canada's Ben Johnson, tested positive for steroids at the post-race test and was stripped of the gold – that led to discovery of the systematic doping, led by the coaches, of the entire Canadian track and field team.

    The eight runners in the 1988 100m men's final, by order of finish:
    1. BEN JOHNSON, CANADA – ran a world record time that wouldn't be beaten until 11 years later (obviously not upheld as the official record); stripped of the medal after testing positive; has since admitted being on steroids his whole career
    2. CARL LEWIS, USA – the eventual gold medalist; years later, it would be revealed that he'd tested positive 3 times for 3 separate stimulants in the US trials leading up to the Seoul games, but the US Olympic Committee cleared him anyway and suppressed the results; maintains his innocence and claims that the stimulants were taken accidentally
    3. LINFORD CHRISTIE, GREAT BRITAIN – eventual silver medalist; tested positive at the 1988 Seoul games for pseudoephedrine, but the IOC voted not to sanction him; claimed Carl Lewis should've been disqualified for running out of his lane during the 1988 final; won Olympic gold in the same event in 1992; later tested positive in 1999 for nandrolone and banned by the IAAF; maintains his innocence, claims the positive test was due to eating lot of avocado
    4. CALVIN SMITH, USA – the eventual bronze medalist; a career rival of Carl Lewis; his coaches have always claimed Lewis was dirty; no history of positive tests or doping-related allegations
    5. DENNIS MITCHELL, USA – went on to win gold in the 1992 men's relay; banned in 1998 for abnormal testosterone levels; in 2008, testified in the BALCO investigation, admitting to HGH use
    6. ARNALDO DA SILVA, BRAZIL – no positive tests or doping allegations; later won bronze in the 1996 men's relay
    7. DESAI WILLIAMS, CANADA – was outed for doping in the subsequent investigation into Team Canada's massive doping scheme; has admitted his doping history
    8. RAY STEWART, JAMAICA – became a track coach after his career; received lifetime ban in 2010 for doping his athletes

    So of 8 runners, 4 would end up being banned for doping during their careers, 1 had positive tests but avoided discipline, and 1 would be banned for distributing PEDs as a coach. Only 2 have since remained untainted. And keep in mind the state of the science at the time; tests were nowhere near as accurate as they are now and testing was not regularly conducted.

  • Please come to the point instead of advertising countless films, stars, and songs. I don't need anyone throughing random attention bits into my face to keep watching your video.

  • Do the Worst FIBA Basketball Game between Australia and the Philippines (the one where a massive brawl happened)

  • I'd love you to do more on these more smaller sports. You should do one for cycling and do "Worst way to lose the Tour de France", and look up Eugene Christophe and how he lost in 1913…

  • Russia's olympic programs are rife with doping and have been for decades.

    Must make the motherland look stronk.

  • This race was a big win for equality. It proved that women could cheat just as hard as men if they really tried.

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