The Work Wife – MarVista Entertainment

you're not nervous are you a little you are a senior copywriter at pepper and you're even talking about this agency for years how can I be of assistance I actually want you to meet someone Lea said you wanted to see me we think we can triple yourselves by simply stating that Harper's gent onic is the star sir Sean and I can create a presentation and have it ready for you in just a couple of days I saved their Miller why are you treating me so nice I have a slight crush on you kind of married I know it makes you even more attractive to me I have to go you have any kids not yet but uh we can tell me my wife just said her second miscarriage it's probably none of my business but he mentioned to me that we were having a really a hard time starting a family we talked to you about that a professional gin and leave my life alone I heard about the fire and I just got the creepy feeling that it was your house how did you hear about this I heard it in the news what news there's no one here he told me he'd never hurt you for me but he changed his mind they love him don't move you lied to me it's almost like we're married for death do us part


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