The Witcher Netflix Cast Interview with Entertainment Weekly at SDCC

I'm Sam – and we're live at the 2019 aww Comic Con video studio presented by Toyota Corolla what's the cast of The Witcher you guys are just getting started on your comic-con but obviously in terms of fandoms I mean there's nothing bigger than San Diego what are you guys most excited for this weekend sure yeah I'm sure you'll see like a thousand more this is this is really like in terms of shows like this is your group of people like the common people are The Witcher fans who are probably going to be the most excited but I do want to start I'll start actually with Lauren it obviously like how long were these books on your radar how long had this been a thought of like oh I would love to create this one day um I mean I've been working on this now for a little over two years so by the time it rolls out I think it will have been you know 28 months or something that I would have been on the project so I read the last wish which was the first book of short stories and they're amazing and I fell in love with them but I never thought that I would be the person to actually turn it into a into series because you guys have fully shot it you've wrapped it what was the way did you shoot the best oh wow so you like that's way cooler than like Vancouver that's pretty cool it's great no but fur I mean for you three what was your witcher knowledge going into this were you aware of the books of the game was this all brand new to you it was totally yeah but I remember before my my last audition I went into the book shop and I picked up one of the books and just started reading a little bit about Siri and then when I got the part I read blood of elves like in two days I am I will I'm a big gamer and so I played the games a lot and then when I heard that the show was becoming a thing it was a bit like a an opportunity dream come true and I heard they were adapting the books instead of the games and so when I bought the books and read them all back to back very very quickly yeah yeah that's that's my experience so it's um very personal to me I yeah like Freya I I didn't know of novels or the game and so when I went in for the audition I think that was really lovely actually to approach that in you know not not knowing yeah and obviously after getting the part that's when I couldn't stop reading yeah got very invested have you guys learned at this point how to like succinctly sum up the complicated world of The Witcher no give us 30 minutes can anyone do it in like a sentence but I mean for you Lauren what was like the casting of these three like did you have anyone in mind when you were writing it um well interestingly each of their casting stories is a little bit different but I met with Henry very early on way before I had a script or anything I know I went that meeting and I was like dude I don't I don't even have anything for you to read so we met a lot of girls in the process but funny enough when we eventually ended up hiring Henry I told him that I had his voice in my head the whole time I was writing Carolyn's which really sort of it's that's how you know that you found the right person we read everyone we could read and and same with Anna and with Freya both of them we read so many women but when we were in the rooms with him on the day you just know when you found the person and it's like here we are and especially the chemistry between these three is amazing and obviously anyone who's familiar with the stories knows it takes a little while for them to get together um but you are rooting for it from the very beginning because you want to see them all on screen together sure I mean obviously these are characters that exist in books they exist in games for the actors when you're coming to a character like that like was there something you I wanted to bring to your version of these characters that was a little different maybe than what people have seen before that's a good question I don't think I deliberately went to bring anything different to Geralt because I I'm a purist like it's I love the books I love the games and I wanted to do faith to everything that I believed in which everyone else believes in and so it wasn't necessarily putting my own spin on it it was about just doing justice the material I do a lot from from the source material obviously I've everything that I've given the character has been because I've had a very different upbringing and and projects my experiences and feelings and the way I empathize into that character yes but but the script the script was my Bible honest that's what I went from sure yeah I definitely didn't approach it thinking how am I gonna make this unique or different from what people have seen before I just wanted to make sure that I you know I used the script to make sure that you know I gave the most truthful performance I could yeah and Lauren I've seen you talk about because there is a video game like the visual representation of this story is something how many conversations went into like just the look of the show I mean thousands of conversations obviously I mean it's one of the most exciting things about adopting books is that when you read a book you come up with the image of the character in your own brain and obviously then the videogames are adaptations of the book and they go one direction with the characters just like just like these guys are saying I just really went back to the source material I sort of paid attention to what Andrew had said when he was writing the books what he left out what we could have fun with you know but also you know I think that it's there's so much more to Casting obviously than finding someone who looks like the character that you have in your brain um you know each of these each of our cast members bring some brings the spirit of the character in the tone of the character and that's as important to me as the color of their hair or their eyes it really is so but colors of hairs and eyes are also accurate what do you think Henry knows that we are also used to seeing him in the with the white hair and the yellow I see him like this we're like oh who's that guy who are you why are you here yeah but I mean in terms of visuals that you guys just very recently put out you know photos what has the fan reaction been like the show yeah but what is your experience been with this fandom thus far my goodness I just we've had an amazing response I mean that's what we do yeah it's been fun really fun as I say I was he very close to my heart that's when the photos coming out happy I'm really happy with how we fund responding there's it's always gonna be some hesitation because as Lauren was saying people have their own personalized image from the books or they have the image from the games yeah and it's I'm I'm happy that so far there's either hesitation or positivity sure and that is that's all I'm expecting what's the best I can hope for right now yeah I'm good but Lauren and writing this obviously you're trying to stay so true to these characters that people love but also I would imagine trying to think of like bringing in new fans for people who have never seen the which it was it a difficult balance for you of like or is it just so rich anyone can come to it and kind of get into the world you feel like I do think that anyone can come to it and get into the world so I mean I think one of the best things about fantasy is you should be able to be dropped in and sort of exist in that world yourself um you know in terms of sort of the I mean the books are really rich there's a there's a lot of words there's a lot to come through um you know but I do feel like we we've sort of brought out the the best that we can yeah I mean for someone who does not know anything about this wants to come through and watch the pilot like what do you guys kind of tell them like to expect from the series I think um it's it's a fantasy series which uses all the regular fantasy tropes gnomes elves dwarves monsters heroes but what makes this really interesting is that it's not just heroes there are no real here everyone is a hero in their own story but that person who may have their own story in their hero and their story everyone else may see as someone who's quite the opposite as a villain and it really dives deeply into very real world issues that we all experience whether it be racism social justice the the nature of politics and how they affect our world dramatically on a daily basis and it's all of the fantasy stuff and more all the fantasy stuff but with very very recognizable themes yeah I think it's broadened past that the genre you know people can watch even if they're not necessarily fantasy fans because there's so many relatable themes and things you can you know parallel in everyday life so I think it can be it can be for everyone not just fantasy fans as well yeah I've also found that a lot of times I feel like fantasy shows can tackle those like real issues and kind of almost a better way just because they have that fantastical elements well it's it feels like it allows you to like hit these issues while still creating like there's no yeah I feel like that's the Witcher there's monsters too perfect well thank you guys for coming through thank you and stay tuned to e w for your comic-con coverage


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