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THE WANDERING EARTH Trailer (2019) Sci-Fi Action Movie HD

  • So what exactly happening? Are they pulling earth out away from Sun which might be turning into supernova .. but whats with Jupiter ? Unless until Jupiter is destroyed earth cant go to trip space away from solar system due to Jupiter's gravity ? Second most heavy object in solar system …. so they are disintegrating it ?

  • Yay go China! Meanwhile, back in the real world, one of the most threatening problems in the world is tyrannical Chinese imperialism – threatening all the other nations in the world.

  • Interesting premise but if you really want to propel a planetoid between star systems, all you need to do is detonate a nuclear waste dump, right?

  • They need to have black and other races as the stars of their films. The Jews say everyone has to mix except them..

  • Now this is what you call a Sci-Fi movie, I watched it today.

    Mankind in the brink of extinction, Mankind unites, Mankind saves humanity, Mankind survives.

    P.S.: anyone here watched the episode of 'Invader Zim' Battle of the Planets. it is somewhat similar to this movie, because of the thrusters of the Planet Earth.

  • China and Chinese people are different. Anyone rule for some generations the ideology of rulers will adapt the next generations. Same, in China. Its been people adapting Chinese communism in the 21st century to showcase against West with there power and hiding content and controlled social media and IPA theft etc.. will be a danger to the world once Communist try to rule the world with One party decision without any people mandate… the same happening in Hongkong, Taiwan, Tibet, and many other neighboring countries to Gain influence with Money. That plan no longer will works in Democratic nations once people mandate decides like Malaysia in recent examples

    Let's speak to the truth: China and India are future to the worlds with two difference ideologist communist vs Democratic. Let' cc how they cooperate with each other. Power in the sense Science+Innovation+No.of Nations support to your words in the international community. China lacks and India still crawling in that path. So, don't think too much on anything until 2050 where India and China much need todo for there people.

  • Worst movie of all the time and so funny. Movie forget the basic physic laws and trying to drive earth like a space ship 🚀. How ? Which law ? What about oceans on earth ? What about climate ? Simply drifting while earth from one solar system to other solar system is like a stupid concept. Instead of that spend all your resources to move all people form one planet to other planet in 100 yrs time line 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Wow, this look really well done. I need to se this one. Looks very Hollywood. Good that you mixed up with some english it will be tirering to listening to only chinese. Hope i can find a good transelation to english.

  • I wrote 2012 my book "Caluclation ERROR", where I wrote in the last part about civilization levels.
    Level 2: moving around planets – this is from now to the end of main sequence of our sun in 5 billion years
    Level 3: Surviving wild changes of the sun – this is to move Earth far enough away to survive the sun as a red giant.
    My daughter Johanna wrote just an scientific work about moving Earth the next 5 billion years, when our suns power output doubles based on current and near future technology.
    Never thought, an action film could be made from this theme.

  • this is the first sci-fi movie that quote every details about what's going on along it, simple, accurate and all.

    easy to understand almost like a documentary but enough entertaining and convincing you
    these people are into serious sh*t there.
    the comedy is always at the right moment into the scenes.

  • There are a lot of goofy comments here. This story takes place in the future when Earth is governed by the "United Earth Government" headquartered in France. There is no China or United States or any other country.for that matter .Everyone is a citizen of Earth. The story line is Earthlings versus the Cosmos.
    For those gripping about the cast, let me explain. In Italian movies you get Italian actors. In Brazilian movies you get Brazilian actors, This is a Chinese movie. Are you bright enough to connect the dots? Give credit where credit is due. Wandering Earth is a brilliantly original and exciting story line.

  • I was a little annoyed. The technology. Nothing looks like anything. Everything on the screen is either a giant square or circle filled with the same CGI glossy texture like everything is wearing a skin, and the skin looks more like randomized patterns with machine themes instead of the inner workings of an actual world. Just compare Transformers with Blade Runner to really see my issue. You look at the transformers in action their bodies moving around look like a mess. Half the time you can't decipher arm from leg from head. Now look at the city shoots of Blade Runner. How alive and clear everything is and how your imagination creams itself.

  • I read the Three Body trilogy earlier this year and was totally blown away. How does this live up to the grandeur of that work?

  • Oh look, another doomsday movie pushing the end of the world scenario… no wonder people are going insane! The fact that the Chinese are getting in on the act, shows how saturated the New World Order agenda has become.

  • Being an INDIAN i would say this movie is FANTASTIC and has a quality…i have enjoyed it…..and i would recommend everybody to watch this….I could really see the effort of Chinese film industry…EXCELLENT & keep up.

  • A Chinese movie about how, in the vast emptiness of space, the earth somehow manages to get on a collision path with Jupiter while being moved away from an expanding sun. Anyone who has experienced the horror of driving in a Ranch 99 parking lot should be able to relate to this plot

  • Watched it. The movie had a lot of potential but :
    1. Too many characters. I don't know who to care about!
    2. Character motivations not properly established. No character devt.
    3. Main characters are just passengers to the plot, being carried around randonly.

    But all in all, Chinese cinema is learning fast. The story has a coherent plot and visuals are stunning. No more bullshit propaganda messages, and characters dont take themselves overly seriously like other chinese movies. The Chinese just have to get over a few more filmmaking issues as I mentioned above and they will be able to make movies on par with Hollywood.

  • Some of the best sci-fi movies have few special effects. What is really sad is that most of the time movie producers rely too much on CGI instead of focusing on the script and acting. Two of my favorite sci-fi movies are 2001 and Gattaca.

  • CGI looks so good, no wonder, Japan and china are going to takeover the world. They deserve it, bcz They are far better than us

  • Irrational science concept! Anybody with basic physic knowledge knows the earth can’t be moved like this. Small alteration on the earth’s original speed will create Inertia force enough to destroy the whole earth. This is like the American remake of J-horror movies. No substance. Just a propaganda.

  • I saw this is a sacrifice. The 100 generations gave up the sun and lived underground. Only for the children after 2000 can see the sun.

  • All you China haters, listen. You never been to China, you never lived in my country, never lived under a totalitarian state that’s actually good. All the negative news and information attacking the mainland don’t represent my country in its true color. How you guys learn China is through the point of view of the anti-government Chinese who fled the country in the last century. Since then they never looked back to their homeland and see how drastically the government and our lives have changed. All they do is talk about how the previous generations of government officials do nasty things to their people. I live a happy life under my government because they keeps us safe and the society efficient. We don’t need to worry about terrorism, don’t need to worry about the politicians not do their job and have to vote for a new party which will be as lazy. We are wealthy enough to travel abroad to Europe, America and study. Our government keeps the communist name but the system has changed. They’ve learned the mistakes from pro-communist ruling, but also see the problems of pro-democracy, we are finding our own way, the optimum with advantages from both sides. Totalitarian government with a society that enjoys some aspects of democracy, that’s China now! I love Hong Kong, I love Mainland, I love Taiwan. United China is the best China

  • I watched it today. It is fantastic Sci-fi movie filled with emotions and perfectly shown how the humanity together can achieve big goals. Hats off to the complete film crew. Would love to watch it again with English Dubbed. Love from India.

  • A fast paced film filled with bad dubbing, monologues galore and science that is straight from a loony bin. Yes i know its a fantasy/sci-fi film but propelling the earth through space using thousands of hydrogen reactors and then slingshotting past Jupiter seriously. The mech graphics are pretty good and it is intense in places also as people have stated it isn't another glorified 'USA saves the world again' film staring overused jarhead actor No 5. Its good to see the world working as one……..well sort of. Watchable but weak with plot holes a plenty. 6/10

  • Movie is Epic but concept is bullshet it’s impossible to move earth from solar system to another place coz Sun ☀️ gravity is very strong after increasing of sun the only hope is Mars 🙂 but first will collapse murcury with sun so its impossible to servive from this impact may be whole solar system and planets will be destroyed from this 😂 i love this movie 🤔

  • God damn that was the worst movie i have ever seen in my entire life. There are sci-fi scenarios more believable than this. Like the ones we used to read in sci-fi comics and magazines . Remember magazines ppl ? yeah before internet.
    Now every mothertrucker on Earth is trying to do more than the previous generation and its always a disaster.

  • ALV!, eso es un trailer o toda la pelicula?, mejor lo quite al minuto y medio y me fui a ver la pelicula!.
    WTF!, this is a trailer or the complete movie? Im better close YT and gone to see the movie!.

  • the debate of traveling with earth just shows culture differences between east and west. “Home” is one of the core values in Chinese people, not to abandon the place you’ve lived on in the face of death, but to move and fight together. That’s also why China has been through thousands of years in history and it’s still robust today. The idea of wandering earth is tragically romantic and touching indeed, at least for Chinese.

  • American critics gave it a thumbs down. Given that I am a free thinker, screw them! I'm watching this on Netflix tonight. Don't need some overpaid arrogant asshole judging my taste in films. Agreed? The previews are spectacular! Greetings from Maryland USA.

  • To be fair, this is a movie of silly plot, dubious sciencetific design, horrible horrible horrible acting, and mediocre special effect. But I am still highly fond of this movie because I'm just so sick and tired of American idiotic individual heroism. That idea of "saturated rescue" in this movie is so goddamn refreshing from a world full of individualism bullshit. When shit goes south, don't call Superman, don't count on Avengers, instead, work along with other non-hero normal people in order to pull through as a collective human race. This idea, I believe, is what the world needs.

  • Epic, not the American style one superhero saved the entire world story. Unique Chinese perspective about united efforts of mankind. The main characters are not or not the only hero’s that achieved missions.

  • Just watched this movie, its probably one of better sci-fic movie i have watched for the past few years. This is either equivalent or better than most Hollywood films.

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