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The Villaluna’s sacrifices their property | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit Recap (With Eng Subs)

It’s just a projection. Papa… If we wait any longer, it may be too late
for the company. So… We’re planning
to sell our shares while it still has value. It may help the company
recover its losses. Papa… Papa, we know it’s a
difficult decision for you. You’re the CEO now. The decision is yours. Anyway, we can still venture
into other business. I just want to end this
trouble with Divina. Alright, then. You should go home. And, Michael… Tell Mikmik not
to worry about me. You made the right decision. This way, the company
we worked hard for will be saved. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you too. There’s just one thing
I need to ask of you. Take care of the company, especially the people
working here. Consider it done. Thank you. We’re happy to turn over
our shares to you. At least, we know that
you love this company. – Sarah.
– Ma’am? – Please bring out the cake.
– Yes, ma’am. Why? What’s the occasion? Do we need a reason
to celebrate? I’m just happy that we’re
together despite everything. Besides, your grandmother is
finally getting justice for your grandfather,
so we should be happy. But he’s Mikmik’s grandfather. So what? Mikmik is my friend. No, thank you.
Sweets are bad for my teeth. I’ll just go to my room. Go ahead and join forces. You will never defeat me. Right. So, you don’t mind that
James sold your shares? You have a mole in the company. He’s not just a mole, David. We also make deals.
Business deals. I had money to spare,
especially after Katrina withdrew the filing of
her marriage certificate. I needed some advice on where
I should invest my money. Are you worried? You’re worried, aren’t you? What’s wrong? Are you feeling sick? I’m not calling for help. Antonio! Pa. Doc, how is my father? He had a severe headache
and his blood pressure shot up. We still need to conduct
more tests. He is not out of the woods yet. Excuse me. I saw your dad in the news. How are you holding up? I have to be okay. You don’t have to be okay. That’s what family
and friends are for. They comfort us
in times of trouble. And I’m your friend, aren’t I? My father has hypertension.
His blood sugar levels shot up. My father has hypertension.
His blood sugar levels shot up. I’m gonna need a medical report
from the hospital, but I think– Attorney, Papa can’t stay
any longer in jail. He’s old. I will see if we can post bail because of his
medical condition and age. Do it. He won’t recover
if he returns to jail. Don’t worry. I’ll do it. David just got granted bail. What?! How did that happen? Because of his age, and the fact that
he was recently injured, he needs to be monitored
in the hospital. You told us
he won’t get away?! This can’t happen! He will get back at us! Mama. Calm down. I’m sure he’ll suffer
even more when he finds out
about our plan against Villaluna Steel. That’s not enough! I want him to rot in jail and pay for what
he did to me! Then let’s make him suffer while we take over
his company! I have the necessary
documents. It’s about time. Surprise! Lolo! Lolo? Lola, did they ask Lolo
to take a lot of medicines? He’s not saying anything. He’s like a zombie. I heard that. I can still speak. I was caught off guard since
I’m not used to surprises. Did you get your
homework back? Which homework? Your homework on fractions
which we worked on together. I got a perfect score! We make a great team, right? Yes, we do. It’s Sir James. – Thank you, Sir James!
– Thank you, sir! Good luck, sir. Take care of yourself. Shall we? Let’s go. – Thanks again, sir.
– Good luck.Thank You Ben – Thank you very much.
– Take care. Thanks, everyone. They all know why
you’re doing this, Kuya. They all know why
you’re doing this, Kuya. We will all see each other
again, I promise you that. So take care of
our company, okay? Because we’ll be
watching you. You can count on us, sir. We’re excited for
your next project. Don’t forget to invite us!
We’ll support you all the way. Again, thank you so much
to all of you. What are you doing here? We’re here to kick you out. You’re just in time. Welcome to Villaluna Steel. What’s the meaning of this?! Say hello to the new owners
of Villaluna Steel: Divina and Katrina Salvador. Hello, Michael. Of all people!
Why didn’t I see this coming?! Papa trusted me. He wasn’t wrong to trust you. I gave our company to his enemy! James, they fooled all of us. Kuya, I’m sorry. I just… Papa and I gave our
lives to this company. And for what?
So they could have it? James, I know you’re angry. I don’t blame you.
I feel the same way. But right now,
our family needs us more. Think of Papa. I don’t want his
condition to get worse. How am I supposed to tell Papa? James, I’m here. We’ll tell him. He should hear it from us. Ruth, what’s going to
happen now that Madam and Miss K have
taken over Villaluna Steel?! I also don’t know, Barbie. You know, Miss K
is rotten to the core! She took over
the Villalunas’ company just because Michael
rejected her! Ruth? Ruth, do you think the
Villalunas will go bankrupt? – What will happen to us then?!
– Chichi! Let’s think about Michael before
we worry about that, okay?! But, what will we do now?! Let’s all just be there
for Michael. Ugly. Ugly! Ugly! Have someone
change all this. Are you even listening? Sorry. I’m just worried! I expected more resistance
from Michael. And James. But no, they just
walked away! Of course, they walked away! What did you expect?! That they would argue with us
in front of their employees? They will never accept
their desperation in public! Unlike other people I know. Are you still mad at me?! I’m sorry! I didn’t know, okay? It won’t happen again. Well, it better not. Because we have
more important things to do other than
throwing a tantrum. I need a guy to do a job. That’s right, Sandejas is gone! From now on, you’ll be
communicating directly with me. Stop asking questions!
Just get me someone, who can do a clean job! I can’t do anything
because of my case! I need to get rid
of that witness, so I can get back
at Divina and put an end
to all this.


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