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The Unwilling | 2016 Horror Thriller | Full Movie | Dina Meyer | David Lipper

[ECG beeping] How are you feeling today,
Mr. Harris? Wow, I like your hair. Hello. He wanted this next to him
on his deathbed. His instructions
were very specific. Do you know him?
Nobody from his fa… [nurse moans] [nurse screams] [indistinct chatter on TV] Ok. Soap.
One, two, three. Wipe.
One, two, three. One, two, three. Hello, Charlie. I miss you, buddy. [TV turns off] Hello? Hello? Hello? Is somebody there? One, two, three. Come on, David,
pull it together.David?[phone rings] Shit! Hello?David. I have some news.It’s about dad.He passed
just about an hour ago.
-Are you there?
-Yes.Are you ok?Of course.Listen, it’s ok,
however you feel.
He can’t hurt you anymore,
So… explain the connection
to me again. They hate me, I hate them,
strictly business. Your ex’s father dies, you’re not really part
of the family anymore, so why are we going
to the will reading? Good question. I made the guy a lot of money
back in the day, and where was Richie’s make?
Huh? Like, where’s Richie’s make? -Darren!
-What? What are you doing? I’m trying to call my dealer, he was supposed to be here! Your drug dealer is
untrustworthy? That’s so sad! He was supposed to be here
45 minutes ago. You should totally write a
really nasty Yelp review. -Just five minutes, ok? Please.
-No! No! We had to be there in
40 minutes, we’re already late! I’ve got nothing. It’s not gonna be pretty. What? Come on, go! Jesus. Hi, Kelly! It’s so good to see you.
Oh my god, you too, Darren! It’s been so long. I know.
Hey, happy birthday, by the way. What about Michelle? We were so young
when we got married, -it didn’t end well.
-Well, I’m here. Oh, yes, you are. And pretty, and hot,
and sexy, and full of life. And I love you. Oh, speak French to me. Oh, Jesus! [car tires screeching] Are you ok? Oh, my God! Did we almost just die? On the way to a will reading? How long is this gonna take? You didn’t have to come. It’s fine, I mean…
we’re getting paid, right? Darren, we’re going
to the reading of a will, nobody is cutting you
a check today. All I’m saying is, why do we have to go to the
Shudden’s house to do this? It’s gonna be a disaster. I mean, when was the last time
he’s been on the house? The guy probably doesn’t
know about the internet, or drones, or black presidents. Darren. We have to all be together
to do this… You are exhausting,
did you know that? You’re giving me a headache. [phone rings] David? David, is that you?Michelle? Can you hear me?
-I’m in a parking structure.
-Oh, Barbara, hi! Yeah, I can hear you.I thought we could have drinks.Oh, sweetie, no,
I’d love to, but… I can’t. I’ve got a little bit of a
scheduled day today. -My father just died.
-I’m so sorry to hear that!
No, actually, it’s a good thing. It’s a really good thing. But I’ll call you
some other time and try again?-Yeah, we’ll talk later.
-Ok. Thanks, babe. Wow! This is so nice, with all the trees,
and the nature. Family money. [laughs] Well, it’s customary to go
and knock on the door when you get to someone’s house,
isn’t it? Oh, you’re a comedian now? -You’re a comedian now, huh?
-I am. This dude lives
in the boondocks. I think he might have a gun. Don’t worry. Agoraphobia and aggression are mutually exclusive
character traits. We’ll be fine. I have no idea
what you just said. Richard is here?
He left Michelle years ago. Who’s the girl
with the daddy issues? Darren. Being nice lasted
for five minutes, huh? -Rich! Kelly.
-Yes, Kelly, wow! -You look great!
-Thanks! -And… Dwayne, right?
-Darren. -Rich.
-Hey. Didn’t know you had a daughter. [laughs] He’s funny, isn’t he? Actually, this is my
new fiancée, Cheryl. -Hi.
-Hi. -Nice to meet you.
-You too. You know, it’s funny. I really didn’t expect
to see you here. -Darren! That’s rude.
-No, no, no. That’s fine. That’s fine. Actually, I thought
it was a little weird too, but I got a call
from the lawyer, saying that I’m in the will,
I’m a beneficiary. How you doing? So, this is Michelle’s
brother’s house, David, right? Yes. That’s correct. I’m so sorry to hear
your uncle’s passing. Thank you. -Shall we?
-Yeah. David! Knock knock! [door unlocking] Hello? David? It’s cousin Kelly. Well, we are off
to a great start. Yes, Mr. Gonzalez.
Hi, come on in. Well, if you want
a guest bathroom, all we have to do is knock down
the guest room wall. It will shorten the room
by about three feet, but you’ll have it! Ok, then.
I will redraw the paperwork and send it to you tomorrow. Ok, bye! -Hi, Kelly!
-It’s so good to see you! Oh, my God, look at you!
You got so tall! -Your home is beautiful!
-Thank you. There’s a lot of things
I missed with all you guys, and I just… Darren! Wow! Look at you. You know,
the last time I saw you, you were about that big. This is just… nowhere near
as bad as we expected. I’m sorry, we were told
you were like… -really fucked up.
-Ok, then! Also, don’t I remember you
being, like, really fat? It’s ok, I remember
you being polite. David, hey!
We actually never met. Richard Lambplan.
You were married to Michelle for eight years,
divorced for three. And I missed the wedding,
and I’m really sorry about that. Yeah.
I’m sorry about your father. Thank you.
I’m sorry about the divorce. You know, you grow up,
you get past it, time heals, and it makes room
for great things to happen, like my fiancée, Cheryl.
This is David. It’s really great to meet you. Hi. Really great to meet you. He’s a very lucky man. And so are you. Not that you’re a man, ’cause… you’re not a man.
You’re a woman. Ok, why don’t you guys
come on in, make yourselves at home,
and I’ll be there in a sec. Ok? He seems
like a pretty normal guy. Strike that. Soap. One, two, three. Water. One, two, three. They’ll only be here
an hour or three. Just an hour or three. [doorbell and knocking]I think
there’s someone at the door!
I’ll get it! [doorbell] There he is!
Hey, David, is there a lawyer
coming from the estate? -I don’t know.
-Michelle is coming, right? Yeah. How exactly do you make money
if you can’t leave the house? Will you all please shut up? I’m sorry. What is it?A box.You’re gonna pick it up? -Maybe you should.
-Yeah. I’ve got this, boss. [doorbell] -Why don’t you let me get it?
-Thank you. -Ok.
-Ok. So sorry, I’m late. It’s just you have such an
adorable little town here, and I just couldn’t help myself, and I picked up
a couple of things for… Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Michelle. -I’m Cheryl.
-Cheryl. I’m here with Rich. Rich is here? -Hey, Michelle.
-Hi. How are you? So great to see you.
These do not go here. That’s right,
I should have known. -Silly me.
-Right. I just picked up
a couple of groceries. Well, that was
very thoughtful of you. Well, actually, is just… I mean, you don’t have
anything that I like. -You look great!
-Oh, do I? Thank you, sweetie. God, this whole thing must be
absolutely awful for you. Let’s just get through it
as quickly as we… Hi, Michelle. It’s good to see you. I’m surprised you didn’t
tell me you were coming. I thought you knew. I was surprised
when they called me. Look, I’m not here
to make a problem. You met Cheryl? I did. It would have been nice
to know you were coming. Kelly! -Hi, Michelle!
-Hi! Oh, my gosh! God, it has been forever!
You look great. This is gorgeous. Oh, you know,
your mother gave it to me? Really?How are you, how’s the job?Junior partner.
Killing my social life.
I don’t see
you have a nicer car.
What the hell
is this supposed to be? Is it some kind of joke? Jesus, what is that smell? No letter came with it. Maybe the will
is inside the box. There’s no opening. Nobody makes a box
that doesn’t open.Jesus!What the hell was that? What was that? What’s that, fucking fracking? Fracking? That did not come from the
ground, that came from above, like it was a sonic boom,
or something. Watch out, there’s glass there. I’m gonna get a dust bin
and a broom, everyone, I’ll be right back. [laughs] I guess you can’t really
leave the room heroically if you got OCD, huh? [gasping] Come on, David. One, two, three,
nothing to see. One, two, three,
nothing to see. One, two, three… Sorry. -I thought I could help.
-No, it’s my fault. I didn’t know you were there. I understand what you’re
going through, you know? Family is never easy. I ran away from mine. So I get it. Thanks. Yeah, my family doesn’t
get any of this, just… See? I wouldn’t do this
if I didn’t have to. I know. I really do understand. I work in clinical OT. Obsessive compulsive disorder
is called a disorder because it’s not a crime. It’s not your fault. Thank you. You know what I
tell my patients? -What?
-It’s gonna be ok. Can I help? Thanks. Nobody told me that this was
going to be happening this way. I got a call from the lawyer,
and he assured me that everything
was gonna be organized. I can’t believe no documentation
came with this thing. There’s a seam,
but there’s no… hinge or latch, anything. I mean, uncle Harris
was freaking loaded. He’s not gonna leave his family some stupid box
that doesn’t open. And he never paid me back. Maybe he finally
made good on it. [phones ringing] It’s an e-mail… from the lawyer. Yeah, I just got an e-mail
from the lawyer. Something in Latin. “Sanguinum tuub ab sex.” Maybe it’s the
law office’s motto? [screams in pain] What happened? This thing just
ripped my finger open! What are those? So, the translation sa… What just happened? Your stupid box
just skewered my finger.-What the hell did you do?
-I didn’t do anything. All right,
the translation says: -“blood of the six.”
-Blood of the six what? Well… there’s six of us. Blood of the six of us?You can’t be serious.Of course he’s not serious! David, tell her
you’re not serious. Look, I’m just saying… The Latin means
blood of the six. There are six of us and there are six of
those prickly things. Maybe your dad rigged the box
as some sort of identity check. You know, so only
the right people have access. Like a blood test
that checks DNA. It’s a long shot! But what the hell,
it’s just a prick of blood. Ouch! If it helps get us some answers. [screams in pain] Why me? I’m not even related. But we’re gonna be, babe.Do it for me.Absolutely not. No, no. No way. Michelle. If I let my brain
get in the way, -I’ll never do this. So come on.
-There you go. -Come on, get this over with.
-Ok, ok, ok. -All right. Watch, with me.
-What are we doing? One, two, three, you and me. One, two, three. Jackpot!My God!So the will is a bar of gold? Oh, Teddy. This is real. -David, you’ve got a scale?
-Yeah. Kitchen. Second cabinet, second shelf. This is worth
a lot of money, you guys. -Where the hell are you going?
-Relax, Darren, I’ve got this. So, the price
of gold per ounce… This thing could be worth
like $500,000 dollars, maybe even more! [screams] God dammit! It burned me! [screams]What happened?David, do you have
a medical kit? Yeah. Glad I didn’t pick it up. I got it, I’m calling
the lawyer right now.Let me see, let me see.Here, try some of this.
Disinfectant…-Did you know about this?
It’s not even going to
voicemail, it’s just ringing! You’re the one who knew
how to open the box! No, I didn’t! I just guessed,
like everybody.What are you saying, man?
Your dad did this?
Ok, this looks really bad,
it could be toxic. I need to take you
to the ER, ok? Let’s go. Michelle, let me know
how this plays out! Can’t we just like,
wash it off and sell it? No, no.
Nobody does anything until I get a hold
of the lawyer, ok? Let me know how it goes. Come on, babe. We gotta go. It doesn’t hurt anymore. Well, that doesn’t mean
it’s not serious, we… Shh… go sit down, Cheryl. We’re staying. Oh my God, it changed again! Maybe it’s some kind of puzzle, or something. David, you’re good at puzzles,
what do you think? David?Where did he go?David? David? Did you see where he went? No. Michelle, I wanted to tell you
that I know now what a terrible mistake
I made when I left you. Oh God, excuse me,
you’re engaged. Michelle. Cheryl wanted this, not me. I see you now, and I just
realize what I threw away. Rich, don’t… All I’m saying is, I realize now
that you’re the one, Michelle. We were young, that was the problem. No, we were young,
and that’s why it was so great. I think we just got distracted, and stopped appreciating
each other. But now I’m older,
and I know what I want. And if I had a choice, I’d spend every last day
on this Earth with you.Richard?How’s your hand? It’s good.We should still
have it looked at.
David? David? David, I know
this is hard for you, but let’s just try to get
through this afternoon, ok? He’s here! Oh, God. Who is here? I’ve seen the box before.In dad’s study.Back when we were kids.And two weeks
after he brought it in, mom died. I know that having everybody
here is very stressful for you– I’m not fucking crazy! I didn’t say you were. I see things, things other people don’t see,
little details that… that swim around
in my brain in a loop. Like the tapping fingers. And now, Rich,
I’m telling you, he’s changed. Something about him is off. Of course, there is. I attract dysfunctional people. -You’re not listening to me!
-I am! I get it! How would you know? You left. It got worse. You have no idea
what he was doing to me. I heard the screams
from your room. And I just sat there,
like a scared little boy, and I hated myself for that. Do you want everyone to leave? Is that what you want? What the hell? -I’m so sorry, I…
-Really, David? Really? -I’m going to take a shower!
-Michelle! We have no idea what your hand came
into contact with, babe. I don’t know why you keep
insisting there’s a problem. My hand is fine, look. -Oh, my God!
-I’m gonna have a shower. Michelle,
please don’t use my… I know that you have
a guest bathroom, I will use that one, ok? And I promise, I will clean it up
perfectly afterwards, ok? Michelle, I’m really sorry. Woah! Look at that. That’s definitely not gold. What the hell is it? Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, this must be clean. One, two, three,
it must be clean. -No, must be clean!
-David! It has to be clean! [indistinct screaming] David, I need you
to take a deep breath, I’m gonna remove you
from this room, right now. Ok? Let’s go. What are you looking at? I’m looking at you, bitch. You’re a good-looking kid,
Darren. Why don’t you save it
for the child bride, huh? What the fuck, man? I got your attention now,
motherfucker?You do it for money, right?What? -What the fuck is your problem?
-I asked you a question, junkie. I know you need some money. Come out to my car. I could use a good release. I’m gonna tell Cheryl! [laughing] You think
she’s gonna believe you? A degenerate? Smart-ass? Little drug addict? Over me? Good old Rich? Twenty bucks. Anytime. Here’s your deposit, punk. [Richard laughs] Hey, amigo? Hey man, it’s Darren. Yeah, yeah. Nothing, you know, just… just with family shit. Yeah. Yeah, hey look, can I come by? In like an hour or so. No, no, no, see, I really… fucking need a hit right now. I know, I know,
I know I owe you money. But I’m paying you
this time, ok? I’ve got something
that’s worth a lot of money, I’m just gonna figure out
how to open it first. [rock music playing] [classic music playing]What the hell?Rich!What are you doing here? I didn’t mean to startle you. Well, you failed. I think about you
all the time, Michelle. -Really?
-Oh, yeah. Come on, come on, come on. We can’t, we can’t. Stop, stop, stop, stop. [radio switching stations] Come on!No.-Thanks.
-How you doing? I don’t wanna do this anymore. It’s ok. You don’t have to. You know, I used to think
it wasn’t safe out there. But now, it’s not safe in here. We shouldn’t…
We shouldn’t do this. [moaning] Oh, Michelle. We can’t do this. Come back to me. Come back. [moaning] What is it? Stop! Not so hard! Let go! -Get off!
-You know you like it. -Stop it!
-Snowflake! -Stop it!
-You know you like it! [screaming] -Oh, my God!
-Jesus! What happened? For fuck’s sakes! [screaming] [radio switching stations] Come on! Go! Come on! No, no, no!
God, fucking hell! No, no, no! Fuck! What? No! What the fuck? No. No, no, no! [indistinct screaming] David, call 911 right now! I need another towel
to stop the bleeding! Jesus Christ, baby, it’s ok. -It’s ok, I’m right here, babe.
-Yeah, it’s an emergency! -Put it on speaker!
-This is 911.
I have a male, mid-40s, laceration
to the carotid artery, and he’s hemorrhaging
really, really badly.Is his head elevated?Yes! Kelly,
in the back seat of my car, there’s a medical kit
in the black tool bag, go get it, right now! Oh shit, I need your hand. Fuck baby.
David, go get the bag! Richard, oh my God! Black medical bag, go!Can I have your location?
Paramedics have been called.
God dammit! Come on!David, hurry up!
He’s bleeding out!
I can’t.Keep pressure on the wound.Can you tell me
exactly what’s happening?
Where the fuck
is my medical bag? I’ll go get it, I’ll go get it. It’s ok, it’s ok, Rich.
It’s ok, I’m right here. You’re gonna be fine, I just need you to stay
with me, ok, babe? It’s ok. It’s ok. -Where did you go?
-Nowhere. Stay with me, baby. Oh, God! He’s going
into cardiac arrest. What the fuck? [indistinct whispers] No way!Hello? Hello? Please,
tell me what’s happening.
Ma’am, I need you
to talk to me.
[crying] Oh, God!Ma’am, hello? Please,
tell me what’s happening.
Paramedics will be there
in 20 minutes.
[crying] I’m so sorry.Ma’am, are you still there?It’s too late!He’s fucking dead!Baby, I’m so sorry. Oh my God, oh my God! Kelly. Can you please
go find Michelle’s clothes?Oh, my God!-Cheryl
-I’m so sorry, baby! Cheryl, I know, but listen…
listen, honey, we gotta wash
your hand now, ok? Come on, let’s get
this blood off, -let’s get you up.
-What were you doing in here? I’m talking to you, bitch! What the fuck were you doing
in here with him? -I wasn’t doing anything.
-Were you fucking him? -I was taking a shower.
-Were you fucking him? He came in… he came in. -I didn’t…
-Oh, my God! I’m going to get dressed. [coughing] Come on. All right. What do I do now? We’re gonna wash your hands, ok? We’re gonna make it
nice and easy. One, two, three. That’s it. Come on. Let’s rinse. One, two, three.That’s it, keep going.One, two, three.One, two, three.You’re going to be ok,
all right? You’re going to be ok,
I promise. Keep going. One, two, three. We called 911,
they’ll send the police. Paramedics will come. David! [Kelly]
It’s ok, just… He tried to kill me. What? He called me snowflake. Did you tell him that’s
what dad called you? No. -And you didn’t believe me.
-What are you saying? That it’s a ghost? I don’t know.
What would you say? Somebody must have
known about it, and told him. I mean, that is the one thing
that makes any sense. Hey, I think
we should all go home, and reconvene at a later date. No. You are not going anywhere. You killed him. Excuse me? He attacked me. You’ll tell the police
when they get here. I beg your pardon? You can tell it to the police
when they get here! You don’t know what happened. [indistinct screaming] Everybody, shut the fuck up! It was my dad, and he’s dead,
and thank God for that! Now, I want you to take
this fucking thing and get the fuck
out of my house! You know… you guys have the box
all wrong. -It gives you what you need.
-Darren! Are you so high right now
that you don’t even know that Rich just dropped down
on the bathroom floor? Yeah. His body wasn’t so strong. Weak heart. Poor liver. Definitely not a keeper. -What is wrong with you?
-Darren! I am so sick of your bullshit. You know what? Call a cab! I’m out of here. I’m sorry, Michelle,
Cheryl, David, I’m sorry. Don’t forget your keys! What? Guys! Guys, get out here! Michelle! Look at this.Why is it so dark?It’s the middle of the day.Guys, the cars are gone,
and there’s no stars in the sky! Someone stole my car? Wait a second, what is that? Michelle, what is that?Hey, guys?Guys, I think you should
come back in now.
Come back in the house. Get back in the house, now! Kelly! Come on! I’m calling 911. There’s no signal. It’s ridiculous, you get
great signal strength up here. Well, the paramedics are coming, they’ll know what’s
happening, right? There has to be some
logical explanation about what happened out there. Why aren’t you
concerned about this? Well… you can live for
thousands of years and waste it all if you don’t
enjoy the little moments.Did you touch that box?Did you take
something from the box? Maybe a little China, why? You know… you always were the smart one.The one I had to keep my eye o.Weren’t you, Brown Nose? What did you just call me?What the hell is going on?My God.Is everyone ok?David, do you have candles? Yeah, I’ve got some candles
and a backup generator. Follow me. Wait! Can you stay with me? Please, I’m scared. Really? Fine. Ok, candles are in here. I’ve got a generator. I’m gonna go put these
around the house. [David]
Yeah. -What?
-Come here, please. I just wanna talk to you. What? How are you even
thinking right now? -Aren’t you scared?
-Of course I’m scared. I’m just a little more
used to it than you are. -You’re very pretty.
-Darren! I really need you
to pull it together. It’s gonna be one of us. Or is it gonna be me,
or is it gonna be you? Guess it’s gonna be me, then. Help me! -You know… you talk too much.
-Help! You’re gonna like
what comes next. Guys, help me!
He’s trying to kill me! -What happened?
-He’s gone crazy! Hello, snowflake! We didn’t get to finish
in the shower. -Brown Nose.
-Fuck you! -Come on! I got what I want!
-Stop it! Hey, asshole! [electrocuting] [David]
What the fuck?
Everybody, stay back![Kelly]
Oh, my God, what’s happening?
[Kelly crying]
What’s happening?
Oh, my God. Oh, God.
No! Darren! Don’t touch him. Come on. -All right.
-What is happening? I don’t know. Nobody touch him! Now, let’s think about this. They both took something
from the box, -now they’re both dead.
-They both called me Snowflake. Whoever did this knew that Rich
was gonna go for the gold, and Darren would go
for the drugs. So, what are you saying?
That dad laid a trap, and now it’s gonna
kill all of us? -I mean, why would he do that?
-This is impossible. And Richard’s hand
was burnt with acid, it was burnt! And then it was healed?
That’s not possible. She’s right. We have to be
logical about this, cause there has to be some sort
of real world explanation. Cause I don’t believe in spirits
and hauntings, and all that bullshit. This feels like a set up to me.Who could have done that?-You could.
-What? You’re an architect,
you know how things look! -You could have made that box!
-That’s insane. And the lawyer’s calls,
all had us come here, but we never met a lawyer!
It could have been you! And that box just magically
shows up on your door step? There was no delivery truck! It could have been here
the whole time!And then all of us
received that e-mail
as soon as you walked back
in the room. Maybe you sent it! Right, and what about the blood
and the sign out on the sky? Did he do that too? Come on! You’re so screwed up. You’re so screwed up
because you’re stuck here. And you’re angry at the world,
and you’re angry at us, because we all have
normal lives, and you finally got a chance
to get us all under your roof! -Enough already!
-Ok, so what, Kelly? I came up with this crazy plan
to kill everybody. -It’s ridiculous.
-I represent people who do it every day.
Every day! Right, cause I’m just
the crazy one, right? I’m not like all of you,
like the rich asshole, or your junky brother
with a bitch lawyer. Stop! Guys, please! We have to stay together, ok?
We can’t fight. I’m sorry. Kelly, I didn’t kill anybody. -Well, I’m not dying here.
-Neither am I. My God, neither are any of us,
for shit’s sake! You know what? She’s right. -I’ll take my chances out there.
-Michelle! [Kelly]
What is that? Oh, my God. Is it a rock? [Kelly]
What is it? -It’s cold.
-It’s everywhere. What’s that smell? For God’s sake,
just open the damn thing! How can someone do this
to your house? Come on! Everybody, push! One, two, three! Oh, my God, what is happening? Somebody tell me
what’s going on, please! -Can we burn it down?
-No, we can’t burn it! Then we’d burn
the whole house down! You still think
I’m trying to kill you? No, no, no, no.
You said not to touch that! Look, whatever is
happening out there, it’s connected to this box.
We gotta find a way in. We gotta find a latch,
or a hinge, or something. I shouldn’t be here,
I shouldn’t be here. He’s right,
there is a seam here, maybe… Here, here, here. Good thinking.
Yeah, yeah, right there.Push harder!Guys! Guys! Ok, this scratch
was not here before. Kelly, go back!Scratch again, same place.-Ok.
Oh, my God. What does this mean? What are you thinking? You don’t wanna know
what I’m thinking, ’cause what I’m thinking
is not possible. Kelly! Other side of the box,
scratch it when I tell you. Ok, Kelly! Now! What is happening, guys? What is happening? [Cheryl]
Are we in hell? I’ve been in hell
most of my life, and I managed to survive it. One day at a time. So, let’s figure out
what kind of hell we’re in, so we can get the hell out. All right, Kelly, I want you
to go back to the box, scrape in the exact same place
when I tell you. Please don’t make me go
by myself. Ok, fine, I’ll go. I’ll go. When she scrapes,
where she scrapes, we’re gonna try
and bust through. If that doesn’t work,
I’m gonna smash the box.Ok. It’s gonna work.
It’s gonna work, right?
-It’s gonna work?
-I promise you this will work.
I’m really scared.I don’t know what to do.
I usually know what to do, and I don’t know what to do now. Look at me. Look at me. Trust me, I’m gonna get us
out of here, ok?I promise you,-I’m getting us out of here.
Everyone ok? Michelle! Ready?Now![whispers] [screams] What? I don’t understand. What is happening? Michelle! Michelle? Michelle? Michelle, where are you? Michelle? -She’s not here.
-David, can you hear me?
-Where could she have gone?
-Hey, can you hear me?Hey!What?Hey, can you hear me?-Hey! Guys!
-Michelle?-Over here!
-Michelle!-Are you able to hear me?
-What the fuck? Is that a reflection?
I don’t… -I don’t know!
-Where is she? She’s inside. Hang on, Michelle,
we’re gonna get you out, ok?Help me!How is she inside there?
Michelle! Can you hear me? Get me out of here! Guys, get me out! -Get me out!
-Don’t bang on the glass! [indistinct screaming] Michelle! -What happened to her?
-Did she just die? -Maybe she’s not really gone!
-Is she here somewhere? Kelly, come here.
David, get away from there.Oh, my God!Oh, my God, I killed her.-Kelly, you didn’t kill her.
-No, it’s my fault.
I should have gone,
she went instead of me,
if I would have gone
it wouldn’t…
David!Come on, get away from there,
come on, it’s not safe. I don’t understand…
she was right there… she was… she was… I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. David. Look, I need you, ok? I need you to stay with me. So, what was it
that Darren said? The box gives you
what you want, when you need. Yeah, that’s right. So, it’s like
some kind of a trap. It gave Rich the gold,
Darren the drugs, and Michelle the mirror. It presents you with something
that you’re attracted to, and you take it,
and it kills you. Do you know how crazy
that sounds? It’s not crazy! It’s like my therapist said,
right? I built my own trap here,
because my father was my world, and then my whole world
fell apart. Right? And so, I created
this house to be my safe place. -Wait.
-What? It’s you! It’s you! It explains why
we can’t get out, the box is giving you
what you want! We’re trapped
in your safe place!-We can’t leave.
-What?We’re trapped? Why?What about us?
What about what we want?
This is crazy.How does it know
what we want, David? The box is giving
you what you want. -No, no…
-Yes! That doesn’t make any sense, ok? Because everybody got something
that they needed right? When they got it, they died. And obviously, I didn’t die… What? One, two, three, four. -One, two, three, four.
-David? I have counted between that post and this post
about 10,000 times, and I’m telling you,
it is always five paces. -So?
-I just counted four. Watch out! Come on! Come on, come on, let’s go. Hey guys, look!
Maybe it’s a way out! -Where does that lead to?
-It’s a wall to the outside. But there’s a light
coming through, so maybe it’s a way out!
Come on, we have to try! What is happening? Just try and break through this! I thought you said
it was outside! It’s supposed to be the outside! -It used to be in my house!
-I don’t care, it’s a way out! David, come on, we gotta go! You have to leave your house
right now! -I can’t!
-I will be right here with you. Please, David, are you ready? One… -Two, three!
-Two, three! Are you ok? [David]
What is this place? -She’s still warm.
-What? The blood is still wet,
this just happened! It’s a school house. This is an order form,
that says it’s 1953. That’s impossible. Oh, my God! It followed us here? Ok, maybe the box opened here,
like it did in my house, and the same thing
that happened in my place, -happened here.
-That’s crazy. All I know is I wanna get the
hell away from that thing. What do you want from us? There’s a door here! Oh, my God! No! [Cheryl screaming] Where’s Michelle? Give her back to us, please. Take me, it should have been me, take me instead, please.
Give her back to us. -Michelle!
-It’s all yours now.
It’s the same scratch
Kelly made in the box. -Doesn’t make sense!
-Yes, it does. What does that mean? I think we’re still
inside the box. Kelly? What’s wrong? Nothing. I’m fine. I think this is the way out,
guys, follow me. Kelly? Kelly? Come on. Kelly? Kelly. What are you doing? You can see everything
from here. Are you ok? Kelly? Pretty fucking cool, huh? Cheryl, hold on! [screams] [screams] No! -David!
-Cheryl, I got you! [Cheryl screaming] -No!
-Cheryl? Cheryl! [screams] Cheryl? David, what are you doing here? You need to be in the light. It hates the light! It likes to live in the shadows. She’s fast. She is the mother
and the father of all lies. She will seduce you, corrupt you, but she can’t take you
unless you say yes. I am so sorry
for everything that’s happened. It wasn’t you? It never was. I have so many things
I wanna tell you. There’s so many things
I wanna ask you. There’s no time. I’m the bird
in the belly of a cat. Who was forced
to witness everything, since you were a child. I missed… my brilliant boy… -take on the world.
-Dad. Dad. Please, forgive me, David. I do. Cheryl? Cheryl? -Where are you?
-David! Help me!
Cheryl! Cheryl! David, help me! You let her go! I said, you let her… Kelly! You let her go! What are you? Why are you always so determined
to give me a name? It’s over. We did it. Come on, let’s get out of here. Where did you get that? I’m so sorry, David. She was gonna kill you. The box gives you what you need. And when you open
your heart to it, I get in. This body is strong, but… she’s lost, too. Why do you people
fight me so hard, huh? What’s gonna happen to her? You liked her, didn’t you? I could tell from the moment
you saw her. She liked you too. You could stay with her here,
if you want. You’re right. I do want her. -From the moment I saw her…
-David. David. You’re the strongest one. That’s funny. I’m the strong one. This is your chance
to be just like your daddy. I’m nothing like him. Do it. Do it. No! No!


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