The TRUTH Ayesha Curry N0T Wearing Ring To BET Awards

what's going everybody is a two-block heard another video salutes that everybody that is turning in I appreciate it I want to talk about Ayesha curry I've talked about her before of course but I would never you know make this video if I didn't feel like it had intrigue to it you know now this could be a bunch of nothing but still I wanted to make the video because I find it to be very interested in very hilarious how people are trying to spend this I came across an article from Media Takeout now I know you're gonna say me an accountant but it had a very interesting article and it basically talked about how Ayesha curry attended the beauty of wars without Steph and without her wedding ring and they had pictures and a close-up of her ring finger and she had a different ring on it alright and they also showed a picture from last year that actually showed her wedding ring now she was at the BT Awards she had on a short dress showing off the legs and showing off her surgically enhanced chest and basically and I saw a comment it was saying that you know maybe she was showing you know the guys that that were there that she's available you know Steph I believe is in Asia right now or you know touring you know they have a lot of athletes they go over to China lose all the places after the season is over but I just find I believe she was presenting an award she was on stage with neo and I believe she was an award but I just find it very interesting that she will go to the award show and not wear her wedding ring I mean is this normal I mean to the married women who are listening to this video you can comment in the comment section if you don't want to do that you could send me an email my email is in the description but I want to know is it normal if let's say your weight is fluctuating because that's the excuses I've heard and/or you know maybe you just wanted a different look that you would literally take off your wedding band because trust me if men did this we'd be vilified and put on another ring in that place is that something that you've done that you would do just let me know because I don't think that's normal behavior now maybe people some people do it differently but it's very interesting how she I believe she's there to present an award but Steph didn't go with her Stephanie deja stuff couldn't wait to get away from her he had already been planned an 82-game season you know on the road half of the time include the playoffs and he couldn't wait once the season was over to go days and I know it's part of scheduling but she didn't even go with him she you know her wanted to spend more time with him you know he decides man I'm just about to I'm I'm out so she's going to the Warsaw alone and she's basically showing men that she's available because you know you're not gonna be apprehensive as a man to talk to a woman even if she made even if she's married if she doesn't have her wedding ring because if she doesn't have her wedding ring you're gonna be like oh okay she's available and I want to know do women do that too as well y'all let me know what to do do women cuz I think I know the answer take off their wedding ring in order to get attention from minka this is what this seems like to me this seems like a play for attention because you are a married woman you want your marriage to work but you're going around at an award show without your wedding ring it's almost as if she wants to get people's attention she got my attention that's why I'm making this video but I just find it interesting how I used to curry you know a woman who's been married has children with stuff will decide to go on a blue car because I believe to have a blue carpet and you know basically as a tribute to Nipsey Hussle and you would go without your wedding ring and also she had a different look to her I'm not just saying the makeup you know no just she just felt different her hair was different she just had a different vibe man I mean I don't know it just felt to me like she was looking she it's almost like she reminds me of that girl that gets dressed up looking for sexual attention not non sexual attention sexual attention like she's trying to get lucky that night and I believe in up now and I believe this I really do cuz I've been thinking about this for a while I think she has a high sex drive just think about it you know stuff you know he may have a house session or two but when they're around each other you know stuff is like almost in his own you know universal speak she's definitely into him they have three kids together you know and they've been you know and she's had them very close in time of each other and I truly believe that stuff is not as attracted to her as he what once was but I still think she's into him and I think she has a very hot sex rock I truly believe that I'll take her her job is very high and that will make her want to say the things that she said about not getting attention from mother man and God will get this way she's basically only been with stuff and you have a woman who's still fairly attracted to a lot of guys and you know there's gonna come a time where she's just not gonna want to be with that same guy anymore she's gonna want to explore and do other things you know but I find it interesting how you got people who are trying to make excuses for why she didn't wear her wedding ring listen no married man okay would get a pass for walking down a red carpet of blue carpet or green carpet especially if he's a celebrity and he didn't have his wedding ring you know you know people will be blasting him but people are giving us a pass because you know they they think that ayesha courage this you know wife and mother and she's just a great person but she lit this fuse she lit this fuse not only is she there by herself again you know stuff isn't as I understand that but she's presenting in a war which means that she's known she's gonna be in a war for a while but stuff you know it just is interesting because our bleeder at the war show together last year I'm not if I'm mistaken I'm mistaken y'all gettin livin gonna come sit but they were at the war show together before and that's fine you're there to present but why aren't you wearing your wedding ring you know why are people giving us a pass you know whether you think that it's harmless whether you think that you know she just decided to switch up her look but still once you put that wedding ban on it is until you divorce but let me tell y'all something man when she made those comments and stuff responded by supporting her but then there was there was another video release where they were out and about with each other and she was trying to stuff attention he wasn't giving her any attention and she said that he hated her I just think that there's a trickle-down effect from this and I think that where there's smoke there's fire whether people want to believe that or not I think it's true you know women rarely let you know how they're feeling she let the world know how she truly feels and I think there's a part of her who never was able to go through a dating phase was never able to go through being single phase she wants to go through that phase I don't care what anybody says she wants to go through that phase that's in the back of her mind she feels like she's missing out and with the fact that stuff may not be showing her to say my attention but she has to understand you married an NBA player you know he's not gonna be all over you like that you know especially a guy like Steph Steph lives eats and breeds basketball huh this is why he's already in Asia right after the season is over you know I know he's part of fulfilling you know obligations with sponsors or whatever but you know I something is going on the fact that you're not wearing your wedding ring in public now I can see if you was you know going to the store real quick and you either took it off and forgot to put it back on or you know maybe you were doing some physical activity or you were getting the ring clean which could it could be what it is you know it's gonna be all these excuses but again you knew you were gonna be at this award show you knew you were gonna be at this award show okay you knew you were gonna be in public and you still want without the ring anyway now I want to try to understand I could be totally wrong you know no some a post girl she could make a post or news to come out that maybe she was getting the ring clean or you know it wasn't any big deal but come on you were already scheduled to do this unless it was last minute which I doubt you knew you were gonna be in public if you were getting anything done with your ring you could have done it way before that you know but I just you know you being there by yourself you're still representing that marriage Steph being in Asia I just feel like even though she's by herself she still represents that marriage and he's by himself he represents that marriage he would not get a pass for going to no award show without his wedding ring I'm sorry because the one thing we as men look at is you look at the physical more than you know us knowing your situation you know I'm saying because let's say one of these you know rappers you know they see without that wedding ring they're gonna be trying to get at you and maybe she knows that maybe she wants to feel good and maybe she wants you know for for the first time in a long time she wants to feel single again even though she's still married to stuff just for tonight she wants to feel like a single woman she wants to know how that feels without having that wedding ring on maybe she's starting to feel like it's a burden maybe that ring is a lot heavier than she could have ever imagined you know and that way is when a lot of I think a lot of women who marry at young ages let me tell you this though there are women who marry at young ages who eventually come across men they really want to be with and they're willing to throw away their marriage in order to be with that guy in order to get that debt attention you know to be pursued to go on dates to be you know because society tells us or tells women that you should want to be promiscuous you know there's nothing wrong with that you know promiscuity promiscuity is promoted in music as far as the women is concerned you got a lot of these female rappers who promote that that's why they get promoted it was funny of that detangling will be in long-term relationships marriages you know they got whole families but they're telling you it's okay to be promiscuous that's the society that were in


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  • Steph is a beta. No mater who he dates, they can’t respect him. He’s “a nice guy.” Look at his body language when he has a tough night shooting. Always hanging his head. Always doing what his parents tell him. He worships an invisible man in the sky. Durant get priority on Curry’s OWN team. She should make him clean up after she’s been out

  • Thing is she got access to all his money she could’ve got the ring stretched for like 20$ maybe 200$ because they rich .

  • Its so sad when nothing is enough for us until we have nothing I don't mean money your trash is another's treasure we have a problem thanking God for what he allowed us to have she need to wear my shoes for a while

  • She's gonna find out real quick what her dating value is as a divorcee with three (3) adolescent children and a decade-plus married to a modern-day gladiator. This chick is a narcissist all rooted in her colorist pathology.

  • Wedding ring should always be on. She is going to be upset when Steph actually divorce her and she has been going around like she needs attention from other men. I would be with my husband. He has been grinding playing ball

  • I'll volunteer to dick her down one good time. I don't want them to break up so we can do it discreetly

  • Idk cuz it’s different when it comes to celebrities cuz certain places celebrities don’t wear they ring cuz they don’t won’t no one to get the chance to steal it but who knows but tbh idc never really was a fan of them anyways I only came to support ur videos

  • She better slow her roll before he roll on with a Non black girl…. And yes she will get paid but ain't nobody gonna treat her and her kid's better 😔

  • I am not quite sure if that is normal I know many people people both sex who are married and don't wear their wedding rings.

  • Excellent video and great background music the ending was said watching that bitch and hearing the violins… she guna leave steph and once again nice guys finish last! Its best to just treats these hoes like shit and just fuck

  • Sis better get a dildo.don’t mess up a beautiful life for dusty pipe dreams it’s other ways to get your ego stroke by men with out being loose and desperate if this is the case

  • She never went through her “Hoe Phase” that’s all. She’s like Lauren London aka Vanessa King in Games People Play. Only really been with one guy and wants to “explore” lol.

  • No famous dude, definitely not NBA players are going to step tp Ayeasha becaise too much negative backlash is going to come at them for stepping to Steph Curry wife..

  • And she is now talking about "Nudes" That she Sent Steph and is afraid that they will come out……She is SO Starved for Attention

    I will guess this will end with her 10 years Later back on Jada's Red Table with Red Eyes and a Nose Full of Coke and her Complaning that she wants her family Back

  • I sometimes forget to wear my ring out in public if I’m going to get something small from a convenient store or a grocery store. The reason why is because I clean everyday and hate the way my ring constantly moves when it’s wet. So I don’t wear it around the house. But when I’m getting ready and do go out to go eat with my family or go shopping I always have my ring on. Plus idgaf about men paying attention to me like Ayesha 🤦🏽‍♀️ the only persons opinion I care for is my husbands!

  • Did you watch Black Mirror: Striking Vipers? You said exactly what the wife was saying to her husband.

  • So she’s doing what MOST man do ? yes there is double standards . if it was a man NO ONE would say anything about it . Another point is -dress code – industry itself is full with women sexualizing them selfs bc it SALES and its what this generation IDOLIZES . I don’t think she’s doing anything that the next celebrity isn’t doing . Quick to judge , Than to think .

  • This might end in a Dwayne Wade type of way. Jaye I hear you brother and we have to be honest brother. We dont know how many guys Ayesha been with before Steph. We know she a church gal and lets be real they be doing stuff in the dark too. We cant put anything past her. I know people who have 3 kids with someone they was married with only to hear them say they were miserable with their husband. Ayesha thinks shes better than Steph, she wants to be the Alpha but her Husbands greatness spreads all over the world.

  • And taking your ring off only works for women who aren't famous. Everybody at the BET awards knows she is married. And it's not like wedding rings don't match every outfit. It might be weight gain or she might be mad at Steph for not spending enough time with her.

  • Bruh! Steph is in Asia? Now we find out the real reason Steph couldn't be apart of Space Jam 2. They're filming in LA & that's too close to home.

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