The Trophy Pet Foods Franchise Business Opportunity

feel like I've got the best of both worlds yet lots of great family time at traditional times that most people wouldn't I can do the school run if I want to do the school run and then when we are out delivering it's it's not work it's just you know meeting people with their dogs and just having a really good time whilst trying to make a living franchises need to bring to this business I desire and a passion for pets but they also need the passion and drive to run their own business that's really important because the day to day business direction the decision making the customer recruitment is down to them and trophy is here to provide them with the training the supports the tools and the know-how to allow them to do that trifa backups outstanding they know what they're doing that's the main thing for me when I also contain a fine choice I wanted someone that knew the ropes knew all the pitfalls you know 25 years of quality service history with with trophy and a product that again probably surpasses items its own ability in quality so when you've got those two together you got the wonderful product and knowledge of that product the knowledge of the industry and you've got a you've got a world-class when the franchisee starts they get delivery for their van they get the shop fitting in their van they get all their show equipment they get a starter pack of stock and they get uniform or their promotion material and all their samples etc so we really are providing everything that you need to start and launch this business well I'm well into my sixth year now as a trophy franchisee I have between 450 and 500 active customers now once you've built up a successful regular income and turnover on your business you've actually built up a very saleable asset I've been a franchisee coming up to 18 months now I know the business is going to be successful because I just need to follow all the systems and methods that have been place your client starts off obviously just as nice people you make a bond with him quite quickly because you would talk about dogs you'll find you spending almost far too long with some clients on deliveries because you're enjoying the conversation they're just like minded people what I'm noticing personally now three is in if some of these clients are now my friends each franchisee is provided with an exclusive territory which is postcode based so it takes a couple of years to build up for the business but once they have established themselves in their home area and they have around four to five hundred customers they really are doing this business on a it is providing them with the main income into the household the support isn't intrusive the business is my own on a day to day basis but if I need any help have any questions I only have to ring head office speak to sue ring my franchise support manager Nick or even some of the other franchisees that have been doing the business you know longer than I have the key aspect is you buying into a product and the ethical approach to that product so there is a cost that goes with that that's your franchise fee but you will find when you go forward that knowledge and the training that you get will hold you in good stead the nutritional aspect of the business is really important because our franchisees will go out and advise on the correct diet and food for pet owners dogs and cats so that nutritional training is backed up by experts at the head office as well as through our own actual trophy nutritionists well this year was my first trophy conference the training is brilliant we get a section on product development that was really good we learned a lot and we had a section on Facebook promoting because similar for an franchisees do struggle with the more technical sides of marketing and it's just great to have meet all the other franchisees and hear various stories you know from up and down the country about 40% of customers come from our franchisees doing shows and outdoor events we are here to support them and to provide them with all the tools needed to go out and gain those cuts for example when they start they get a fantastic show pack so they get all the popups and starter tubs that they need to run their first show they also are provided with an experienced franchisee to come along and do their first show with them so that know-how is available to them from the first day really you don't necessarily have to be a salesperson I've never worked in sales but specifically before doing the trophy franchise but you have to like talking to people and if you like talking to people about the pets and most people like talking about their pets then you're awake you know you're onto a winner it's quite daunting at the start you know very early stage we understood how many customers against the system that we needed to generate to provide the lifestyle that we needed with that knowledge became a very clear picture of how many people we need to speak to how off to believe if you go canvassing how many shows we needed to attend how much effort and time we needed to put in to generate the success rate that we needed we wanted to choke you to be our main source of income for the family so that was a tool asked but I believe we've we've achieved that it can be done but it's really about being clear about what you want out of your investment and speaking to the guys and being clear with them and they're happy with there was very little red tape a trophy so all of the background stuff needed to run a business is taken care of and our franchisees can concentrate on dealing with their customers gaining new customers and building the brand in their home area

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