The SHOCKING Confession EVERYONE Missed During Tyler Perry's POWERFUL BET Award SPEECH!

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Tyler Perry as great as he is is in the in a in a in a journey through doing this did you while gaining this independence in getting this power take away from the black image to black male image in particular at what cost I would have to ask him I would have to give him that cross examine because as great as it was we have to talk about black image in particular Hollywood now I was listening to old Paul Mooney of X Hertz and radio things I was just in my back today listening to him and one thing to be said in particular a white person in Hollywood could play Jason Michael Myers they could play to kill it could play this they'll be perceived as Jason Michael Myers this Annette when you see a black person on Hollywood screens and you see a gangster that's what you think on the street when you see a drug addict that's what you think on the street that's a fact so when we see this powerful black man in Hollywood putting on this dress and acting like a woman what is it what does it show and what is the what is the overall perception of the black male image two billion dollars he's approached how many eyes not only black eyes the white eyes and Mexican aizen's Chinese out Spanish eyes have watched this and perceived a black male image during a town we're seeing popularly we have Big Momma's House we have a deal yet this week that they were flooding us with this shit I would just ask him at what cost and I would wish that someone like a beads here somewhere in mainstream media we would just ask that question alright it deserves to be asked not taking anything away from this man because you got to put him on a scale and say and he was thrown around you know that you know in this dope I think he said that you know on the Lord prepare if I'm a plating from this any but you also have a look at the scripture that says what shall profit a man if he shall gain over world but lose his soul now I'm not saying that Tyler Perry lost his soul but we all have to we do have to look at is how how did this affect the children and not just now the catalog of movies house are gonna affect mainly our children in the future is the main thing that was great you're providing jobs you built a studio that's a hundred percent great thing we can never take that away from you as a black man doing that won't do it won't do it we refuse to do and that's always kind of hard for us to even to have this dialogue but a lot of people won't do this we've got to do this here on this podcast though I just think the question it still remains like this means something where every strong black male emerge damn near everyone has to at some point emasculate himself put on a dress put on a wig put on boobs and act like the opposite sex there has to be something said about that we can't just keep sweeping this under the rug and next person who's gonna be next you know I mean you got everybody you got that's supposed to be a man taking care of his family a provider a leader should not have to go to those measure now my thing will be we're not telling you how to create but what about the other things that could have been done to create that Empire maybe that was just his way to put on a dress but the millions of ideas that go through somebody's head about what you can do to create movies and do this my question would be why a dress and how were you so comfortable doing this for all these years and how do you think this is right and mister push because he was also talking about how he grew up and he seen his mother would take him to all these ladies who didn't have a high school barely a high school education and how they was so smart and they will see him you know wearing the different things and acting like emulating them and they would think it was cute but it's like when real man's in the house you reprimand your son for trying to put on high heels but trying to put on a wig you like no son ya may be funny here and there but no this is not what men do you're not gonna see a father put on a dress put on boobies and act like your mother it's a line that we're not gonna cross we're not gonna emasculate ourselves for an amount of money and I was having a conversation you know with my trainer or whatever and I was I was axe I was telling her to UM the Will Smith you know one that we did not show her you noticed the thumbnail that I did and what she thought she's like what somebody gave you a million dollars you know I mean you just put you just getting into that you know putting the dress on and it's not a problem I think that it is for any amount of money because I'll be like well hold on can I just do something else I could put on the clown suit I could do this I could do this this could be funny why do I gotta put on a goddamn dress to be funny I'm not accepting that you toss it up you talked about on there being a male influence in the household and and where was the man to check and he talked about in that speech as well his father coming in and beating the hell out of his mom and him having to provide comfort by talking shit like he used to listen to the women talking and just provide laughter which automatically just goes to a point where okay maybe there wasn't a positive black male image something we would love to ask mr. Perry there as well because like we were talking about as we were walking in from the show and just talking about in the during I think something we did a hell of a lot of it was great to do out there in LA as we we joked about is we had plenty of women we lived around and me or you can sit back and imitate our grandma uh you know what yeah I'm here yes imitate all of them we lived around a wee scene are we sitting there breaking down crabs cooking cooking greens talking shit right in that kitchen talk about it we could do it but that don't mean we are nope now with the series be as successful Oh God if he got a powerful black woman to go in there and and destroy that role because we're not saying he couldn't construct the blueprint he could sit there and piece together his mom his aunts is this and sit back into the pre-production and go yo this is how I want this done and act it out to her and give her the images and have her go ahead and slave the fucking role would it be a successful just a pramod-bhai woman in there it may be we never we never would know if it was promoted with the plays living around how it was will plays and then it built why wouldn't it right and she wouldn't they're saying her ass off and I don't think I don't think that's the success is solely because he's a man playing a woman it can yeah one planning one that's what I'm saying yeah and this is funny so yeah I mean you know again this is a lot of guys I don't want to talk about this because they're scared you know you know but we're putting out real feelings out and if we would have tried that to be honest my dad would have kicked my ass if you saw me you know I mean in that and I won't want to do that anyway you know what I mean but I'm yeah I think it's just we can have that conversation and I thinking again no knock – Tyler you know like that he acquired his wealth and is here nothing what I wanted to say you got a lot of people who've done some well maybe you know seen as ill moral you got guys who you know like jay-z you know are the people who did all these guys who said they sold drugs coming up but they changed and you know Madea is not gonna be here forever but you know I just think that is a few things that have to be put on the table here and I don't know if we can ever measure the effect that it's gonna have on young black you know children coming up I don't know we if any but I think that it will this is what we're gonna get we're all real quick and I'm looking at the time right now so don't our due diligence for YouTube so y'all enjoy if you're watching this on YouTube right now you want to hear some more this section this is where you get your ass on iTunes Spotify Google playing go subscribe this is about to get real with this Tyler Perry conversation oh god let me ask you

  • Psychological warfare in full effect! Is he saying he couldnt cast a woman and garner the same success? Is materialism success? The Soul wants freedom to express, but back in the earlier times in Europe, women werent permitted to act, I feel the subliminal message of this unfolding again! Stage Beauty is the name of the movie I think, it stars Billy Crudup and Claire Danes, and belive me the studio "Lionsgate" represents the hind(ie) end of the Sphinx/Ur(ANUS)!!

  • A dress doesn't make him less than a thier is men that dress like ladies every day for free, if u go back flip Wilson was s wonman and if u think about it Tom Hanks played a wonman etc because at the end of the day you going to be who you are man or woman that's your choice

  • This a bs convo, how u gonna be mad at Tyler when he’s not the one who bought all those tickets? He put out a product & millions of ppl bought it. FYI I’ve NEVER seen Denzel or Sam in a dress, there’s real problems out here & this ain’t one of them.

  • Us black men still talking about tbis dress shit? Really? Were that homophobic that we cant see past that? Sheesh…its so much more important shit happening in the world than niggas in dresses. White folks, jews, asians etc have all wore dresses in films a funny characters…we're the only ones making it a big deal 😂😂

  • Not surprised majority of the other Black males who made it did the same thing even the ones who claim their father been around

  • Am I wrong for not seeing Martin Lawrence and Jammie Foxx in the same negative light as Tyler Perry? Idk maybe it’s because they didn’t build their fame off of the female characters that they portrayed.

  • Plain, and simple, he admits he took what the Devil offered to him, and disobeyed The Most High God's law. And thats a man "not" wearing clothing that is fit for a woman, PERIOD!! Yea, he employed a lot of people, and gained the world, and lost his soul in the process. Now he wants his soul back, and that's something he has to deal with, when the time comes to address The Most High God. Shalom!!

  • So it let's you know we have both masculine and feminine, itz his life let people live itz his choice not ours damum I loved everything he ever made oh my you go be what you came here for weather you put on a fucking dress or not people always pointing out other people shit so it ain't you. If people do them and mind they own damum business….

  • What was said @6:40 may exactly be the reason why he decided to stop being Madea because Tyler Perry is a father now with a son. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want his son to remember him just as Madea and will reprimand him the same way.

  • the most high told you cannot wear what pertaineth to a woman and a woman can not wear what pertaineth to a man no amount of money can fix that

  • Can't ever see myself wearing a dress or playing a woman, bun that🔥. But I'm starting to think some of my people are idiots. Tyler Perry did what he had to do, i dont agree with the gay agenda. Force it down your throat approach. People deserve a chance to live just dont infringe on my life. But we have so much judement on this dress wearing role. I wonder if every person who had something negative to say about this man has the same energy for every gun bussing drug dealing sell dope to you mother, father,brother and daughter – wanna be gangster rapper that spews the image of being basically a damn menace to society thats just the long and the short. Screw everyone that has shit to say but aint doing shit ya'll make me laugh. Its the same mentality Tyler is applying like a hustler on the streets the end justifies the means. Now if he was out here pushing a Gay man in a role thats something else and then who am i to judge. And he doesnt seem to be squandering the bread, he is doing mad positive.
    Lets focus on the big picture we need to rise up as a people and support one another to much damn crabs. I dont think this role is a detriment lets be real its already gone bad we are in a new age where people are freaks in the open not behind closed doors LOL i digress, but for real your kids already know the difference between gay and straight and if they dont thats what the fuck your there for as parents and as a society.
    Peace people!!!

  • It's simple…It's Hollywood a-k-a Babylon & to each them own but in this society we have black bredrens & sistrens too whom will do whatever they have to for da fame & fortune…Them live to follow Babylon way…Majority of folk in this world will sell dem souls for vanity & won't think twice…Simple & bloodclot plain…SMH…Sad

  • I don’t know why ppl say he deserved this award when he says wearing a dress is the way he got in the door. Cmon man stop giving this abomination of a man credit. In the words of Nipsey’s pops I say just do your thing please

  • Tyler lived in ATL & was very much in the life (very flamboyant) once he rose to Fame, he vowed to keep his"real" sexuality a secret -btw Sam I c tht gym game #summerready

  • Nah you have to give Tyler Perry that one. Black people have to realize the problem is not us we are doing nothing but trying to gain our freedom. The problem lies with the other people and their racism and bigotry and their negative views of us.

  • That’s right he is making like wearing a dresses like it ok. But really all he is doing is bring in the gay Agenda

  • Its impacting black men RIGHT NOW! It already happened and he Tyler Perry is the leader of the symbology in american society. He and Lee Daniels are on a pilgrimage to thwart the black male image. FACTS!

  • So nobody in here thinks black men have to sacrifice their manhood and/or integrity in order to be famous?

  • I think it's a difference if like an executive says hey I want to see you in a black dress,. Rather then having a vision of this lady acting like Madea and playing it out how you imagined. He probably did try to have woman play her but probably didn't match what he seen in his head.

  • Tyler perry is a cross dresser …he got doe from looking like a female etc…he is the poster child for black man emasculation 👍

  • When he first put it out he was only doing stage plays in small auditoriums so back then he was doing to entertain ppl, personally I couldn't do that but if you want it done right you gotta do it yourself, but now he could definitely hire a woman that looks similar to his character and create it again

  • I do think he played the part well. And we supported the plays and films. Most didn't realize if there was a hidden agenda against men. But one must ask themselves.. out of all things to do or "sacrifice" wearing a dress is only one side of the sad truth behind the curtain..the other things are to real to discuss

  • Hollyweird LOVES to feminize the black male, bcuz they're intimidated by the stand up black dude that WON'T wear a dress, ala Dave Chappelle, Paul Mooney etc..

  • Tyler Perry’s on the Down Low period! He’s a Queen! I’m not hating on him but he needs to come out Publicly in support for LGTB community! Tyler Perry is Not the face of Blk Masculinity! Blk men Don’t wear dresses Period! These are My opinions! Strong masculine white men don’t wear dresses, do they, lets be Real?

  • I'm not sure why this is a topic he did what he did to get ahead and now he has moved on to better things and now helping others. People are not talking about all these rappers from back in the day that use to sell drugs, killed their own people, destroyed families and now making millions from the drug money they made from selling drugs.

  • The black male in a dress is a "two for" for Hollywood. It feminizes the black man and negatively stereotypes the black woman as strong and masculine. This deliberate act has been happening for decades! We're just now starting to see the negative effects of these portrayal in media. What's the negative effects? Being gun down in the streets by people who are supposed to protect you, killed in police custody, black women being beaten or killed by grown men. Given no respect or suspicious of us in stores, restaurants and retail spaces. How we're portrayed in the media is important, but a black man in a dress is what sells so it may never end until the actors themselves take a stand.

  • Robin Williams played "Mrs Doubtfire" made millions. No one said a word. Tyler Perry puts on a dress and he is responsible for emasculating the whole Black race. Bullshit. Kudos to Tyler Perry.

  • You have to ask Hollyweird y Black men put on that dress or kiss another man (Kevin Hart x the Rock) to become a star

  • Madea remind me of my cousin that's from the heart of New Orleans who I do not like to claim at all I don't know why my sister keep on going around her

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