The Return Of Buju Banton – Entertainment Report (ER) October 19 2018

prodigal son hi I'm ray william johnson for the return of a musical icon as he nears the end of a ten year prison term in the United States Buju Banton perhaps not expected to again run the place but no doubting the hold the DJ has over the hearts of dancehall and ragga fans the year is 1998 mark Mary remembers his origins I used to milk all by yourself good my name is a wife I saw him I earned the first bicycle I ever was in my first competition I securement every month a mile around little cope with each other you know not none too good nothin too bad Jonathan song system unit I'm stone Oliver country Buju Banton Dave Kelly and penthouse records key ingredients in a string of early 90s downhaul hits mr. mention a compilation of chart toppers DF can you find the talent that you were looking for when him find Buju Banton says I think in bed whatta shiburin concern a type a' kind of artist and a name phone butcher and that's it the rest is history cuz browning Blackman eversince come after that is between Buddha and Afghani in the first years of the decade Moses Davis son Rodney price about to knock at the door for butcher Mountain firmly in the saddle every time you're going to Julia for obvious think of making album and learning that from him too you know cuz every time Buju record is 10 or 15 songs I understand so when you in every student sometime they always think of making an album because I don't know when you are get a contract you don't know what Kyle No when the world I've already feel so you can't have one song I got bum see then you're gonna need an album behind up and I learned every time your girl honesty is always supposed to perform like their last performance and really attend our 10,000 people we sure are you supposed to remain the seal yeah boss matter I'm a ninja man was when in German Amish of the place it wasn't at that time when a man walked past clear John Kimble and worldly a smash-up yeah your boss not German shiburin classicism I say x-rated Sabri coat butcher of Bogle and love me Browning later to give way to the party and murderer and another album voice of Jamaica along the way also along the way controversy is Mumbai but Banton assertively regains the high ground with till shiloh in 1995 to the music it's sweet it's a journey you know the scene when Buddha started oregano and the button start Fillion bun start maker idioms and him start being a musician and all of these things below attack agree because German is a wicked producer door and Polly when you come to the monument from make the reggae music German exactly where to go in know exactly what to do so I never said this album was going to be great from before release dance I the element you can never ever leave old our production and rather making an album you know because that somewhere inside covers the world no meaner but the music must grew the music must not be stifle I don't believe no more music in a bag under 7 is your man wanna oh man what music is pure like a green be extreme he never turning back on his dance hall woods and he did not also challenged an soul in our we need to suggest that it was a negative prints on his life you really just moved himself across the two trajectories because again in Jamaica that can happen as an artist and it provides you with opportunities that are more far-reaching till Shiloh a groundbreaking work but more to come from Rasta Boojum in a Heights 1997 Unchained Spirit mm too bad 2006 Rasta got soul 2009 before the dawn 2011 for which the DJ belatedly wins a reggae Grammy and another hit truck driver must be really was becoming from the streets must be somebody I can identify with unfortunately the good grace and grace of God has sent a good angel whisper this one and so we keep driving non-stop but many see until Shiloh as the pinnacle of butchers career arguably the best album by a dancehall artist and untold stories' Banton's singles summit butchers lowest point though coming in December of 2009 he's arrested in the US on drugs and firearm related charges undergoing two trials between which he's allowed to headline one concert in Miami before finally being sentenced to ten years in prison butcha losing his freedom and argues raiga studies professor donna hope much more a lot of respect was lost because Jamaicans have a kind of love affair with drugs in and wanted in the Jamaicans have always said is that marijuana is a plant and Rastafarian marijuana have an interaction or a relationship and when they found out that Buju Banton their beloved artist mr. Xiao Lu the man who holds that platform at the highest level and the respect of Jamaicans at the highest level was trafficking in the white lady and we saw footage remember the Xolos footage an orchestra may collapse alive as I'm lying and the showed of the footage Jamaicans were in shock and a lot of people were seriously disappointed the word undergrown and a lot of people said it boy who judicata under charge they would have felt differently because ganja is natural and are rusting what the cookie and and a white lady will reject it but does the respect Trump the disgrace will butcher retrieve some of that standing he has will Jamaicans forgive him well they are already starting to forgive him and I think because he has been incarcerated abroad because his voice has been stilled and on the musical landscape and because people feel that he has paid for the crime don't the time they are now awaiting his return a kind of you know party girls son returning to the fold that is the kind of welcome he's going to get people are awaiting his return people think they're gonna get a concert in December I tell him he has to thought first you go to prison or jail for a while you come back we have to bring you back into the food so we're not gonna see him in December hopefully I don't want to see him in December when he has come back himself four years but ten years a long time yeah yeah we just spread the wings I just miss one Buju Banton come back um it's pretty much about I argue about what happened in know what's happening no there's nothing we can do about it music chair just know said this is where the music is and even network in there is it leave it alone because it's a brand new game the musical landscape has been in my notes very different since Buju Banton last saw jamaica material in dancehall as change i mean what we have that kind of post dancehall environment we still calling it dance or a holy for new artists for generation all these artists are big covenant master caitanya popcorn you know Carter still holding is one a little bit outside even though he's locked away and then you have the reggae revival a lot of big names chronic sandy zebra pushing out there and Buju Banton I have to come and find his footing inside of all of that in a world that has changed we are the Instagram snapchat these things are very big no ten years ago some of them weren't even on the lips of the ordinary Jamaican he will have to and his management will have to fire we to position insert in all of that coming from prison so the new music will have to reflect maturity and and undergrowth yes yes and this is the expectation that he will not come to challenge the current stars of dance all in the way that they are delivering their music but that he will come to add value and to expand the breadth and the depth of the delivery and the repertoire because he has added more to himself having made a mistake and being able to come back to people who love you who have forgiven you and who are waiting to receive you with open arms and so are many other Jamaicans however his former manager Donovan Jermaine telling er recently Buju Banton won't be hitting a stage in Jamaica until March next year another few months small price to pay perhaps until the return of the DJ of his generation and a much loved musical icon bond tequila Stiller who is God Buju Banton better still there all the moon area Buju Banton so Buju Banton is missing syria recluse one yesterday Capuchin angel over me be strong will affirm meditation on one day things mostly that don't you go down appear above the water oh one day is mostly plate be strong ativan hula for meditation hey man I gotta


  • Buju don’t have to do a snap chat Jamaicans we do that for him love u Buju can’t wait to hear u new songs

  • Every times and all the time: Me personally known Buju Banton, i am in the Studio and Hear Him and I know He will always Mountain being a Super Stare forever, and its dost not matter what the Heathen Dem did to Him or WA Dem thickest About Him, Jah will always Give Him the Strengthening Fi Him Go forward, to higher height: following that the most High God will always allow Him in his filled, to continued with his Roots and Culture all Di/times Pan Di Face of Di earth of the Lord. The Heathen Dem can't Stop Ya Me Bredda, Jah Bless Dihi always Fi/ever, Selah!!!!!!!!

  • If the prisoners in Jamaica are aware of IG, FB Twitter…u name it, why wouldn't Buju be familiar with those sites and he was in America? Social media is everywhere now. The only thing that will shock Buju in Jamaica is d woleepa killing. Dats it!!

  • This silly woman talking about Buju will have to find back his footing. Crazy !!! Buju pass these little idiot artist and is in a league by himself. How dare u compare an Icon to friers. Stupid.

  • So this woman really believe what she see on fottage produced by Babylon? Woman get conscious and not everything u see u believe.

  • Real music has a chance again. Mr. Gargamel is back! If he does do more music we would be fortunate. I forgive him and I miss his caliber of lyricism.

  • big up buju……he was a real jamaican singer…in his time befor the dawne he won no 1 reggae artist in the states…..he will come again with a new him..1love bless

  • I think buju is strong he can do it nothing better in JA than buju just put him out and you will see something.

  • Buju bantan was set up for , your own people set you up because,of Jealous. I love you always.go to Guyana first we will welcome you with open arms.

  • He was innocent he was framed I love Buju forever. I even named my son buju yeah he's American but he's the only buju in his whole school. But back to the original buy was framed I waited 11 years to see him in concert and stood on my feet. In heels 13 hours. Well worth it I hope he can return to Jersey now that he's free

  • Lady Stop Chatting Foolishness
    Buju Has His Own Following. He Won't Need To Do Nothing But What He Was Born To Do. GOD Bless & Protect Him

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